How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 12


Trent and I went back to our room, and as he went to fill up the hot tub on the balcony, I stopped him I could tell that he was just too tired to try anything, and so was I. Ten minutes later, we were in each other’s arms and relaxing in bed. I felt him stiffen between my cheeks and I wiggled around him and laid back.

“This is so nice.” I told him.

“MMMMhhhhhhhmmmm.” Was all I got in response. I could feel his breathing settle and deepen; I knew that he was asleep. I wiggled in a little deeper into his embrace and closed my eyes. I decided that I should get some sleep myself; the next day was our last port call.

Morning came and we were once again up early and in the gym. I could tell that I would need a vacation to recover from my vacation. A hard work out and a big breakfast and we were showering and getting ready for the day. I was starting to get excited about the excursion that we had planned for this port.

For a change, I wore a one piece bathing suit under my shorts and a white button down shirt, undone and tied at the waist. The suit was black, speedo and very form fitting. It almost completely backless and very high cut on the hips. My hair was up in another pony tail and my cork high heel sandals completed my outfit.

Anna and Adam were waiting, with a very unusual glow about them, standing very close together and holding hands. I looked at them suspiciously and they separated looking guilty, something I needed to ask Anna about. We cleared customs and headed off the ship without seeing our parents and headed directly for our trip. We booked morning trips everywhere so that we had time to shop and then get back to the ship before sailing time.

At this port you could try something called snuba, it was like scuba diving and snorkeling mixed. The tank is on the surface and you have a thirty foot hose to dive with. You didn’t have to have be a licensed scuba diver to do it and you get to see all the fish and coral around the island.

I had even bought a couple of disposable water proof cameras to take pictures under water. We met our guide and the rest of the party doing the snuba and headed out to the boat. A twenty minute ride later we were at the first dive site and the first group hit the water. We were in the second group and got to snorkel around this bay. The colors were spectacular, the fish were beautiful and the water as clear as glass. Our guide showed us all the marine life he could, sea turtles, exotic fish, coral and sponges. I took about half the roll of film, but saved the rest for the diving part of our trip. An hour after hitting the water we were on our way to the second dive site.

Here we were given weights and harnesses to keep the air lines from snagging and told how to breathe and clear our masks then it was our turn. The first breath of air under water was a sensation that I will never forget. It was obvious that all of us held our breath at first, because that is what you are taught, under water you hold your breath, but that first breath of dry clean air is a wonderful thing and very freeing.

We followed our dive leader down to the bottom of the shallow bay, there we saw the marine life closer than the snorkeling and he led us over to a sunken sail boat. We looked in the port holes and saw the deck, and I got fabulous pictures, and fell in love with diving. I made up my mind to get my scuba license and major in underwater photography in university. I went through both cameras before our guide signaled that it was time to head back. Towing the raft with the air tank on the surface was more tiring than I thought, it would be so much easier to carry your tank with you, but that was for the future.

Our boat took us back to the harbor and we went shopping. I only picked up a few dresses and wraps at Del Sol. This port was known for cheap liquor and I wasn’t having any of it. I did find a one hour photo place and had my pictures developed. Despite using such a cheap camera, some of the shots came out very clear and I was quite proud of them.

We headed back to the ship and boarded well before sailing time and headed to the café to get something to eat. During our snack I paid close attention to Anna and Adam. She was dressed in a bikini that was so high cut on her thighs, it might as well been non-existent. The top barely covered her nipples and Adam was still dressed in his speedo and thongs. They sat side by side and I could tell that they were up to something. I didn’t say anything though, I let them be.

Dinner that night was semi-formal and I dressed in a white cocktail dress, backless and four inch white heels. The Lobster Bisk was excellent and cherries jubilee was divine, I ate far too much. Then it was off for more dancing. Anna and I tore up the floor again, even going so far as to kiss on the dance floor. It was nothing much, but it was intense. Finally at around midnight, I motioned for Trent to take me back to our cabin. Out hot tub was waiting.

I told Trent to fill it while adana escort I cleaned up and came out of the bathroom in nothing but the thick terry cloth robe the ship provided. Trent was already comfortably ensconced in the whirlpool waiting for me. I stood looking out over the ocean in the moonlight and undid the belt of my robe. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw him watching me with a hungry look. Before I dropped my robe, I pulled my hair out of its ponytail and shook it out. It was times like this that I wish life had a slow motion button, I think I would have looked very good doing the head shake hair swirl thing, but I did it anyway.

The robe slipped off my shoulders and I held it under my breasts, still covering me, and started to slowly swivel my hips to a tune playing in my head. I knew that Trent was watching me without looking. My hips were working without my consent and I was loving it. I shrugged the robe down a little lower and it hung to my mid back and my hair covered my exposed skin. I shook my head and my hair came around my front and covered my breasts as I turned to face him. I looked down at him and saw his hand working up and down under the water and I shook my finger at him. Trent took the hint and brought his hand out of the water and I could see the head of his dick through the moving water.

I started to swivel my hips again and watched the look of wanting in his eyes. He was just about ripe. I slipped the robe all the way off and used my hands to cover my breasts and clit. I sauntered over to him and kneeled down by the tub. I was able to remove my hand from my clit and grasped his shaft. He squirmed in my grasp and reached for me. I moved out of his reach and waggled my finger at him again. I stood and climbed into the tub and settled down on top of him.

Trent wrapped his arms around me and grasped my right breast with one hand and my clit with the other. I wiggled on his lap and felt him slip between my cheeks. I could feel his hard on pulsing between my cheeks and the way he was stroking my clit and kissing my neck let me know that he was more than ready for me.

I rose up slightly and settled down on him again, this time he slipped inside me with ease. I was used to him by now and I just sat down and laid back against him. Trent sighed with me as he felt himself sink into my depths. I tightened my pussy around him and then relaxed. He groaned and started stroking me faster, but I grabbed his hand and had him stop.

“What is the matter?” He asked surprised.

“Nothing, I just want to feel you inside me for a while.” I replied and he looked at me funny.

“No, what is the matter?” He asked again, letting go of my clit and sitting me up. Without removing his cock, he spun me around on his lap and had me facing him.

“Tell me.” He said firmly.

“It is school.” I finally admitted.

“What about it?”

I told him everything about my submission to UCLA and that the dark pictures were not exactly what they were looking for and that I was not going to get in. By the time I was finished I was in tears.

“Just relax,” he told me, pulling me even closer. “I know that even the dark pictures you took will be well received. I am sure that everyone is submitting the nice smiling happy pictures, yours as a more real life display will stand out better for the admissions board.”

Trent tried to reassure me, but I was still preoccupied. I tried to make love to him, but it was obvious to him that I was not into it. Trent pulled out of me and just held me in the water. We cuddled there for almost an hour before the jets stopped and Trent stood and carried me to bed. He dried me off and put me to bed, leaving me alone only long enough to dry off himself and then he climbed into bed and held me till I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning, our last full day on the cruise, completely at sea the entire time as we had to get back to Miami. I got into the shower and cleaned up and dressed to go work out. Trent was up by the time I got out of the bathroom.

“Hi,” I said sheepishly.

“Good morning beautiful.” Trent said, gathering me up in his arms.

“I am sorry about last night.”

“There is nothing to apologize for.” Trent said firmly. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I got you all worked up and then left you hanging.”

“It is not the first time that has happened to me.” He said smiling, “but you have never done it to me before and I am not worried about it.”


“No buts.” He said firmly. “If you are not enjoying it, then I am not going to force you.”

“I just feel bad about getting you all worked up and then not finishing.”

“A little teasing is good for me.” Trent said. “Now, I don’t want to hear another word about it, I am going to dress and then we can go work out before breakfast.”

Trent kissed me softly and then let me go and went into bathroom. I sat on the bed and waited while I eskişehir escort tried to figure him out. Most guys would have freaked or at least grudge fucked a girl for doing that to him, but Trent just kissed me and told me not to worry. I was still sitting there thinking when he came out of the bathroom and pulled me up off the bed and we headed out.

We met Anna and Adam in the corridor and I could tell that something was going on. We chatted as we headed off to the gym.

Anna and I started our yoga, once again we were the only ones in the class and the instructor left us alone. We watched the guys for a while and then Anna started talking.

“What is the matter with you today? You have messed up the last three movements.”

I told Anna what happened the night before and she nodded, saying that it was a sign that Trent really loved me that he was not upset, and that I should think of something really special to thank him for it.

“You apologized, let it go.” Anna told me. “Just blow him when you get back to your room. He’ll think he got a good deal.”

“Thanks Anna. Now do you want to tell me what you and Adam have been up to?”

It was her turn to miss a movement.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean is he as good a fuck as he looks?”

“How would I know if…”

“Anna, I have been watching you two for a week now, I can tell when someone is in the first stages of a relationship and when a girl is getting some. Now how is he?”


“I am not judging you or saying it is wrong. I just want to know if I should be kicking myself for not sleeping with him when I had the chance.”

“Yes, you should be.” Was all she said with a shy smile and we both went back to yoga. After class I gave her a hug and wished her luck, and then a question came to my mind.

“What happens after the cruise, how can you keep it from your parents?”

“We have our own apartment near school, a two bedroom, but I think the second bedroom is about to become a spare.” She said with twinkle in her eye. With a shared laugh, we got the guys and headed to breakfast.

The day aboard ship was fully scheduled by the line, and we hit a show in the afternoon, more pool time, the girls bound together and had another spa afternoon, nails and hair for the nights formal dinner and then we joined the guys for a movie, that was a little disturbing, as the screen moved with the ship.

Trent and I headed back to our room after the movie and I noticed that I had not seen our concierge since the first day aboard, but his presence was felt, the room was always spotless and the linens changed every day. That day he left us a note stating that we should leave our clothes for the next day on the bed and pack the rest before bed and leave our luggage in the hall before bed that night.

I got cleaned up for dinner and dressed with extra care. This was our last formal night and I pulled out my special surprise dress. I saw it one day in the mall and went back when I was alone to get it. A halter top red sequined floor length gown with slips up both sides to my hips. I couldn’t wear a bra and had to wear very high cut red panties with it. The five inch red stilettos completed my outfit. If I had red hair and really big tits I could have passed for Jessica Rabbit. I practiced walking around the living room while Trent showered and dressed, working the sway that Jessica used into my motion.

I had my back to the bedroom door when Trent came out and I heard his gasp. I turned slowly to stare at him over my shoulder and he stood there with is mouth hanging open. I walked over to him, put my fingers under his chin and smiled sweetly up into his eyes.

“What’s the matter big guy, cat got your tongue?” I made a big show of looking into his mouth and said, “No, there it is, must be something else.” I pushed his chin up and closed his mouth with a snap, then tapped my fingernail on his chin, thinking slowly.

“You don’t like my dress.” I said with a pout. “I better go change then.” I hung my head down and sniffed loudly as I tried to step around him, he caught my arm and growled at me.

“Don’t you dare.” The smile he wore made me feel wonderful. “That is the most stunning thing I have ever seen. But don’t you get to far from me tonight or you will be surrounded by wolves.”

“OOOHHHHHHH, promise you will protect me.” I grasped his arm at the elbow and shivered at his side.

“Have no fear my love, you will be safe tonight, from all.” He said gallantly, and then in a whisper said, “but me.”

“I like that plan.” I said pulling him down to kiss him softly.

We headed out the door and knocked on Anna’s room. Adam opened the door and waved us inside.

“Sorry, Anna is still getting dressed. How about a drink?”

“You guys go ahead, I will go help Anna.” I stepped up to the door and found it locked.

“Adam, I told you not to come in.” Came a muffled voice sakarya escort from inside.

“Anna, its Janie, let me in to help you.”

“Oh Janie, thank God.” The door opened and Anna’s head came peeked out from behind it. I slipped inside and she slammed the door and locked it quickly. “Help.” She said plaintively

She wore a white half bra and matching panties as well as stockings and a garter belt. That seemed to be the problem.

“I don’t know how to…”

“No problem, I have helped my mom with these.” I said calmly and sat down on the bed to hook the belts to her stockings. She was already in her heels and that brought her to just the right height for me to hook her up. In minutes she was ready and we pulled the off with silk dress over her head. It settled around her frame like a second skin after I zipped her up, and you could tell that she wore a garter belt if you looked hard enough.

“You look incredible.” I told her, and meant every word. I had had limited experience with girls by then, thanks to Coach Jacobs, but seeing her in that lingerie made me want to expand on them and I thought that Adam was a lucky guy.

We stepped out into the living room to applause and whistles, I think from the fact that we were actually done dressing, until they saw Anna, then the applause got even louder. Adam came up to her and stopped clapping long enough to take her hands and kiss her gently.

“You look radiant.” He said simply.

“Thank you.” She replied demurely. “Shall we be going?”

We headed down to dinner and the stares we got on the way were worth every second we spent getting ready. I thought that Jason was going to fall over when he saw me, but Kevin couldn’t take his eyes of Anna. Finally, he was able to speak.

“What have you done to my little girl?” He asked staring at Anna.


“When did you grow up into such a beautiful young woman?”

“Oh Daddy,” Anna replied blushing.

Turning to his wife Kevin said sternly, “Jennifer, Anna is not going back to school after this trip. We are taking her home and locking her in her room.” Jennifer just smiled and smacked his arm.

Dinner that night was a real show; the appetizers were delicious, caviar and shrimp. The main course was surf and turf, I picked at the lobster, but Trent was kind enough to finish me steak, it was just too much for me. Desert was Baked Alaska, complete with the lights going out and the flaming desert being served by its own light.

After dinner we headed out on deck and this time it was Trent beside me as we looked at the stars. At midnight, we went back to the dinning room and looked at the massive final night buffet. The chefs and cooks had gone all out. I couldn’t eat anything anyway and I was glad, as it would have been a sin to destroy such art work. I ran and got my camera and got some pictures before the crowd destroyed the magnificent creations.

We went back to our cabin after that and packed the last of our clothes and put everything but our travel clothes in the living room for the porters to off load for us. The last thing that Trent did before he came to bed was to leave a very large tip for the concerige.

As he slipped into bed, I reached for him, he grabbed my wrist and kissed the inside of my arm and wrapped it around his neck.

“No, Janie, I just want to hold you tonight. This is the last night we get to sleep together for a while you know.” Trent said as he pulled me close.

“That’s right, and I don’t intend to waste it just cuddling, so shut up and put out.” I demanded, grabbing his cock and stroking him as I kissed him. His response was just what I hoped it would be, he thrust his tongue in my mouth and tried to crush me to his chest.

Our tongues dueled for supremacy in each other’s mouths as I gripped his rapidly hardening cock, my nails dragging up and down his length. He moaned into my mouth and I knew that I had him. His hand closed around my nipple and the other on my clit. He started to thrust in and out of my fist and I knew it was time.

I broke his embrace, but not the kiss and slipped on top of him. His shaft slid between my cheeks and I wiggled him into place at my entrance. The pre-cum he was leaking was all the lube I needed and as he pressed against my rosebud, I relaxed and drove down onto him.

The entrance into my pussy was sharp and delicious and we both hissed at the same time. I got him fully seated and wiggled a little to make sure he was all the way in then sat up. That drove him still deeper into me and I moaned in delight. Balancing myself with a hand on his chest I got my feet under me and looked down at him with an evil smile.

“Hang on baby.” I said as I stated to ride him. With very little lube, it was a little more painful than usual, but I loved the feel of just him inside me. Trent brought his hands up and began to tweak my nipples and I did the same to him. This was not a slow gentle love making, I was riding him like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby, if I had had a whip, I would have used it on him.

He moved his hands down to my hips and started thrusting even harder against me. I was going to have a hard time walking the next day, but that was not something that I cared about right then. My man was inside me and that was all that mattered.