Make You Bleed


You were gone for two weeks on a business trip, so as soon as you walked into our New York City loft, I was rushing towards you. You were wearing a light blue dress shirt and navy dress pants, as you usually did on flights. I had been waiting all day-hair and makeup perfect, with a short black skirt and tight green sweater, my hair looked more red.

Ripping your shirt open, buttons flying everywhere, I kiss you hard, standing on tip toe. Biting your lip hard enough to draw blood, I lick and suck at it, pushing my tongue deep into your mouth.

You respond in kind, shoving your hands into my hair, and yanking my head backwards, you assault my mouth. Lips and teeth bruising my lips, tongue plunging in and out, mimicking fucking me. Growls rumble low in your throat, and I put my hand on the back of your head, responding harshly to your attack on my mouth, sucking your tongue hard, releasing it, and kissing you harder, biting your lower lip even harder, feeling my teeth puncture skin, licking the blood up.

My hands trail down your neck, shoulders, chest…..nails scratching a little, leaving little red lines, but not breaking skin. Trailing my nails back up, I pinch your nipples between my fore and middle fingers’ nails, pressing hard, nearly drawing blood.

You hiss in pain, but don’t move away or swipe away my hands. I see your hard cock twitching in your pants. Using my nails, I pinch harder, seeing blood seep over my black-painted nails. You groan, and a wet spot is on your fly, pre-cum leaking straight through.

Removing my nails, I replace my right hand with my mouth, sucking hard on your nipple, tasting blood on my tongue. Gently latching my teeth onto your hard nub, I flicker my tongue over it. Your hands are pressing my head into your chest, so I bite down harder. I hear you moaning my name over and over.

I feel the dampness between my thighs. I love having power over you, Avrupalı porno since you generally have the power over me. The sound of your voice, the smell of you, and the taste of blood is making me so turned on, my clit is already throbbing.

Moving to your other nipple, I repeat my previous ministrations. But I don’t do it slowly, as soon as my teeth were above and below your nipple, I bite down hard. You bellow my name, then moan loudly, clutching my head to your chest. I flick my tongue over the tip of your nipple, biting until I feel skin break, sucking the blood as I suck your nipple. Your moans are full of need, and I groan against your chest, so turned on by your reactions.

I hoist the front of my skirt up and slide the thong I’m wearing to the side, pushing a finger into my pussy, feeling how tight and wet I am. I’ve already creamed a lot. Taking my finger out of my pussy, I put it to your lips. Your eyes are wide as you take my finger, and I fuck your mouth with it, letting you feel a little of what I feel when your cock is in my mouth.

You’re moaning, sucking on my finger, as I lick and nip at your neck and shoulders. I pull my finger from your lips and kiss you, tasting myself in your mouth as I push my tongue inside.

When I pull away, you whisper my name urgently, the whisper turning into a groan. I smile, looking down at the huge cock poking straight up in your pants, wetness from your pre-cum spreading across the crotch of your pants. I push you over to the cool window facing the city, forcing you to face outwards.

I reach around and undo your belt and pants, pulling them down briskly, making you step out of them and kick them away. I push your hips against the cool glass, your hard cock flickering against it, unsure whether it felt good or bad. Your cock stayed hard, so I presumed it enjoyed it.

I slide my hands up and down Video porno your back, down to your ass, then back up. I replace my hands with the pads of my fingers, then finally with my nails, scratching softly at first, then hard enough to draw blood.

You hiss in pleasure, shivering, then groaning loudly when I scratch my nails over your ass cheeks. I smile, feeling my clit throb again. I kneel to repeat the procedure on your ass cheeks, pressing my nails in harder and harder, drawing blood as you moan my name against the window.

Grasping your hips, I turn you around. My hands are on your rigid cock, stroking lightly, then harder. I scrape a fingernail over the head of your cock and you jump, then moan. Taking that as a good sign, I trail my nail from base to head, along the top of your cock. Your head is thrown back against the window, and you’re moaning my name. My pussy pulses a little, catching me off guard.

Pausing for a minute to catch my breath, you look down at me. “Please don’t stop, make my cock bloody, please baby,” you moan.

Happy to oblige, I scrape my nail from the head, under your cock, to the base, then around your balls. Your hands are balled up in fists, held tight against your thighs.

I continue the journey back, pressing harder, drawing a little blood along your cock. You groan my name through gritted teeth. My hands surround your cock, fingers poised so my nails will scrape each side of your hardness. Placing my nails against your cock, I feel you shiver, your cock twitching, swelling. I swipe down with both hands at the same time, quickly, digging nails in just enough to leave red lines. You shove your hips out, your cock twitching and jumping in pleasure as you moan my name over and over.

“Gods, baby, you’re so fucking hot,” I tell you, placing my nails back at the base of your cock again. “Harder?” I ask, looking up at you. Your eyes find mine, and you nod. “If you want me to stop, say ‘red’, okay?” I tell you.

“Yes, red,” You gasp, knowing you need to say the safe word back to me. “Please,” you beg me.

Then my nails are scraping down your cock, pressing in hard enough to cause small trails of blood to follow. Seeping out of the lines on your cock, the blood looks wonderful against the purple of your engorged cock. I lean down and lick all over, tasting the wonderful coppery taste of blood mixed with your musky-male scent, and the salty taste of your pre-cum. I hum appreciation for the delicious taste and smell of you, and you groan, jerking in my mouth.

The lines are still bleeding, and I suck hard for more of your delicious blood. You hands are on the back of my head, and you are fucking my mouth, moaning loudly. I let you, my hand dropping down between my legs to finger myself as you pleasure yourself between my lips.

Time for you to stop, and I pull away, taking your hands and pressing them to the glass you are leaning against. I position my hands again, and look up at you. You moan and nod, and I scrape my nails down you harder. You yell loudly, in pleasure and pain. Now your cock is fully bloodied, and you’re moaning in pleasure. I smile, and take it in my mouth. The taste is amazing.

I pull back. “You’re going to cum in my mouth now.” I tell you, and you simply nod.

My mouth is on your cock, head moving back and forth, taking you as deep into my throat as possible. Tongue swirling over the head, then down the shaft as I take you from the tip of your cock almost to the base. You’re moaning in pleasure, gasping in pain that brings you pleasure. I feel your cock start to throb, and then you’re spurting your cum deep into my throat, almost choking me. I swallow quickly, tasting the mix of blood and hot cum, feeling more turned on than ever. I lick you slowly, cleaning up the blood and cum, standing to kiss your mouth, passing some of the blood mixed cum into your mouth.

You moan as you swallow it, then kiss me deeply. I grasp your shoulders and push you to the floor in front of me…..