Fun Weekend in Germany Pt. 02


I was absolutely shattered on getting home, and enjoyed a very good and peaceful night’s sleep.

On waking up in the morning I had a very pleasant breakfast with my great aunt. She asked if I had enjoyed myself the previous evening. I told her I had a lovely time in a quiet Cafe Bar. She had no idea of the type of fun I had actually enjoyed with my two older lovers.

I got myself ready to go jogging again mid-morning, popping on one of my skin-tight lycra jogging bottoms and another crop top. On arrival at the park I was pleased to see that Helmet and Franz were both sitting at the usual bench.

I jogged over to them saying good morning and was met with warm hugs and kisses from them both. They asked if I had slept well saying they had had a fantastic evening. I told them I slept like a baby. I was so tired and exhausted.

Franz laughed saying, “If you thought that was exhausting wait until you see what we have in store for you tonight.”

I kissed his cheek teasingly running my tongue over my lips. “I can’t fucking wait to see what you have for me,” I said to them both as I winked and jogged off for my first lap of the park.

On nearing them again they waved me over and made space for me on the bench. We chatted for a good 5 minutes as the guys outlined their plans for the evening.

They asked if I was still game for Stefan and Peter to join us. I confirmed that I was and that I was really looking forward to meeting their friends, especially if they were as naughty as they were.

Helmet confirmed that both of the guys were excited at the prospect of meeting me, saying, “I think you will especially like Stefan. When he cums he does so very heavily and he is what is known as a repeater.”

I smiled and Helmut said, “Oh I guess from the look on your face you know what that means.”

I kissed him on the cheek running my tongue around his ear. “It means as well as a couple of spunk loads from you two, hopefully Stefan is going to give me even more. I want fucking lots of it tonight. I want it on my face, all over my tits and I want my cunt and arse fucked hard and creamed.”

Franz asked Helmut what I had whispered to him, and as I jogged off for another lap I winked saying in German, “He will tell you don’t worry.”

After another lap I was once again with my two older admirers, with Franz telling me that Helmut had informed him of what I had said to him.

We arranged to meet at the park just after 7 p.m. as I had a busy schedule planned with my great aunt for lunchtime and early afternoon.

I asked the guys what they wanted me to wear, expecting them to say something slutty or sexy, and was surprised at them both telling me to just come casually dressed if I didn’t mind as they had an outfit at the flat ready for me.

Franz told me, “Bring a pair of heels and that will suffice,” adding, “Oh and of course your anklet.”

I told both my older lovers that I was very excited at the prospect of the fun we would be having later that night. I gave them both a little kiss, sampling their tongues once more before heading back to my great aunt’s to spend the afternoon with her. I had a lovely afternoon in the knowledge that I was going to be having some very filthy fun that evening.

My husband rang me as I was out having a late lunch with my great aunt. He was teasing me on the phone, asking me to tell him about all the cocks I had enjoyed the night before.

With my great aunt sitting across the table I could hardly tell him. Mercilessly, he teased me knowing full well that he was turning me on by asking me things like, if they had cum all over my face, if they had licked my pussy and if I had enjoyed sucking on their cocks.

I text messaged him back once he had hung up with much more explicit details on how I had been fucking with the two older men the night before. I also told him that I was meeting them again that night, and this time they were bringing two more friends.

I received a simple text message back from my husband in which he simply wrote, ‘you are a fucking slut and I love you.’

My great aunt asked me if Mike was missing me, and I said, “Yes, he is missing me very much and that is why he had just been texting me.” After our lunch my aunt and I spent some time together looking around some old antique shops before heading back to her home.

The afternoon went very slowly. We were back home soon chatting and I was generally spending time with my elderly relative. By the time it came for me to get ready I had the usual feelings of butterflies and excitement in my stomach.

I told my aunt I was heading out for a couple of quiet drinks, and that I had met a couple of fellow Brits whilst in the bar the night before. This gave me a bit of a cover story for going out again.

I followed my standard routine and had a nice long hot bath with plenty of bubbles and once again paid attention to my pussy, ensuring it was completely smooth and void of all pubic hair.

I dressed very conservatively, wearing a pair Antep Escort Bayan of jeans and top with a pair of calf length boots. I took one of my larger handbags with me and in this I popped a pair of red colored, strappy high heels, a pair of black stockings, my white leather mini skirt and one of my vibrators.

I walked to the park with butterflies in my stomach and my usual tingling sensation in my pussy.

At about 7:30 the two guys met me at the bench and we took the slow walk to Franz’s apartment once more.

They told me that Peter and Stefan were already there and looking forward to meeting me. They thanked me again for agreeing to join them for another night of fun and asked me to text message my husband passing on all of their thanks. I did this whilst walking to the apartment with them, receiving an instant reply from Mike telling me to have a good time.

I was surprised to receive a phone call from him a couple of minutes later, as we were still walking to the apartment. He said he’d managed to slip away from my cousins for a couple of minutes, and just wanted to wish me all the best for the night.

Franz asked if he could speak to my husband and Mike agreed to talk to him. Helmut and I walked off holding hands. My husband talked to Franz briefly a couple of paces behind us.

I heard Franz saying, “Thank you again, Mike,” and then I clearly heard the words ‘utter slut’ and ‘dirty bitch’ and then Franz saying, “Yes, we will certainly do that don’t worry.” He passed me the phone back and my husband had already hung up.

I asked him what they had chatted about and Franz said that he had just been honest with my husband about how Helmut and he had enjoyed themselves and how they found my behavior the previous evening. Mike had some special instructions for them for that night.

I asked what that was nervously, to which Franz replied, “You will just have to wait till later to find out.” All three of us then walked together, with me once more holding hands with both of the guys as we did so.

We arrived at the apartment and I met Peter and Stefan for the first time. I had obviously seen both of the guys in action on the video the evening before but that had been taken some years in the past. Peter was a very suave looking gentleman, again in his late 60s (67 to be precise), dressed very smartly in a suit, shirt and tie.

Stefan looked a little bit more laid back, just casually in chinos and a very smart shirt. He had a very noticeable twinkle in his eye as he met me and appeared to be a right charmer. Both of their English was excellent, once again putting my German in the shade.

They both explained to me that they had worked extensively in the UK over a period of time on business and the grasp of the language had come as part of their working lives. Both men gave me very tender pecks on the cheek as I entered, telling me that I looked very pretty and that Helmut and Franz had not done me justice in their descriptions.

I joked with them saying, “You are all a bunch of charmers and I think you are trying to charm my knickers off me.”

Stefan then joked, “I think that will be rather easy as they’re still lying in the hallway today.”

I joked back saying, “Yes and I have another pair on, that I hope you will have them joining those later on the floor.”

Stefan was quipping back with me that he was surprised that I had bothered even wearing knickers, as from the description of my behavior from both Franz and Helmut of the night before, I seemed the type of wife who may not bother.

We settled down and had some nice drinks and chatted to get to know each other a little bit better. At this point I was still dressed quite casually but the guys noticed my large handbag sitting beside the settee.

As the talk got a little bit naughtier and Peter was complimenting me on my figure and on my ‘delicious ass’ I was asked what I had brought along in the bag.

“I have been instructed not to bother dressing up, as you have picked out some sort of outfit for me. But just in case I packed a couple of things. I leant over picking up my bag and took out first the pair of red stiletto shoes.

They all agreed they would be an excellent addition to the lingerie they had chosen for me to wear. I also showed them the white leather mini skirt that I had worn the previous night before and once again the guys said that it would go very nicely.

Franz added, “You can wear that certainly to start with, although I suspect it will be bunched up or pulled off you completely within a matter of minutes.”

On spotting my vibrator in my bag, Helmut was chuckling saying, “It looks like you have brought one of your own toys as well.”

I laughed back saying, “I wasn’t sure whether you would be wanting me to use a toy on myself at some point again, so I thought I had better bring one.”

This caused a bit of an outburst of laughter from them all and when I enquired as to why, Franz said, “Just wait a minute and I will

show you why we are laughing my dear.”

He walked into his bedroom and came back with a large bag. It contained not one, not two, but three different types of vibrator and toys.

The small bullet clit stimulator was one of them which I had used to such good effect the evening before. He passed it around so the guys could inspect it and even smell it saying, “It definitely smells of her pussy.” The other two toys were a large white vibrator and a very large double ended dildo. On seeing that I smiled saying, “Oh I have one of those at home.”

Peter said, “That is good because you will be using it in both holes later on!”

We continued drinking and chatting for at least another half an hour and it was clear the guys were trying to get me settled and at ease. No one had really made any sort of move towards me at this point other than gentle kisses on the cheek and very nice compliments.

After a few more minutes, things began to heat up a little bit and I was asked to stand up and show my two new fellow admirers my full figure. I felt a little self-conscious standing up and parading around in front of these old men, still fully dressed.

I know it sounds weird but these moments before the fun happens are often some of the most nerve-wracking for me.

Once again, the compliments flooded saying that I had a ‘beautiful figure’ and my ‘ass was delightful’. Peter added that my tits looked “firm and very suckable”, from what they could see in my top.

I finished my drink and Franz said, “It’s time for you to have a little bit of fun, if that would be ok, Anna?”

I smiled back saying, “That is why I have come here after all. I have come to have fun with all of you individually and as well as a group.”

Peter was the first to make a move, giving me a small peck on the cheek to start with and then a nice peck on the lips until we were snogging each other earnestly. As I was kissing him, our tongues once again mingling for the first time, I could hear the other men talking in German as we kissed.

Once again, I understood some of it with the words ‘good slut’, ‘excellent kisser’ and ‘dirty whore’ being mentioned.

Peter and I broke off from our snogging session and he was quickly replaced by Stefan. He once again gave me a very tender kiss on the cheek and the lips to start with before both he and I started to explore each other’s mouths, with our tongues.

Peter was saying that I was an excellent kisser and that my tongue was exceptional. I was snogging Stefan and then Peter started kissing my neck and licking and nibbling my ear. I responded with a soft moan as anyone touching my ear and, on the neck, always gets me going.

Stefan was soon replaced by Helmut and then Franz and I snogged them both. I then deeply kissed each of the guys in turn once again as the others were commenting on our kissing and on a little bit of the petting that had started to go with it.

My ass was being felt up and my tits were being rubbed a couple of times by all of the guys that were kissing me. We broke off from our snogs and I was asked if it would be ok for me to go and get changed into the outfit that the boys chose for me.

Before doing so, Franz said that it would be good if we laid down a couple of ground rules before we started. We chatted about what they had enjoyed doing in the past, both as couples and groups, and especially in the S&M swingers clubs they had enjoyed going to.

I said, “I am certainly up for some light S&M but nothing too heavy. I certainly don’t enjoy lots of pain.” We explored this a little bit more and it was agreed that whilst I quite enjoy a little bit of spanking and certainly rough play around my clit and my tits, I was not going to be caned hard or anything like that.

I told them in plain terms, “I want to be fucked hard, and I want all of my holes used as the night before my arse had not been touched at all.”

This seemed to pique Stefan’s interest in particular and he said, “I love anal and I am looking forward to burying my cock deep in your ass later on.”

It was then that I was escorted by Franz to the main bedroom where I was to get changed, taking my bag with me.

On the double bed there were a pair of black seamed silk stockings and a choker collar. There was also a pair of black stiletto shoes which looked about my size but seeing as how I had brought my red stilettos it was agreed that I would wear them.

He respectfully left me to get undressed and I was nervous and got very excited as I did so in the bedroom, knowing that these four elderly men were sitting waiting for me in the living room. I once again could hear the noises of chatter and another video cassette being put in the VHS player, and I fully expected to see more homemade porn playing when I entered dressed for my lovers.

Once stripped naked, I slid the fully fashioned, silk stockings on my legs, popped my high heel shoes on, leaving my anklet around my right foot. I slid my tiny, white mini skirt on, taking my knickers off, as I didn’t see the point of wearing any.

A sheer, black see through chiffon type blouse was left out for me. It had only two buttons at the front, so my tits were easily visible, both through the material and from the exposed gaps in the top.

I didn’t bother with a bra and my tits were already aching for the touches and attention I knew they would be getting. My nipples were stiff already from the excitement and through the excitement of what was about to come. I popped the leather choker around my neck and stood to admire myself in the full-length mirror.

I didn’t look too bad, I thought. My mini skirt was so short and my thighs were on display along with the sides of the black suspender belt and tops of the stockings. I felt deliciously slutty, especially in the red pair of high heels and black stockings. I thought the men would particularly enjoy it.

On walking into the living room, I was met with the site of four completely naked elderly men.

All of them had undressed in the time that I was getting ready, and once again I noticed that they all had piled their clothes up meticulously in one corner of the room.

Helmut was already sporting a semi stiff cock as all the other guys were completely soft, but all hanging down awaiting attention still.

Peter and Stefan had very nice bodies, toned and shaped for men of their age, and had clearly taken care of themselves.

On looking them up and down I was spotted by Helmut who laughed saying, “I can’t compete in the body stakes,” as he noticed me looking them up and down and licking my lips at the thought of getting to grips with their cocks and tight bums.

I told him I thought he was a very handsome man and that he had already demonstrated that he was an expert lover the evening before.

I was standing now dressed as a cheap tart, in the living room of a German pensioner. Surrounded by men old enough to not only be my father but my grandfather. Having men all in the mid to late 60s leering and letching after me had me very wet already and it was commented that my tits and nipples looked like they were very excited.

The television was playing another homemade video, and I cast my eyes to the screen as I moved across the living room and took a seat in one of the armchairs. My skirt rode up to expose more bare legs, stockings and glimpses of my bald wet cunt. I crossed my legs exposing more flesh to the delight of the men.

Franz explained that this one was another of his videos, this time Marta was enjoying some good fun with Peter’s wife Edith. He explained the setting to me and that the 12 men in the room were all friends who they had met on the swinging and S&M scene over the years.

Edith was dressed in a pair of white stockings and matching high heels and her nipples had some sort of clamp on them. Marta once again had black suspenders and stockings but this time a pair of knee length boots. Her tits were already bound and purple and it looked as though she had some sort of clamp or weight dangling from her clit or pussy lips.

On the dining room table, I noticed some paraphernalia lying there. Franz noticed me looking at them and told me not to be worried it was just a few extra toys that they thought I might enjoy. Lying on the table was an absolute array of sex toys.

Franz and the men talked me through each one excitedly. “This is a big butt plug,” he said, “If you are willing, we will insert this into your wet slippery asshole to open you up for a good fucking up your ass later on.”

I smiled, admitting that I had a small butt plug at home, with nothing on the size that he was showing me and that once I was warmed up that certainly was an option. He then showed me a pair of handcuffs and a long bar with straps attached to the ends.

He saw me looking at this quizzically and said, “I think you know what that is.” I laughed again saying, “Yes, I have one at home, that is a spreader bar.”

Helmut replied, “Yes, that is right and again if it is ok, we’ll be using that on you to keep those gorgeous legs of yours apart while we have some very good fun with you and some of the other toys on your pussy.”

There was a small thin cane and I looked nervously at that. Stefan noticed me looking a little bit nervous saying, “Don’t worry, we know that you are not into heavy S&M, but trust me. Just a little tickle, with that, around your clit and pussy lips and you will be in heaven.”

In the corner of the room there was a weird contraption that looked like a saddle that I hadn’t noticed earlier.

“Ahh, you have spotted the Sybian!” Franz smiled. “We had kept it hidden from you, not wanting to worry you, but it is quite a new toy of ours and if you are prepared to try it, I think you would be delighted. It is basically a vibrating seat with a clit stimulator and, as you can see, quite a large vibrator attached. Trust me, if we could get your gorgeous tight pussy impaled on that big vibrator, with your clit resting on that stimulator, and crank this little toy up to its maximum, I’m sure you will be having orgasms that will put the ones that we gave you last night in the shade.”

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 53


I had become totally engrossed in the movie. Sitting on the edge of the overstuffed reclining chair, I was in front of the television in the living room area of the suite Ann and I were staying in. It was a B-movie thriller, with a really hot actress playing the heroine, which was what caught my eye to begin with. Well, her huge tits caught my eyes, and looking at them seemed as good a way as any to kill some time.

And actually, it was more of a C or D-movie…the kind made hilariously infamous on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. All I needed was my best friend Matt sitting beside me, and we would have been cracking jokes about what was happening on the screen just like Joel Robinson, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot would have been doing while they were stranded in space.

Oddly, I went beyond just watching the movie and thinking of how absurd it was. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had actually started following the plot. I had been drawn in further than I would have imagined in the hour or so that I’d been watching it. And because of that, I’d kind of forgotten where I was, and what I was doing there. It was during a suspenseful scene, complete with the ominous, cheesy ‘something bad is about to happen’ music playing in the background, that I was jolted to my senses.

When you’re sitting in a hotel room all alone in the dark, you’re not thinking that anyone is going to come visit you. I’d gotten so immersed in the action on the screen, that when someone came knocking at the door, it startled me. So much that I actually flinched and flew back into the chair. I had to think about what it was I’d heard while I searched around to find the heart that had leapt out of my chest.

There was a second knock, four taps rapping against the door in a steady rhythm. I got up and started to reach for my dress shirt lying over the arm of the nearby couch where I’d left it after taking it off to relax. But I decided against putting it on, instead walking briskly towards the little entrance hallway of the suite before a third knock came.

Peering through the peephole, I saw Ann’s face close to the door. I’m not sure why it surprised me that she was standing there. It never dawned on me that she didn’t take a key with her when we’d left the room for the restaurant downstairs. I’d taken mine, and there was no reason to think that we wouldn’t have come back to the room together. But for some reason, I thought that Ann had taken her key too, since she had one. She’d said something about going back to the room when she left the restaurant with Maryam to get her massage. Maryam had said she didn’t need to, but that made me think Ann had her key…and I just assumed that she would use it to get into the room when she was finished.

I opened the door slowly, only to be surprised for a second time. Ann had moved back a little when she heard me opening the door, and she was standing in the middle of the wide hallway, clad in a plush white robe that came down to mid thigh. She clutched it tight at her chest, holding it closed, which gave me mixed signals. She was acting like she was cold, but her face was flushed; a curious shade of pinkish red.

She also had an odd smile on her face. She looked…bemused. “Are you okay?” I asked as I opened the door all the way.

“Yes…why?” Ann asked; her voice raspy.

“You look…I thought you were going to come back relaxed.”

“I am relaxed,” she said in an almost dreamy way that made me wonder if she’d been drinking.

“Are you cold? Why are you wearing that robe…you look like you’re hot?”

Ann opened her robe, letting it slip over her shoulders into a pile on the floor at her stiletto encased feet. “I am hot,” she said, standing nude in the hallway of the hotel. She winked at me, and walked past me, stopping to kiss my cheek as she left me standing there speechless. I’m not sure why, but I grabbed the robe and pulled it into the room before shutting the door as quickly as I could behind me.

I threw the robe toward the couch that my shirt was on, missing it entirely as it landed on the floor. I’d become distracted looking at Ann, who was standing next to the drapes, posing for me. The room was still dark, but I could see her eyes. They seemed to glow like a cat…the fire in them ablaze as they reflected the dim light from the black and white picture coming from the TV screen.

“That must have been SOME massage Maryam gave you,” I said as I looked at Ann.

“Mmm…it was,” she said. And the way she said it made my spine tingle. It was amazing how just a few words could be so laced with sexual overtones…and it made me wonder what happened to make Ann say it the way she had.

Before I could ask anything, Ann turned her back to me, and quickly opened the drapes of our room. Turning again, she pressed her naked back up against the glass and she motioned me over with her index finger, crooking it as she gave me a ‘come hither’ smile.

I didn’t run, but I did seem to glide across Escort Bayan Gaziantep the carpet like I was being moved by some magical force. Ann pressed her hand against my chest when I tried to take her into my arms, making me stop in place in front of her. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped my fly, pulling my hard shaft out, but leaving my pants on. She looked up at me as she moved closer to my cock, licking her lips.

“Just so you know…you’re going to cum twice tonight.”

I was a little stunned by her statement “I’m not sure I can, babe,” I said, thinking about what time it was, and how many times I’d cum since she and I had gotten back together.

A mixture of desperation and determination came over Ann as she looked at me. “It wasn’t a request, Neil. I’m telling you…you’re GOING you to cum twice for me tonight.”

I wasn’t sure how that changed anything, but the way Ann seemed to demand it of me hit home when she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking the head. I felt her tongue twirl around the mushroom cap, flying back and forth as she played with me. I looked out the window for a brief moment; the thought of the young mother I had fucked in front of the window of a Northern Virginia hotel flashing through my mind very briefly. But unlike Melody, Ann was mostly out of sight of anyone outside. This window didn’t go all the way to the floor like that one did…but still, Ann’s head would have been visible. And it was pretty obvious what she was doing.

I closed my eyes as she took me deeper into her mouth, her head moving back and forth as she played with my balls. Then she moved off of me, licking down my shaft as she pressed my erection against my stomach, holding the head with her fingers. Ann licked at my balls, lifting them one at a time with her tongue as if she was trying to see how heavy they were. And then she took them into her mouth, pulling at them as she sucked hard. I let out a gasp as I felt her teeth scrape against them playfully.

“Mmmm,” Ann moaned as she tried to get both of my nuts in her mouth at the same time, to no avail. But the fact that she even tried was enough to make me weak in the knees. I leaned forward, placing the palm of my left hand against the window to steady myself as I locked my knees, which made Ann giggle as she went back to sucking my balls one at a time.

Ann massaged the tip of my cock against my hard abdomen as she licked and sucked my balls, squeezing it and making the precum seep out. Moving up my shaft with her tongue, Ann licked at the nectar she’d helped create, playing with it. She pulled her head back, a string of that precum clinging to the tip of her tongue, connecting it to my cockhead. Ann kept moving back slowly, like she wanted to see how far she could go before the little lifeline between her tongue and my cock finally broke.

Her eyes grew wild, and she let go of my cock, letting it spring forward in front of her face. When it stopped bobbing, she practically pounced forward, devouring my entire shaft down her throat in one quick motion. Ann held her mouth against my pubic bone, her face impaled over my hard cock…and she moved her head from side to side, wiggling me inside of her throat.

My left hand stayed glued to the glass window, but my right hand found its way to the back of Ann’s head. My fingers became ensnared in her hair as I held it tightly. I pulled her strands a little, and Ann took my hint and started fucking me with her face. Her strokes were long and steady as she moved back and forth over my shaft.

It was more than I could take. From what Ann was doing to me, to standing in front of a window while she was doing, to all of the sweet torture she’d put me through that last hour we’d drove in the car, I couldn’t take any more. Okay, sure…we’d had dinner, and then Ann had a massage between the events in the car and the incredible blowjob she was giving me now. But I was close, and Ann knew it. She felt my balls in her hands, and knew I was ready to go off.

“Cum for me, baby,” Ann pleaded in her sexy, raspy voice. She started stroking my cock as she opened her mouth. Her tongue licked the bottom of my cock at the head, flicking it as her soft hand moved slowly back and forth.

“I’mmmmmmm CUMMING ANN,” I yelled out as I felt my balls jerk up.

As my load raced up my shaft, Ann moved slightly, lowering her body, her thighs resting on her calves as she sank down. My first shot arced over her head, splattering against the glass of the window, followed quickly by the second one. Then Ann moved back in place, her mouth open with her tongue extended. I shot several more big ropes of hot sperm, all of them landing on her lips and mouth. When I’d finally finished firing, Ann took the head of my cock back into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

It was one of those times after cumming, where my cock was overly sensitized. It didn’t happen all the time, but when it did, the nerve endings in my cockhead made it feel like it was electrified. I had tried to stand upright, but when Ann sucked wildly on my prick, my knees actually buckled, and I lost my balance. I fell backwards, my hands breaking my fall as I landed on my ass.

“Oh my God…Neil! Are you okay?” Ann said, her voice strained out of concern.

“Yeah…you just sucked my brains out, that’s all,” I said as I lied back and tried to catch my breath.

Ann giggled and pounced at me again, taking my shaft back in her mouth, deepthroating me a couple of times before she pulled off. Crawling up my body, she lay on top of me and took my face in her hands.

“I love how much you cum, baby!” she said. Leaning down, she gave me a sticky, erotic kiss, making me taste my load on her lips. Not that I minded…I loved the way she reacted whenever I did that, and this was no exception. She wiggled on top of me and let out a long moan. “Mmmmm…that was great. Thanks, lover.”

“I…should be…thanking you!” I said, still breathless.

“You just did, when you came all over me…and look at that,” she said as she pointed at my cum running down the glass. “You made a stained glass window!” she cracked, making me laugh out loud.


I hung up the phone, still a little stunned by the answer I’d gotten from the Shirley at the front desk.

“They don’t have one,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“They don’t?” Ann said, her face questioning my statement as she sat on the edge of the bed, a wine bottle and the two stemmed glasses in her hands. She looked so sexy there in the light of the lamp I’d turned on so I could see what number I needed to dial to get the front desk. Ann was sitting naked with her legs crossed, one knee over the other. She’d cleaned her face, and she had re-applied her makeup, saying she wanted to look fresh for me.

Ann had brought a bottle of Chardonnay from Napa Valley for us to celebrate our first night together as a couple. Well, our second…or third, depending on how you counted it. We’d been alone together the night I arrived in California, when we stayed at her friend Sonya’s house. And we’d slept together every night since, included the overnight stay at the Bed and Breakfast the night before in Sacramento. But somehow, driving all day and having left California behind, kind of made Ann and I look at each other just a little differently.

We were on our own; traveling across the country together, to start our new life…as a couple. Just being out of California really made that point hit home with me…and even more so with Ann. We were moving, and not just to Indiana. Eventually, we’d be going all the way to the eastern part of West Virginia, and we’d be on our own together. While the thought of that was a little overwhelming, what with a new state, a new town, new jobs, and being newlyweds to boot, the idea that we were going to be together forever really sank in somewhere in Nevada. And it excited us both.

Ann had brought the wine, hoping we would experience that very sentiment somewhere along the trip, and we’d want to celebrate when we did. That she thought of something so amazing in the first place made my heart smile. She seemed to always be thinking ahead about things, looking for perfect little moments to share; packing the two long stemmed glasses in her suitcase to go along with the wine was just another example of how amazing Ann was. Of course, it might have helped had she thought to bring a corkscrew along for the ride. But I could forgive her that…she had already outdone herself all day long, it would have never occurred to me to complain.

I had called down the front desk thinking they’d have one, but I was told otherwise. I looked at Ann, seeing the question on her face as she tried to process what I’d told her.

“No, they don’t. But you know…I’m sure I have a Swiss Army knife somewhere in my suitcase. Dad preached that whole ‘be prepared’ thing for the trip, and I know I brought one just in case of an emergency.”

“An emergency?” Ann asked.

“Yeah. Although I’m sure he didn’t have a wine emergency in mind. But then again, you never know,” I laughed.

“They really don’t have a corkscrew at the desk?”

“She said it’s a dry county, Ann. What can I say? Our waiter never asked us if we wanted anything alcoholic, and now that I think about it, I don’t remember seeing anything on the menu…or a wine list.”

“A dry COUNTY? What the hell is that all about?”

“We’re in UTAH, babe.”

“So! What…you can have six wives here, but you can’t have a glass of wine?”

I laughed out loud and said, “Wow…that was a little harsh.”

“Why? I mean, I know that really doesn’t happen here anymore…but this is pretty much the only state in the country where it did. I would think they’d be just a little less conservative, wouldn’t you? I mean, you have to figure that if you DO have six wives, then on any given day…ONE of them is probably going through PMS. It just seems to me the guys that came up with the whole ‘I want to bang as many women as I can, so it’ll look better if I’m married to all of them’ idea would have figured that out too. And then the very next thing they should have realized is…if you’re going to go through all of that shit, you’re REALLY going to need a drink every now and then.”

I laughed hysterically as I reached for my shirt on the arm of the couch. Grabbing the car keys off the desk, I headed towards the door. Shaking my head, I said, “Wow. That puts a whole new spin on getting a little extra pussy on the side.”

Ann nodded, and asked, “Where are you going, baby?”

“To get the knife. I told you, it’s in my other bag, and it’s still in the car.”

“Do you really need to put your shirt on just for that?”

“How do I know? If you can’t get a drink here, maybe there’s some obscure law about being shirtless in public. You never know.”

Ann stood up and walked over to me, placing the bottle of wine and the glasses on the end table next to the couch. She took my shirt from my hand, and slipped her arms inside, pulling it up over her shoulders. She was swimming in it as she buttoned up a couple of buttons. Taking the car keys from my hand, Ann turned away from me.

I thought about the comment she’d made in the elevator when we’d gone to dinner…and she was right. There really is nothing like a sexy woman wearing a man’s dress shirt…and only the dress shirt. Well, except for the white high heels Ann was wearing, which added to the look. She was sexiness personified.

“Where are you going?” I asked, teasing her.

“I’m going to get your knife so we can open the wine,” Ann said confidently.

“You don’t even know where it is?”

“I’ll find it, Neil. Have a little faith.”

Ann walked out the door, and I walked over to the window. I found our car, which was parked underneath one of the security lights in the parking lot. Not only that…but unbeknownst to me at the time, I’d parked pretty much directly below our room. I had a perfect view…one that had escaped me moments earlier when I’d glanced outside for a moment while Ann had sucked me, making me cum on the very window I was now gazing through.

I stared at my load, still slowly oozing down the glass. But then my eyes shifted to the window itself. It was a split window, with the panes running vertically so that the window could be opened. I opened the latch, and slid the window to the left, creating a little opening that would let fresh air into the room. There was a built in stopper, only allowing the window to open slightly. I’m sure that was for safety reasons, since we were four floors up. Still, it was enough for me to peer through without having the glass in front of me.

And along with that unobstructed view came inspiration. I tore across the room, scrambling to find my camera. Now that we had a safe and reliable source to develop our film, we were using the 35mm camera for the racy, explicit photos we loved taking. And that allowed for new opportunities that never existed with the Polaroid. Most notable at the moment was the ability to zoom in with the lens.

I found the orange canvas bag mixed in with the luggage Johnny the bellhop had brought up, and checked the camera. There were only two pictures left on the roll of film, so I grabbed a fresh pack and headed for the window. I took two quick pictures to check the angle and lighting, and then I changed out the film so I’d be ready for when Ann walked outside.

Standing in front of the window, I had a naughty grin on my face. With the camera in hand, I felt a little thrill, thinking that I would be sort of spying on Ann. But I was also pretty sure she knew I’d be looking, or at least attempting to look. I had to wait a couple of minutes, but finally I spotted her walking down the sidewalk, her back to me as she made her way to the car.

There was no car parked on the driver’s side, which was closest to me, and Ann walked through that empty space towards the hatch. I snapped off a couple of quick pictures, playing around with the zoom lens some more to get both wide angle and close up shots of Ann as she walked. She was hidden behind the car for quite some time, the hatch up as she rummaged around. I saw her pull a couple of items out and set them on the pavement of the parking lot as she dug deeper into the car to get to my suitcase. I did get one nice close-up shot of her left leg sticking straight out in the air, parallel to the ground as she bent over to reach into the car. It was just her bare leg, but it still made a chill run down my spine.

A minute or so later, Ann walked back to the side of the car and put the knife and the keys on the roof, and then she went back underneath the hatch and started putting all the things back that she’d taken out. Closing the hatch, she picked up the items as I took a couple more pictures. Then she surprised me by looking up. If I had thought about it, I would have turned off the light I’d turned on in our room. But as it was, I was lit up and in plain view for her, even at that distance