Family Road Trip Ch. 02

Big Tits

It was early. Far too early for me to be up but, here I was lying awake in bed. I had woken up during a rather intense dream and just didn’t feel much like going back to sleep. Instead I started recalling the events of the previous day. I closed my eyes and watched again as that fateful cup of soda splashed all over my sisters chest. I noticed how quickly her nipples got hard once the cold drink engulfed them in its sticky embrace. The fabric of her blue shirt pushed out by the hard sexy nipples trying to make their way to freedom. Reliving the experience of slowly and playfully stripping the clothes off my sister I watch her face as she tries to discreetly steal glances at the tent in my pants.

My tongue flicks over my lips involuntarily as I recall the taste of her sweet soda coated nipple. The feel of it in my mouth is amazing. Suddenly my thoughts jump ahead to later on that day. I am back on the sofa with Karen’s face glued to the TV and her hand stroking my dick. I watch eagerly as she finally turns from the TV and puts her face right in the path of my cum as I shoot stream after stream onto her smiling face and her perfect tits.

“Ahhhh” I let out a contented sigh as my recollection of the days events comes to an end. It’s too bad Mom and Dad came home before we could do anything more I thought to myself. Right after I had cum we had heard the car pull up and Karen quickly ran off to take a shower while I pulled my clothes back on as fast as I could. The rest of the night had been fairly normal. The only thing new was the way Karen and I looked at each other across the dinner table. We both knew we wanted more but, we also knew we would have to wait. So we had both turned in early for the night. Probably hoping that sleep would bring the following day faster so that we might have more fun together. Although I had to admit it was going to be difficult to do anything more with her today. Especially since everything was already packed up and loaded in the car ready to go. Dad is going to want to leave as soon as breakfast is over so that we can make it to our first stop sooner.

Sure enough things went exactly as I predicted. We all got up absurdly early, ate breakfast, and then headed out to start our journey. Walking out to the drive way I watched both my sisters walking arm in arm in front of me and I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful they were. We made it to the car far to quickly and I reluctantly tore my eyes away from the swaying asses in front of me. What I saw when I looked at the car though made me burst into a huge smile. Dad had loaded all of our luggage into the middle seat of the big SUV. Which meant that all three of us kids would have to sit in the back seat and, the luggage was piled so high that we would be almost completely invisible to our parents up front..

I couldn’t help but think that the odds of having more fun in the car with Karen had just shot up astronomically! Of course Sarah would still be back there but she would probably sleep at some point and we could always cover up with a blanket if we needed to.

“Honey, I honestly don’t know why you packed it this way. We won’t be able to see the kids at all.” Mom was saying as she looked disapprovingly at her husband.

“I’ve told you already.” He answered back “It helps us get better fuel economy”

My mother’s frown deepened as she and my Dad climbed into the front seats still arguing the finer points of loading a car. This left me, Karen, and Sarah to pile into the backseat. Karen climbed in first and, I followed close behind feigning a slip so that I had an excuse to give her ass a quick grab. Once we finally got in our seats she gave me a playfully amused look until Sarah hopped in after me and pulled the door shut. Looking up at the front I couldn’t even see my parents over the stack of suitcases and duffel bags piled in the seat in front of us. Looking back I saw that a pile of pillows and several blankets had been thrown in the rear of the vehicle in case anyone got tired. Although I was already thinking up much more naughty uses for them.

“Everybody ready?” sinop escort Dad called back cheerfully

“Yeah lets get going” I called back eager to get started myself.

As the car started to move I leaned back into my seat and stretched my legs out amazed at how much room the back seat provided even with three people seated there. It wasn’t long before Sarah informed us that she was still tired and wanted to lay down. I pulled a pillow out of the back for her. Putting her pillow against the window she spun sideways to face me and slid down the seat. As she slid down the seat her shirt was getting stuck on the leather causing it to slowly slide up farther and farther from the yellow skin tight boy shorts she had squeezed herself into for the trip . The closer she slid to me the further up her shirt went and, since she already had her eyes closed I was free to stare unrestrained as inch after inch of her beautiful skin was revealed to my hungry eyes. She let her ass bump into me before she stopped leaving her entire mid section exposed all the way up to where her shirt bunched up at the bottom of her breasts. She positioned her legs across me so that one leg was on either side of my massive hard on and her feet were almost in Karen’s lap. Luckily she hadn’t put a leg down on my throbbing cock which was straining uncomfortably at the fabric of the pajama pants I was wearing.

A dark stain of precum was already visible where the tip of my cock pressed firmly against my pants a mere inch or two from the bare sexy leg of my little baby sister. I was trying to decide how best to reposition to avoid any problems when a light touch on my shoulder reminded me that Karen was still sitting right there next to me. I found myself wondering if she had been watching Sarah’s inadvertent strip tease too. I turned to face her and was met with something unexpected. A kiss but, not a quick playful little peck a very forceful and very passionate kiss. Her lips pressed against my own and her tongue quickly forced my lips apart leaving me momentarily stunned as her hand found mine and quickly pressed it against the luscious mound of her breast. She patiently squeezed my hand in hers helping me cop the first few feels of her magnificent tit.

Finally my brain caught up with what was happening and I began to massage her breast on my own. My tongue leapt forward to battle with Karen’s for control of the kiss. She let out a low moan of approval that I knew my parents wouldn’t hear but, I worried Sarah might. Fortunately she already seemed to be asleep. The kiss was amazing and it lasted what seemed like hours but it was extremely frustrating not being able to pull Karen right up against me. Not getting to feel her body on mine. I wanted to feel her grind against me as our tongues dueled. I wanted to feel her firm naked tits harden against my bare chest as they were exposed to the cool air. I wanted all of these things and more but I couldn’t have any of them. It would never work in the car and especially not with Sarah’s legs draped over me. It was hard enough for us just to kiss without bumping into or brushing against our sister’s lovely body.

Karen didn’t seemed to worried about it though. She kissed eagerly, seemingly oblivious to her sisters feet resting just half and inch from her breast as she leaned over them during our steamy make out session. I decided if Karen could through caution to the wind then so could I. I temporarily released Karen’s breast and slid my hand down her stomach . Then slipping my hand underneath Karen’s shirt I slowly felt my way along the flat smooth skin of her midriff until I made it back up to her sensational chest. Taking her breast back in my hand I could feel the warmth of her skin and the rapid beating of her heart. I was glad she had decided to go braless today as it was making things much simpler. She never missed a beat as I tried to up the ante with my risky hand move. She just kept right on kissing me like we would never get to kiss again but , both of us knew we were not being careful enough. If Sarah were to wake up there would be no way for sivas escort us to move apart quickly enough nor would there be a way to explain why I had my hand under Karen’s shirt.

Of course Karen didn’t seem to mind. In fact she seemed to enjoy making things more interesting. After a few minutes of my hand massaging under her shirt she slid her hands off of me to reach down and lift her shirt up over her head. I leaned back with a huge grin on my face as I watched her throw the shirt behind the seat to show me that she wasn’t afraid to take some risks and add to the excitement. With a little wink she lifted her breasts up pushing them together at the same time causing my cock to jump a little in my pants. We both looked immediately over to Sarah’s face but she was still fast asleep. Turning back to Karen I noticed her repositioning herself so that she was on all fours with her face right in front of mine.

Karen’s new position made it slightly awkward as we resumed kissing but, her intentions were quickly made clear. She slid one hand into my lap right between Sarah’s legs and grabbed my cock through my pants. Giving it a few gentle squeezes Karen forced my head back into the seat kissing me more wildly than before as she slipped her hand through the slit in the front of my pajama pants. I couldn’t help but shudder as her cold hand slipped around my warm cock and pulled it through the hole. Now we were really pushing it. Karen was topless and perched doggy style over my fully exposed and painfully erect penis which was quivering just inches from our young sleeping sisters long slender legs. I was nervous! I was terrified! I was thrilled and, no matter how worried I was about getting caught I didn’t want it to stop. All of the risk just served to turn us both on more and more. I knew Karen felt the same because as I was sorting through my racing thoughts she had already lowered herself down to cock level. She broke me out of my pondering with a long slow lick up my dick from the base all the way to the tip where she greedily flicked a drop of precum up into her waiting mouth.

“Ohh God you taste good!” Karen Purred sounding genuinely surprised. “I am gonna have to get some more of that.”

Leaning down she once again licked up my shaft only this time when she got to the top she quickly engulfed my cock in her mouth until I was pressing against the back of her throat.

“Mmmm she moaned” softly sending vibrations coursing through my pulsing manhood. Ever so slowly she started to bob her head up and down on my shaft and, it was all I could do not to lift my hips up to meet her mouth in it’s delicate work. She kept her tempo just slow enough to keep me from cumming but, just fast enough to keep me right on the edge. Her skill was undeniable as she put me through the most enjoyable kind of torture.

“Karen you….you are amazing but please let me cum. I need it so bad.” I begged

“Hmm nnn” she said shaking her head no and, causing the head of my cock to swirl around the inside of her mouth. Just barely scraping her teeth. The movement and the extra contact were almost enough to put me over the edge but, her practiced tongue quickly adjusted the frequency of it’s licks and, the timing of her mouths constant sliding on my dick slowed to the point where I was stuck waiting on the edge of release once again.

I found my gaze wandering over to Sarah whose legs were the only thing keeping me from grabbing onto Karen’s head, shoving my cock down her throat, and filling her belly with my seed. Still even though she was keeping me from getting my sweet sweet release I wouldn’t want her to move. Her presence was making things much more erotic. I was very aware of her legs on my lap. I could see her smooth skin come and go under strands of wavy brown hair with each bob of Karen’s head. Her bare stomach was completely exposed to me all the way up to the base of her breasts. Her face was peaceful as she slumbered innocently next to us. Her big sister giving the most amazing incestuous blow job right between Sarah’s legs.

It was then that I had a tekirdağ escort deliciously wicked Idea. Reaching over with my right hand I lightly gripped the bottom of Sarah’s shirt just below her right breast. Being very careful not to move to fast I deftly lifted her shirt up and over her tit. Surprisingly Sarah had decided to go braless today as well Glancing back at Karen I saw that even though she was still bobbing up and down on my dick her eyes were glued to the freshly exposed flesh of Sarah’s young tit. Karen smiled up at me as best she could with a mouthful of cock and, then looked meaningfully towards Sarah’s other breast. The one that was still covered…for now. I moved my hand to Sarah’s shirt slightly more confident this second time around. I gently lifted it up and deposited it on the other side of Sarah’s left breasts.

“Mmm! Tose ook ummy!” Karen said as her lips were gliding down my glistening cock.

“They sure do look yummy!” I agreed slightly distracted by the aching of my balls and the throbbing of my over teased manhood.

“I tell you what Karen. If I reach over and touch one of her tits will you let me cum?” I asked hopefully although I wasn’t sure if I hoped she’d say yes or if I wanted her to say no. It was a crazy thing to even suggest but I was desperate by now. I could see Karen thinking it over in her head as she continued her mouth continued performing it’s task with a level of expertise I had never before experienced.

I could tell the idea was turning her on. Her eyes blazed with lust but, still she took her time answering. Whether she was really thinking about it or she just didn’t want to give up sucking on my cock just yet I’m not sure. Eventually though she gave me a wink and said

“I will get you off if you play with them.”

That was a bit more than I felt safe doing but my brain was not strong enough to over rule my dick at this point. So before I knew it I had my hand placed on one of Sarah’s lovely tits. The smooth pale skin of her breast felt good in my hand. The breast itself was nice and firm not sagging in the least. Not surprising since she Sarah was barely eighteen and her breasts were large but not excessively so. Her nipples were long and pointed straight out just begging to be played with and so I took one between my finger and my thumb and began to play with it gently at first but, found myself growing bolder as Karen began to increase the speed of her sucking. Sarah opened her mouth slightly letting out a deep breath but she didn’t wake up. I could feel Karen pushing herself further and further down with each stroke until finally she was taking eight of my ten inches down her throat. It didn’t take but a few more deep gulps like that before I started shooting stream after stream of cum down Karen’s hungry throat.

I could feel her purring with satisfaction as she slid up some to let me fill her mouth with my apparently delicious juices. Finally the last few drops oozed out into her overflowing mouth and I let out a great sigh of relief. My cock exhausted by the marathon blow job quickly wilted back into my pants. Karen had cum running down her chin and she proudly opened her mouth to show me the massive load I’d left inside.

“Mmm you gonna swallow it for me sis?” I asked hopefully

Karen shook her head no to my disappointment but, then she did something I would never have expected. She crawled over me positioning herself directly above Sarah. Leaning down Karen placed her lips about three inches above Sarah’s and then slowly let all of the cum slide out of her mouth. It slowly oozed down into Sarah’s sleeping mouth some of it landing on her lips. Surprisingly Sarah hardly stirred at all and after Karen had let the cum all fall out Sarah gulped and swallowed reflexively her body reacting to the cum even while she slept on unaware. Slowly Karen leaned closer giving Sarah a gentle kiss on the lips and licking up the stray cum from her chin. The she reluctantly moved away carefully sliding Sarah’s shirt back over her breast before shifting back across me and into her own seat once more.

I looked at her smiling. My cock was hard again and poking once again at my pants.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever seen!” I whispered excitedly

She smiled back “What should we try next?” she asked playfully.

To be Continued…