Girl Guide(ance)


It was a quiet night. TV was boring as usual so I was happily sitting on the couch at home reading a book.

My name is Cyndi and I’m the older one of the “not really twins”. My sister Annabel and I differ in age by 11 months. We both have our mother’s good looks and our father’s good genes. We both stand at 5’4″ and look like identical twins. We both keep our dark blond hair long and wear the same make-up. We both fit the same clothes so we only had one big walk in closet. Although the bra’s we had, fitted me perfectly they were a little tight on Anna.

The book I was reading was good. Actually it’s the third time I’ve read it. There were a couple of scenes that got me revved up and a chapter, that was so hot I couldn’t stop fingering my clit till I came.

Anna was out that evening with a guy from school that she was head over heels with but I thought was a rat. Some other girls thought so too but he was quite new so there wasn’t much info on him.

Mum and dad were working as always. Dad is one of the top surgeons at the biggest hospital in Miami. Mum was a surgical assistant and they even worked together sometimes.

Tonight they had both been paged, as there had been a gang fight with guns involved, as usual.

I was so into my book I didn’t hear the car outside screech away. I was startled when the door burst open and Anna came running in crying. She didn’t stop and went straight up to her room.

I waited 10 min. till I heard she had calmed down before going up.

I lay my hand on her shoulder as I sat down on her bed next to her.

“You want to talk about it? I asked


“You want to talk about it anyway?”

“You were right about him!” Anna sniffled

“You didn’t want to listen! But tell me, what happened?”

“We drove up to lookout point and made out a little. He started fondling my dress and I stroked the lump in his pants.

We both started to get a little hot and soon we had our hands in each other’s pants.

I was stroking his rod when suddenly he grabbed my head and, pushing it down, told me he’s gonna cum.

No way in hell was I going to suck him off and turned my head away at the last moment.

He blew his wad all over the seat. After having a fit a he wiped his cum off the seat with my hair whilst calling me a useless bitch.”

“Sounds like he loves his car more than you!”

“Stupid prick does, is working 2 jobs just to pay it off.”

“I back handed him, across the cheek, for calling me a bitch and tried to get out of the car but he started it and sped off.”

“The whole way he cursed me. Here, at home, he told me to go fuck myself in the future and never wanted to see me again.”

I’ve had my disappointments with men too to know that she really didn’t care to see him again either. What Anne needed now was a good hug and some reassurance.

“I think we need to wash your hair out before the folks come home. How ’bout we take a nice warm bath and I’ll wash your hair for you?”

“Anne always enjoyed our baths and nodded eagerly.”

Usually we chatted a lot when we bathed but today she just sat silently in front of me whilst I washed and rinsed her hair.

“Am I really a useless bitch Cyndi?”

“No” I laughed. “I know you better than any one else, and you’re not a bitch.”

“In fact I think you’re the loveliest person there is.”

I knew she was sad and pulled her shoulders back till she lay on my chest and gave her a great big hug.

A tear ran down her cheek and I kissed it away. Anne didn’t move and I kissed her again on the ear.

Anne turned her head slightly and looked me in the eye.

I’m not sure what it was but I had the passion to kiss her lips.

Slowly I leant forward till our lips nearly touched, I could feel her warm breath in my face.

Anne closed the gap between us. Her lips were so soft and tender and we kissed like no one had ever kissed us before. As we both melted into one with our tongues entwined.

My hands moved, as if automatically, and weighed Anne’s ample breasts. I took her nipples between my fingers and twirled them softly. She cupped my hands and guided my fingers.

She made me pinch and pull her nipples harder than I would have ever dared.

Anne slipped her hands behind her back and massaged my inner thighs.

Soon we both were moaning and as horny as hell.

“Think we should get out of the tub sis!” Anne whispered.

“I want to try something on you that, I think, will blow your mind!”

I agreed on getting out of the bath but wasn’t sure about her experimenting on me.

Anna made me lay down on bed. Her hand began massaging were it had stopped.

Soon I was moaning again and gripping onto the bed sheets as she massaged my swollen clit with expertise.

Knowing the signs of an orgasm Anna began kissing my nipples as my climax neared.

Oooohhhhh Annna, shit that feels gooooood. Oh god! I think I’m going to cum.

“That’s what I’m thriving for sis.”

Her rubbing felt amazing. I finger myself a lot but sex izle this was far better.

“Jesus Anna that’s sooooooo fricking good I’m goanna cum any moment now! Phew yessss, don’t stop please don’t! Oh… Oohh… Ooooohhhhh yesss now… Nowww. Ohh I’m Cumming yes’s!!!!”

In the moment she felt my cunt contract she bit my nipple hard!

I screamed loud as the pain shot through my breast and spread out.

Another orgasmic wave pulsated from my belly and connected with the pain from my breast. The effect was astronomical as they combined. My whole body felt like it was exploding. It literally blew my mind and I passed out for a moment. My legs felt like jelly when my climax subsided.

My groin felt like it had just been gang raped by a whole football team.

“Sis” I said still panting, “that was the best fricking orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Where did you learn that?”

“Remember that rapper guy I had a while ago? One of his chains nearly ripped my nipple off when we climaxed. The feeling blew my mind too and, like you, I passed out!

I’ve been experimenting with it since. I’ve always wanted to share that with you but never dared… Till now that is. Did you like it?”

“Did I like it? Christ sis, if “that” was an orgasm then I’ve never had an orgasm before!”

I pushed Anne back on the bed and rolled on top of her. I kisses her on the mouth passionately then worked my way down her body till her neatly shaven pussy.

I knew I’d pleasure her, but had a strange thought moments before I actually dipped my tongue into her wet mound. I thought I was weird when I looked at woman and sometimes even got turned on! Sex with men never really satisfied me like I could satisfy myself.

In that moment of thought I realized the unavoidable truth “I was lesbian!”

A scent so special and can never be bottled swirled through my nose as it hovered above Anna’s pubic mound.

Like honey running off a hot knife the flavor of Anne’s womanhood spread through my mouth as I Slowly I pushed my tongue between her sweet wet lips.

As my tongue ventured in as far as it could go Anna moaned sensationally.

Within moments she was in ecstasy as I thrashed my tongue from side to side over her swollen clit.

Anna grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth to open over her twat.

I knew she was about to cum by the tell tail change in her voice and moans.

My tongue in her vagina sensed the first wave of her orgasm wash up out of the depth of her loins and instantly I pinched my manicured nails into the soft flesh of her nipple.

An ear-piercing scream erupted from her lungs.

The spreading pain and climatic waves connected somewhere in her stomach causing her to erupt in total ecstasy and squirting her cum into my mouth.

Totally taken by surprise I tried to pull away but the grip Anne had on my head left me no choice than to swallow her hot girl cum.

The grip on my head subsided along with the orgasmic waves that nearly knocked her unconscious.

I took a deep breath “I never knew a woman could cum like that!”

“Neither did I! I thought it was the weirdest thing and was embarrassed because I thought I was just peeing. In a chat group I heard someone talking about her girlfriend who could squirt her cum across the bed.

I asked her if it wasn’t just pee, and she assured me it was cum as it was a little slimy and thicker than normal pee.

She told me that not every woman could cum like that but it was considered special if you could. What did you think of it?”

“At first perverse, then delicious and now deliciously perverse can you do that again?”

It takes a while for the fluid to gather. Maybe tomorrow!

We lay arm in arm and talked about being lesbians as well as the whole incest situation.

We found out that we both had had our fantasies about women and each other, but never dared to admit it and very relieved now the secret was out.

Throughout the next month we had sex whenever we could.

Mum and dad were working long hours at the hospital, what was usual in the summertime.

Having so much time we were able to do a lot of surfing on the computer as we had a million and one questions as inexperienced lesbian lovers. We surfed a lot of adult sites and found a mass of sites, forums and information for lesbians.

We came across a lesbian chat room that appealed to both of us. We sighed in, anonymously, and listened to the group of woman talking there. It became obvious that we were listening to woman who enjoyed a certain sort of sex. That being SM and BDSM. There were doms as a well as subs in the group all talking about what they liked, wanted or wished for.

To us, one Dom stood out of the group. A very soft-spoken woman who answered our questions and queries with a certain assertiveness and still kindness.

During the whole next week we wrote a lot with her as we enjoyed the information, directness and honesty in her answers.

Though sikiş izle this forum was anonymous we made a bold move and sent madam D a private text asking if we could meet her in person.

She didn’t answer us, what made us very nervous. The whole evening we waited for an answer, but nothing came. We thought we’ve overstepped our boundaries and that she blocked off the contact.

After school the next day there was a text message waiting in our inbox. Excited but nervous what it would say we opened it.

Tomorrow: Chat Noir 15:00 sharp!

Madam D.

We entered Chat Nior the next day at 2:30PM. We ordered a cappuccino and waited. Nervous as hell we looked at the few guests sitting at the tables around the room. No one seemed to notice or take interest in us although we did have the feeling we were being watched.

3 o’clock came and passed. We became more and more nervous.

3.30 a stunning woman of about 35 in a light summer dress and heels came in and our hopes lifted, but with out even looking in our direction she walked past us and sat in a confined booth in the back corner of the café.

Giving up all hope we waived the waitress over to pay our bill, as we were disappointed and wanted to leave.

The waitress came to our table promptly and addressed us.

” Madam D would like to see you please, if you would be so kind as to follow me to her?”

Surprised we looked at each other and nervously stood up.

She led us to the booth in the back of the café where the stunning woman sat and motioned us to take a seat.

In silence we looked at the woman sitting across from us. She looked at us too, silently and surprised. She then opened her handbag and got out a small box of cigarillos and lit one.

She blew a cloud of smoke up in the air. “Young lovers!”

We nodded slowly.

She drew another puff of smoke. The booth was so dark we could see the glow sparkle in her eyes.

“Young lovers indeed! Just how young are you two?”

“19” I said. “Nearly 19” Anna said.

“You both don’t look a day older than 16!”

The waitress appeared again and placed a cappuccino in front of each of us.

Madam drew another puff. “I could end up in jail for this!”

Anna shrugged her shoulders. “What? For having a cappuccino with two young girls?”

Intrigued madam smiled.

“How long have you two been “lovers?”

“About a month now”. I answered.

“So you have no real experience in the SM scene except what you’ve seen on the web?”

“No, and we question the real existence of it. Punkto dommina and slaves that freely submit to all sorts of abuse and actually enjoy it.” I replied.

Madam smiled. “Oh I assure you that it indeed exists!” She then looked in the direction of the waitress and nodded her head ever so slightly.

The waitress appeared again. “Yes Madam?”

“Show these young ladies how a good slave has to present her pussy to her mistress”.

With out word the young waitress slightly spread her legs and lifted her mini skirt and presented us her completely shaven, naked, puberty.

Anna and I stared in surprise.

“Very good! And now show the ladies what happens if her mistress is unsatisfied.”

Again without word the waitress unbuttoned her blouse and presented her bare breasts that were covered in about 20 violent red welts.

Anna and my jaws dropped at the sight.

“Tell the ladies why you were punished and how.”

“I was punished because I didn’t shave properly and seeing this was the second time I’ve done this I received the just punishment of 24 strokes with the crop madam.”

“Did you purposely disappoint me all though you knew what the punishment would be?”

The waitress smiled shyly.” Yes Madam”

Madam waved her hand and the waitress curtsied and left.

“I guess that answers your questions then doesn’t it?”

“Without doubt madam D!”

“I have one question for you young ladies, your answer will determine whether or not I spend any further time, or risk for that matter, in this little relationship.

“Which end of the crop would you prefer to be, working or receiving?”

Both Anna and I answered in Unisom “Working!”

Madam D smiled. “Good answer! I was afraid you sought a mistress to be dominated by. Fact is, at the moment I’m up to my ears in young girls who want me to train as slaves and I barely have the time at the moment to do so.

Having an extra pair of hands would be wonderful but you two are too young and I could go to jail if I was caught.”

“Actually, I interrupted; you would have to be caught red handed with us actually having sex according to the law. Even if we were caught naked in one room we could say we were swapping clothes and the law couldn’t do a thing about it.”

I personally have no interest in making anything public and actually prefer to keep it secret! What about you Anna?”

“No I don’t either, my lips are sealed.”

“Madam lit another cigarillo and sipped her cappuccino. türk porno She looked at us both and smiled.”

In a low voice she said “Just the sight of you two is making me horny”

“Do you have a couple of hours of time?”

Now Anne and I smiled “All depends what for?”

“Well it just so happens, and is the reason I was a little late, a young woman has been bugging the crap out of me for weeks now. She wants me to train her to be a slave and although I turned her down she keeps on pleading me to take her in. This afternoon she handcuffed herself to the gates of my house and threw the key on the driveway.”

“I had my servant take her inside and place her in the dungeon.

“I think it would be the perfect slave for you to show me what you’re made of and to give you a few tips and lessons on.

Would you ladies be interested?”

Anna and I nodded vigorously. “Yes madam we would”

“Let’s go then!”

She picked up her purse and headed out with us closely behind her.

The drive was about 40 min. from the café, the connection between us clicked wonderfully and we talked and laughed the whole way. We introduced each other, D stood for Denise but in the presence of servants and slaves Madam D.

Anna was to be called Mistress A and I mistress C.

We stopped in front of two enormous wrought iron gates flanked by 8′ brick walls as far as we could see. Denise read our thoughts, “Chat Nior is not the only business I own!

The gates swung open and in front of us lay a driveway flanked by old walnut trees forming an alley to the house that was just humongous.

At the house a young door maid greeted us. Her maid’s outfit had been custom made to fit her like a glove.

It was traditional black and white except her décolleté was so low that it presented her ample breasts as if on a plate and the skirt was so short that one could see her nakedness. She wore net stockings, which were held up by garters of fine black silk.

She made no effort to cover nakedness and wasn’t embarrassed that we stared at her shaven pussy.

Denise saw us staring “Get used to that ladies. All the girls here walk around like that or totally naked”

“Where is the new girl?”

“In the dungeon, madam, as you wished.”

“I suspect you have placed her in an appropriate position.”

“You left that open before you left madam so I placed her on the rope.”

Denise smiled wickedly. “very good slave G”

“Lets go and see how she’s doing then shell we?”

We followed Denise into a library but saw no door or stairs that would have given entry to a dungeon.

Denise stood in front of one of the bookcases and pulled one of the books out and replaced it backwards. She then turned one of the inlayed roses and pushed it in. She stepped back and without a single sound a whole section slid back and moved behind the other panel.

“My private little entrance!”

We followed Denise through a small tunnel just wide enough for one person. At the end we stepped down a spiral staircase and came into a round room with a small round, glass, elevator in the middle. Two people could fit comfortably in the elevator and with a little squeeze, three.

The walls were glass and it seemed that the room was in the corner of three dungeon rooms.

The fourth quarter was a dark room sealed by a glass door.

Stepping around the room one had a clear view of what was happening in that curtain dungeon room.

Two slaves were cleaning one room and looked as if they had no idea they were being observed.

In the other room there was a young girl standing on her tiptoes, straddling a thick rope. In front and behind her were two 8′ 10″X10″ wooden posts. Between the posts there was an inch thick rope, one end tied to a ring about 4′ high and on the other end the rope went through the other post and from it a 5 gallon stainless steel bucket hung.

Above the barrel there was a small jug. The jug was slow being filled with water. Each time it filled up it tipped over splashing its contents into the large bucket.

The, naked, girls arms were tied to a large bamboo stick that rested on her shoulders, and a rope from the ceiling attached to a collar around her neck kept her leaning forward thus she was unable to relieve any discomfort from the rope with her hands

Through loud speakers we could hear her moaning as the rope cut into her defenseless pubic mound evidently crushing her clit.

Denise opened the glass door to the dark room and instantly halogen spotlights lit up reveling a room full of sex toys and punishment instruments ranging from mid evil to the latest gadget.

Everything we had ever seen on the Internet and more was in cabinets around the room.

“I’d like you both to choose a nice riding crop or cane from that cabinet.” Denise said.

We opened the cabinet with crops, canes and whips and made our choice.

Denise nodded at our choice with a smile.

I had chosen a thin cane and Anna had a 2′ long riding crop. Denise led us to the back of the room where there was a walk in cosset she picked out two masks and handed them to us to put on. “The slaves being punished are filmed and I later sell the video to well paying customers later. I always ware a mask whilst being filmed and it’s better you do too!”