Glory Be Today


About two years ago, I read online about the glory holes at an adult bookstore that was close to my office. So with nerves of steel, I visited during lunchtime later that week. With caution, I parked in the rear of the building so no one would see me from the street. Then I nervously entered the back door. Heedfully, I walked into the darkened entryway. There was this seedy looking woman sitting behind a counter who prompted me for two dollars. I paid her, and the spindle allowed me in.

Once inside, I carefully walked down the almost pitch-black hallway. I could barely see these loitering men looking me up and down as I tentatively investigated my surroundings. It was simultaneously frightening and exciting.

I came upon a red lit room with a black, leather bed in the middle of it. No one was there. So, I continued exploring the winding hallways. Eventually I found a small, vacant booth with a blank, grey screen illuminating the space within, and a glory hole off to its the right.

This is it, I thought. So, I stepped in and locked the door behind me, put a five dollar bill into the video machine and the blank screen promptly switched to an overhead shot of a thin dick pumping a hairy ass. I wasn’t very impressed with Escort Kız its poor quality, but oddly enough I grew excited, and found myself instinctively unzipping my slacks, grabbing my swelling cock, freeing it from its confines and lubing my right hand with spit. Gripping my shaft just below its bulbous head I deliberately squeezed it hard.

Looking down, I discovered a clear stream of pre-cum oozing out of its O-shaped pee-hole. It was then that I noticed someone was watching me through the glory hole — It was a man! My cock immediately started pulsating like I was fourteen again! It stood at full attention, throbbing, it beckoned me to pleasure it. So, I started; one hand cupping my balls, the other hand pumping my rod. Three minutes later, I saw two fingers beckoning me over to the glory hole.

I waddled over to the opening and boldly inserted my cock. I didn’t have a clue what to expect next, and I was growing paranoid about nefarious possibilities until I felt his warm mouth envelop me.

Wow, I’m actually doing this!

All my inhibitions had disappeared into thin air. He then sucked all 7 inches of me straight down his throat. I intuitively started humping him — in and out — in and out. I kept going like this for at least five minutes I thought.

It was all so surreal… so sleazy… so exhilarating! My thoughts were swirling, when suddenly I had a flash back of explorative encounters with my college buddy, Jimmy. Way back when, in my freshman year, when I was still a virgin. Over at Jimmy’s single, dorm room we had all the privacy we needed. Neither one of us considered ourselves gay, but we did share some sordid experiments.

It all started one day when Jimmy said to me, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

That was all it took. I loosened my shorts and pulled out my stiffening penis.

Surprised he said, “Wow, yours big!”

“Is it,” I asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s much bigger than mine!”

“Oh yeah,” I said with a grin. “Well, it’s your turn now; so show me.”

He slowly took off his shorts, but stopped there. I gazed at his five-inch tent inside his briefs.

“C’mon you promised, Jimmy… let me see it!!”

“OK,” he said with a moping tone.

He peeled off his underwear, and out popped his erect little penis. I was noticeably turned on. For mine began bobbing up and down.

“Can I touch it, Jimmy?” I gave an impish grin.

“Only if I can touch yours.”

We both immediately grabbed each others hard-ons. Jimmy started squeezing mine, and then I followed suit. It felt so warm, taught, yet elastic. It was really weird, but his hand upon mine felt amazing. We both agreed to do this again whenever we had the chance. So, from that day forward we reveled in our private pleasures. Sometimes we’d take turns lying on our stomachs, bare assed and hard. We’d spread our legs apart and allow the other to explore our pert, youthful asses.

Once Jimmy pulled my penis back and pushed it between my two cheeks. It felt so good! This novelty quickly lead to us penetrating each other with pencils and then a Sharpie. The Sharpie hurt at first because we didn’t think to use a lubricant. But we both grew to learn how to accept the invasive instrument in. We began lifting our buttocks’ upwards, loosening our sphincters, inviting it deeper inside…

And then… Poof!

Suddenly, I return to the booth. I can’t take it anymore. My testicles spasmed as a phenomenal climax surged throughout my body. Globs and globs of cum spurted out of my penis. He sucked me like a pro; swallowing every last drop until I was completely spent. I released my still pulsating cock from his hungry mouth. I pulled up my slacks, tucked in my shirt, swiftly zipped up and walked out the door in silence.