Gay for Moments, Straight for Life Ch. 05


Mark’s sneaky text in Part 4 set up a great night for Brian and Josh, a long-time friend that you can read more about in Part 1.

After I figuratively tore Mark a new one, I responded to Josh’s text.

Josh intended to stay with me for a week. He was one of my best friends from high school. As a loyal person who believes friends are family, I wasn’t in a position to say no.

After a couple of blowjobs, more commonly known as “Sundays”, Josh arrived. He crashed at my place on a Sunday, meaning I would go a week without my usual service.

Although Josh knew a couple of other people in town, he didn’t have plans on hanging out with them. He mentioned meeting up with a fan of his cam show as a kind gesture. He said it with an air of celebrity.

I suggested Josh sleep on the couch, but he insisted that we sleep in my bed together, “Like a sleepover.”

Josh could make anyone do just about anything. Not because he was cunning or sly. He wasn’t an alpha nor a master of persuasion. Honest and self-aware, he had unending optimism. Saying no to him was like denying a child dessert. No matter how childish it appeared, we slept in the same bed together..

I woke up early for work that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, which meant Josh fended for himself until my long weekend began. He told me he would just broadcast shows during the day. He asked for lube and a towel to use as a cum rag. I met his outlandish requests with the same mixture of reluctance and inability to say no as I did the summer before college when I ate his cum.

Each morning both he and I sported wood. His boxers struggled to contain his enormous cock. I wanted him to put on more layers. But I would have to lead by example, and I can’t sleep in more layers than one, so it continued.

On Monday, Josh and I grabbed burgers after an intense workout. Josh maintained a slender body with abs faintly outlined. He ran on the treadmill and powered through sit-ups. His routine unchanged since high school, his body now appeared less lanky and self-conscious. He looked good for a man who lived and worked in his parents’ basement.

He strutted around the showers, not in a domineering gait of confidence, but with a hint of jolly, as if his presence was a modest gift. Sexuality aside, every man in the showers caught a fleeting glance of his thick and long flaccid dick. A dick is a dick until it’s Josh’s.

He took time to dry off and get dressed. Each stranger’s glance at his schlong reset Josh’s internal clock before it was time to leave for burgers. I eventually demanded he get ready, my stomach grumbling.

We repeated Monday on Tuesday but cooked together at my place.

With a mouthful of rice, Josh told me he was planning on doing a show tonight. “I would do it in the bedroom but the lighting is so bad.”

I thought about what that meant. If I needed to grab a snack or use the bathroom, I would see him from the hall, or the kitchen, just beating off. He would be talking and answering naughty questions. It occurred to me that he had done this yesterday while worked at the office. I hoped he laid a towel down on the couch before sticking anything up his but. Mark said Josh liked ass play.

I was used to seeing Mark’s cock. I had even acclimated to his cumming every now and then and took extra care to stay out of the line of fire. But that was a tolerance that I built up over time, as Mark and I became closer friends and trusted each other more. I had confidence in our boundaries.

But that didn’t mean I was eager to see another dude jack off in my living room. I’d been friends with Josh for years and seen his dick a million times, but I only ever saw it erect once. And that one time resulted in both touching it and getting cum in my mouth. He’d have to forgive me if masturbating in my living room was the last thing I wanted him to do.

“Sure,” I said, surprising even myself at my apathetic permission. It’s not like I had to do it with him. And if I needed to take a break from binge-watching a show on my laptop in bed, I wouldn’t have to look or listen to what was going on.

“Awesome. I make a significant amount of change doing this. Nights are way more lucrative than days, so with this unpaid week off of work it’s really helpful.” he said, finishing his meal.

“It’s not a problem. I’ll stay out of your hair.”

Silence lingered over the room as we cleared the table.

“Have you ever thought about camming?” Josh asked casually, washing his dishes in the sink. “Easy and fun way to make money. As I recall you have a good sized dick for it too.”

“No, I haven’t,” I stammered. I didn’t expect him to bring up our decade-old circle jerk.

“Yeah, man. It might be worth looking into,” Josh bounded to the living room to set up his equipment. “Gay dudes go gaga over straight dudes.”

I remained expressionless, stifling a smile at the thought of Mark’s lust for my cock. When I wasn’t caught in the heat of the moment, Mark’s enthusiasm made me laugh. He would trip over himself for my cock.

“Tasting Eskort your own cum will get you at least a hundred dollars.” Josh adjusted the camera tripod. “And you didn’t seem to have such a big issue with that.”

Josh’s tone contained no hint of teasing. He had no hang-ups about what happened that day. He certainly hadn’t judged me for being the one to swallow my cum, his cum, and our friend Greg’s cum. But he hadn’t suppressed the memory either as I had.

“I mean, that’s not exactly true,” I countered.

“Oh, sorry. I just thought,” he searched for the right words, realizing he overstepped.

“No, it’s fine,” I relented. “I’ll think about it, but it doesn’t sound like my kind of thing.”

“No worries. You’re free to watch at any point. It’s pretty tame and cammers have a lot of control over what they choose to do. Might seal the deal for you.”

Was Josh even listening to me?

“Yeah, no, nevermind,” he trailed off, reacting to the unimpressed look on my face.

About an hour into my bingeing I needed to pee and get a glass of water. I avoided looking at Josh from the hallway as I crossed it to the bathroom, but couldn’t avoid seeing him shirtless, still wearing his athletic shorts, on my way to the kitchen.

“Once, we get to 500 tokens the next layer comes off,” Josh teased the chat, grabbing his bulge that hung comically low, accentuating his slenderness.

Josh noticed me despite my tiptoeing. “Dude, come here,” he insisted, careful not to say my real name.

I stared at him and his equipment. He could sense my hesitation.

“Someone in the chat says they know you.” He lowered his voice and walked out of the frame for privacy.

“Who?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Says his name is Mark. He knows your name begins with a ‘B’.” Josh gripped my forearm to usher me to the computer. “Do you know him?”

“Yeah, he’s a good friend of mine,” I nearly divulged more information. Josh would jump and shout with joy and beg for details if I told him anything. He wouldn’t impress a label upon me, but I decided long ago that whenever Mark made me cum, it occurred separately from reality. The reality was that he and I were just close friends.

“Just come say hi to the guys. They’ll love your tats.”

I reluctantly agreed. Knowing Mark was in the chat room made me feel less vulnerable. I wondered if anyone else I knew was watching. I wasn’t doing anything but saying hello for a second and going back to bingeing. It would be fine.

“Hey guys, this is Brody.” Josh nearly said my real name.

“Hey everyone. Hey Mark. Hope y’all are having a good time,” I said with a half smile.

Josh had reached his goal and took off his under that barely managed to do its job. Pointing out and down, away from his low-hanging smooth balls, he sported a semi-flaccid punchline to his skinny frame.

Messages came rolling through the chat room. Comments on my tats and arms, eyes and smile. Some of them were dirty. Telling us to kiss or suck or fuck. They were endless. I saw Mark’s.

“Take off your shirt!!” it read.

Josh cajoled and teased me. He lifted my shirt to reveal the dark hair on my flat, undefined stomach before I tugged it back down.

“Okay, 100 tokens, guys. Brian takes off his shirt with 100 tokens,” Josh announced. He whispered to me, “That’s ten bucks. I can give it to you.”

While I processed receiving ten dollars for a task as mundane as taking off my shirt, Mark sent 100 tokens. Although there were hundreds of people in this chat, having Mark there was a comfort, like showing up to a party filled with people you don’t know and being pleasantly surprised to find a good friend.

I took off my shirt.

“Atta boy,” Josh cheered. His palm met the skin of my back. He surprised me by leaning in for a hug. I jumped as he draped my arm over his back. He wrapped his arms around my torso, which looked like a tree trunk compared to sleek build. He nuzzled his face into my chest hair.

I gently pushed him away. He appeared happy to spend time with me, although I questioned his motives.

“Hey, Josh, who’s this hottie???? R u gonna do it??!?!?!?” Someone with the handle ParisIsHere4_Dix messaged the chat.

“Paris,” Josh yelled, “Oh my god, you’re alive.”

Josh told me through the side of his mouth that Paris is a woman. She was the only person for whom he granted a private show (when she paid for it). She once cammed with him, too. They masturbated online together, for which she paid extra. A long-haired red-head with piercings and tattoos, she exuded confidence, curiosity, and daring. Without her persistence, Josh wouldn’t know the pleasure of a dildo or vibrator, he said.

The circumstances changed. First, Mark’s presence protected me from outlandish requests. Now a real-life woman was watching us. The chat wasn’t a bunch of thirsty Marks. Well, it was, but at least one woman was into us.

Josh explained there would be no sex between us. Paris expressed her displeasure but begged us to interact, to which Josh reminded her that he was already naked and sitting next to another dude, a first for him (on cam). Mark echoed Paris’s sentiments. Et tu, Mark?

“Alright,” I started with a shaky voice, “Paris, if you and MarkedByC0ck give 100 tokens each, in addition to 800 from the rest of the room, I will get naked and hard.” My mouth and mind thought separately. Teasing the audience was empowering and it had been literal months since I pleased a woman. I craved female attention, even if it manifested itself as a buddy ‘bate session.

The chat room went into a tizzy. Mark and Paris immediately deposited the tokens, soon followed by the masses. Ka-ching.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Josh said, waving his hands at the camera. “I’ll undress him.” Forever the class clown, he licked his lips and rubbed his hands together.

Mark, Paris, et al., cheered us on. My adrenaline rushed more than it ever had with Mark. It was thrilling giving the crowd what they wanted. I stood facing Josh. My face offscreen, I winced. I looked away, over my shoulder as if I was getting a shot at the doctor’s.

Josh made “oohs” and “ahs” as he unbuttoned the top of my dark denim. He slowly unzipped my pants. My hips felt the minute vibrations of the metal teeth unclenching. My senses heightened, it occurred to me that I was experiencing stage fright. What was I going to do when the curtain drew?

Josh pulled off my pants, voicing a flurry of ironic sexual noises. After a day’s wear my boxer briefs no longer clung to my body, the hems hung loosely around my sturdy, distinctly hairy thighs.

Running his hands over my legs, the hair crackled and bristled. I swatted at him to stop, at which we both laughed. I was not hard in the slightest. Preoccupied with an audience and Josh’s playfulness, my cock reacted to overstimulation the way it does cold weather.

Josh noticed my dilemma. He cupped his palm over my pouch. My face still free of the camera, I mouthed, What the fuck? He giggled uncontrollably.

Somewhere between taking off his own underwear and removing mine, he became fully erect. Too heavy to defy gravity, a stiff Greek column strained pointed downward, unfazed by tomfoolery. Intoxicated by the attention and not having to do the show alone for the umpteenth time, he rubbed my crotch through my briefs.

Paris gushed over my tattoos and my thighs, themselves now sporting new ink. Mark echoed her, acting as if we didn’t know each other. My cock felt warmer in Josh’s hand.

“Wait,” Josh bellowed.

Josh bounded to the kitchen. After a clinking sound, he returned with two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. I recognized his strategy and didn’t hesitate. I needed to loosen up. We each took two shots. The heat of the amber liquid coated my throat and stomach. Forced by my loosening muscles, I shivered.

Josh resumed his self-assigned duty of stripping me, my body still perpendicular to the lens. He hooked his hands into the back of my boxer briefs, slowly tugging at the hem so that the profile of my ass became bare. The hem framed my cheeks, making them look full. Josh shook the cheek nearest the camera so that it rippled.

Too soon to feel the tequila, I assumed the behavior of intoxication preemptively. We both giggled like schoolboys, but I didn’t stop him. The chat room’s population boomed, exceeding Josh’s previous record, so he said. The tokens rolled in, ka-chinging never ending.

“Just do it,” I yelled through laughter, my voice cracking. Josh pulled my underwear down to my ankles. He ogled my cock. He briefly jiggled my cock by the base, stopping before I could scold him.

Paris said she loved it soft and warned against getting it hard. She might start stalking me. I fondled myself, telling the chatroom that my cock wasn’t as big as Josh’s. Everyone assured me no ones was.

“Scoot over, Brody. Ur out of the frame,” Mark said as I sat down. I typically refuse orders from Mark, but two shots of tequila, one endorsement from Paris, and a cheeky comment from Josh was pressure enough. I shuffled my hips so that my thigh touched Josh’s. His lightly furry leg, flush against mine, was warm. After a while our flesh became clammy and stuck together.

Paris suggested we jack each other off.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or acclimating to the camera, or getting comfortable with Josh again like it was when we were younger. Mark and Paris’s presence was certainly to blame, but so was co-starring. But I was getting turned on. Upon my suggestion we each took another shot.

“Okay,” I said. Josh and I shrugged in unison.

“We ain’t doing this for free,” Josh warned, setting the goal to 1,000 tokens.

While we waited for the goal to be met my cock plumped up, no longer flaccid. I looked at the computer screen hoping the direction of my gaze didn’t give away what I was actually looking at: Josh’s cock. I thought about the inevitability of touching that thing again. In the last ten years, I hadn’t thought much of what another cock felt like, especially one as vastly different from mine as Josh’s. Ten years ago I was fixed on porn until I realized I was the one swallowing cum. Porn-less, now we had a drooling anonymous audience.

The throngs were growing impatient as the goal neared but donations slowed. Mark’s handle appeared alongside his goal-reaching contribution. Of course. Paris eagerly reminded us it was time to touch each other’s cocks.

Josh didn’t hesitate, using his left hand to grab my dick, still semi-hard but growing. His huge hands with square fingertips made my dick look that much smaller in comparison. He flung my dick around, side to side, up and down, to wake it up. I giggled and slowly reached over Josh’s arm for his monster cock. I wrapped my hand around the base. The skin felt rubbery as I clenched my fist, my index finger and thumb met without room to wiggle. I lifted his dick from between his legs to point upward.

“Use the other hand too. Just to demonstrate,” Josh said out of the mic’s earshot. I was curious myself, however, and did not need to be convinced to really grasp the idea that both my hands might not be enough for his donkey dick. Even with both of my hands wrapped tightly around Josh’s cock, his head (and then some) was left in plain view.

“Holy shit, man,” I said, forgetting the audience for a brief intimate moment. “Can this fit into anything?”

Josh laughed. “Not as often as I’d like.” Disappointed but sarcastic, he used his eyes to point out my now obvious boner.

With my two hands, I fiercely jacked Josh’s cock. Anything for a laugh, they say. My erection didn’t subside. My cock had its own mind, similar to it being around Mark, except this time it stood at attention for the sake of competition, or solidarity, or maybe the fear of missing out. My cock wanted to be hard around Josh’s cock. The playing field leveled (as best as my dick could manage). I removed one hand, which made the task of covering his cock’s surface area more difficult.

Josh complimented my cock’s upward curve, expressing jealousy towards its extroversion. He ran his free index finger across my piss slit, gathering pre-cum. Embarrassed, I let out a nervous laugh. He teased my physiological excitement before tasting the clear liquid. Flabbergasted, all but my cock froze. Josh forgot to set a goal. The chatroom devolved into chaos.

“Just curious,” Josh said with his trademark smile. He jerked me off knowing his juvenile charm quells any hesitations.

“A little salty, a little sweet, but not very strong,” Josh answered the chat.

A silence fell between us while I looked at the computer screen. I saw my hand on Josh’s immensity. My hand and my cock looked small compared to him. I saw our arms crossed over each other and noticed our shoulders touching. Our proximity didn’t turn me on. Our closeness bonded us, each other’s movements, and made us equal. We both risked our perceived sexualities for a buck. If one lost, we both lost.

“Alright guys,” Josh started, “Right after graduating high school, Brody took a dare to swallow some of my cum. Ten years later, I’m going to settle the imbalance of power and pay interest by swallowing Brody’s entire load.”

I was speechless. There were no clues that Josh was going to mention this on air. Had there not been an audience of almost 1,000 I might have dropped my jaw and called the whole thing off. However, if there hadn’t been an audience, we wouldn’t have been in this situation at all. My alcohol-induced numbness pivoted to nervous embarrassment.

I had no qualms with a guy swallowing my cum, obviously. But Josh? I was put-on-the-spot. Messages rolled in, each encouraging, or begging we do more. Lost in thought, I vaguely heard Josh setting the tokens goal, and explaining that we were both straight. Our reunion was a special occasion. And then I saw Mark’s handle.

“Please, Brody?” he wrote.

“Yes, Brody. Please?” Paris begged. “I’m so close. Seeing Josh finally swallow someone else’s cum will make me cum so hard.”

I pictured Mark jacking furiously. I imagined a vague redhead rubbing her pussy, the heels of her feet pressed against the edge of her chair, legs wide open. My nerves short-circuited and I swooned. If Josh could feel my cock stiffen he hadn’t said so. Paris getting off to my getting off, and Mark getting off to missing out on my cum sufficed.

“Let’s do it,” I said flatly.

Josh leaned towards my ear. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you half of tonight’s earnings.” He set the goal, stifling a smile, assuring the crowd he would actually swallow my load, as did I. Our hands went to our own cocks. Josh muttered, “Oh my god,” repeatedly, realizing what he had committed to.

A little drunk, visibly turned on, and marginally richer, with vengeance for that distant memory around the bend, I was prepared to take one for the team by making Josh take one for the team.

I spat on my cock and focused on the task at hand. Josh chatted with donors as the tokens rolled in, quickly hitting the goal. The pressure on, I willingly met it. I picked up the pace while Josh stroked his cock, unsure if it gave the impression he enjoyed the circumstances.