Away From Home


It was a bitter cold evening but it was from more than just the arctic winds typical for the area at that the time of the year. The cold was amplified by solitude caused by the separation from loved ones. Sure it would end. Sure there was the excitement of a new future when we were all reunited. But right now, at this time, that all seemed like such an artificial hope, so distant, almost unreal. Tonight, now, there was no warmth to be taken from that hope. There was only the cold.

My feeble attempts at warmth were not working. The fire in the fireplace met the need for external warmth, but it failed miserably at creating inner warmth, an atmosphere. It failed as a substitute for another time. I was still cold inside. I missed my wife. Sure, I missed her touch, her loving, but there was more. I missed her smile, her beauty, her wit, her laugh, and even her tears.

Just as my remorse began to digress to self-pity, that horrible apartment buzzer in this poor excuse for a temporary home broke the silence. A visitor? Here? Certainly not. Surely it must be a total stranger looking for another apartment. My button must have been pressed accidentally.

With zero expectation, I opened the door. The light directly overhead was out so my intruder was just a silhouette formed by the lights from behind. A magical corona surrounded the person before me. The swirling frozen vapors escaping from other apartment vents made the total effect even more surreal and mystical. The visitor stood in a hooded coat that went from head to ankle. I knew it was woman. Her ankles blended into beautifully feminine feet that disappeared into mild lavender shoes with pronounced heels. “Steam” left the darkness of the hood signaling steady, confident breathing at a rate more controlled and more assured than my own.

“Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?” stated the figure in mock annoyance.

My breathing stopped all together. My mouth fell open and I was dumb struck! Could it be! Could it actually be HER! Was it at all possible that the person who held my love more totally and completely than I could ever consciously surrender was actually standing before me! IT WAS! My feeble brain finally snapped to the image of those ankles. It recognized that voice and even clicked with delightful remembrance of the scent of her breath. As I was about to speak, my memory further confirmed the identification by recognizing the very faint hints of that familiar perfume.

I could only muster incomplete stutterings such as, “Sure… uh… How… Where… uh… How long…”

“Shhhhh”, was her confident interruption as she walked by me and into the room. “There will be plenty time for that. There will be plenty of time for conversation”, she said as the fur-lined hood of her coat slipped down behind her head.

She stood close to the fire that lit her from the side. Her golden hair came alive in the firelight. Her eyes sparkled like crystal blue precious stones and her lips silently called to me with their deep full red color. Unlike earlier, I now praised the weather for adding to her beauty with the blush of the outside air on her cheeks. She was more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

Continuing her thought, she whispered, “I did not come here to talk.”

In one smooth motion, the coat fell away from her as if simultaneously pulled by invisible strings from all directions. All I could do was repeat that same stupid stammering reaction that I had at the door.

Before me stood the vision of my wife. Her hair shown in the firelight and tickled her shoulders. Her lips bore a mischievous and confident smile. She wore only a heart-stopping teddy that was the identical soft lavender of her shoes. The thin lace-edged straps went straight down from her shoulders, widening as they went but with an obvious disregard for modesty. It was only after they reached to just above her navel that they finally met to create the body of the seductive garment. The resulting gap teasingly exposed and highlighted the wonderful roundness of her breasts without the ultimate in revelation. The laced sides of this perfect silk man-killing weapon ran high over her hips, leaving the thinnest of “Vs” covering the alluring union of her magnificent legs. I felt very silly in my green plaid “lounging” pants and a T-shirt.

“Well, aren’t you glad to see me?”, she asked, swaying slightly from side to side. I continued my moronic stare. If she had just waited a moment before posing that question, it would have become highly rhetorical. The answer was already developing and would soon be obvious to us both.

She stopped her swaying and held her arms out to me. Without a sound, she mouthed the words, “hold me” but they reached me by screaming directly into my brain. I moved to her and wrapped my arms around her. With each tightening of my embrace she surrendered in a swoon of equal amounts. I whispered my love for her as my nostrils filled with her scent, so strong in her hair and delicately laced with perfume. Her body increasingly pressed into mine as I held her closer, her form becoming more evident to me. She was beautiful and I loved her so much.

My Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort body was now well into the automatic performance of that ancient inbred reaction to such events. Even with our legs only modestly intertwined due to our standing positions, I am sure she was aware of my state. The gentle press of her thigh just a bit further made it now unmistakable and undeniable.

I kissed her. I had to! I inhaled her breath. I wanted it so badly! The press of our lips felt so wonderful. The dance of our tongues, not vulgar or obscene, was delicate and sensual. The feeling of her saliva on my lips as her tongue slid from edge to edge made me swoon. I returned the gesture. We retained our embrace. Our kisses became deeper as did our breathing. Our passion heightened. Our hearts raced. I told her over and over how much I loved her, how much I missed her and how happy her presence made me.

Mid-kiss, she took my hand and placed it upon her breast. Her erect nipple pressed hard through the silk and against my palm. My fingers gently massaged her and she moaned with approval. My attentions widened. My actions varied from tugs from my fingers on her taught buds to the firm massage of the each entire breast.

Her hand slid down between us. I felt the palm of her hand against my erection, now fully complete. She slowly rubbed up and down, each time pausing to either lightly circle my crown with her fingers or the other extreme, to firmly hold me, still through the thin fabric that still separated us. Her hand turned for a moment. The back of her hand now pressed against my hardness. I knew her fingers moved because I felt the tendons in her hand tickle me.

She brought both hands to my face and kissed me deeply. Her tongue played with mine while she held my head. There was a new sensation. It was now clear to me where her hand had been. My heart jumped. My nose filled with the scent! My head filled with the scent. It was her scent, that scent! I tried to end our kiss to speak but she would not let me. Our kiss continued. Her hand left my face and returned to the source of her arousal. Gone was any sense of timidity. Gone was any reserve of emotion. She was proving her physical surrender to our passion. This time, the motion of her hand between us was much more dramatic, much swifter. She moaned through our kissing at her own penetration. Her hand raised up and she changed the manner of our kiss. Our lips separated but our tongues danced rapidly. Her hand came between us. One finger lay against my cheek and two entered my mouth. Instantly my tongue accepted the gift of her taste. It was so wonderful, so special, so delightfully her. How could I ever thank her for that gift? Oh the sweetness, the delicious sweetness! I wanted more, so very much more!

She played with me. She moved her fingers about my mouth and on my lips and on my cheeks. She was everywhere! Her touch, her taste, her smell! I was delirious with excitement. We resumed our deep passionate kiss and her hand left my face again to repeat the process. I was ecstatic! My brain ceased to process any coherent thought. I was in love, making love, with my love! We kissed wildly, experiencing her wetness seemingly everywhere.

With our breathing at a ferocious pace, she stopped. Our faces glistened in the firelight with saliva and my darling’s wetness. She smiled and softly announced, “You have had your taste of me. Now I want my taste of you!”

Our bodies parted. She knelt before me still dressed in her spectacular lingerie. In one motion I was naked to the waste. I removed the T-shirt and stood before her completely exposed. Our eyes met again despite my erection that loomed between us. She smiled at the predicament and then began kissing my legs. She ran her hands up along my thighs to my stomach and back down again. I was bursting with excitement. My heart was pounding as she licked my legs. I watched her face the entire time and therefore did not notice the droplet of my own arousal form and fall to her shoulder. She turned to look up at me, her tongue still extended and touching my thigh. Her eyes quickly darted to the tip of my hardness as another glycerin-like strand left me, this time landing on her thigh. She smiled again, this time with a hint of wickedness. We both knew that her attentions would be much more direct now. She centered herself before me, the end of me just an inch from her full red lips still formed in a taunting smile. She knew, oh she knew exactly what I was thinking in spite of my desire not to think it. She knew me all too well. She knew how desperately I wanted her to engulf me, to take me deep into her wet mouth and envelopment me fully. She knew that I was beside myself with the desire to feel her tongue play with me in a deliberate simulation of the capabilities of her lower body. She knew of my darkest and selfish fetish for witnessing the eventual conclusion that could leave her strewn and wet with my ejaculate. She knew it, which is why she would do what she was about to do.

Looking right into my eyes, she placed the tip of tongue against the tip and slowly circled it just twice, dispersing the slippery liquid equally about her tongue and me. With our gaze maintained she backed away just slightly, creating a glistening string that momentarily connected us until is snapped when her tongue disappeared back into her mouth carrying the liquid treasure with it. She began to caress my entire length like only she could, using an extended licking tongue or with pursed and sucking lips.

With her tongue extended and sliding along me, she managed to ask me a question. We had gone through this many times before, the process and responses never changed. It was a ritual, a game to be played, and she was very good at it.

In a sultry manner and while still caressing me with her tongue, she asked, “would you like me to make you come?”

As in all previous cases, my ferocious arousal competed with my feelings of guilt and selfishness. I cowardly stammered the resulting compromise, “…uh…if you want to.”

Here, exactly according the ritual, she stopped and in mock disapproval, she sternly but still seductively rephrased the question, emphasizing each word, “Do-you-want-me-to-make-you-come-by-kissing-you?”

As usual, I felt so foolish. I sheepishly gave her the obvious and programmed answer, “….yes”, upon which she closed her eyes and went to work.

For the first time she engulfed me fully, containing my erection completely within her mouth. I shuddered uncontrollably and let out a soft deep moan. She was driving me wild. Her actions were making me delirious. I could not take my eyes off of what she was doing. My shaft glistened in the firelight with each emergence from her talented mouth. I was close, so close and my mind flashed with the intense fear that she might stop. I wanted to plead with her, to beg her to continue, to take it to the ultimate conclusion. Should I speak it? Could I speak it?

My dilemma ended with resolution unnecessary. I would not have to speak it. The end was here, the results unalterable. My buttocks clenched as my orgasm began. My legs snapped taught. The base stiffened as my beloved continued the tongued caresses of my underside through open lips. The first burst of liquid orgasm left me, partially entering her mouth, the rest leaving a streak across her cheek. Her efforts continued without deviation. She was all over me throughout my spasms of ecstasy. She surrounded the spurting crown tightly with her wonderful lips but still, white ejaculate and saliva emerged from the imperfect seal at the edges of her mouth. She took me through the final throws of my orgasm by sucking and licking the sides of my hardness as it now only seeped weekly against her cheek. I shuttered and jerked as my climax subsided. Able to acquire only partial focus of my dear’s face, I saw the look of a lioness savoring a fresh kill.

We finally lay down on the soft carpet and embraced completely naked while basking in the warmth and shimmering glow of the fireplace. I loved her so. I missed her so. She was so beautiful and feminine, so soft and beguiling. I repeatedly kissed her in homage to her beautiful face, now devoid of the results of recent events save for a faint musky scent. Ah, but another smell, decidedly and deliciously female, was also present way off in the olfactory distance.

I kissed my love’s face again and again. I buried my face into the soft contours of her neck. My tongue nibbled the lobes of her ears, not to tickle, but to arouse. Her soft moans indicated that I was successful. Slowly I made my way down her soft body, around the delicious curves of her breast. I moved across the hard taught buds of her erect nipples and along the smooth lines of her stomach. I tongued the indentation of her navel and slid into the softness of the immaculately trimmed pubic hair that adorned her mound. The heat of her passion was easily detectable. My anxious wife’s legs parted invitingly but I resisted the temptation to slip between them. I resisted the desire to experience directly the liquid fire that we both new resided there. I knew that I could never reciprocate the majestic heights that she took me to earlier but I wanted oh so much to come as close as I possibly could.

Up along the inside of her exposed thighs I caressed, up towards the source of her excitement but once again moved to gently massaged her mons. Several more times I repeated the tease until her erratic breathing behind close eyes indicated that the time was now right. This time, my motion up along her inner thigh did not deviate. My palm ran deep between her legs and easily became wet with her escaping passion. Continuing upward, the palm of my hand, now dampened, rested atop her pubic hair. My fingers dangled teasingly between the parted, naked and slickened folds that guarded her entrance. I kissed her mouth hard but not rough. My tongue slipped into her moistened mouth just as swiftly and easily as my fingers slipped past the dampened lips between her legs. We both gasped at the significance of it all. Both penetrations were punctuated by the exciting sounds of wetness.

While continually licking and kissing the lips on the mouth of my lover, my mind reveled in the sensations blessed upon my hand. My fingers were so deep into the dripping recesses of my wife. She indicated her delight with experienced squeezes of my captured fingers, expelling additional juices with each contraction. My modest and incomplete attempts at withdrawal were returned with the repeated wet clutchings of interior folds.

Eventually my fingers left her. Initially, I held my very wet hand awkwardly nearby as our kissing continued. I had to look. I had to see my fingers, so recently thrust deep into my wife, now literally dripping in the sweet thin nectar of her wet passion. My nose filled with the swirling scent of aroused womanhood, so perfectly sweet, so perfectly alluring. I so desperately wanted it on my tongue. I wanted to feel is slipperiness on my lips, on my face and in my mouth. And so I did. I devoured the delicious exotic taste of my lover.

My addiction could not stop with just one taste. Again my fingers immersed themselves in the sacred pool causing another gasp from my lover. This time the ample wetness was deposited about one breast. Around and around her rock-hard and willing nipple I swirled the super-slippery juices until evaporation resulted in a naughty stickiness. I was only too willing to lick the aroused pink button of her breast in an effort to reconstitute the wetness. Again I re-entered the luscious well and returned with soaked fingers. The groans of my lover with each visit gave proof that each penetration moved her that much closer to climax. Again I kissed her deeply on the mouth but this time, I did not keep my hand aside. I held her face through a passionate the kiss with thumb to one side and fingers to the other side of her mouth. A thick wet smear streaked across her face. I eagerly licked her face and repeated the taboo practice.

As exciting as this was, it was not enough. Now, with each trip to between my wife’s legs, my soaked fingers ran not just across her face but her mouth as well. Her eager lips soon glistened with her own sexual juices. My brain was afire with the images of me depositing her wetness directly into her mouth and me licking and sucking it all away. I delighted in the sensations of both our tongues coated in her wetness and jointly savoring the wickedly sweet taste of hot liquid passion.

My kisses, still preceded with the retrieval of her sacred nectar, moved down her neck and soon to her breasts. What a delight it was to watch her nipples react to the addition of her juices, the swirling of my fingers and the attentions of with my mouth. Down further I progressed until I slipped between her spread legs.

I looked at my wife. What a vision of feminine beauty! How glorious the sight before me! There was the physical proof of her attraction for me and the validation of my efforts thus far! Her delicate pouty lips were deep pink. Wetness was everywhere, glimmering in the firelight. Her entrance was uncovered and also deep pink with invitation. Her inner folds were swollen and anxious to grab hold of all intrusions.

My thumbs gently opened her further, exposing even more of her mysterious inner vault. Everywhere was abundantly wet and very pink. Her hard budding clitoris tightly pressed up from its protective hood. I felt as if I was a rare visitor to a sacred place, usually forbidden. I was so fortunate, so blessed, so excited. Everything was a perfect mate to my erotic senses. No sight could be more erotically beautiful. No scent could be more tantalizingly perfect. No taste could be more deliciously exquisite.

She squeezed down for me, knowing full well that I would then be able to watch her intentionally expel the alluring juices that held me so captive. I needed no further signal. My tongue licked up from below the seeping opening and rescued the escaping liquid gold from sure oblivion. My dampened tongue then penetrated where my fingers (and other prominent parts) had been before. I bathed in the sensation as her warm juices over took me. My deeply plunged tongue instantly became saturated with the taste of pure womanhood. I accepted my task with delighted fervor. Again and again I nibbled, sucked, caressed, licked and blew upon the hard direct connection to her brain designed for orgasm. Over and over again I slid my tongue deep into her to soak in the delicious lubrication. Faster and faster my attentions progressed. Deeper and deeper her breathing became.

Her climax began to sweep over her. Slowly at first, noticeable only by the first spasmodic contractions that enveloped my penetrating tongue. Her stomach tensed and relaxed. Her breathing became very short erratic gasps. Her hands reached out at phantoms for gripping support. Her buttocks became rock hard. Her back arched and remained. Her breasts heaved and swayed with her upper body. I opened my mouth wide, enveloping everything from her twitching clitoris to her entire opening. My tongue entered her with the fullest possible extension. Everything seemed to freeze as she slammed in the crest of orgasm. She collapsed back to the floor. She violently shook and shuddered. Her million internal muscles grabbed my wildly moving tongue with pulling, tugging and squeezing spasms. Feminine cum, even sweeter and richer than what I had already savored, sputtered again and again from my wife while her orgasm raged.