Goddess Cuckolds Slave with Two Men


The morning begins as it always does, with the sound of the alarm muffled by your thighs pressing against my ears, and my mouth opening wide to accept the soft, luscious flesh of your pussy. I grasp the headboard, as I was told to – I’m not allowed to struggle – and look up at your face smiling down at me, as you tell me “good morning” by filling my mouth with your golden nectar, and close your eyes, relaxing and enjoying the feel of my lips wrapped around your labia and clit, and the soft sounds of me gulping down my daily morning gift.

“Today’s the day,” you purr, sliding forward slightly, letting your labia envelop my nose as you reach back to grasp your cheeks, pulling them apart briefly to let my mouth between them. My mouth is still open, and I suckle and lap tenderly at your asshole, and push my tongue into you. “My bulls will be here within the hour, and you’re going to prepare them to fuck your Goddess,” you murmur, relishing the twists and pushes of my tongue inside you, increasingly more desperate as I begin to run out of breath.

You lift up briefly, letting me get a quick gasp of air before you lower yourself onto my face, grinding your clit’ slowly back and forth across the bony ridge of my nose. “Mmm, that’s it, whore, make your Goddess cum,” you whimper, feeling my tongue dance against the tight muscular walls of your anus, leaning back a little, clutching the headboard with both hands as the waves of pleasure surge through your body, gushing hot, sweet cum all over my face.

“Time to bathe Goddess,” you laugh, giving one last roll of your hips to grind your cum into my face, getting it all over my cheeks and nose and forehead, marking me as your property, before shifting your weight to the right, and lie down beside me. “Go start the bathwater running. I’m going to masturbate while you’re doing that,” you murmur, and begin fingering yourself while you wait.

“Yes, Goddess,” I purr, as I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. The water is cool at first but begins to heat up, and I put the stopper in the drain, and sit on the edge of the tub, swirling the water around with my fingertips. I can hear you cooing and moaning in the next room, and your cock twitches in its cage. After about five minutes of this torture, I announce, “ready, Goddess.”

I look down as you walk into the bathroom, and feel you shove three fingers into my mouth, and lift my head so that I’m forced to look at you. “Suck my fingers clean, bitch. Later today, you’ll be tasting this mixed with a real man’s.” My lips slide forward and back, as practice for sucking cock, and feel you pull your fingers out with a soft slurping noise, and then slap my cheek. “Help me into the tub, my little cum-dumpster,” you laugh, grabbing my hand, and lower yourself bit by bit into the hot water.

Pouring liquid soap into the bath sponge, I lift each of your feet out of the water and spend a moment getting them soapy and massaging them. My hand follows the curves of your body up your thighs, pausing briefly at your sex, and I glance up at you and blush. Taking my meaning, you laugh and slap me again. “Don’t worry, slut, you’ll get a chance to clean my ass – with your whorish little mouth.” I nod obediently, feeling you wrap your hand around the back of my head, pulling my face close to yours, and you spit in my face. “Continue,” you command, feeling my hand move up your side and over your belly, caressing your breasts and underarms.

You pass me a razor and some shaving gel, and tell me to get into the tub. You rest your ankle on my shoulder, and lift your other foot between my thighs, kicking me lightly in the balls several times as I spread the shaving gel up your calf and thigh. You stop when I start to draw the razor up your leg, watching me with a smile on your face as I shave your left leg. Once I’m finished, you switch, resting your right ankle on my shoulder, and kick me in the balls with your left foot as I spread the lather up your wonderful leg. Again you stop when I begin to shave you, explaining, “I can’t have you making any careless mistakes!” laughing, clearly enjoying görükle escort yourself.

Once I’m finished with your legs, you lift yourself out of the water and sit on the edge of the tub, spreading your thighs, and force me to my hands and knees in the tub. “Continue,” you command, feeling my fingertips spread the shaving gel over your pussy, the razor removing all your hair. I take a few handfuls of water from the tub to rinse the lather away, and you tease your clitoris just in front of my face, holding my cheek against your hand, knowing how hungry I am to feel your hot, smooth skin against my mouth. “Mm, no no no, slut, you’ll get your chance… after they’ve finished with me,” you purr, pushing me away from you with your foot, get out of the tub, and stand.

You snap your fingers, throwing a towel over my head as I’m climbing out of the tub, and say, “hurry up and get me dry, they should be here any minute.” My hands follow the curves of your body attentively, getting every drop of water soaked up, and kiss your feet once I’ve finished. You snap your fingers again, indicating for me to crawl after you, still wet, and I follow at your heels.

Leading me into the middle of your bedroom, you tell me to stop, pull a few things out of the dresser behind me, and walk back over to me. “Kneel,” you command, watching with a smile as I lean up on my knees and shins, and wrap a blindfold around my head, tying it firmly in place. “Dave is about eight inches,” you purr, pushing me roughly forward onto my hands and knees. “But he’s about as big around as a beer bottle. He will be filling my pussy…” You slap my ass and grab me by the balls, and lift up hard, forcing me to lift my ass.

The cold wetness of lube on your fingertips makes me moan and shiver, and I spread my thighs slightly. “…and fill it it exquisitely–more than your tiny little cock ever could. Clarence isn’t as big around, but his cock is nine and a half inches long,” you continue, spreading lube over the tip of the condom covering my buttplug before you seat it between my cheeks, giving me half a second to understand what’s happening before you start to push. “And he will be fucking your Goddess’ ass. You said you were hungry for cock, didn’t you, you dirty little whore?!” You slap my ass viciously, pushing the plug hard, watching the widest part slide into me, holding it in place.

“Yes, yes, Goddess,” I whimper, feeling violated and stretched, pushing back against the pressure filling me up. You give one firm push forward, laughing as the base shoves against my asshole.

“They already know the drill. You are to remain kneeling where you are, say not a single fucking word from now on, and suck them like the cuckold bitch you are. While they fuck me, you are to suck on my toes. Needless to say, you will lick me clean, and you will clean their cocks with your mouth.”

You slap my ass a few more times, and say “kneel,” walking around me, and rest your ass on my face, feeling me immediately begin my worship of your ass. “See? Didn’t I tell you I’d give you the chance to clean my ass?” you laugh, resting more of your weight on my face. I place my hands on the carpet beside my feet. You slide your foot between my thighs and idly bump your heel against the clear plastic tube of my chastity device as the firm, rough surface of my tongue pushes and twists inside you.

They come into your bedroom much later, unannounced, and walk forward to hug and greet you, chuckling about the position you have me in. Clarence chuckles, “so this is your boy? He’s probably all ready to go by now, right? Well, let’s get started!” I can hear the sounds of them throwing their clothes in piles, stripping, and as soon as you lift your weight off my face, I feel the heads of their cocks against the corners of my mouth. I turn instinctively to the left and wrap my lips around the soft, warm, velvety tip of his penis, suckling it tenderly, sliding the surface of my tongue beneath his glans, and wrap both of my hands around both of their cocks, stroking them slowly, at first.

My mouth is already görükle escort bayan full, and as the blood rushes to his penis, I can feel it ballooning between my lips, and moan softly, squirming a bit on my knees, dripping precome on the carpet. I spit down the length of the cock on my left, and begin to stroke it a little harder and faster, taking the other hungrily in my open mouth, sucking it hard, licking the precome from the slit of his cockhead, and swallow it down. My left hand only barely closes around his shaft, which I stroke from base to tip, keeping him hard as I push my lips down Clarence’s cock, feeling his head bump against the back of my throat.

Your hand presses against the back of my head, and I feel you forcing me further down, pushing the still swelling head of his cock down my throat, deeper and deeper, laughing softly as I choke on it, and cough, feeling my nose shoved against his toned belly. “He will thank you for this,” you chuckle, knowing that I’m grateful for it, and both of the men laugh. You take your hand away from the back of my head and I pull my lips away from Clarence, cough once more, and start sucking Dave passionately, fucking my mouth with his cock, feeling it hit the back of my throat hard with each bob of my head.

“See? He just needed a little push,” you laugh, standing to slide onto the bed, and spread your legs for both of them to see how wet you are, and watch you finger yourself as I get them fully hard. I feel Dave’s sweet, enormous cockhead against the back of my throat and push forward, feeling it pop down my throat. Tears stream down my face as I force my own lips further down his immense shaft, choking again with only a few inches to go, and push forward harder, pushing my lips against the base of his shaft. I open my mouth a little wider and stretch my tongue out beyond the base of his cock, and try to lap his balls.

“Are you both ready?” you purr, spreading a generous drop of lube over the tight, beautiful opening of your ass. Clarence’s cock twitches in my hand, and I feel Dave swell in my mouth and throat.

He pushes me away and says, “hell yeah! I’ve been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks!” and walks over to the bed. Clarence does the same, lying down beside you, allowing you to spread a handful of lube along his long, sweet shaft before you mount him, seating his cockhead against your asshole, moaning softly as it slides in. Dave is kneeling at the edge of the bed, stroking himself, waiting for you to get situated.

In the meantime, I crawl blindly to the edge of your bed, unable to see, only hearing you purr as Dave seats his head against your wet, clean-shaven pussy. “I forgot… how fucking tight you are!” Dave exclaims, slowly filling you inch by inch, until the whole of his thick, beautiful cock is throbbing inside you.

I can hear you breathing heavily and moaning, your hands and feet pressed into the comforter as you ride them both, completely controlling the pace, at first. “Mmm,” you whimper, feeling Clarence’s strong hands against your back, holding you up, and Dave’s hands on your hips, holding you down as they both begin to thrust.

I crawl up on the very end of the bed, fumbling around in my blindness for your foot, finding Clarence’s first, then yours, and begin to suck your toes. You squeal in delight at the slow, tender screwing of your bulls, combined with the sensual suction of my mouth at your toes. You concentrate on squeezing them both as they start going a little faster, and a little harder. “Be careful, Dave, you know your cock hits the back of my pussy,” you purr, wiggling your toes in my mouth, lifting your foot, shoving your toes deeper into my mouth, forcing me to suck them all at once.

My mouth moves away from your left foot and wraps around the toes of your right foot, suckling them passionately, the rough surface of my tongue lapping at the pads of your toes. Clarence isn’t able to pull that far out, but he thrusts hard, pounding your ass just the way you like it, as Dave starts to fuck you in earnest, making soft little bursa escort squishing sounds as he pulls almost all the way out before thrusting back in. His pubic bone hits your clitoris steadily, and your toes curl in my mouth as you begin to come, moaning in ecstasy, spasming around them. “Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming,” you purr, “come with me, come inside me..”

Clarence makes a few quiet grunts as he pumps even harder for a few brief seconds, and explodes inside you, his cock twitching and shuddering, and Dave follows not long after, groaning in pleasure as your pussy grips his massive cock, milking him dry, his cockhead pushing against your cervix as he shoots his seed, jet after jet of come spraying into the sweet depths of your pussy.

“Mmm,” you purr, “thank you boys for coming over. That was wonderful!”

“You’re welcome,” chuckles Clarence, letting you relax on his chest, kissing behind your ear as his hands wrap around you, massaging your breasts.

“That was great,” laughs Dave, beginning to pull out of you. You give him a playful slap on the ass, and tease, “leaving so soon?”

“Yeah, I have to get to work. Your slave is going to clean me off, right?”

“Oh, yes,” you grin. “He’s down there sucking on my toes. Feel free to use his mouth however you please.” You cover your labia with one hand as Dave pulls out, so you don’t drip on the comforter, and pull your toes out of my mouth, and feel the still-hard head of his cock slip with no warning between my lips. I gulp and very, very gently suck the enormous head of his penis, holding it in place as I paint it with my tongue, lapping it passionately, tasting your cum, and more than just a hint of his, making greedy slurping noises until I’m finished.

Dave gets off the bed and goes to start putting his clothes on. You lean forward and grab me by the ear, forcing me to lie on my back between Clarence’s thighs, still holding Dave’s cum inside you as you slide off of Clarence, dribbling on my face as you sit back down, your cheeks resting on mine, rocking your ass back, forcing it against my nose as I stretch my tongue into you, hungry to lick you perfectly clean, completely humiliated to be rimming you, but so grateful that I got what I asked for, swallowing his semen down bit by bit, until I’m all finished.

You slide back, covering my nose with your ass, and push your pussy into my mouth, bearing down a little bit against the feel of my tonguetip pushing into you, helping me get every last drop of their cum into my mouth. “Did both of you enjoy my slave’s cocksucking?” you purr, glancing back at Clarence, who’s lying lazily behind you, grinning and nodding.

Dave catches the hint and nods as well, knowing that I can’t see him, and walks over to the bed to give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek before heading out the door. Once I’m done cleaning your pussy as well, you dismount from my face and turn me over, forcing my mouth against Clarence’s cock, watching both of us as I lick him clean, taking too long, enjoying the taste of his cum mixed with yours, and you force me away. “Sorry Clare,” you chuckle, slapping my ass hard as you push me almost off the bed. “He’s a little overeager. But I’m glad you were able to make it.”

Clarence gives you a hug and a kiss and gets out of bed, walking over to his clothes, and begins to get dressed. “Same time next week, right?” he laughs, half-kidding, and you give him a wink, and wave, blowing him a kiss as he goes out the door.

“So, slave.” You pause deliberately, lying back on the bed, making yourself comfortable. “You haven’t had enough, have you?” You lock your ankles around the back of my head, pulling me forward far enough to get both hands around the back of my head, and pull your pussy viciously against my mouth, and grind your beautiful, slick labia over my face, marking me once more – only this time, it’s with your cum, and Dave’s, and my own saliva – “…you’re still hungry for more. And I know it’s been a long time since I’ve allowed you an orgasm,” you purr, feeling my tongue caressing you ever so gently.

“So you get to eat your own cum as well, you slutty little cum-dumpster,” you purr lazily, rolling your hips as I worship your pussy. “Only, no orgasm. Get me a latex glove and some lube–slaves aren’t allowed out of chastity. I’ll catch it in my hand, and you can lick it up from there.”