Brooklyn Sex Club


*Author’s note: I would like to thank PrincessAmelia for her efforts editing this story. She made it easier to read, and therefore much more enjoyable for you, the reader.*

“Great, I am looking forward to it!” I say as I hung up the phone. We agreed to meet in Brooklyn, at the corner of Beverly Road and Nostrand Avenue by the subway station. From there we will take a cab to our destination.

It is a good place for us to meet, as you are traveling from Staten Island and I am traveling from New Jersey. I have been fantasizing about this moment since you first told me about this club in Brooklyn.

Though we haven’t met in person yet (we met online in a personals forum), we have exchanged dozens of emails each day. Some have been flirty, some dirty and some have been serious, but most have been light hearted. It has been a playful way to get to know each other, and the opportunity was just too good to pass up.

We had fantasized together about going to a sex club, watch couples in the throes of passion and eroticism with other like-minded couples, then, perhaps, if we feel up for it, get one of the private rooms in the club for some release.

I keep reliving our emails the whole drive into New York and it doesn’t take long before I find a parking space and walk to our meeting spot.

As I am walking there, I think I spot you. We have exchanged pictures and descriptions of each other, but to make sure we don’t miss each other you told me you would be wearing a little black dress and red pumps. Your long brown flowing hair is pulled back in a beaded headband, and you decided to forgo the glasses tonight.

I also am wearing contacts, and have on my black slacks, burgundy shirt, with black jacket and my black boots. You recognize me around the same time, and throw a friendly wave in my direction. When we meet, I pull you into a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. “You look fabulous, Melinda.”

“So do you, Mike.”

“It is so nice to finally meet you. Your pictures were beautiful, but you look even better in person. Are you ready for this?”

“Thank you. And I am as ready as I will ever be. You?”

“I have been half hard and half nerves all day today.”

“I know what you mean. One minute I am wet, the next, I am wondering if we should go through with this!”

“Let’s get a cab and go from there,” I said, as I hailed a cab.

Being by the station there were plenty around. I held the door open for you and slid in after you. As you gave the cab driver the address of the club, I took my first really long look at you.

I saw the light freckles on your face, the nice lips with a subtle amount of lipstick, and the gorgeous cleavage of your 38DD breasts. It was, of course, as this moment that you catch me looking at your breasts, and you raise an eyebrow at me and throw me a smirk. “I am just enjoying the view. You know I don’t get into the City often.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” you counter.

Then you give me the same once over I gave you. Six feet tall, brown eyes, brown hair with flecks of grey, a little bit of a belly but not very noticeable. I smile as I watch you eyeing me top to bottom. Picking up from our conversation on the sidewalk, you ask, “Are you really sure about this?”

“Yes. I think it is going to be exciting. There is a first time for everything, why shouldn’t that first time be tonight? What about you?”

“It’s been a fantasy of mine for so long, this seems like the perfect time to actually live it.”

I reach out and grab your hand, holding it in mine. You like this, and give me a warm smile. We enjoy the rest of the ride in comfortable silence, holding hands. It doesn’t take long to arrive at the address you gave the cab driver. I pay for the cab while you get out.

“Well, here we are. Let’s go!” you say as you take my arm in yours and lead the way.

I am not sure how you found out about it, or how to get us in, but you talk to the man at the door, and suddenly the door opens. There is a front desk where you can check your coat, and beyond that we enter an expensive room with a bar on one side, and music playing form the other. Right in the middle is a couple on a large bed doing 69! There are chairs, couches, and stools all around the bed with other people watching them intently.

“How would you like a drink?” I ask.

You tell me your order and tell me you will look around the room first. I make my way to the bar, pick up your dirty martini and I get a scotch, neat.

By the time I find you, you scoped out the landscape. I hand you your drink as you tell me what is going on here. “OK, this is what is happening. This is the main floor. Here there will always be an exhibitionist show. No touching the performers unless they ask. Upstairs are a few smaller rooms, where you watch from behind the glass. The floor above that has several private rooms where you can go. There isn’t an issue if you don’t want a private room, as many people will become mersin escort overwhelmed and not want to pay for the room. But people might ask to join you if you are on the sidelines. Everyone here respects the word No.”

“Sounds good to me, where do you want to start?”

“Let’s see what they are doing upstairs.”

Walking arm in arm again, we walk up the flight of stairs, and come to the first viewing area. Good looking couples are all intently watching the action going on in front of them. Most of the couples were groping each other while watching a muscular black man take his woman from behind, doggy style.

They weren’t facing the glass, but parallel to the glass. He has a bald head, clean shaven, strong build with a long, thin cock. His woman is sticking her round ass up in the air, bracing herself with her arms, allowing her generous breasts to swing in a nice circular motion. Her long curly hair is obscuring her face, but her moans of pleasure make her feelings perfectly clear. Her man is really giving it to her with long, slow, yet powerful thrusts, almost pulling all the way out before powering his shaft back into her. Her juices are covering his cock, and it is amazing she is able to take it all inside.

She has a little bit of gold body glitter on her ass, which is being massaged by her partner. With his other hand, he is grabbing onto her hair, pulling back as he thrusts in, slightly lifting her head up every time he powers his rod deep within her pussy.

I can hear your breathing get a little shallower, and I look down at your face, seeing the rapture at the site in front of you. I decide to step behind you and hold you with both arms, allowing you to feel the bulge in my pants grind into your hips. I hear a soft moan from you and you grab my arms closer to you.

The woman’s rhythm was in perfect sync with the man’s thrusts. While it was animalistic, it was highly erotic. This wasn’t fucking, this was true love making. It was if they were listening to their own concert as their bodies reacted to the music they alone could hear. You could hear him encouraging his woman, “yeah, baby, that feels so good, oh yeah baby.”

Their pace is steadily increasing, and the woman tries to massage her breast, but his pounding is becoming more forceful, and she could only grab it for a few thrusts before she has to let go to keep her balance. In between her moans when he thrusts in you can hear her say back to her lover, “give it to me give it to me, oooooh, yes, give it to me give it to me, ooooooooh, yeah baby.”

The crowd in chairs and couches in front of us are also getting worked up quite a bit. A few women have unzipped their men’s flies and have pulled out their cocks and started stroking them while some men have their hands in their woman’s blouse or down their skirt.

The smell of sex is intoxicating as it permeates the air, and I need to grind a little harder into your hip. Holding you this tight, this close, I can feel your heart beating, your pulse quickening. With my fingers I start to massage the bottoms of your breasts through your dress, my thumbs flipping your nipples.

You start to grind into me as well; all while this couple on the other side of the glass is building to their crescendo. She starts a low scream, building up louder and louder as her body shakes from her orgasm, which has its effect on her man.

Just before he shoots, he pulls out and strokes himself a few times before ropes of his cum streaks across her back. 4 long white ropes line her back before the next few land on the top of her ass, and run down her crack.

They both are breathing heavy, and almost collapse. A few people watching give them a nice applause, to which the couple look out at all of us and give us a welcoming smile.

We are definitely worked up, but not so much that would prevent us from walking along to the next window. “That was intense, wouldn’t you say?” I ask.


The action at the next window is fast and furious, and by the sweat on their bodies, you can tell they have been going at it for a long time.

When we arrive, we see a man lying on his back, feet facing the window. The woman is straddling his face, also facing the window. She has a far away glazed look in her eyes as she is being eaten out by the man underneath her. While she is enjoying the tongue action, she is stroking the cock in front of her.

She is tanned, but with tan lines leaving tiny white triangles around her nipples and a small bottom bikini line. She has long medium brown hair, and tiny little pert tits. She is much more vocal encouraging the man, “Fuck me with your tongue, come on and fuck me with it, yeah, stick it in my pussy.”

His cock is not nearly as long as the previous one we just watched, but it is so thick, her fingers are barely get around it.

She is pumping furiously, and it is obvious we missed all the build up for kocaeli escort this couple, as he is beginning to match her pumping of his cock with his own thrusts.

Just as she starts to scream with her orgasm, his orgasm starts. She points his cock right at her, and he shoots his load all over her chest and neck and breasts. More applause comes from the crowd outside the room, as we move on past not wanting to miss what is going on in the next room.

In this third room, a very curvy woman is wearing a strap-on and holding a riding crop. She is preparing to penetrate her man, and by the looks of things, use the crop as well.

Taking a quick glance at each other we both nod, and without another word we turn another corner and see a lounge area, where many people have shed their clothes and are participating in a full-fledged orgy party.

On one couch, there is a man being serviced by a woman with a short bob-style hair cut. While he is receiving the blow job, he is fingering another woman while a man is kissing her and massaging her breasts.

On a chair a larger curvy woman is bouncing on a man’s cock while they both are facing the action in the room. Her skirt is hitched up to her waist, her blouse is off, and her bra is pulled down to her waist, exposing two huge soft breasts being massaged, tugged, and pulled by the man behind her.

Her light brown hair comes only to her shoulders, held back by a ribbon in her hair, and her pussy is clearly wet from where we are standing. Two women are making out and feeling each other while their men sit, watching them.

While these people aren’t putting on a show, they don’t mind being watched. In fact, the larger woman bouncing on a cock suddenly locks in on me and smiles deliciously at me.

Her partner looks at you, and I notice you notice this too. I reach around you and start rubbing your breast through your dress, and you reach down and grab my cock through my pants. Slowly, sensuously you rub my cock, and I fondle your breast.

Not for the first time tonight I wish you were wearing a blouse and skirt and not a dress, but I still massage your breast through the fabric, playing with it.

Other couples are also doing what we are doing, standing or sitting off on the sides, watching all the action, enjoying their lover’s touch on their bodies.

I lean toward your ear, and take your ear lobe into my mouth and gently bite on it, twirl it around my mouth and flick it with my tongue. I am breathing heavily, but I let the lobe go and attack your neck right beneath your ear lobe down to your jaw. I hear you inhale sharply, and slowly exhale. Your breathing is getting irregular, and your grip on my cock is tighter. “Feel like watching some more or taking things upstairs?” I ask.

“Up, up, upstairs,” you gasp.

You start toward another hall, past the other windows of exhibitionist couples. We get to a gentleman in a suit. I give him a Franklin and he tells us that room 5 is open. I take your hand and up we go. All along the stairs and hallway we hear people crying out passionately.

Room 5 is just a few doors down, and I bound right in, pulling you in tow. I quickly close and lock the door and survey the room. It is obvious we weren’t the first people to use this room tonight. It doesn’t matter at the moment, as I turn to you and give you a daring kiss, lips parted, waiting for you to respond in kind. I pull you close to me, and feel your tongue. Our tongues start their own little dance as I walk you to the side of the room.

Once there, I find the zipper on your dress and unzip you. Without our lips parting, you step out of it, and then start to undo my belt. I start unbuttoning all my shirt buttons, and when I am done, you have my pants and boxer briefs down to my knees. I break away a moment to pull off my boots and take off my pants, underwear, and socks. I glance up, though, and notice your lightning blue panties are soaked through. You pull those down and I see your beautifully shaved, glistening pussy.

I pause only for a moment to take in the sight, then stand up and look you square in the eye.

You reach down to grab my cock, but I grab your wrist and pin it up over your head against the wall. I don’t say anything, just look at you, and look into those deep dark brown eyes. You look a little confused, maybe timid, but then you find some steel and reach down with your other hand to my cock. I grab that wrist as well and put it against the wall with your other one. I continue to stare down into your eyes. Holding your wrists against the wall, I reach down to pick you up, and I use my body to pin yours against the wall. I let go of your wrists, using both arms to line you up against my cock. I still haven’t broken eye contact, nor said a word to you.

After a pause, making you wait that extra second, I thrust into you all at once as deep as I could go and stay there. Hearing your gasp of samsun escort pleasure is what I wanted to hear.

I impaled you on my cock, pressed up against the wall, filling you completely. And all I do is look deeply into those brown eyes of yours. I grab on to you and slowly pull out part way just to ram it deep back inside of you.

Again, you gasp out, almost whimpering. I can feel your cervix. Once again, I slowly pull out about half way, then slam into you and hold it there again. I can feel your wetness running out from you and down my leg. Our sex smells divine. You want me to go faster, but I won’t. No, not yet. I won’t give into you like that.

Again I slowly pull out and pause for a split second, just to throw off the timing you were expecting, and then thrust back inside of you. Your face is a picture in pleasure, and in longing. But I will control this situation. I see how bad you want it, but I won’t give it to you that way just yet. I start a maddeningly slow rhythm, feeling me fill you up each time, the tip of my cock barely touching your cervix, stretching you to capacity. I don’t break eye contact, not even for a moment.

I am looking directly into your eyes and I move in and out of you, slowly building up speed. I hear your moans, softly at first, but becoming stronger as I begin to move just a little bit quicker. I want you to beg for it, and even then I don’t know if I will give it to you.

I find a nice rhythm of long, slow thrusts, where I almost pull completely out, just to pound it in again. I see the sweat beginning to build on your forehead and between your heaving breasts. Still, I stick to the slow, long thrusts, despite you asking for it faster. I can see that you are building up to an orgasm, but with my slow and powerful thrusts, it is taking you longer to get there than how you want to cum.

I can see how it is driving you crazy with desire, your perfectly manicured nails digging into my back, scratching me, making me bleed. But even that does not make me break eye contact with you.

I continue my pace, letting you slowly build up to orgasm, which is driving you crazy. I can see your orgasm building into a tidal wave of pleasure, until you erupt, screaming, spasming, riding this wave as it flows through you.

Despite your orgasm, I never sped up, and I never slowed down, until you were on your way down. Only when your orgasm finished, and you were catching your breath, did I let you down back onto your feet, but I held you in my arms and kissed you passionately, deeply. You respond in kind, but I don’t linger with the kiss, knowing you need to catch your breath. So I hold you, feeling your breasts press up against my body, letting you recover.

After a minute or two, you realize my cock is still hard and pulsating against your stomach. You look down and see how shiny and wet it is from our lovemaking a moment ago. You look around again at the room, and not thrilled with what you see. But I just tell you, “Go over to the chair and bend over; I am taking you from behind.” You walk over to the chair in the room, and look back at me with those seductive eyes as you bend over the chair.

I walk up behind you and just to tease you a little, slide my cock along the slit of your pussy, letting my head touch your clit. This time it isn’t about control over you, or control over your orgasm. This time it is about me just using your pussy for my satisfaction. I need to use you.

I grab onto your hips and roughly thrust into you. I don’t take my time, as I quickly find a fast-paced rhythm, and very soon you are moaning loudly. “Oh Yeah, give it to me I need it Oh Yeah!” you keep saying. I lean forward and start to play with your hair, feel how soft it is, and see how the beaded headband you have is barely on your head from our activities. I keep pounding into you, grabbing onto your hair, and massaging your ass. There is no doubt about what we are doing – raw primitive fucking at its core. I feel the pressure building in my balls; I know I am close. I kick it in to high gear, giving you the pounding you wanted before.

I can feel your pussy getting even warmer and I know we are both close to cumming. As I start to feel my balls fill up to release, I take that handful of hair I was playing with and pull your head back. With my other hand I latch it onto your hip and pull you closer as I shoot my cum into your pussy.

With the sudden grab of your hair and feeling me fill you up with my warm load, you have your second powerful orgasm of the night, screaming even louder this time. I deliberately pound into you hard with each of my spasms, feeling your pussy grips around my cock, giving me that extra pleasure to prolong my orgasm a few more thrusts.

We slowly come down from our powerful orgasms, and come back to our senses. We are sweaty, and only when I feel another trickle of wetness run down the inside of my leg to I pull out of you.

“God you are beautiful. That was great,” I tell you.

“Oh, yeah. This was incredible!” you respond, not even bothering to correct me like you usually do when I tell you that you are beautiful. You slowly stand up and see the tissue box next to the bed. You go off to get some to clean us up a little bit while I sit on arm of the chair you were just on.