A Naughty Awakening


I lie naked next to you. The first rays of the morning sun are beginning to creep round the window frame, filling the room with an illusory sense of warmth and light. I feel the secure comfort of the rope that binds my wrists from the previous night, a beautiful reminiscence of the bonds between us.

Silent and still, I watch the rhythmic rise and fall of your chest as you sleep, feeling your warm breath ripple over my naked flesh. I relish these precious stolen moments when you are mine to behold in secret, when I need nothing more than to feel you close to me.

I long to rouse you, softly and gently, to seduce you with every inch of my body, adore you in every way you demand to be adored. I instinctively know the shy, playful kisses that will tease your senses, the smoldering touch that will drive you wild with desire, the powerful, pleading look of submission in my eyes that will excite your imagination and affirm your control. Yet these are the gifts that are mine to give only with your permission. Dare I indulge in this forbidden pleasure?

Cautiously, I reach out and erzurum escort run my bound hands through you hair, placing a soft kiss on your lips. You begin to stir and open sleepy eyes to look at me. “Naughty.” You whisper sternly before returning my kiss. I instantly avert my eyes, looking downwards. “Look at me.” The firm hand under my chin drives my head to your gaze and I lovingly look upon you with meek apologetic eyes. Gripping the back of my neck, you coil your fist in my thick curls, pulling me upwards to my knees as you circle me, dragging me deeper under your commanding spell.

I see a satisfying smile creep over your face as you slide your hands over the worn contours of the fresh ropemarks on my back and rounded breasts, before gently massaging my shoulders.

My pulse is racing as you pause, slipping a hand over my eyes to close them, while at the same time reaching for the flogger that still lies next to the bed.

Seconds later I feel the delicious swift, light strokes as the flogger hits my shoulders and back. Quick…light… then unexpectedly bodrum escort hard and stingy. You delight in my change in posture, the sighs of pleasure and pain as you skillfully switch from faint to harsh blows, in between wrenching me back by my hair to devour me with fiery, hot-blooded kisses. My breath quickens as I feel your hardness against me and I begin to slip into that blissfully dreamy state of semi-consciousness. You drop the flogger and move round to stand before me, letting your hands run wild through my hair. After gently forcing my head back, you let out a loud moan as you push Your cock deep into my warm supple mouth. I begin to caress you with my lips, sliding them up and down your shaft, teasing your tip with my tongue. You gently guide me with your hands, gripping my hair as you begin to reach your climax. I shudder with ecstasy at pleasuring you in this way, at satisfying you while under your control.

Just as you are about to reach the point of no return, you pull out. “Turn over.” You order, a sense of urgency in your voice. “On your knees, arch your eskişehir escort shoulders.” The words hardly escape my lips before I have complied with the order. “Perfect,” you declare as you enter me from behind. I gasp as you manipulate my movements, thinking I might explode right there and then. You have total control now, rolling in and out of me, smaller movements giving way to bigger, wilder movements. Just at the point I am so, so close and I can’t take much more, you stop abruptly. I want to come so badly, but you. are in control. You make me beg. “May I?” “Please, Sir.'” The shy acquiescence in my voice is enough to push you over the edge and your whole body convulses as you repeatedly come inside me in thick misty waves, each one causing your entire body to shake with pleasure. You pull me back by my hair to show me I have your permission. I begin to quiver, biting my lip and clenching myself around you. My moans grow louder and faster and I erupt in a lingering, earth shattering orgasm before collapsing exhausted on the bed.

You softly kiss my neck and gently untie my bound hands. I turn to face you and look deep into your eyes as you hold me in your arms. My eyes begin to well up and tears begin to run down my cheeks. “Thank you.” I whisper with every inch of me. You kiss away the salty tears, then brush my hair from my face and smile.