Catriona is Desperate


It was 7:30am on Saturday morning when his phone rang, ‘who could be calling me at this time on a Saturday morning’ Rory thought. He looked at the phone, it was a colleague of his, Catriona, he knew it couldn’t be work related, she knew better. Rory answered, she told him she was waiting for him in bed, naked, at her house. She said that he should come over now and that the front door would be on the latch. As he put the phone down, the thought occurred to him, ‘Catriona is horny this morning and wants fucking’. She had worked for him for about three years and they had dated a few times, but nothing had ever happened between them. It wasn’t for the want of trying on his part, he would have loved to bed her. He was ecstatic. He began to get hard just thinking about the possibility, more so because he had always ached to fuck her hot, young (she was five years his junior), pussy and that exquisite little Celtic arse of hers. Such were his fantasies, now it seemed they were about to be reality.

Past opportunities had presented themselves, but something had always cropped up to ensure that they couldn’t make the most of them. Rory was beside himself. Catriona lived four miles away those four miles seemed to take an eternity even though he was sure he broke the speed limit all the way there. When he arrived, he ran up diyarbakır escort the path to her front door, it was just as she had said it would be, he dropped the latch behind him – ‘well, we don’t want to be disturbed now do we’ he thought. She called out to come on up, he found her lying on her bed with only a sheet covering her luscious body. She had gathered her red hair up with a hair band before he arrived. Catriona winked and smiled at him as he entered the room and moved towards her. He took off his clothes and slipped under the sheet behind her pulling her close, slid a hand round and cupped a firm breast Catriona moaned and pushed her exquisite little arse against his hardness. He threw back the sheet to reveal her exquisite body and slid his free hand between her legs and covered her eager pussy. Parting the lips he slid a seeking finger between them, damn was she wet, and incredibly tight to boot. Rory worked his finger in and out of her as she vocally expressed her pleasure. After a couple of minutes he slipped a second finger inside her pushing her over the edge for the first time that morning, her tightness gripping his fingers and coating them with her juices.

Rory’s not small in the cock department, but neither is he that large, and he knew she was tight from fingering her. She rolled onto her belly pulling him between her spread legs

“Please fuck me Rory.”

He brought his cock to her entrance rubbing its tip between the lips, brushing her clit as he did. Catriona gasped with pleasure and looked up as she felt him enter her for the first time.

“Oh, that feels so good!”

She welcomed the intruder that was giving her more than simple pleasure. Catriona commanded as he continued to slide into her, telling him exactly what she wanted, a good fast and furious fuck. He felt her tightness, her wetness, as he began to work inside her feeling her stretch and contract with each stroke. She pushed with her hands raising her arse into the air putting her face down against the bed forcing it higher allowing him deeper penetration. She could feel him deeper now, becoming more vocal as Rory fucked her from behind.

“Do you like that?” he asked her, increasing the pace of his thrusts.

“Oh, yes, don’t stop now.”, Catriona pleaded as she went over the edge of pleasure for the second time.

Rory fucked her for the best part of an hour, breaking off for a few minutes for her to recover from each orgasm. Her nether lips became swollen and red, but still she wanted more. The woman was insatiable.

Every time Rory re-entered Catriona she gripped his hard cock so tightly that it was all he could do to keep from coming. She worked her hips and arse like a dervish, all the time urging him on, she was amazing. He had often fantasised about fucking Catriona before, but there was no way that the fantasies could ever live up to the reality. Rory was seeing a side of this beautiful woman that he had never seen before. He knew that the end was near, she was just so tight, and fucking him back with such vigour, matching him stroke for stroke, he just knew he couldn’t hold out. He grabbed her by the hips as his strokes became short, hard and deep, she told him to come in her, deep inside her, she wanted to feel him come with her. The orgasm that hit her was the final straw with a last thrust he buried himself deep inside her willing body as he came. It seemed like his life force was erupting from his cock as he held deep inside her. It took them several minutes to recover. Catriona turned and kissed Rory saying

“I’ve been wanting that ever since I first came for the interview, never thought it would happen.”

“Neither did I,” Rory answered, “things always seem to get in the way somehow.”

“I woke up horny only to find that the batteries in the vibrator were flat, so I called you hoping that you would come round.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“So am I, that’s the best fucking I have had for years.”

“Thank you. Now how about we get showered and I take you out to lunch?”