Age of Dominion


Author’s Note: No need to read previous chapters at all to enjoy this one (this is a sequel to the world of the Eternity in Bonds series)


Her time in Dominia had surprised Nessa. As it turned out, most of the women there were not collared. Only the scouts, and those with a similar physique of Nessa. There were even large, warrior women who were not collared at all, and considered on equal terms, if not better, than the men in the armies. She later found that among the multitude, only a minority were similarly marked with immortality.

It was nigh time to go out on campaign. Nessa, along with a contingent of her fellow girls, all marked with the sign of the orchid, were sent to the armories upon waking up one day.

Nessa marveled at the barracks around her. It was amazing how the Dominions incorporated women into their armies. She hefted a large mace; it dropped immediately after its release from its resting place on the shelf. Mostly as scouts though, but still.

Anwen, her compatriot approached her with a teasing smirk. “Nessa, what were you thinking? The dirt of the Midland woods don’t have the skill to use heavy weapons even if they could lift them. You dunce.”

“Anwen, you have no faith. Have you not heard tell of the Emesomian warriors in the Southern Forests?”

“Of course, sister. It is remarkable that such a short distance away, and your bodies and culture are so different.” Anwen removed a light wooden bow from the shelf instead. Admiring it, she noted that it was well crafted, and sturdy. “A good weapon for a scout-maiden,” she proclaimed, brandishing the weapon at her fellow slave.

“Maiden?” Nessa scoffed, taking the bow with mild shame. “I am but a weak slave of the Army of Dominion. Do not forget your place sister. There are many who would take our places on this journey.” Impressed, she realized Anwen was right. The weapon was light and supple, perfect for her nimble bow. She picked up a well-fashioned light-steel dagger to accompany it.

“Perhaps you are weak. I am as strong as any man.” Anwen shrugged, blowing her hair out of her eyes. “Where are you from anyway? You have a faint Aeternian accent. How have you come to the Eastern Reaches?”

“This is war. The Lord General himself brought me here.” She paused. “I was an Aeternian sex doll for months. Trust me, the men, and conditions here are far better.” Nessa turned. “The Protectorum Aeternum is done for. Their great city is crumbling, and the lower reaches are crime-infested and just as dangerous as the battlefield.”

Anwen whistled. “Well, then the conditions are not far better than they are in the north. The Wyken tribes I came from — they battle with such frequency and hatred that we never moved past shantytowns and hut-communities. They stood no chance against the Great Empire once they arrived.” Anwen hefted a large battleaxe, grunting as she swung, getting a feel for the weapon.

It was Nessa’s turn to inquire. “You a shieldmaiden? Of the tribes?” She needed belts and straps for this equipment, and she talked while she worked.

“Ah, little slave girl, I used to cleave the men in half with my greataxe. It took five men to restrain me and bind me to this place.” Nessa glared at her angrily. Anwen sneered. “What, little girl? It’s not like you can beat me even if you tried.”

Nessa was forced to admit defeat. She was right, of course; she had hardly fired a bow before, and even less so swung a dagger. Glowering, the slave vowed to get her revenge on the taller warrior.

Smirking with arrogance, Anwen returned to her gear, wrapping a warrior’s belt and loin-guard around her waist, thus protecting her private areas from the harsh environment. She then donned a furred mantle, and finally, wore a horned halo. As she put it on, it acclimated to her stature, and floated above her head, brimming with purple energy. “They used to call me the Widowmaker, and that was without all this war-tech. What chance do the Aeternians have against this, I wonder?”

Nessa, silently agreed. Indeed, she had seen little of the other sides’ capabilities that would warrant concern. It appears this war would be easily won. She moved to the scout’s section, and was both dismayed and pleased to find that the only armor provided here provided little protection, if at all, against the elements. She could only find a tight, black bikini, and, to her delight, a high-tech pair of Balanced Open-toed sandals. The soles were made of a form-fitting volcanic-leather, designed to grip surfaces with little to no wear. Originating from her forested woodland, and made with the sap-imbued Glowing Oaks, they were used by ancient moonlight-archers in the Age of Awakening. She thought the technology had been long-lost to time; the victors of that war, the accursed Aeternum, had done their best to disperse the ancient libraries in her homeland of old, reducing it to a poverty-stricken, shadow of its former self.

Grabbing a similarly crafted pair of open-fingered gloves and nocking her bow with an old Kartal Grup Escort woodland rune, she prepared to take her revenge against such a hated foe.

Putting on her fur-rimmed boots, the Northern warrior gave Nessa a long look while she dressed. At last, turning around, beaming, Nessa struck a pose. “How do I look, Ms. Warriorpants?”

That earned a grunt from the other woman. “The black matches your tanned skin… ”

The warrior gestured with her weapon. “… but you’re way too skinny. Can you even fire an arrow?”

“The bowstring is imbued with old magic. I wouldn’t expect one such as you to understand.”

With a hmph, Anwen grabbed her axe. “Keep your dainty forest secrets then. I have no need for them anyway.” She made her way out of the fitting-room.

Looking around, Nessa only needed a few extra pieces of gear. Grabbing a quiver and arrows, she belted them around her midsection, and realized with pleasure that it was made of the same form-fitting technology as her collar, adhering to the curves of her body and reshaping itself to assure it does not encumber its wearer during battle. The bikini responded in kind, and with a gasp of pleasure, she felt the entire setup coil around her body and secure itself with satisfying security. She felt like she was back in the dungeons, being tied up by master, bringing a smile to the slave’s lips.

Attaching her blades to the straps on her battle-bikini and equipping several small smoke-puffs, she followed her companion out of the barracks.

A high-ranking officer was awaiting her. He bowed upon seeing her exit.

“Come, eternal one. Follow me to the Lord’s council.”

She really was not used to this deferential treatment, and to be honest, she really preferred to be called a slave. Nessa followed. She could feel a cold breeze waft across her exposed skin. It tussled her short hair slightly.

They reached the black cathedral that was to be their meeting place that day. Entering the heavy onyx doors, the duo approached an elaborate, black-metallic table command table, with a procession of Lords, Warlocks, and of course, the Lord General himself at the head. She felt the cold of the polished stone flooring beneath the thin layer of leather between her feet and the ground. Her toes gripped the surface with satisfying ease. She felt agile and swift, and could not hear her own footsteps.

They looked up upon hearing the heavy footfalls of the officer beside her. Malachar smiled.

“Late, but fashionable, huh Nessa?” He looked at her, taking in her beauty and excited by the tight straps and collar she was in. “Ready to fuck our enemies to death?”

The men around him laughed, and to Nessa’s embarrassment, so did Anwen, who had taken her place beside a large man dressed in a bear-head’s helm. She could see the mens’ trousers stretching, and decided to change the topic before things got unproductive.

“I was told I was to lead the scouts of our great army, Lord General?” She swept a bow with this statement, bending like a cat.

“Take your thong off. ”

She did as he said, and with a grunt, managed to pry the tight black thong loose.

“My goodness you’re weak.” He produced what was essentially an extreme micro g-string with a dildo attached to the ass end. “Wear these instead. I picked them out for you specifically.”

She approached with curiosity. The dildo was not significant, only about 5 inches in length. It was formed of a strange material however, but it felt comfortable and flexible nevertheless. As she held it, it seemed to automatically excrete a thin layer of oils. Her master approached her from behind, and jammed a finger into her anus, oiling it; after the procedure, she seemed to have mysteriously lost the urge to defecate, and thus her holes were forever cleansed.

Feeling that her master was done, she put on the thong, and plunged the dildo in, gasping softly with pleasure as it secured itself. The new thong, she realized, would keep the dildo discreetly hidden from prying eyes.

“This will help us keep you under control,” her master explained. “Should you try to run or do anything without our consent, we have complete control over the device, and to an extension, your body. We may also see fit to give… rewards…” The device vibrated briefly, eliciting a long moan from the girl.

He leaned forward. “We will be watching, Nessa.” Seeing the apprehension on the girl’s face, the man smiled, tapped her sleek collar, and walked away. “I expect only the best recon from you and the girls, you hear me? The best. Do not let me down.”

The gates closed behind him, leaving her alone in the expansive cathedral, reveling at her own helplessness.

It was time. The great legions rode out, horsemen in black plate and the legions of Dominion — all formidably armed in weapons glowing with purple potency. Griffins soared overhead and she even heard tell of a large dragon that was to be the Lord General’s personal mount. As if he Kartal Manken Escort needed one, she thought. The man was potent enough as he was.

She looked back. She had already met her sisters, and her lieutenants, Bellana and Aurica. They led their force of 200 — all girls marked with the twin flowers. They were all as slim as Nessa, wearing the same gear and collar, and riding horned deer, the native creatures of the Midland wood. These rare mounts were traditionally gifted to the Empire every Lunar Crossing — a solar eclipse.

The creatures were light and agile, suitable for the talented scouts upon them. But they were denizens of the wood, used for reconnaissance, not for the harshness of war, and soon fell behind the warhorses and their frenzied charge.

The forest was fast approaching. The armies would make for the Northern Pass, south of the Wyken Wastes, Anwen’s homeland. But first, they would need to launch reconnaissance through the expansive Midland Woods, which covered the entire center of the continent and stretched all the way to the snowy peaks bordering Aeterna itself. She recalled that the windmill she had visited with the general before should be somewhere within those narrow mountain passes. But it would still be impractical for an invasion force.

They reached the forest line. “Spread out!” She ordered, and her scouts dissolved through the woods.

As her mount bounded through the woods, she also felt the dildo inside her, and despite all her efforts, started getting a tad wet in the nether regions.

She was flanked by her lieutenants, and they began to make their way to the meeting area, a small clearing surrounded by a thick layer of ancient oaks. The journey would take 2 days, but the girls did not need food anymore, having been given the gift of immortality, and were able to make it in a day’s ride.

Nessa’s mount bounded over a root and underbrush, landing elegantly in the clearing. Her lieutenants followed, and with similar grace, they also landed. The girls dismounted, making their way to a fallen oak in the center of the area.

“So, Nessa, what do you think?” Aurica approached their leader, footsteps barely making a sound through the thick undergrowth. Bellana looked over as well, arms supporting her weight against the nearby log.

Nessa looked around. “This would be a good place to set up. We’ll need a small camp, so gather branches, leaves — anything you can carry. Use your mounts if it is too heavy.”

Bellana cursed. “That would be a lot. These forms are hardly suited for any kind of labor that isn’t cock.” She looked down at her body, shaking her head. “This dark magic is quite… annoying.”

Inwardly, Nessa disagreed. It made her feel insecure and weak, dependent on her master — just the way she liked it. Malachar had taught her well. As if the device could sense her emotions, the dildo gave a small vibration in response, causing her to moan loudly.

Only Aurica noticed this, for at that moment, Bellana’s own device activated, but instead of stimulation, it instead released a small shock. The girl yelped in pain as she jumped at the sudden sensation from her butt. Then again, and again, until she sprawled on the floor, begging for forgiveness. The shocks were not debilitating, but merely meant to teach a lesson at the absence of their commander.

“Please oh please my Lord.” Bella was sobbing. “I will never speak out again, for you are my master and omnipotent. I have no will, Lord and you own my worthless body till the ends of time.”

With that, the device ceased, and the girl clambered hesitantly to her feet. The three girls hugged, skin pressed tightly against each other, and Nessa reassured her companion.

“Sister, don’t worry, we will do a good job here, and they will forgive you yet. We will look out for you.”

Bellana smiled in gratitude, and the trio headed out in search of materials.

Night eventually came, and after a hard day’s work, the three girls turned in for the day, awaiting the reports of their subordinates.

Nessa woke to the sound of screaming.

Startled, she rose. The design of her equipment allowed her to sleep with everything on. Nessa strode out of the hut.

“Help me Nessa!” It was Bellana. She was in the hands of a savage barbarian. It looked to her that he was one of the worshippers of the spirits of the wood, an ancient and prehistoric tradition. She drew her bow. These men were savage. She had best make this quick.

However, before she could act, another man jumped out from behind her. Noticing him at the last second, Nessa ducked aside, turned, and released the bowstring just as the man was about to skewer her with an oversized knife.

Breathing heavily, she turned again, and saw Aurica fighting another. She was in worse shape, having been more surprised than Nessa, and the bow beaten out of her hands. The girl was backing up frantically, knife in hand, trying in vain to keep the large barbarian away. Nessa nocked Kartal Masöz Escort an arrow as the man grabbed the young woman’s tanned thigh, seeking to kidnap her. To both their surprise, Aurica moaned as the man-made contact, dropping the knife and making to stimulate herself in the vagina.

Nessa released the arrow, piercing the man’s arm. He staggered away, cursing in his tongue, and faded off into the woods.

She ran over to the fallen girl, and looked around for Bellana. Nowhere to be seen. Nessa helped her compatriot up.

“Do you know where she is?”

Aurica shook her head, catching her breath and forcibly moving her hand away from her crotch. “I was too busy defending myself to notice.”

Nessa snorted. “I noticed that. That was not quite the time to pleasure yourself, don’t you think?”

The girl shrugged. “The dildos inside us — you know what they do, right?” Her captain could only nod in return. “Right. That’s what happened. Now lets go find Bellana.”

The two archers made for their mounts, by the dying man whom Nessa had skewered. As they approached, he started squirming weakly.

“Friend… will be slave… ” He cackled, a devious glint in his eye. “Already… captured… hundreds…” The girls looked at each other in shock. “Collars… make… easy… will… put… to… good… use…” And with that, the man gave out, his soul leaving the realm forever.

Aurica looked at Nessa in concern. “If they’ve been captured, who knows what’s happening to all our girls! We have to help!” Before Nessa could urge her companion to caution, she leapt onto her deer and leapt off in the direction that Bella disappeared in.

“Dammit.” Nessa mounted up and followed.

It was a slave camp. Bella gasped as she was dropped onto her knees by her captor.

As she looked around, she saw perhaps a hundred of her fellow scouts, except stripped of all their clothing and leashes attached to their collars. She saw that their anal plugs have been left in however.

Her compatriots. Her soldiers. Naked, humiliated, enslaved twice over. She saw some forced on their knees, forced to deepthroat while being spanked. She saw another column on tables being taken. Another row was tied up in a spread-eagled position, unable to move and bodies completely exposed for passing men to fondle, pinch their nipples, slap their supple asses. And in the middle of it all, a giant orgy of bodies, her soldiers satisfying four men at once, hole and hands occupied with monstrous cocks while their fellow slaves waited on hands and knees, led by new masters around to their new site of pleasure.

However, no matter what the action, the girls did not seem to be in pain. Far from it in fact — most of them were moaning, screaming, in pleasure and even more were begging to get fucked. Even the ones in cages or being led around on hands and knees were moaning and trembling with excitement.

And at this, Bella’s own plug activated again, stimulating her senses and making her howl and moan with need. The man beside her chucked. “You sluts. You were born for this.” With that, he claimed her as his own, attaching his own leash to her collar, and yanking her along. Her body trembling with the desire to serve, Bella made her way to the party — in this case, a group of four men.

“Hey you four!” Her master pushed her roughly down on all fours. The men turned, excited eyes fixed on the helpless girl, their cocks bulging massively. “Give me a single gold piece, all of you, when you’re done. I will be back in an hour. Do what you will.”

Bella looked up nervously at the soldiers, aroused to levels she had never experienced before. Inadvertently, she moaned, and her mouth was not hers anymore. “How may I serve you today my lords?”

They were not lords. Far from it. But they accepted the title with grace. They undressed her with trembling hands, Bella helping them along. The moment she was ready, the largest among them grabbed her arms and pulled her back in a tight embrace, massaging her tits and kissing her with reckless abandon. His buddies followed suit, and they, in turn, congregated upon the lucky girl.

Bella stretched out her hands, grabbing and pulling at two throbbing dicks. She felt a strong hand grab her midsection, and drag her ass up in the air. With a grunt, he thrust his penis into her clit, causing her plug to vibrate to a new level entirely. Moaning wildly, she gave herself up completely. The man laid down, the girl riding his dick with submissive grace.

Before long, she was torn away from the two more intimate partners, and the man she had been stroking shoved his dick into her mouth, making her choke with the initial force of it. With months of practice, she proceeded to deepthroat with amazing talent, sucking and gurgling noises escaping her mouth as her eyes rolled back with pleasure. Another man had begun spanking her, and she registered this as well.



SLAP!!! “AHHNNNNNNG!!!” The bitch moaned and screamed like a complete slut, and she loved it all the way. Trying to lick the face in front of her, the man slapped her away, reminding her that he would take all the actions, while she was to submit herself completely to him. She accepted her place with instinct.