Hot Latin Lips , Moist Lips


“What a day!” you say out loud to yourself as you slump down onto the couch. You rest your head back on the sofa; close your eyes and drift off to sleep, remembering your amazing day.

What started as a typical Friday had ended in one of the best and obviously most satisfying days of your life! Your all time fantasy had been met and boy did it live up to expectation. Finally, at the ripe old age of 43, you were a hot Latin gangbang slut!

You woke as horny as ever, but what’s new? You were at your sexual prime, the peak of your horniness. You were a late bloomer, well sexually anyway. Physically, you bloomed quite early. How many girls at age 12 are nearing D-cup tits? You for one! Now matured, you were proud of your big E-cup tits. You weren’t a skinny girl by any means though. Not fat, but certainly not skinny. You were proportionate, big boobs, slightly wider that normal hips and a big, but sexy Latin ass. More of a ‘booty’ as they say. Your tummy had a small bulge, but your well-tanned Latin skin somehow made you look so much hotter.

Although you didn’t quite ‘keep in shape’ as they say, you were a very healthy lady. You walked with your girlfriends regularly and played a little social tennis with them as well. You had to make sure you were ready Gaziantep Genç Escort when your chance to live out your ultimate fantasy came along. Unknowing to you, today was the day.

You had the day off, in fact you has the next four days off, an ‘extra long’ weekend. You had no plans, except to sit back and relax, catch up with the girls and see what happened.

After waking as horny as hell, you took a shower, trying to cool off a little. It didn’t work. You loved being naked; ‘free’. You couldn’t help playing with yourself. Removing your skimpy nighty, you caress your way up your body, cupping your big tits, lightly pinching your already hardening nipples.

A sigh escapes your lips, as you continue your caressing. Your plump tits are so soft and warm. No wonder most men are obsessed in them you think to yourself. Laying back on the bed you spread your legs, feeling your moist lips slightly part. You release your big tits, moving your hands lower, over your belly and through your trim pubic hair.

Finally you stop teasing yourself, lightly scraping your fingers over your hard bud, moaning loudly. You dip two fingers from your other hand into your wet hole, enjoying the intense and ever increasing pleasure. You’ve mastered the skill of fingering yourself with one hand whilst rubbing your clit in a circular motion with the other. The combined pleasure is amazing and your breathing and moaning is becoming regular and louder by the second. Lifting your bum of the bed, you ride your fingers, increasing the pleasure, wanting them deeper in your wet cunt.

You can feel your orgasm rising. Your eyes are closed, hands rubbing your soaking wet pussy in a blur. Your breathing is deep and heavy. Your big tits are rising with your breathing and bouncing as your body trembles. “Yes, yes, oohhhhhh, aaaaahhhh” you moan out loud as you hit the peak. Your body spasms against your hands. You pull your fingers from your soaking cunt and pinch your right nipple hard, causing you to scream louder as you cum hard. You continue to slowly rub your clit, getting the most from your orgasm. Small shivers surge through your body as your orgasm slows.

As you continue to ease down from your orgasm, you lower your ass back onto the bed and give your clit one last squeeze, causing you to gasp and raise your ass back of the bed momentarily.

You smile to yourself as you open your eyes enjoying the start to your long weekend. Rising from the bed, you head off to the shower.

* * * * *

Just as you get out of the shower, the phone rings. You rap your towel around your ample boobs, hooking it under your arm and run to the phone.

“Hey girl!” shouts Julie, your best friend “What are you doing? Want to come around before we head out tonight?”

“Where are we going tonight? I can’t remember making any plans!” you reply curiously.

“Lets just say, I know you will LOVE IT!” she says accentuating the ‘Love it’

“Well what should I wear?” you ask

“Something sexy! You just might get luck!” she says laughing. Now you are definitely intrigued. You make some more small talk before hanging up and searching your wardrobe from something ‘sexy’. Not very hard considering you’re a single female who frequents the local bars. Once decided, you pack your overnight bag and head over to Julie’s.

* * * * *

You knock on Julie’s door, admiring her amazing house, big, bright and luxurious with perfect gardens. The big door opens. July rushes to you, kissing you full on the lips and wrapping her arms around you in a tight hug. You drop your bag, loving your hands to her tight ass, lifting her into you as you slip your tongue into her willing mouth.

Julie breaks the kiss, “Nice to see you honey!” as she pats you on the bum opening the door inviting you in. Smiling to yourself you wonder what else is to come.

More to come…