Those Autofellatio Blues Ch. 14


We all go through moments of great duress, and when those portentous moments arrive we’d like to think that we’d handle ourselves with calm, poise, aplomb. There have been trying times in my life when I’ve been cool as the proverbial cucumber, and I’d like to think that more often than not, when the chips are on the line, I can take whatever life dishes out.

But it’s a lot harder to behave like a hero when you’re wearing a dog collar. And when you’re chained to a bedpost and, behind a thick black curtain, your legs are held wide apart by two sets of hands and a third person is lubricating your anus with a cool jelly. And I speak from experience, because that’s the position I found myself in the day Elaine decided to teach Bridget and me a lesson. At the time I didn’t know what that lesson was. Bridget and I were lying on the bed, the lower halves of our bodies hidden from view by a black shroud that bisected the bed. The blonde goddess beside me had just had her pussy eaten and then fucked by, I was almost positive, my parents. And now it was my turn. Two other people had joined Elaine on the other side of the curtain, and I would have bet the farm that the latest interlopers were Bridget’s mother and father.

But I wasn’t too concerned about them. No, what I was concerned about were the soft fingers probing my rectum, slowly pushing deeper and deeper, the slippery gel filling my anus and getting me nice and pliant for…what? Bridget had seen the implement and had nearly burst into tears, until she learned it was to be pointed in my direction. I lay there and felt my cock getting harder and harder despite myself, and I decided it was time to find out if my worst fears were about to come true.

“The object Elaine showed you,” I said to Bridget. “Was it…uhhh!” Elaine had just put her finger up to the second knuckle up my chute. I licked my lips and said, “It was a dildo, yes?”

“Mm-hmm,” she murmured, her tongue playing with the curves inside my ear.

“OK.” It was hard to concentrate with Bridget’s tongue and Elaine’s fingers, but I managed to stay focused. “This dildo, was it very long?”


“Very thin? Thin as a breadstick?”

She nipped at my earlobe. “Thin as a pencil.”

Oh, God. “It looks like it’s made of steel?”

“I think it is made of steel,” she said, and took my earlobe in her teeth and hung on.

Elaine withdrew her fingers from me. “Was the tip a lot bigger?” I asked, the panic rising. “Was the tip like a bean at the end, not huge, but a lot bigger than the…oh…ohhhhhhhh.”

There was no need for Bridget to answer. I could feel the grape-sized head of the vibrator probing my sphincter, and I started trembling as my rectum accommodated this latest invasion. Elaine had used this infernal device on me once before, when she and I first started our very odd friendship. The item had a long cord and a circular dial that could raise the level of vibration on a scale of one to ten. Elaine only brought me to level five, and that had been enough to reduce me to a puddle of blabbering sexual need, alternately begging for mercy and for more. During that one experience with this toy-from-Hades I had an orgasm so intense I thought I might be having a stroke. What would happen with Bridget lying nude and glowing with post-coital bliss next to me, God only knew.

Now, as Elaine slowly, slowly, SLOWLY fed every inch, every goddammed millimeter of that implacable hardness inside me, I realized that she was going to let the nubile young beauty lying nude next to me play with the controls. I was in big trouble. I flexed my neck and the dog collar held me fast. I was in big, big trouble.

My legs were freed, the dildo doing a good enough job at keeping my legs spread open. The springs creaked as the three people on the other side slid off the bed, and presently Elaine appeared on our side of the curtain. She held the simple switch in her hand. “Remember this, darling?” she said to me, showing her teeth as she smiled. “You do, don’t you? You remember how I tormented you, you remember how I broke you, utterly, with just a flick of this switch?” She showed me that evil black chunk of plastic and wires, and then she put it in Bridget’s outstretched hand.

Elaine pointed at the numbers written on the dial. “Work him slowly, darling. Start low, and gradually work your way up. Gradually, slowly, take your time. We’ll keep him occupied on the other side.” She touched Bridget’s arm. “But don’t go above seven, at least not without warning me. I don’t want Danny to have a heart attack.”

“Could it hurt him?” Bridget asked with heart-melting concern.

Elaine laughed. “Danny is one of those fortunate men whose ass is an intense erogenous zone. Why don’t we ask him?” She looked at me. “Danny, will the vibrator hurt you?”

“It’ll drive me crazy, please, don’t…”

“Answer the question, honey. Will it hurt you?”

I swallowed hard. “No. Yes.” I swallowed again. “No.”

“Do you want me to pull it out of your ass?”

“No. Wait, yes. Wait…”

“Do görükle escort you want our guest to give you an oily handjob while Bridget puts you through your paces?”

“Oh, God,” I bleated. “Please…” I didn’t know if I was about to say “let me go” or “get started”. I said, “Elaine, who else is in the room?”

She answered me by pulling the curtain in front of her. “Bridget, go ahead darling. Take him to level one.”

Bridget looked at me. “Elaine, I don’t know, he looks so scared.”

Elaine’s voice was still soft and gentle. “Bridget, turn the switch to level one, or I’ll yank it out of Danny and stick it right between your beautiful cheeks.”

CLICK. No fanfare. And just like that, gentle waves of warmth radiated from a tiny point inside my body. I closed my eyes and sighed.

“Does that feel good?” Bridget asked.

“Ohhh, yeah.”

“Then why are you so freaked out?”

“Bridget,” Elaine called out. “Level two, please.”

Click. The waves came faster now, and warmer, and they seemed to resonate in my testicles. “It feels good now,” I breathed, “but when it gets to higher numbers, it becomes too much and I can’t handle…”

Click! Unbidden, Bridget ratcheted up the vibrator. The devilish grin she showed me would have been so endearing if I hadn’t just broken out in a cold sweat. “How’s that, Danny?” Bridget said, nuzzling my ear.

“It’s good,” I groaned, my hips thrusting now on their own accord, my cock desperate for friction that wasn’t there. I thought I was supposed to be getting a handjob, I wanted to say, but I was afraid that penile stimulation might make me go crazy.

A theory I got to test five seconds later. The bed shifted as another body joined us, and the unseen person snuggled tight between my legs. I felt a silky drip-drip-drip on the head of my cock was anointed with oil, rivulets of lubricating liquid running down my hard, muscular shaft, and I had to wait for an eternity until, at last, warm fingers closed around my dick and made a slow circuit of my organ, from head to root and back again.

“UHHHH!” I groaned.

“What?” Bridget asked, startled.

“Elaine’s jacking me off!”

“No, I’m not,” Elaine voice came from the side of the bed. There was another sound, a soft “thwack-thwack-thwack”, and it occurred to me that Elaine was busy herself. I couldn’t see through the curtain, of course, but I was pretty sure that if it suddenly fell away, I would see Julia’s long-nailed fingers pumping me, while Elaine masturbated Mr. Landau. Bridget’s father was a voyeur, and watching his wife jack-off my huge prick was probably a spectacle he couldn’t pass up.

Whoever it was on the other side of the curtain, she knew what she was doing. She pumped me slowly but very, very steady, patiently gliding all the way to the very tip of my glans and then all the way down to my balls. Up and down, up and down, UP AND DOWN, while that humming knob in my rectum gave no signs of fatigue.

“I don’t know why he made such a fuss,” Bridget said, obviously disappointed. “He loves it.”

“I…” I licked my lips again. “I don’t like getting chained up like a dog while some stranger jerks me off while my prom date reams me with a vibrator.”

“Bullshit,” Bridget said, a huge smile illuminating her beautiful face. “You fucking love it. You’d love it even more if I had you down on all fours and I was fucking you up the ass with a strap-on.” She leaned close and I could feel her breath in my ear as she whispered, “You’d love that wouldn’t you, looking over your shoulder and seeing me there, my hands on your hips, fucking you, fucking your ass with a dildo, feeling it slide in and out of your ass, pounding you…” She took my chin in her hand and jerked me around to look at her. “Wouldn’t you?!”

The image in my mind, of this Venus molesting me with a strap-on was so terrible, and so exquisite, that I kept my eyes shut tight, both so I wouldn’t have to look at her and so the picture in my mind’s eye wouldn’t fade. It wasn’t until she flicked the switch and brought me to level five that my eyes popped open with an audible “snap!”.

“Oh, oh…yes!” I moaned. The fingers gripping my cock had actually slowed a bit, to keep me from popping off.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me!”

Bridget’s grin was ear-to-ear. “Fuck you where, Danny?”

I couldn’t bring myself to say it. And, then, click! Level six. It felt like my insides were melting and were being whipped by a blender. “Fucking me in the ass!” I sobbed.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass?” Bridget said triumphantly.


“Do you want to fuck me, Danny? Do you want to put your big cock inside my pussy and make me scream like you’re screaming now?”

“Yes!” I yelled, not afraid to look at her now. “Yes, I want to make you SCREAM! I want to make you feel so good you call out my name over and over and over again!”

I was a cringing, twitching wreck by now, the relentlessly vibrating dildo exciting my prostate bursa escort bayan and the slick fingers twisting around my pole had my almost crawling out of my skin, but even in this state I could tell how excited Bridget was. The hands that held the switch were trembling. She leaned over and licked my lips with her tongue, and then she did it again, and again, and then I thrust my own tongue into her mouth, and soon we were kissing with as much passion as if we were making love to each other.

The disembodied hand picked up the pace. “Oh, oh, oh my God, I have to come,” I pleaded. I almost said, “Julia”, but instead I said, “Bridget, please, make me come.”

“Not yet!” she said. “Danny, do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes, I’ve told you that a thousand fucking times!”

“Then look at me,” she said, her voice pitched higher than usual, “and tell me that you love me.”

My jaw trembled. I nearly exhausted my willpower just shaking my head. “I…I won’t say that just so I can…uhhhh…ohh…just so I can fuck you.”

Click. My whole body was quivering now, the spasms in my cock totally involuntary. The hand pumping me suddenly disappeared, giving me a few moments of torturous relief, but it was quickly replaced by a tight, warm, wet pussy. The woman on the other side of the curtain settled over my towering staff and squat-fucked me while Bridget continued her interrogation. “Danny, I’ll fuck you whether you love me or not. But I want to know. Tell me you love me.”

The woman fucking me was so HOT between her legs, it could only be Julia, only Bridget’s mother could fuck me like this, and the way her pussy hugged my cockskin made my toes curl. I shook my head again. “Turn it off, and I’ll talk.”

Click. But she wasn’t dialing down. Bridget brought me to level 8, instead of giving me the relief I so badly needed. Elaine said, “Bridget, that’s enough, you could really hurt him.”

“Tell me before you come!” Bridget warned. “Tell me before you come or I’ll never speak to you again.” There was the slightest tremor in her voice, and for some reason, with all the seismic sensations coursing through my horribly over-stimulated body, that broke through. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. A hot wire shoved directly into the pleasure center of my brain could not have excited me more. Sweat poured down my chest, my lips trembled, my tongue felt like a hockey puck. The pussy engulfing my cock diabolically squeezed me until I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I love you,” I said, looking Bridget square in the eye. “I do. I love you.”

The thing is, I don’t remember coming. Oh, I came. From what Elaine said my semen erupted from my cock like a ruptured fire hydrant, quickly filling the pussy loving my penis and overflowing onto my crotch. It poured out so copiously that she had to soak it up with a half-dozen paper towels. I came to only as Elaine extracted the dildo from my ass and the plump little head popped out through my dilated pucker.

“Uhh,” I moaned. “What happened?” “You told me you loved me,” Bridget said, snuggling close. Elaine came around and unsnapped the dog collars, but I was too wasted to rub the tender skin. I looked over at Bridget. “I told you what?”

“You said you loved me,” she said, rising up on an elbow. “What, you’re taking it back?!”

I let my head sink back onto the pillow. “No, no, I love you. I thought you knew that.”

Again she rested her head on my shoulder. “No, I didn’t. I hoped so, but I didn’t know.” She leaned up again, this time to look at Elaine. “Was that the lesson you wanted to teach us?”

“Sort of, yes.” Elaine sat down on the bed with us. We were alone in the bedroom, just the three of us. Elaine lifted my arm and gently rested her fingertips on my wrist, taking my pulse. “You’ll be fine,” she said, I think reassuring herself as much as me.

“What I wanted you to learn,” Elaine said, “What I wanted to show you, is how your relationship isn’t about more that those,” and she pointed at Bridget’s face and my dick. “You both have had intense, disorienting sexual experiences, but through it all you kept focusing on each other. What was happening on the other side of that curtain didn’t matter, who was doing it to you didn’t matter, because you could see each other here and you wanted to share it with each other. Bridget had sex with a very well-endowed man, but it wasn’t the size of the dick that excited her, it was the fact that she was in bed with you, Danny, and she imagined it was you. And then Danny endured a most trying ordeal, one Bridget put you through so you would confess your feelings. Now she knows that you do care about her, for more than just her pretty face.

“That’s what I wanted you to learn about each other. There is a powerful sexual thrust to your relationship, and that’s mostly my fault, for introducing you to my lifestyle. I wanted to show you that there is so much more to you two than your sexual urges. And it’s wonderful. I don’t want you two to forget that. I love having sex bursa escort with both of you, but I would trade everything we’ve done together to have my husband back. Loving him, and being loved by him, was the most wonderful time of my life. And you both know I have a lot of wild times to compare it to.” We all smiled at that. Bridget put her arms around Elaine and hugged her tight.

] I was in no condition to hug anyone, but somehow I managed to get myself erect. My body, not my cock. “I think I need to take a shower,” I said.

“I think you do too,” Elaine agreed. I staggered to the bathroom, turned the spray up high and hot, and climbed in. A few seconds later the door opened and Bridget came in. The glass door slid along its tracks and she joined me in the steamy cloud surrounding my exhausted body. I made room for her and she took the bar of soap in her hand and got a good lather going. She handed me the soap and I did the same as she ran foamy hands all over my shoulders, arms, chest, and back. I didn’t say a word as my own soapy hands explored her body, over her stomach, her breasts, the insides of her thighs. Her creamy hands found my cock and gently stroked me until I was painfully erect, my purple head rubbing against her sudsy belly.

“Could you do it again?” she whispered.

“With you? Yes, I could do it again.”

She turned around and opened her legs. I moved in close behind her and my shaft rubbed against the small of her back. I pressed my cock tight against her back and kissed her neck “Not right now,” I said. “When we make love, I don’t want to be exhausted.”


I kissed her again. “Soon. I promise.”

We dried ourselves, dressed, and said long goodbyes to Elaine. We walked out to our cars, my gait not too comfortable, and I said, “I don’t want to go home just yet.”

“Either do I.”

“Can I buy you an ice-cream cone?” And when she smiled at me, man, it made my heart sing to have this girl smile at me. “That sounds good,” she said.

I followed Bridget’s taillights to Tastee-Freez. I needed a guide because my brain was elsewhere. I was thinking about the “lesson” Elaine taught us. I guess what Elaine said was true-that we’d learned that sex wasn’t everything in a relationship. Under duress, I’d told Bridget what I probably would have told her eventually-that I loved her. Bridget seemed happy about it, so what was the problem.

The problem was actually two problems, and they gnawed at me. The first was that Elaine, and my parents, and Bridget’s parents HADN’T learned that lesson, that sex wasn’t everything. I believed that Elaine had the best of intentions, but she could have explained things to Bridget and I without the dog collars and dildos. But Elaine liked sex, she liked us, and she loved giving people pleasure. It was her nature.

My parents, and Bridget’s parents, on the other hand, we’re acting more like sex-crazed teenagers than, well, the sex-crazed teenagers. Maybe sitting on the sexual sidelines for so long had given my parents a feeling that they’d missed out on a lot of fun, and they were trying to make up for the lost time. And Bridget, after all, was so extraordinary that you’d have to be a robot to resist her. So far as Julia and Edward went, well, they obviously had some bugs in their software, and my endowment was making them even crazier than they might normally be. It seemed to me that the “lesson” we’d just learned, for all it’s inherent wisdom, had also been about letting these horny older people indulge themselves with our young bodies. There was nothing wrong with this-except for the fact that Bridget and I had been chained to the bed. And that was an issue that I couldn’t ignore.

The second problem really hit me hard when I parked my car next to Bridget’s and saw her looking at me through her passenger window. She was so beautiful. I was so very much in love with her. I’d just told her that I loved her, and it obviously made her happy. But. And it was a big but. She hadn’t reciprocated. She hadn’t said she loved me. Usually “I love you too” follows “I love you”, and in this case it hadn’t. And I didn’t know if that was ominous or just an oversight. We got out of our cars and I resolved to clarify the issue.

We walked to the counter and Bridget’s brilliant smile never slackened. “What?” I asked.

“You said you loved me.”

I rolled my eyes. “Like no one has ever said that to you before.”

She shook her head. “No one.”

“Come on, you’ve probably had hundreds of guys say that they loved you.”

She took my hand in hers. “But none of them meant it. Not the way you meant it. The other guys just said it because they wanted to fuck me, or because I drove them so crazy that they couldn’t help themselves. But you’re different. You don’t just want to fuck me. I don’t drive you crazy. You love me, and all you want is for me to love you too. I know it.”

This was an opening if there ever was one. I could have broached the subject right then and there. But she was so open, so vulnerable, that I have to admit that I almost told her right then that I didn’t love her, just to see if I could hurt her. The idea that I could hurt this angel of a girl, that with a word I could break her heart was so coldly thrilling that it almost compared to confessing how I felt about her.