All the Way


Bella was reaching out to touch herself under the sheet, trying to be quiet as a mouse as she shared the room with her brother. The room was dark but the moonlight hit some of the forms and many times in the past she stood quietly for hours, waiting to hear his deep breathing before she could finally have a “private” moment.

Tonight was no different, she opened her legs just a bit, shot a glance at the bed across the room, and felt her way down her clitoris that was emerging between her swollen lips. She kept her eyes shut as she started to rub harder and fell into her fantasies.

John was not asleep. He was waiting. Two weeks ago he had accidentally seen his sister, legs spread open, touching herself. He couldn’t remember what had woke him up but as he turned, the sight of her pussy in the half light of the moon and the lamp of the street gave him a shock. He stood there, unable to think, unable to move, unable to even swallow. He thought of making noise so she d pull the sheets and cover herself, to save her the embarrassment. He would be mortified if he was in her shoes. But he couldn’t do anything. And then horrified he realized he had an erection.

Guilt and fear overcame him.

He turned the other way and tried to reason with himself. He didn’t jerk off today, the penis has a mind of its own. He focused on his sister. The same sister that was always antagonistic, making fun of him, defying him. The same person he saw crap, burp, fart.

“She is not a woman” he thought.

“Its fucking Bella for crying out loud”.

But that didn’t help.

“I need to get laid, fast” he thought to himself. At 18, he wasn’t very experienced. He was a very good looking man and girls were throwing themselves at him but he didn’t notice, he was too inexperienced to read the clues.

Two weeks of agony passed. Two weeks of avoiding eye contact, of self doubt, of excruciating guilt.

Two weeks of abstinence.

Every time he reached for his cock, that shiny wet pussy was burned in his mind. He was obsessed and suffering, but as days went by, and as he kept bumping into his sister, he realized there was no escape, those feelings were here and they were real. He was attracted to her. And with acceptance came release, and plotting.

Each night, when she would fall asleep, he would crawl on all fours till he reached her bed. He would then lift the sheet up with one hand while have a torchlight in the other. It was Spring and Bella was wearing only a cotton short nigthy. And as far as he could remember she was a heavy sleeper who even occasionally snored.

For two weeks, every night, he would lift the sheets, and watch her curves as the nighty would be up to her waist. Different positions allowed him to scrutinize her breasts, half popping out of the material, or the crack of her ass if her legs were spread.

He would never touch her, just shift positions around her bed while on his knees, engulfing her beauty and stroking himself while the torchlight was held between his teeth.

Once he would have his vision filled with her flesh and semi hidden secrets, he would rush to his own bed and jerk off. Sometimes, more than once.

One night Bella woke up and saw her brother playing with himself. She saw his back and his hand moving. It wasn’t hard to understand what he was doing. She felt amused and for a moment felt like embarrassing him. But something about his back, the way it showed, the muscles and the width of his shoulders, made him look older…manly. Not the young idiot she liked to tease. She decided to respect his privacy and felt ashamed for witnessing such a private moment, so she turned around and smiled. Still the sight of his back and the realization he wasn’t a boy anymore but a desirable man made her feel a bit strange.

Three nights ago, John waited for her to fall asleep as he did every night. Lately he had expanded his voyeurism and watched her through the keyhole of the bathroom. He couldn’t see much but just the idea was enough to send him riding to heaven. He moved closer to her bed, lifted the sheets and gasped. For some reason, Bella had taken off her underwear. It was down on her ankle. Her legs were slightly spread, one up against the wall.

He squeezed and pushed his cock downwards at the sight. He positioned himself closer and tried to inhale her aroma, but he was too far away. He stood there in a daze, mesmerized by that sight, the full lips, the curly trimmed hair, that gorgeous clitoris who was looking like a tiny little bud. He wondered how lovely her pussy would look when it would be engorged and swollen. Just the thought made him squirt a little bit of pre–cum in his pants.

He threw caution to the wind and decided to jerk off right there and then. He grabbed his cock from the slit of his boxers and set it free. His cock and hand were partially underneath the bed and he reached out with his free hand to lift her nighty just a little bit, just where the fabric stopped and hid the beginning of a gorgeous görükle escort bayan nipple. His hand was light and he succeeded in freeing her pointy nipple, feeling he could faint from delight at the sight.

He couldn’t stop himself, he came and his semen hit the mattress from underneath.

He quickly went to the bathroom and brought toilet paper to clean his mess.

He was still hard and his heart was beating fast.

As he tried to clean up the proof of his sin, he looked up to check on his sister. She was still asleep but had changed position. She was on her back, hugging her pillow, one leg bended, the other one spread, offering him a full view of her two holes and the perfect mounts of her ass.

He got up and stood in front of her.

He coughed. No reaction. “Bella?”…

No answer. Her breathing was as deep and as rhythmical as before.

With a trembling hand he touched with the tip of his fingers, the skin of her ass. Ever so gently. She didn’t move.

He let her finger slide, light as a feather, between the cheeks, at the beginning of the crack.

Felling brave he lifted his hand and went the other way, stroking her lips gently, moving onwards to her asshole.

His cock was throbbing so he changed hands. He started pleasuring himself as he repeated the same movement, again and again till the lips opened slightly and he felt she was moist.

He almost fainted from desire. He wanted to shove his tongue in that slit, to roam he holes but he kept his cool. He knew if she woke up it would be a disaster. It was his sister and he was taking advantage of her. He was a pervert all the way, but at this moment in time he didn’t care. His lubricated finger kept stroking her pussy and ass hole ever so lightly, but it was enough for him to feel her loosening up, opening. His finger stopped at her anus for a second and he pressured just a tiny bit, just to see…and he felt she was opening. Not too much but enough. He resisted his urge and it was fortunate cause at this point Bella moved and groaned and started waking up.

John stood on top of her, cock in hand, panicking. He hit the floor and crawled to the end of the bed where she could not see him. His erection was killed, his fear had overcome every desire.

Bella wanted to pee like hell and John was in the bathroom for ages. She knew he must have been doing his business but still, she had rights too. She banged on the door, but got no answer.

She heard water.

“Are u in the shower?”


“I have to pee, I can’t wait another minute”

‘You ll have to wait, sorry”

“I don’t think so, just pull the curtain!”.

Before John could respond to that she opened the bathroom door. Years ago they had lost the key and today she was grateful for that. John was behind the shower curtain yelling.

“Are you nuts?”

“Sorry, I really have to go” she replied. “Turn the other way”.

She pulled down her cotton panties and sat on the toilet. She couldn’t go.

“Its ridiculous” she thought. “He can’t see me”.

Her eyes fell on the little wall mirror her father used for shaving. It was positioned in such a way that she could see where the curtain shower ended, her brother on his side, his cock in full erection, his head towards…her. He was peeking at her from the other opening.

She felt flattered and amused. She slightly opened her legs, knowing from his position he could see most of what she was doing and started to pee.

She saw him grab his cock and rubbing it frantically. She was shocked with her arousal. She thought she d tease him, but as it turned out she was loving it.

She kept peeing and stopping, peeing and stopping, making it last. She washed and dabbed herself, yelled” I m done now”, over her shoulder and exited the bathroom, leaving the door just a tad open. She kneed and saw him jerk off, his sperm splashing the bathroom walls and his chest.

He was amazingly good looking.

That same night she felt like touching herself, thinking of that scene. The room was dark but the moonlight hit some of the forms and many times in the past she stood quietly for hours, waiting to hear his deep breathing before she could finally have a “private” moment.

Tonight was no different, she opened her legs just a bit, shot a glance at the bed across the room, and felt her way down her clitoris that was emerging between her swollen lips. She kept her eyes shut as she started to rub harder and fell into her fantasies. Fantasies about her brother watching her masturbate. Fantasies of her watching him explode.

She opened her eyes and she could have sworn she saw him looking at her from his bed. She blinked but couldn’t see very well. Many times she had the impression he was staring at her, but tonight she was sure of it. Or maybe it was wishful thinking.

She turned and got on her stomach, lifted her ass up and started finger fucking herself. If he was watching, he had a direct view since altıparmak eskort his bed was just a few feet away and across.

They never thought of getting separate rooms and their parents were working long hours so it felt natural to them since they were each others company.

John was awake. He waited for her to fall asleep with anticipation, especially after the bathroom incident, but tonight was different. She kept tossing and turning. He dozed off for a second it seemed and when he opened his eyes he saw her spreading her legs. She was touching herself. He immediately grabbed his penis and started stroking him aware that the darkness was his friend. She lifted up the sheets and he could see her hand going in circles around her clitoris, slapping it. At some point she looked at him and for a split second he froze, but then she closed her eyes again. Just as he started to feel comfortable again, she turned and the most beautiful view hit him. Under the moonlight coming from the window, he saw her almost on all fours, finger fucking herself, moaning and gasping for air. She was so close he could almost touch her if he leaned out of his bed.

“Isn’t she scared I could wake up?” he wondered. Should he “wake” up?

He decided not to risk it and stayed there, quiet, watching her, fantasizing his cock rested between these wonderful butt chicks that kept going up and down. He remembered her peeing, the clear shot of her clitoris, the lips opening up… and he came.

The next morning everything was back to normal. Bella came down to eat breakfast with a pair of loose boxers and a tube top. Their parents were going to visit some relatives in the afternoon and they would stay there for two weeks. Bella had planned to go on camping with some girlfriends and John would have the house all to himself. To go through her lingerie, sniff her underwear and come all over her bed.

He was taken away from his reveries abruptly when his sister came down in the living room, shortly after their parents had left, still wearing that loose boxer short.

“Camping trip is canceled” she announced as she sat opposite him on a bean bag, putting her legs on the coffee table.

Bella knew that in that position his gaze would plunge right in the opening of her boxer short. She had purposely pulled it down a bit so it would not be close to her wet pussy.

She kept moving her leg in order to block and unblock his view, teasing him.

She never felt so horny in her life.

She didn’t feel guilty. After all it was no touching; it was just in her head. Experimenting her sexual fantasies. It was safe to do so with her brother.

Plus it was nice to have power over him like that, it turned her on.

At some point she stopped wiggling her leg. John had a clear view of her pussy.

She had shaved!

He felt weak in the knees. Fortunately Bella got up and left the room looking at him in a strange way. He got up and got into the bathroom, splashed water all over his face. He couldn’t make the look on Bella’s face and his cock was so hard it started to hurt.

He went towards their room and stopped abruptly. On the door knob were Bella’s shorts. He pushed the door gently, and right across from the door, on his bed, Bella was laying, naked, legs wide open, masturbating. He had full frontal view of her and for a moment he froze. Did she do it on purpose? Of course she did it on purpose. What did she expect him to do?

He didn’t have to think that one through, she opened her eyes and looked at his crotch pleadingly. He rushed close to her and took his penis out.

“No touching” she gasped.

He felt disappointed and excited she was aware of his presence at the same time, desiring him, masturbating for him.

He was standing on her side, stroking his cock, watching her boobs move in all directions as her body started to stiffen and get into the rhythm.

He felt he was going to come.

He tried to tell her, but as she reached climax and arched her body, his semen exploded in the air, and fell like white pearly rain on her breast and check.

She opened her eyes and laughed as she wiped, then got serious.

“We can never, ever touch” she said.

“But we can do this whenever u want”

The next week was insane. The two siblings kept teasing each other. Bella who bend over while wearing a very short dress and nothing underneath, or would cook bare breasted. John would sit on the sofa masturbating at her sight while she was watching a movie or stroke his manhood against her while they would hug in the sofa, watching a horror movie.

One night, after doing it at least 5-6 times and after having a long conversation about how intimate they were, and how much they loved each other, John got up to look at his sleeping sister. He got to know her pretty well these past few days. Her fantasies, her fears, and he wasn’t afraid anymore.

He lifted her sheet. She was naked. She was snoring. He nilüfer escort smiled with tenderness and kissed her gently on the lips. He got up again and took his shorts off. He was standing naked on the side of her bed, watching her.

Her hands were outside the bed, palms half closed, looking up. He bended his knees a bit and let his balls rest in the cove of her hand, then with a motion of his hips, slid his cock into the opening. Very gently he made a motion back and forth. Her hands were soft and the thought that he was fucking them made him insane. He dreamed of her hands stroking him for so long… He felt a bit of precum coming up and he groaned of pleasure knowing he would mark her. She was his.

He got up and started playing with himself frantically, remembering the last time he was on top of her like this, when his cum hit her breasts and face. He lowered again and brushed his cock against her breasts, ever so gently.

Her nipple was huge and hard, he brushed it against the opening on the top of the head of his penis.

His sister nipple got a drop of precum and looked perfectly shiny in the moonlight.

He felt crazy with desire and got bold. He pushed his cock down and gently brushed his sisters lips with it. He could feel the warmth, the softness…

Bella opened her mouth and let a little snore. Her mouth stayed just a bit open. John couldn’t believe it. He quickly pushed the head towards the opening, slowly in order not to wake her, just a little bit, just so he could feel the moist, the warmth…

As he pushed slowly the inside of her lips, and to the inside of her cheeks, he felt movement. Was it…? Yes, it was her tongue…she was sucking on him as she was sucking on her thumb till she was 12 a habit that brought her great shame and embarrassment.

She turned on her side with the tip of his cock in her mouth, suckling and giving him waves of pleasure.

He wanted to explode in her mouth, fill her with his cum, see it coming out, dripping from her jaw.

She drove him crazy.

Instead he pulled out at the last minute, came in his hand and gave her a little taste, rubbing some on her lips.

He then went to bed, knowing the no touch rule had to be broken. He wanted to fuck his sister. Again and again and again, till they were both too old to do it. He loved her and was in love with her.

He knew her and she knew him, this felt good, this felt right.

Days went by and nothing happened. Bella was a bit freaked out, she had cooled down and needed to put some distance between them.

John didn’t force her and didn’t mention anything to her. At nights she knew he was masturbating, he wasn’t trying to hide it anymore, and the thought of him made her wet. But she stopped teasing him. She needed to put things in perspective.

Their parents were moving to Florida next month and it was time for her to decide if she would move out or live with her brother.

What kind of life would theirs be? This secret was already too big of a burden for her. She felt she seduced him, she didn’t even know why she did it. Because she was horny? She let her body and her senses make such a major decision?

As days turned into weeks and into months, she stopped obsessing about the ethical aspect of things. She started dating and she expected to get angry at John for the hurt and jealous glances he shot at her, but instead she just wanted to hold him and console him, and tell him she loved him.

“I love him” she repeated to herself. Suddenly everything was clear. For better of worse he was the only person she felt so close. She didn’t have to pretend or hide, or feel ashamed of her flaws. He knew them all and loved her. Unconditionally.

She looked at her date, which was looking at her breasts. John had stared at her breasts but his eyes reflected lust, desire but no objectification. Even during their masturbating sessions, when he would be the dominant one and he would talk dirty to her, she knew it was out of his desire to possess her. And she wanted to be possessed.

The last time they had together, the one that scared her was too intense and the rule was broken.

They were laying as usual naked on their sides, watching eachother as they were giving pleasure to themselves, when John reached out and squeezed her clitoris while shoving her nipple in his mouth. She opened her eyes in shock. She was trembling. The surprise was too big to handle and the pleasure that she felt overwhelmed her, as did fear.

John looked at her pleadingly as he opened his mouth once again, uncovering a soft tongue, while his fingers kept her lips open and his middle finger started frantically playing with her clitoris like a guitar string.

Bella felt waves of desire, waves of thoughts. She wanted to grab his beautiful face and kiss him but this was taboo. She closed her eyes and licked her dry lips. She fantasized of him being inside of her, telling her she was his sweet baby. Protecting her, loving her, wanting her.

She opened her eyes,. John’s hand was still stroking her engorged clitoris and with his other hand was positioning his penis against her hip. He held her with his free hand and started whispering in her ear.

“I love you, Bella”

“You are beautiful”

“You are my soul mate”