Skin Doctor


Brenda is a forty nine year old married woman living in the suburbs of Las Vegas. She’s the proud mother of two wonderful children. The kids are both out of college and working on their careers. Her husband is an executive at a casino down on the strip. He works continuously and they seldom see each other. She’s been a neglected wife for a very long time. Brenda is a very attractive woman and takes very good care of herself. She has long blond hair with fair skin. She’s originally from a small town in the Midwest but has lived in Las Vegas for many years.

Her body is sexy, toned and very shapely. Brenda enjoys showing off her body. She always has. She’s not at all shy and looks much younger than her age. She is very active and athletic. Swimming is a passion and she uses her pool on a daily basis. The pool area is not secluded and she often enjoys skinny dipping. The thought of prying eyes is exciting to her. She has spent a lot of time in the water ever since she was a little girl.

Brenda awoke and got up early this morning. She took her shower and got her clothes ready. She had a Dr’s appointment at 8:20 AM. It was a warm spring day in the upper eighties so Brenda put on something casual and loose fitting. No need for bra and panties today. This was a regular six month checkup with her dermatologist. Her check ups were usually very brief. About five years ago, Brenda noticed a small spot on her right arm. It began to bother her and didn’t go away. She decided to have it checked out. Her Dr. took a biopsy and it tested positive for skin cancer. Fortunately however, the biopsy removed the cell and it healed with slight scaring. She’s been on regular check ups ever since.

It was a little before eight AM and Brenda grabbed her car keys. She was off to the Dr’s office. It wasn’t too far away from her home. She lived in Spanish Trails, a very expensive area and the Dr’s office was close by. It was just off fort Apache and Flamingo. She checked in at the front desk and to her surprise she was alone in the waiting room. After only a few minutes, the nurse called her name and they walked to the exam rooms.

The nurse had Brenda get up on the scale for the usual weigh in. Then they stepped into an open room together. lezbiyen porno The nurse asked Brenda the purpose of her visit and she said it was a routine follow up. She left Brenda in the room and proceeded to get the Dr. While Brenda was waiting, she heard the sounds of leaf blowers outside the exam room window. Slowly they began to get louder.

Brenda pulled out her phone to check her email. While checking her messages she received a text. It was from her pool guy. He wasn’t going to make it today because he had an emergency to take care of. Brenda had been fucking him for the last couple months. During his weekly pool cleaning, they would escape to the pool house for their weekly fuck in the afternoon. Since her husband was never around, Brenda needed to satisfy herself. It was a perfect arrangement for Brenda and she looked forward to it every week. She was so disappointed to hear that he wasn’t stopping by that she didn’t even respond.

The sound of the leaf blower was getting closer to the office window. Brenda got up from the chair and walked over to the window. The window coverings were mini blinds and they were opened. She saw a handsome muscular young man clearing the leaves with his blower. With her back to the door, Brenda quickly lifted her top and exposed her beautiful perky breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect. The gardener smiled and kept working while enjoying her tit show. Brenda smiled back at him and returned to the chair.

After several minutes the nurse and Dr. walked in. He introduced himself as Dr. Isaac. Brenda’s usual Dr. was Cathy Johnson. The Dr. explained that Cathy was out on maternity leave having her baby so he was temporarily taking on her patients. There were a couple spots on her face and arm that had to be treated with nitrogen. Dr. Isaac finished his exam and then asked Brenda if she has noticed anything that she was concerned about.

She told him that there was something that she noticed her back and thigh. The Dr. reviewed Brenda’s chart and saw that she had not had a full body exam in over two years. He told Brenda that he would highly recommend it as soon as possible and asked her if she had time to have it done today. Being liseli porno that her plans for the day were derailed by her pool guy, she told the Dr. sure let’s do it.

The Dr. stepped out of the exam room and the nurse told Brenda to take off all of her clothes. She instructed her to get up on the exam table and handed Brenda a thin paper gown to cover herself. She told her that the Dr. would be in shortly. Brenda felt very comfortable lying naked on the exam table. Very naughty thoughts were running through her mind. She was missing her pool guy and was very horny. Suddenly there was a quick knock on the door and the Dr. entered the room. He was alone and without the nurse.

The Dr. was a young handsome young stud in his early thirties. His credentials were prominently hanging on the wall. He greeted Brenda with a smile and put on a pair of exam gloves. He told her to lie on her stomach and he would examine her back first. The Dr. noticed her tan lines immediately. She must wear a very small bikini. She obviously spends a lot of time outdoors and in the sun. With the paper gown covering her perky tits, Brenda laid face down on the table. Brenda’s tits were pushing out from her sides as the Dr. examined her shoulders and upper body. He could sense that she was very comfortable with the process.

His hands were big and strong with long fingers. He covered every inch of her body with them. Looking down at her lower back, the Dr. noticed something next to her butterfly tattoo that was located just above the crack of her ass. It was definitely unusual shape and color. He told Brenda that he wanted to test that area and continue to monitor it just in case. His exam continued to lower body and legs and finally her feet. The Dr. carefully looked at her round ass and inner upper thighs. He brushed his fingers up against her ass and moist pussy. He wanted to test the waters to see how she would react. He was very horny as well and getting very excited by her sexy body His cock was rapidly growing and very visible making a large outline on his pants.

Brenda could feel herself becoming very wet with his hands all over her body. She was breathing deeply and was getting very anxious. He pulled mature porno her legs slightly apart to inspect her pussy and ass and Brenda gladly complied by opening them up wider. Her body language was begging for his cock. He finished inspecting her legs and feet. The Dr. instructed Brenda to roll over. The paper gown was annoying to Brenda and just getting in the way. It was clumsy and unnecessary. She tossed it to the floor as she turned over on to her back. The Dr. continued his exam on her upper body and tits. They looked into each other’s eyes with a very strong sexual desire.

He looked at her areolas and nipples for warning signs by pinching her nipples. Brenda smiled at the Dr. Continuing to her lower body; the Dr. looked at her belly button piercing. Brenda had a large diamond adorning it. Everything looked normal. As he looked at her inner upper thighs, the Dr. inserted his middle finger into Brenda’s pussy. He massaged the barbell post that she had inserted through her clit. Brenda took another deep breath and sighed as he circled her clit with his finger. The exam was an incredible turn on for Brenda. She was so wet and wanted to cum so bad.

The Dr. noticed a small spot on her upper thigh but that was nothing to worry about. Finishing up with Brenda’s legs and feet, the exam was almost over. Brenda was openly naked on the exam table with her eyes closed and licking her lips. Before the Dr. could speak, Brenda placed her hand on Dr. Isaac’s crotch and grabbed his hard cock. It was already ready to explode. He immediately walked over to the door and locked it. He returned to the exam table. Then he took off his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

They dropped to the floor exposing his long hard cock. As the Dr. stood at the head of the exam table, Brenda turned on her side and began to eagerly suck his cock while grabbing his ass with both her hands. The Dr. grabbed Brenda’s hair and pulled her head towards his cock vigorously fucking her mouth. Breathing through her nose, she was hungry to taste his hot cum and feel it run down the back of her throat. The Dr. leaned over and started fingering her pussy and rubbing her pierced clit. She moaned loudly as she came while he exploded his cum into her mouth.

After Brenda’s examination, the Dr. pulled up his pants. He instructed Brenda to get dressed and make a follow up appointment with the nurse for next week. He walked to the door, unlocked it and left smiling at Brenda saying it was a pleasure to meet her and I’ll see you next week.