Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 02


After our early morning session, we got ready to go out and were soon on our way. Donna was again wearing shorts and a tank top, though today she had on a pair of very small denim shorts that showed off her legs nicely. We grabbed a bagel at the local bakery, and headed for Arkansas.

We stopped at the chapel in Bella Vista, Donna admiring the work of Fay Jones, then went on to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville. She was reveling in all the artwork there, and really enjoyed the visit. We held hands as we walked through the museum, enjoying each other’s company as much as the exhibits. We did a quick lunch on the square, then off to Bartlesville. We had time to talk on the two hour trip, and we got to know more of each other’s history, as well as well as explore many things about ourselves. We discovered there was a lot of common ground, Donna was well spoken and well rounded, with a wide range of knowledge and interests, which I found quite appealing.

We ran off the 120 miles to Bartlesville quickly, and pulled up at the Price Tower. I grabbed some of our bags and we went to check in. As we were checking in, the girl at the desk asked when we’d be ready for the tour.

“You got us a tour??” asked Donna, surprised.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I knew how much you wanted to see the building, so I booked one for us. Surprise!!”

Donna beamed. “I never thought I’d get to see this building, and you have a tour set up!! Thank you, this is so wonderful. What a great day this has turned into.”

“Let’s go stow our stuff in the room, and we’ll come back and do the tour. Then we’ll go to dinner. After that, I have another surprise.”

“You’re just not going to stop, are you??”

“I knew this would be the high point of your trip, so I wanted to make it special. I have dinner reservations at the Copper Bar on the top floor.”

Donna looked at me, her big brown eyes looking like they were going to melt. She stretched up on tip toes-she’s only 5 foot 1-and kissed me as we waited for the elevator. The bell rang as it arrived.

“I hope you’re not claustrophobic,” I said as the door opened.

“No, I’m not,” she said, curiously. “Should I be worried??” The elevator door opened as she spoke. She looked in. “Oh!! Well, I can see why!!” The elevators in that building are tiny, little bigger than a phone booth. “I hope the rooms are bigger!!”

“Actually, they’re quite spacious,” I said. “You’ll be impressed.” We got in, and I held her close as we went up to the tenth floor.

The elevator opened and we went to our room. I keyed in and we went inside. The rooms are done in period furniture designed by Wright-he left nothing to chance in his buildings, typically designing the furniture and accessories along with the structures themselves. Donna was agape as she looked at the room.

“This is fabulous!!” she exclaimed, looking through the room and all the furniture. “I never imagined it would look so good in real life. I’d seen photos, but being here is just unbelievable!!” Donna turned to me and hugged me. “This is so stunning. I’m so glad I came down to see you so we could do this.”

We separated, and then headed back downstairs so we could take our tour. We saw all the accessible parts of the building, including Harold Price’s office, and the only round object in the building-his globe. Wright had designed the building so there were no right angles and no curves. He was actually perturbed that Price wanted the globe in his office. After the tour, we went to the Wright museum on the ground floor, and looked at the drafts for the tower, some of the specially designed furniture, as well as displays on some of his other houses. Donna was eating it up-she was just in Frank Lloyd Wright heaven. I was enjoying watching her checking everything out like a little kid in a candy shop.

At Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort the end of the exhibit, Donna was ecstatic. “This is just amazing. I never imagined it would be so comprehensive, and everything would be as if he left it yesterday. Thank you, thank you!!” She kissed me, and hugged me tight. I took her by the hand. “Let’s go get dressed for dinner,” I said, walking to the elevator.

We went back to our room and proceeded to dress. I was going to wear black jeans and western style shirt. When I asked Donna what she planned to wear, she hit me with my own line: “It’s a surprise!!”

“I see,” I said. “Will I like your surprise??”

“I think you will,” said Donna with a sly smile. “Oh, I think I left one of my bags in the car. Could you run down and get it??”

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll be right back.”

I went down to the car and retrieved Donna’s bag. When I got back to the room, I got my surprise. Donna was at the window in a short black dress and heels. It came a little more than halfway down her thighs, showing off her bare cheerleader legs wonderfully. When she turned, I could see the front was a deep scoop neck. While she did not have much in the way of cleavage, I saw that I was going to get a show if she leaned forward. I could see she was not wearing a bra under it, as it was rather form fitting. She looked stunning. She smiled at me as I looked at her.

“You look amazing!!” I said to her. “Your husband should have his head examined for not coming out on this trip. Any guy would be thrilled to have you on his arm tonight, as I am. I’ll have the hottest date at the concert.”

Donna looked at me quizzically. “Concert??” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied, pulling a pair of tickets out of my pocket, handing them to her. “OK Mozart. We have tickets for tonight’s event. They’re doing one of the Divertimentos, the 23rd Piano Concerto, and finishing with the Symphony no 40.” It should be pretty good.”

Donna again looked at me as if she were going to melt. “If you’re not careful, I’m going to fall in love with you.”

“That would not be the worst thing to happen to me this year,” I said, smiling at her. She stood up on her toes and kissed me, soft and sweet. As we broke our kiss, I took her hand and led her to the door, and we went up to the restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant where the hostess confirmed our reservation and seated us. Donna sat first, on the far side of the table. As she was sitting down, her dress rode up and I got another surprise. Under that little black dress I saw a lot of cheerleader thigh, topped by a patch of blonde hair. I don’t think she had planned to spring that on me til later, but I was going to have fun with it. I didn’t let on that I had seen, and we started into dinner, having a discussion of the building and what we had seen. I could not keep out of my mind that I was sitting there at dinner with a good looking blonde who was not wearing panties under her dress, her little bare blonde snatch just waiting for me to come get it.

We finished dinner and went over to the Community Center for the concert. We had seats on the left side of the hall, so we could see the soloist play the piano during the 23rd concerto, one of my favorites, and one I hoped Donna would enjoy. There were some empty seats next to us, though the row behind us was mostly filled. Donna enjoyed the first half of the concert, and was pleased to be able to watch the pianist during the concerto. I discovered she was familiar with the work, and we had a nice chat about its merits and the performance over a couple glasses of wine during intermission. The only piece on the second half of the program was the Mozart Symphony No 40, a brooding work in G minor that, despite its dark tone, is quite beautiful. During the second movement, I put my hand on Donna’s left thigh, gently caressing as the music played. She slid down in her seat to allow me more range, and I was soon rubbing my fingers up and down her slit, which was opening to my touch.

When I first reached her pubes, she leaned over to me and whispered “Surprise!!” I looked at her and smiled back.

“Guess I’m not the only one with surprises tonight,” I whispered back. Donna kissed me on the cheek and laid her head on my shoulder. In the darkened concert hall, I continued my attention to her wonderfully bare pussy, gently and slowly playing during the slow second movement, then picking up the pace during the third, a driving minuet that alternated with a quieter trio section. I almost had her to orgasm when the minuet ended, taking a much slower approach when the trio started, taking her to the brink then backing off. That had to be making her crazy. The movement ended with the minuet repeating, and I had her almost all the way there when it ended. The last movement is an allegro, fast and intense. I used a light touch, alternating with pressure on her clit. About halfway through, I felt her tense up and looked over to see her face grimacing as she bit on her lip to keep from crying out. Her pussy soaked my hand as I held it in her, and I could feel her hips shaking as she had a crashing orgasm, but could not let out a sound. She regained her composure in time for the end of the piece, and we left during the curtain calls. We walked hand in hand back to Price Tower, where she all but tackled me in the elevator.

“I’m gonna get you for that!!” she said, unzipping me and pulling my cock out, stroking it. “You better be ready to make me come again. That was just mean what you did to me at the concert, making me come like that and I couldn’t make a sound!!”

“I bet that really intensified it for you, not being able to make any noise. Besides, that’s what happens to girls who don’t wear panties,” I said, teasing her. She put me away as we reached our floor. I keyed us into the room, and she pulled me to her, kissing me hard. “I’ll be right back,” said Donna, going into the bathroom. I sat on the bed, took my boots off and opened my shirt. Donna came out of the bathroom, ripped my shirt open(fortunately a western shirt with snaps) and pushed me down on the bed. I pushed myself up so I’d be all the way on it, and Donna climbed up, straddling me til she was hovering over my face. She pulled her dress up so she could spread her legs wider, and I was facing down her wide open blonde snatch, already very wet from her orgasm in the concert hall.

“See what you did?? I’ve been open like that for 45 minutes. Now you’re going to do me just like you did in at the concert, but with your tongue.” Donna looked down at me with a wicked look. I looked up at her as she lowered her pussy onto my face. The aroma was intoxicating, and it made my stiff cock only harder as I started licking her in time to the music we had just heard. The alternating short and long notes allowed me to give her varied attention to her once again moistening twat, and I took the opportunity to stick my tongue inside her, tasting her and licking around her clit. Despite having had a shower in the morning, she still had a taste of my wake up load. She was already primed from her first come, and was starting to get really wet, her juices running down my cheeks. She took my head and held it to her now spasming pussy as she came hard all over my face, crying out as her orgasm washed over her. I lapped up her woman come as fast as I could while she shook and moaned on top of me. I let her down slowly, gently licking her and kissing her thighs as best I could reach.

Donna looked down at me with the exhausted, disheveled look of a woman who had just come intensely. “OK, you redeemed yourself. I haven’t come that hard in longer than I can remember.”

“So what’s my reward??” I asked, smiling up at her. “How about some of that oral action in return??”

Donna smiled. “Maybe you deserve a little too.” She dismounted my face, turned and straddled me again, this time facing away from me. She leaned forward and pulled my cock out of my pants, pushing them down for better access, finally helping me kick them off onto the floor. I was already leaking a steady stream of come from the excitement of eating Donna’s pussy in such a frenzy. She took my cock in her mouth, commenting that I seemed to be well on the way without her even touching me. The bonus for me was that as she leaned forward, her dress rode up, again exposing her open labia to me. As she took my swollen cock in her mouth, I licked her lips up and down, and then her clit. She lifted off me, looking back at me. “If you keep doing that, I’m never going to get a good taste of you.”

“I’ll go easy. Don’t want you to be deprived,” I said. Donna gave me a smirk and went back to sucking my dick. She did a marvelous job, going up and down on it, giving the head attention by swirling her tongue over it. I was soon leaking a generous amount of come into her mouth. Donna was dripping again from the steady attention I was giving her well worked pussy, and again lifted off me as I sent her into another orgasm. She came down from the ecstasy and sat up, turning to face me.

“I want that cock inside me,” said Donna, taking my cock and rubbing the head up and down her opening. Her dress rode up as she spread her legs around me, allowing me a good look at her cheerleader legs on each side of me, her blonde muff open and ready for my swollen cock to penetrate her. She had small pouty labia that were nicely parted, just waiting for a hard cock to slide between them. Donna took my rock hard dick, put the head at her opening, and slid down on me. I watched as first the head, then the shaft disappeared inside her. She took me easily, having had multi orgasms and being well juiced. I felt her ass hit my balls. She settled in, wiggling her hips as she adjusted to my presence inside her. Her eyes glowed as she looked at me.

“Now let’s see what I can do with that thing,” said Donna. She started to ride me, steady at first, then pounding me as she got into it. At that point she lifted her dress off, leaving her naked as she rode. I pushed back, meeting her down thrusts as she hit bottom on me. After about 10 minutes, she reached for me. I took her hands, our fingers entwining. She shuddered as she orgasmed on my cock. Her eyes closed and she squeezed my fingers tightly. Her orgasm brought me closer to mine, and I could feel her pussy getting slicker as my come seeped inside her. Donna felt it too.

“Come in me baby. I know you want to. I can feel you making me sloppy and wet, and that fat cockhead swelling and leaking your hot sweet come inside me.” Her eyes were still closed, as if she were almost in a trance. I felt her wedding and engagement rings digging into my fingers. I looked up at her, in her own world, lost in the rapture of hot sex. She tensed as she came, her pussy squeezing my pulsing dick. As she came, I did, blowing a huge load, burst after burst of hot sperm deep into her, making her orgasm roll on like thunder as it splashed into her womb and overflowed back onto me. It was hot watching her tits bounce as she came, her perky erect nipples standing out.

Finally we both stopped coming, Donna by then resting her head on my chest as she caught her breath. Donna looked up and kissed me, then rolled off me onto the bed. As soon as she changed position, a thick streak of semen rolled down her thigh and onto the sheet. She smiled and scooped it up, pushing it back inside her.

“That was pretty hot for an old married lady,” I said.

“Yeah, too bad my husband doesn’t know!!” Donna shot back. I pulled the covers up and we lay there, kissing gently til we dozed off. Tomorrow the adventure would continue.