At the Villa Ch. 21


Chapter 21: Sam in Athens


“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


After a night on the town, celebrating the success of Olympia’s and Diana’s first day as masseurs; massaging none less than twelve plus customers, Sam as their mentor; was the centre of attraction. The three of them had a great time and it was after two in the morning before the three of them returned back home. The three were quite tired and all they knew that there was another hard day ahead.

Both Olympia and Diana were not ready to go back to sleep unless they get fucked again and again. The sex was great and they loved it so much that they had shared quite a few orgasms before the three of them ended sleeping in the same bed.

Sam still tired, but he managed to wake on time with a hard on ready to go. Time was against him as he had to be at the airport to get a mid morning flight to Thessaloniki. His sister Selene probably hotter than her brother; was anxiously waiting for him, wondering if he had got his hard cock stuck into some broad somewhere.

At last he arrived, just a few minutes before ‘Checking In’ was about to close. His sister was not that happy and as they hugged each other she gave him a hard look. ‘You did not fuck enough last night you dirty boy.’ She whispered in his ear as she pressed her pussy against his leg.

‘You seem to be worst than me. Is it already leaking?’ Sam teasingly whisperly asked.

‘Don’t need to ask, dear little brother; you know the situation.’ She answered with a sexy smile as she licked his earlobe. ‘By the time we arrive it will be also fermented; ready to taste.’

‘You must have been very hungry?’ He asked.

‘To tell you the truth I’m only hungry for what you have growing hard inside your pants.’ She answered back.

As Sam was about to answer, the last call came on the sound system within the departure area of the airport.

That morning, his sister really needed him and she was hoping that as soon they arrive, she would start to roam after her share.

At last the plane was in the air. Sitting way back they had sat with Selene in the middle seat and Sam at the window. Fortunately there was nobody sitting on the aisle seat. Being so hot Selene lifted the hand rest and as soon as she pushed it between the backrests she immediately moved too close to Sam. With her pussy really heating up, sitting so close to her handsome brother she pressed her bottoms, jamming them hard with the excuse to try and look through the window. All types of scenarios were flying through her body, wondering how many times she was going to feel his hard cock inside any of her available slits.

By the time the flight from Athens landed at Thessaloniki Airport, Sam’s sister’s pussy did more than leaked. Selene knew that her hot loving juices were going to be more than abundant. During the flight, she never stopped dreaming about those days when she had seduced him and offered him her wonderful ass.

She pressed her body against Sam many times with the heat radiating through the close distance between them. Many times during the flight she moved one of her legs and lifted it over his. The sister’s heat for her brother had never stopped; even after over twenty years from the day she had seduced him, a few months before her marriage.

When Sam disappeared from Athens after he chose Thessaloniki’s university were he wanted to continue his education; she was both disappointed, as much as she was pleased. At least she wanted to save her marriage, from which her first born, was a daughter whom she named Lydia. Lydia was conceived from the sperm his sister had received, when she could not get enough of Sam’s hard cock during the week, before the day she was married.

Nearly twenty years after she conceived her first born, at last she found out where Sam was living. To Sam’s amazement, Lydia turned up on the island wanting to know who her uncle was and one way or another she found him and the mystery that Lydia was Sam’s biological daughter was uncovered. (Refer to “At the Villa Ch 1-2”).

When his sister Selene found out where he was; the itch to have that lovely cock she had sucked so many times and blown him directly down her throat; were never forgotten. She loved the taste of her brother’s sperm flowing downwards through her throat or better when he shot it straight inside the depths of her asshole; not to forget that during the last week before her marriage it was preserved inside her womb when she knew that it was the intimate moment when she could get pregnant.

She enjoyed it more when Casibom she introduced her pussy to Sam’s beautiful cock. She wanted it more than anything, especially during those few days before that day, when she was about to get married and go on her to her honeymoon with her fresh loving husband, and the possibility that she will be carrying a newly conceived Sam.

Sam and his sister Selene fucked like crazy during those days. Every moment they found themselves alone they got closer to each other and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Sam never knew what she had in mind, until co-incidentally his niece, whom he had never saw or met before, arrived on his doorstep accompanied by another four of her university mates, one of whom, Olympia was the one who located her uncle’s, of better her fathers whereabouts. (Refer to “On The Boat Ch 1-2”)

Lydia was beautiful, well educated. She had a very sexy shaped body for which no cock will say no. One after the other the ladies were anxious to have a taste of Sam’s hard cock, so one after the other they waited their turn.

Sam was as lucky as always as the majority of the five, were virgins. Lydia was one of them and although Sam did not yet knew who she was; he had his eyes on hers.

At last that moment for Lydia to present herself inside Sam’s den arrived, and as excited as the others were, she entered Sam’s bedroom with pride; ready to give him that most precious part of her body. When her little bikini, barely covered anything was off. It was then that the first touch took place and Lydia became wild. She knew he was her uncle. During the sex play, things started to evolve and when his big cock was just about to break her virginity, being already partly inside the entrance between her drenched rather swollen pouty lips, the truth came out. (At The Villa Ch 2)

As Sam and Selene arrived at the house where Sam had lived during his university years, his sister opened the door and both walked in.

‘It seems that it is still well kept.’ Sam remarked.

‘Both Mum and myself always made sure it will be well looked after. Mum, many times talked about you and how much she had missed you. Many times she said that this house belongs to Sam.’ His sister recounted.

‘Personally I don’t think I need it. Maybe your kids will do. It’s up to you sis what you do with it. After we clear some of the dirty staff and maybe if the wine is still good, I’m not interested in it. You can have it yourself; a nice place to hide for a few days, maybe with a nice stud or to any one of your kids.’

‘At the moment I’ve no idea. Let’s go upstairs?’ She ordered.

‘What for?’ Sam asked.

‘Fuck Sam. You did not realise how hot I am. I need a good fuck with my good fucking brother.’

‘It wasn’t my intention that we do such a thing.’ Sam said as his sister grabbed him from his hand and within minutes they were both naked hugging and sucking on other’s tongues, while with one hand she was massaging his manhood which it did not refuse like always from getting hard for his sister.

As hot as she could get, she crawled on her back on the double bed along its width. Sam lifted her legs up on his shoulders while he got his mouth between her legs. The smell was intoxicating. Sam was sure she did not clean her pussy, that special morning.

He started to suck on her clitoris, moving his tongue along and around, while he tried to push a finger through the entrance of her vagina, searching for her G-spot.

‘Fuck sis… are you experiencing your period?’ Sam shockingly asked as he was sure he hit something which was sure it was a tampon.

Selene laughed. ‘Sorry Sam and don’t worry… you can even suck my juices from it. That was the reason why I inserted a tampon in there this morning. I was sure that sitting next to you, being already too hot, I didn’t want to end making a mess sitting so close to you, dreaming about that thick sausage you have there ready. Sorry darling brother I forgot to take it off, but at least it is a witness of how hot and wet I get.”

‘Sis, that’s why I never underestimated you. Let me have closer look between those really ballooned lips you have.’

‘Fuck Sam; this isn’t the first time you saw or better examined a naked tasty pussy?’ She asked.

‘The more I examine these lips the more beautiful they look and the more excited I become.’ Sam answered his sister, with a wink.

He separated those lips with his fingers and while his eyes got as close as he could get them, he sniffed. The aroma was exciting. His cock became wild. Another sniff as he examined the wet area between the folds where he found the little string with which he can pull the intruder out.

Hitting it, his darling sister lifted her ass, pressing her pussy against his mouth while she cried and shouted. ‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me. Fill my pussy with that monster of yours.’

Sam pushed his mouth harder against her pussy with the little knob between his teeth while trying to get hold of the string. As he got Casibom Giriş it he pulled slowly, watching the intruder moving towards him, until it was hanging infront of his eyes.

I’mmmm…. sis. The smell is exquisite. The contents are shaken but not stirred.’

Sam lifted the tampon between two fingers; he passed it infront of his nose like a connoisseur passes a Cuban cigar back and forth. He did it two times while he sniffed the sweet aroma of those fermented juices, which slowly had flowed and stored themselves for later use.

‘Emmmm sis. It smells perfect. I love this smell and I’m wondering what the taste will be like?’ Sam teased his sister who was becoming uncontrollable. She wanted no play including be filled to the brim and fucked.

But Sam passed his tongue against the tampon and collected some of the loose gluey liquid, which with a light squeeze by the holding fingers it leaked out very easily.

Selene could not take more of the waiting. Her hand moved down between her legs and started to play with her little hard knot. Sam immediately noticed the tension she was going through, but instead he opened his mouth and pushed half the tampon inside. He closed his lips around the tampon and a generous amount of liquid flowed out I in his mouth.

His sister was watching her brother, in a way, in distaste. She could not believe how dirty he became. She watched his next move which she was not expecting. He lowered his lips slowly over hers until they closed tight together. There she had to taste and enjoy some of her own baked juices.

She felt his cock getting harder and harder as he pressed it against her pelvis and continued pushing downwards until it settled between her swollen vaginal lips. He teased her with it, as they rolled their tongues in their mouths. Selene got hotter and hotter, with an orgasm flowing slowly though her blood veins.

They forgot the liquids in their mouths and from were they came from. What counted more were the generation of heat and the attraction for each other. Sam moved backwards while Selene was lost in her own heavens. He found her clitoris and started to suck on the little knob as a finger was massaging her G-spot.

Selene cried and shouted while one orgasm after another was invading her body. Sam did not stop, but he continued to tease her clit combined with his finger massaging her G-spot.

‘Fuck Sam… Please fuck me hard… fuck me hard.’ Sister cried while her body was engulfed in one orgasm after another.

Sam pushed her legs forward as he crawled over her body until his cock found her little tiny grotto; the one which nature had wetted and prepared it for that special moment. He connected the head to the opening of her portal of love and in it, his manhood was welcomed; slowly his hard cock went in all the way into her most stimulating sexual desirable organ, with which she was so proud of. It filled her to the maximum, widening her vaginal tube, while the head pressed against her womb. His cock was ready and prepared to do its duty. But not this time!

It was a time for pleasure, it was time to satisfy her body’s carnal desires; those desires nature instigated into our blood to achieve its’ aim… to reproduce. But the body needs its satisfaction of the love between two people; that attraction for each other; to increase the love for each other and live happy together while we satisfy our needs as couples living together.

But there are also those desires which satisfy our own natural desires, and the other partner’s desires. The human being could not live without love; without the satisfaction of the flesh. What kind of life will it be, without love? We hear of wars everywhere, including between two who suppose they had been in love.

Sam was not in a hurry. He manoeuvred his manhood in and out of her tight pussy as he fucked his sister, or better, as he was making love to his sister. Sometime he was aggressively fucking her, the way she asked for; but most times he enjoyed fucking her slowly and very lovingly. He used his imagination on how better he can make his sister wild, without banging her too hard. He made her cum many times during the long minutes he made love to her. The head of his cock was moving in different directions in and out, brushing against her most sensitive spots within her vagina which Sam knew so well; and where they were. With every smooth brush, she cried and shouted as her body trembled and shuddered on the bed.

Sam, although it was against his principles, he loved to fuck his dominating sister. He enjoyed pleasuring her, fucking her and most of all sucking on her tasty pussy. The best moments always were, when he empties his sperm inside her womb or for that matter, even in her anal tube. He not only satisfied her ego, but also, his.

Sam’s blood was boiling and he knew that he was on the verge of exploding.

‘Fuck Sam; fuck, cum inside me…I’m waiting… I can’t take anymore… Sam fuck… fuck… stoooop…stooop.’ She Casibom Güncel Giriş cried and shouted but Sam did not stop; he was not going to stop until his cock was ready to explode inside of her, in the depths of her burning chakra.

On the point of no return he slammed the head deep against her womb so as the first shot of sperm, will go straight into her womb. He started to piston his dick again as the second load was about to go. He pulled out and pointed the little oval hole towards her breasts. It was a good shot with most of it ended around, of course covered her nipples. The rest just trickled out over her navel where it left a little mess.

Sam massaged all the sperm he shot over her body from her breasts down to her vagina. There was enough to give her a good massage, getting her nipples harder and harder, as his hand moulded one breast after another. He stopped to lick and suck her nipples, tasting nothing more than the sperm they were covered with.

‘Sam, tell me the truth… how may virgins did you deflower on this bed?’ Selene asked.

‘Are you really asking for the truth?’ Sam asked with a slight sexy smile on his lips.

‘Fuck Sam; you seem like still tasting those moments, my bastard brother.’

‘Do I look like a bastard? They queued; they wanted nothing more than a taste of my big hard cock. None of them was disappointed, sis. Like Oliver; they always asked for more.’ Sam answered.

Selene seemed happy with her brother’s answers. She knew him too well; therefore there was no need to ask any more questions as she knew that there was always a ready answer. But they had always enjoyed teasing each other.

After they had a quick shower where they got rid of the smell of sex, he gave her a very loving brotherly kiss and then, after they became a little decent, she followed him to the underground cellar. As they descended the wooden stairs they found, that at least there were two bulbs still functioning; therefore there was enough light to make a valuable assessment of what there was left in the cellar from the last days Sam had spent in his mother’s house in Thessaloniki.

Spiders’ webs were everywhere, especially after all those years of neglect. But Sam cleared it as best as he could with a broom he found on the stairs. Before he started to search for the boxes he came to retrieve and which sure were going to bring him a lot of memoires; he took a look at the pile of bottles filled with wine. Happy that there seemed to be quit a lot of wine left, Sam wondered about those beautiful young ladies who had the opportunity to be invited to his bedroom, just above where he was standing now.

Sam moved around, and with the available light he made a good assessment if all those bottles of wine he had left behind after those last nights, when he spent the last days fucking Eumelia, they were still there.

Those few days after the University closed for holidays were great. Eumelia was fantastic. He was fucking so many times a day and she was still hungry for more. They only went out to buy food otherwise they spent those few days naked. She only sent a note to their parents that she is staying with some friends.

The wine was all there and nobody seemed to wonder down there, since Sam had locked the door of the cellar. Nobody seemed curious enough to take a look or even smell the bottles and the wine they contained.

After a good evaluation of the contents not to mention those unwanted things which always ended in a neglected place; he wondered if the boxes filled with panties were still hidden under the stairs, where once he covered them with some staff he found around like empty cardboard boxes and other rubbish.

He looked under the stairs where as he thought; it could be the safest place where he thought could be less in the eye; where no one would be expected to look. The three wooden boxes were still there, and as he lifted the wooden cover of the third, it was still intact as he had left it; about twelve years earlier. The boxes filled with virgin memoires were the first items they took up.

While Selene started to clean the boxes from the dust and other materials they were covered with, Sam went back to check on how many bottles of wine were left and it’s’ condition. Nobody seemed to have touched it. Therefore the amount should be something in the region of around one thousand five hundred plus still sealed and hopefully superb aged wine, with the best taste he was aspiring for.

Before he checked the soiled panties he opened a half dozen bottles of wine and left them to breathe some fresh air. It had been too long sealed in those bottles with not a breath of air. As he sniffed the first bottle Sam had noticed that at least the smell was not so bad, but within a couple of hours it should taste better, he thought; as good as a well prepared hot tasty pussy.

The plastic self sealing bags were still intact. They kept the quality as also the condition of the soiled panties; which were still like knew. Only the smell was lost.

Sam opened a few from the third box and examined the different types and colours. One was specifically marked; as it belonged to none other than the last virgin he fucked, before he left Thessaloniki for the last time.