Emma The Writer


Although Emma was a slim, gorgeous 21 year-old she was often mistaken for a much younger woman. Emma lived with her divorced father in a large house in the country. She had attended boarding school for all of her education and had graduated with honours.

Emma had not had much contact with boys or men so consequently her virginity was still intact. She did, however, masturbate on a regular basis sometimes even two or three times a day.

Living alone with her dad in a large house meant that a lot of her spare time was spent on her own trying to find things to occupy herself with. Emma loved reading and would spend endless hours lying on her bed with a romantic novel in her dainty hands.

On this particular Tuesday Emma was on her own in the big house once more and was, as usual, wondering around trying to find something to do. She suddenly found herself outside the door of her father’s study and to her amazement she found the door unlocked. Emma’s father Phil religiously kept this door locked but today it seemed he had forgotten. Emma opened the door and entered, gingerly peering around to see if her father was still in. Although the room was empty Emma half expected to see her father in there as it was so unusual for the door to be unlocked.

Emma couldn’t believe her luck as she had already found some very horny reading material under her father’s bed, and had used it for some time to fulfil her fantasies whilst furiously frigging her clit to climax. Could there be more dirty reading material in his normally locked study?

Looking around Emma could see several large shelves full of books and her eyes immediately scanned them for horny titles. Almost all the books she could see were ones that her dad used for his work as a surveyor, so she began to run her fingers along the spine of each book in turn to double check.

When Emma couldn’t find what she wanted on the shelves she turned her search to the rest of the room. On the table by the window was her dad’s computer and by the side of it was a pile of paperwork. Emma walked closer expecting the stack of hand written sheets of paper to be about her father’s work, but as she neared them the top title jumped out at her.

In her father’s handwriting she could clearly see Fucking My Daughter underlined at the top of the page. Emma’s heart began to pound and her mouth dried as she took in the first few lines of what was clearly an incest story written by her dad. Emma quickly picked up the stack of paper and hurriedly ran out of the room and up the large staircase towards her bedroom upstairs.

Entering her bedroom Emma had a sudden idea. She switched on her own computer and the all-in-one printer she had on her desk. Instead of just lying straight on her bed and having the time of her life with her fingers, she would copy all the pages first and return the originals to her dad’s study before he could tell what she’d done. It took Emma an hour to copy all the stories on the loose pages, but she was soon placing them back by her dad’s computer and racing back to her room to read the copies she had made.

Emma got naked as quick as she could and as she read the first few chapters of the first story her fingers were soon rubbing between her young wet cunt lips. Her first orgasm came quickly as she simultaneously pushed two fingers into her dripping hot pussy whilst reading a line about a father’s hard cock probing into his daughter’s sodden cunt.

After reading half of the first story Emma had already given herself three jolting orgasms and had undoubtedly unleashed the hidden incest fiend inside herself. There were suddenly two things she had realised whilst coming down slightly between cums. One was that her father was not only an incest pervert but also a terrific writer. The second was that incest and her father’s writing turned her on so much that she felt she would never stop cumming.

Emma used her dad’s incest stories to masturbate to for the next few weeks and they never failed to have her screaming to orgasm whenever she did. Every day she tried the door to her dad’s study to see if he’d written any more, but it was always locked. She behaved as normal to her dad but couldn’t help seeing him in a different light, knowing him now as she did. Her dad, for his part, knew nothing of his daughter’s newfound hobby and although he felt that she had sort of changed somehow recently he put this down to her just growing up.

One afternoon Emma was sat at her desk using her computer to surf the web when she found, whilst searching for incest stories, the Literotica web site. Suddenly a whole new world of horny stories opened up before beylikdüzü escort her eyes and she was soon fingering her hot wet pussy to orgasm, reading about naughty daughters being licked, sucked and fucked by their hot dads.

After a while Emma began to wonder what it would be like to write her own story and have it posted on the web. She sat on her bed trying to think of an idea for a story of her own, but as intelligent as she was she couldn’t think of an original theme to write about. Every idea she had she had gotten from her dad’s stories, but then suddenly it came to her. She would re-write her dad’s stories and submit them as her own.

Emma was soon submitting her first story entitled Fucking My Dad. Although she changed the wording and the names the story was essentially her dad’s but the guilt she felt in the plagiarism was outweighed by the desire to see her story up there with all the rest.

When at last her first story was posted Emma felt so horny that she sat masturbating in front of her computer for the whole afternoon. She had to do this again and was soon busy re-writing her father’s stories and submitting them all as he own. The only thing she didn’t realise was that her father was a regular on the Literotica web site himself.

After reading a third story that he recognised as his own Phil was shocked when he came to the obvious conclusion that his daughter had somehow gotten access to his study and found his most private possessions. Part of him was extremely angry but the incestuous pervert inside gave him some very horny thoughts. Phil battled with himself for a short time about what he should do about the situation, but the outcome was inevitable. Phil marched towards his daughter’s bedroom and made no attempt to knock before entering.

Emma jumped up suddenly as her father entered the room. She could see straight away that he was not in a good mood but she didn’t realise why. She felt lucky that she’d managed to dress herself after her long session in front of the computer before her father came home. Looking straight at her dad she could see a strange look on his face, one that she’d never seen before and she noticed he hadn’t taken his eyes off her young body from the moment he’d entered.

Phil made his daughter jump once more when he shouted, “YOU’VE BEEN UP TO NO GOOD MY GIRL AND YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED,” moving sternly towards her.

Emma tried to reply but her dry mouth wouldn’t let her so she just stood there and looked down at her feet. Her heart pounded; as she knew the only thing she’d done wrong that he might know about was stealing his stories.

As quick as a flash Phil moved forward and grabbed his daughter’s blouse by the shoulder and sitting on the bed he pulled her over his knee. Emma screamed as her dad laid her roughly across his lap.

“You know what you’ve done my girl and now you’ll regret it,” Phil spat in anger as he pulled his daughter’s short skirt over her young tender ass. His eyes lit up and his dick gave a surge under her as his daughter’s tight panties appeared before his gaze.

Emma could not believe what was happening as she sprawled across her dad’s lap with her skirt up. Suddenly she felt her panties move over her ass cheeks and groaned, as she knew her bare ass was on show to her pervert father.

Phil’s cock began to harden as he stared down at his naughty daughter’s perfect ass. Part of him wanted to just caress its gorgeous form but another part wanted to spank it hard. The decision was already made and Emma screamed as the first hard stroke landed on her left ass cheek. Another quickly followed this on the right and Emma wailed at the stinging sensation it left.

Phil continued his punishment as he growled, “Naughty little thieves get spanked for stealing their dad’s stories,” as each stroke landed on her sore ass.

His cock was now at full hardness under his prostrate daughter and poked into her stomach as he now let his hand linger a while on her ass cheek between strokes. Phil made small caresses on the tight young bottom as if he was trying to rub in the soreness.

Emma could not only feel her dad’s soothing of her burning bum but she could also feel the solid lump from his cock underneath. Her cheeks stung deliciously as she warmed to the sensual feel of her dad’s hand on her ass. Emma’s pussy started the familiar ache as she squirmed across his lap, trying to move the front of her wet panties towards her father’s straining cock.

Phil’s desire had long taken over and the punishment was forgotten as his hand moved down from her ass cheek to her gaping wet adana escort pussy. A loud groan came from his daughter’s young throat as Phil pushed a single finger into the hot channel of her pussy. Hot wet pussy juice squirted from her cunt and covered his probing fingers as they started a steady sawing action in and out of her squirming body.

Emma came hard as she managed to place her clit across her father’s hard cock just as he stepped up the pace of his dirty fingering. Her cunt made a lewd squishing sound at every stroke of her dad’s horny finger fucking. The best orgasm she’d ever had seemed to go on and on as waves of hot electricity racked her quaking body.

“If this is what you cum like to a bit of fingering, what’ll you do when I fuck you little girl?” Phil chided.

This dirty statement on its own made her jolt another cum again, and just the thought of her father taking her cherry was enough to have her cumming forever.

Suddenly Phil pulled his finger from his daughter’s nasty wet cunt and made her cry out in disappointment. Pushing her off his lap he snarled, “Stand up and face the desk.”

On quivering legs Emma did as she was told and stood with her back towards her father as he sat on her bed.

“Bend over and touch your toes,” he stated firmly.

Bending forward at the waste Emma’s panties were still around the bottom of her ass cheeks but her short skirt covered her tender ass to her father’s gaze. She then felt him reach forward and gently pull her skirt up over her back. With one long tug her panties were pulled to her feet and she casually stepped out of them.

“Put your hands on your ass cheeks and pull them apart,” her father continued.

Emma could not prevent herself shaking as she thought of the view her dirty father had as she did as she was told. She peered over her shoulder and saw her father staring at her gaping virgin pussy and little puckered asshole. Then she saw him raise his hand and a finger entered her hot wet place again. Another orgasm began to rise inside her and the shaking turned to a rhythmic motion in time to his finger fucking.

“Brace yourself my little darling,” Phil sneered as he placed his thumb against her tight pink asshole.

“But daddy, what are you doing?” Emma groaned.

Phil smiled and gently replied, “Just relax and enjoy.”

Emma felt her cum rise quickly and almost violently as her father’s thumb pressed home into her tight little ass. Phil’s hand was slick with his daughter’s hot juice and this helped to lubricate his daughter’s clenching asshole.

“Mmmm, lovely Emma,” Phil chanted as his daughter came hard on his invading fingers. Juice ran down his arm and down the inside of her legs as they swooned from the ministrations her dad was giving her.

When her huge orgasm subsided Emma felt her dad’s fingers leave her once more. Again she felt disappointed but this time wondered what action would come next. She didn’t have long to wait for the answer as her father asked gently, “Do you want to see my cock?”

Turning to look straight at him she pursed her lips and replied, “Oooo yeeehhh.”

Phil stood up and unzipped his pants. Another groan came from deep inside Emma as she saw her dad’s hard cock spring into his waiting hand. Staring at the hard meat in her father’s gripping fingers she moved backwards and sat down on the large armchair next to the desk.

“Put your feet up on the chair and spread your legs,” her father ordered.

Emma placed both feet on the chair and opened her knees, her wet pussy glistening in the light. Then came the next order, “Play with your clit,” her horny dad told her.

With one hand holding her leg apart from the other her free hand went straight to her pussy. She began small circular motions on her sensitive clit and groaned as she stared straight at her father’s raging hard cock.

“This is what you want isn’t it?” he sneered as a half smile crept over his lips.

“Oooo yeeehhh,” Emma groaned in agreement.

“Just look at my fucking cock dripping for you,” he said as he slowly wanked his hard dick.

Father and daughter looked straight at each other’s actions as they played with themselves, each moving a step nearer to orgasm. Emma was the first to reach her peak as another countless orgasm swept over her quivering young body.

Phil could wait no longer and despite having a desire to tease his young daughter some more, he needed to feel that tight body some more. Moving right in front of her, his cock inches from her face, he looked down at her pleading eyes and said, “Put your mouth on it.”

Taking her hungry afyon escort eyes from his cock up to his, she stared him straight in the face for a few seconds before looking back down at her father’s hard meat. She had never really seen a cock before and took a few seconds to gaze at it before moving her mouth forward and licking the mushroom shaped end.

Phil groaned and grabbed the back of his daughter’s head. Shoving his hips forward his hard cock slid into his daughter’s bulging mouth. “That’s it eat the cock,” he cried as she began to fuck his daughter’s gripping mouth.

Looking down on his daughter’s sucking face he smiled at her and said gently, “First I’m going to fuck your pussy until you cum, then I’ll have you suck me hard again, then I’ll fuck your tight little asshole until you scream.”

Pulling his cock from her sucking mouth he said, “Get over on the bed on your knees, I want to fuck you from behind.”

Emma was soon on her knees with her head down on the bed and her round ass up in the air for her hot father to fuck. Emma cared no longer that she was about to lose her virginity, all she wanted was her dad’s hard cock in her aching pussy. With one hand Phil rubbed his knob up and down between the wet lips of her cunt.

“Are you ready slut?” Phil chided as he slid his cock up and down her slippery entrance.

Emma could only groan a reply and swayed her ass in rhythm to his stroking.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” Phil said as he pushed forward into her virgin cunt.

“AAAAHHH,” she cried as the hard spear broke through and made her a woman.

Phil didn’t wait for her to acclimatise to the feeling or the pain as he began to slowly fuck his throbbing cock into his bent over daughter. The heat from her boiling cunt was incredible and Phil knew he wouldn’t last long.

“In a moment I’m going to pull out and cum in your mouth, so I want you to get your face around here quickly,” Phil ordered slowly fucking deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Emma had cum twice already on his cock and was so wet that hot love juice coated both her legs and puddled behind her knees. Her virginity was gone, lost to her incestuous father, but she loved every second of it and couldn’t wait to taste his cum.

“Get up here slut and take my load,” Phil cried as he pulled his cock from her clamping cunt.

Emma quickly moved around so open her mouth in front of her dad’s hard cock. One short stroke sent a spurt of bubbling cum onto her outstretched tongue, Another stroke sent a jet of cum against the back of her throat and made her cough. Emma reached up with her dainty hand and wrapped it around the mushroom head, pulling it into her mouth and wrapping her lips around it. Sucking hard to get every last drop of her father’s load into her mouth she revelled in the taste of it.

Phil kept his cock in his daughter’s hot mouth and it didn’t soften at all. After a few more minutes of cock sucking Phil pulled his meat from his daughter’s mouth.

“This time on your back, you little fucker,” he sneered as he pushed her back onto the bed.

Pulling her knees up to her chest she knew exactly what he wanted and growled in anticipation as her father moved over her. Emma’s ass was so wet from cum that Phil was able to coat his cock head before offering it up to her ass. Emma reached around with both hands and once again pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Brace yourself again. This is going to be tight,” he declared as he pushed his hard knob head against her naughtiest hole.

A hard push made the breakthrough and he was soon into the entrance of her clasping asshole. After reading so many dirty stories, Emma knew to relax her ass muscles and go with the flow. She was surprised at how lovely it felt and because she was so relaxed there was no pain at all. She must be a natural at ass fucking she thought as she groaned at the feeling of her dad pushing up to her bowels.

Phil grunted with each stroke as he fucked his cock in and out of his daughter’s tight ass. Her legs wrapped around his ass and pulled him in tighter as they moved in rhythm together. Phil bent his head down and sucked a small tit into his mouth making Emma shudder in delight. Suddenly she screamed out, “OH FUCK,” as a new feeling of orgasm from deep within shook her to her very soul like no other had.

At that very moment Phil shoved forward and his cock spewed a load of hot lava into her churning bowels. With each stroke of his dick, more cum squirted into her asshole and boiled within her. Emma had lost count of her orgasms and she felt like she would never walk again as she lay under her sweating father.

“May be that will teach you not to steal other people’s stories and write your own,” Phil whispered to her.

“No dad, I think you’re the only writer in the family,” she answered with a smile.

“That was lovely Emma,” he replied, smiling back at her.