Dressing Up for New Years


My wife and I attended a costume party every year to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This year we decided to cross dress with her dressed as a man and me dressed as a woman. I put on her sexiest silkiest garments and she put on one of my nicest suits complete with a fedora.

We had a blast at the party, drinking and dancing we were both so passable in our outfits that we each had our ass grabbed by our same sexes. They thought we were in just a hooker pimp combination not realizing that we were actually cross dressers! It was very flattering and strange in the same breath.

Having consumed a lot of drinks we were feeling pretty giddy when we finally arrived back in our house. My wife told me about all the women that were hitting on her and I told her of all the men that snuck in feels of my ass. Instead of just going up to our room changing and having our ritual New Year’s sex we stayed in our outfits when we started making out. The turn in my wife’s persona was noticeable as she took total control. She roughly pushed me to the bed and told me she was going to fuck me like the slut I was.

She kayseri escort ran her hands all over my body paying attention to my padded bra and my silky covered ass. She then turned me over and pulled my panties down and ran her tongue all over my ass. Working my ass for what seemed like forever had me sporting the hardest cock I have ever had. She then took a break and told me to wait a second as she reached in her night table and took something out. She then went into the bathroom for a minute. When she returned I noticed a big thick cock jutting out from her trousers.

My wife came back on the bed and grabbed my head and forced me to suck her new cock. I licked the plastic tool and took it deep into my mouth. As I gave my wife’s face cock oral pleasure she reached into her night table again and took out some Vaseline. She reached into the jar and brought out a generous amount then started rubbing it all over my ass. I let out a little yelp as she pushed her fingers deep into my rectum. I soon became accustom to her fingers and started enjoying the anal kayseri escort bayan intrusion and could feel my cock throbbing as she worked my prostate.

I continued to suck her fake cock and she urged me on. She was calling me all sorts of names like “good little cocksucker”, she also called me “her little slut” and then told me she was going to fuck the ass right off me. I was so turned on by her words I sucked even harder, trying to pull no existent cum from the toy cock.

She thought that I had sucked her long enough so she placed me on my hands and knees. Lining up behind me she aimed the big fake penis at my tight asshole. I felt the warm rubber as it touched my tight bud. My wife then grabbed my hips and started to push forward. My ass wasn’t giving in at first so my wife pushed harder. All of a sudden with a pop her cock broke through my tight sphincter. I cried out as the huge tool filled my ass. She didn’t stop however and kept pushing forward until the whole fake pole was all the way in my ass. When she got to the base she stopped for escort kayseri a moment and letting me get used to the feeling.

The feeling was incredible and I told her to fuck me. I called her my stud and to fuck my slut ass. She complied and started thrusting her hips back and forth. She continued this for a few minutes and I could feel my cock leaking cum. She then bent right over me and moved her hand around to the front of me. She took my cock in her hand and continued to fuck me. The feeling of having her greased up hand sliding up and down my hard shaft and fucking her fake cock in and out of my ass was too much for me to take. In seconds I was crying out and shooting rope after rope of cum all over her hand. When I finished cumming she pulled out her cock leaving my ass used and empty.

Not wanting her to feel left out I ripped the suit off her and started eating her pussy. While I licked her ass and pussy I started shoving my fingers deep into her hot holes. It wasn’t long before I was erect again and I returned the favor to her by shoving my hard cock deep in her ass. While I did this I took her toy and shoved it deep in her pussy. She came so hard she started to convulse. While she was shaking I felt my balls tighten once again. I pushed forward shoving my cock as deep as I could into her ass as I shot my load.

Cross dressing for us really brought out a fire and I recommend it for any couple to try at least once.