A Magical Night


The long-awaited night was finally here and the anticipation of waiting for our friend Sheryl to arrive was almost more than we could bear. Looking at my wife Debbie as we smile at each other, I can tell she is as nervous as I am as we’ve never done anything like this before; when we had asked our friend to join us for a threesome we had half expected her to say no, not accept our invitation.

As we’re waiting I can’t help but think, what if this ruin’s our friendship, what if we can’t satisfy her, what if she doesn’t have any fun? I remember the look in her eyes and seeing the smile that came to her face when we asked her to join us for an evening of fun and she said yes. The knock on the door brings me back to reality and away from my worried thoughts as my wife and I go to greet our friend.

Opening the front door and seeing Sheryl blushing and smiling nervously at us puts us more at ease, seeing she’s as nervous as we are. “I’m sorry I’m a little late, I almost texted you to cancel. I’ve never done anything like this before either and I’ve never been with another woman,” she says nervously, smiling at us.

After welcoming her inside I hear my wife gently tell her, “We’re glad you didn’t and I’m glad you decided to come over and be with us tonight. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, we just want you to have a fun evening.” After helping her out of her coat each of us embrace her with a loving hug, holding her small frame against our own before both of us take her hands and guide her to our bedroom.

After turning the light off to make us more comfortable, Debbie and I take turns between kissing her lips and kissing and sucking on her neck, only letting our lips break contact with her soft skin long enough to slide her shirt over her head. Slowly I let my hand caress her skin as I slide my hand back down her back to undo her bra and let it slide away from her body.

Happy to hear her whimpering moans of pleasure, I smile at my wife as I watch her cup one of Sheryl’s soft breasts in her hand and run her tongue over her hardening nipple before sucking it into her mouth causing a ragged moan to escape Sheryl’s lips as she wraps one arm around my wife and strokes her hair.

We gently guide her to the edge of the bed, and I slowly kiss my way down her chest stopping to suck and taste her other nipple before continuing to kiss down her belly, only stopping when I get to her jeans.

Slowly I undo Sheryl’s jeans. My wife and I gently pull them and her panties down to her knees. Feeling her body shiver with excitement, I gently wrap my hands around her ass, pulling her close to my face and slowly run my tongue over her bare pussy tasting her for the first time, while feeling Sheryl’s body shiver with excitement. Then sharing her with my wife, grinning as I watch her have a taste of our friend. After having her sit on the end of the bed, we take her shoes and socks off then continue sliding her jeans and panties down and off her legs. With Sheryl helping, my wife and I strip out of our own clothes eager to feel Sheryl’s naked skin against our yalova escort own.

Looking up at us and smiling, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had any,” Sheryl softly tells us, reaching out, making me shiver as she touches and puts her hand around my hard cock. Slowly she puts her mouth around it, tasting me with her tongue and sucking on my shaft for a few minutes as I let out a shuddering breath as I stroke her hair. After releasing my cock from her mouth, I watch her turn to my wife and cup her beasts in her hands, tasting her nipples and gently sucking on each of them, causing a pleasurable whimper to escape my wife’s lips.

Free of our clothing, my wife and I move to each side of Sheryl, gently laying her back on our bed as we move closer to her face, each of us kissing her soft lips at the same time. Then we move down to suck and roll our tongues around her hard nipples and let our hands roam over the rest of her body.

Hearing Sheryl’s gasping, panting breaths as we caress her body, I gently run my hand up her inner thigh feeling her shake and take a sharp intake of breath as I cup her pussy in my hand. Feeling that she’s already very wet, I gently slide a finger through her slit and find her clit. Gently messaging her clit with my fingers, I feel my wife’s hand join mine and slowly push her fingers inside Sheryl, forcing her body to shudder and her to wrap her arms around each of us, holding us closer to her naked body.

Soon Sheryl is arching her head back and clutching us in her arms as she shakes between us as her first orgasm for the evening consumes her yelling, “YES, DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP.” Fingering her faster and sucking harder on her nipples, we hear her yelling moans turn into short panting gasps as her eyes go wide and her body goes rigid and we feel her hips and pussy convulsing under our fingers.

Holding Sheryl between us, we let her catch her breath while caressing her body with our hands. When her breathing returns to normal, I watch Debbie kneel beside her with her head towards the end of the bed, slide her head down between her legs to taste Sheryl’s pussy once more.

As I’m listening to Sheryl’s soft moans while watching my wife lick and suck her pussy, I softly kiss Sheryl’s lips and search for her tongue with my own while softly stroking her cheek with my hand. Lifting my head up to see her smiling at me between panting breaths, I move to the other side of her and smile back at her as she watches me start to play with my wife.

I run my hand under my wife caressing her soft pussy in my hand, causing her to moan a gasping breath into Sheryl’s pussy with my touch; feeling her wetness from the extra excitement of playing with our friend. As I roll over on my back and slide my head under her and pull her to my mouth, I feel a hand sliding over my leg and feeling my hard cock.

As she feels me slide my tongue between her lips and gently suck on her clit, my wife starts to grind her wet pussy on my face. Soon I can feel her body shaking over me and her legs clutching my head between them as she screams her zonguldak escort release into Sheryl’s pussy; soon I can hear Sheryl screaming as well and tugging on my cock in rhythm with her spasms.

As I get up on my knees, Debbie moves up our friend’s sweaty, naked body to embrace her. With Sheryl watching, I slide my cock into my wife, slowly pushing myself in and out of her, forcing her to keep her orgasm going and her spasms to continue, being careful not to make myself finish as well. With the two women embracing each other, my wife clutches on to Sheryl, holding her close as she orgasms and shakes on top of her.

After taking a moment for us to rest, I slide down Sheryl’s body running my tongue between her lower lips. Gently flicking my tongue through her wet slit and teasing her inner labia, I suck her clit into my mouth.

Looking up with a grin on my face and Sheryl’s clit in my mouth, I see my wife snuggled up beside her, kissing her lips and playing with Sheryl’s nipples. Softly rolling my tongue around her clit, I push two fingers in her wet hole, slowly twisting them around inside her as I hear Sheryl moan and feel her gasping breath. As soon as she starts to shake, I get up and replace my fingers with my cock, slowly pushing into her body. Feeling her warm softness around me, I slowly fuck her until her shaking turns to spasming and her moaning screams go silent.

Finally I yell out myself as my body goes tense and I bury my cock inside her as far as it will go and smile at her as I see her desperately grabbing on to my wife while silently screaming with pleasure as my cock twitches inside her.

After a short time with the two of us holding Sheryl between us, I watch as she turns to my wife and rolls her onto her back. With all her inhibitions at rest, she sweetly and softly says, “It’s your turn now,” as she tenderly kisses my wife on her lips and slowly kisses her way down her chest.

Stopping on her way down to caress her breasts and roll her nipples between her fingers before sucking one into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it, Sheryl caused a gasping moan to escape my wife’s lips as she wraps her arms around our lover.

I lay beside them excitedly watching as my wife and our friend, our new lover, make love to each other. I watch as Sheryl kisses her way down my wife’s stomach and buries her face in her wet pussy, forcing a ragged moan to escape from my wife’s lips. Moving closer, I gently run my hand down Debbie’s cheek while feeling her panting breaths against my face, and then farther down to play with her breasts as I press my lips against hers, kissing her long and hard, feeling her tongue with my own. Slowly I kiss my way down her neck till I get to her breasts then I replace Sheryl’s lips that were on my wife’s nipples with my own, while twisting and pulling on the other with my fingers.

Feeling my wife squirm and wiggle under me as Sheryl plays with her pussy and I with her breasts, sucking on one nipple and rolling and squeezing the other with my fingers, I switched to the other. Soon I feel zonguldak escort her body tensing up and start to shake and spasm under us. Sheryl and I continue playing with my wife, riding out her spasms and thrashing on the bed until her orgasms are over and she lays still, panting and exhausted.

As Sheryl moves up from between my wife’s legs I meet her face with mine and softly kiss her, tasting my wife on her lips as I entangle her tongue around mine before we go up and passionately kiss my wife.

The three of us, exhausted from our evening of fun, pull the comforter up around us and lay wrapped in each other arms and drift off to sleep smiling, holding each other close.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, I wake up to a very pleasant surprise as I find Sheryl and Debbie kneeling on each side of me, both taking turns sucking on my hard cock. Smiling at the two women going down on me I reach a hand out to each of them, running my hands over both their wet pussies. Seeing I’m awake, they push back on my hands, inviting me to push my fingers into them.

Smiling as I feel their warm wet softness slide over my fingers, I can feel their soft breasts jiggle and bounce on my waist as their wet warm mouths slide down and back up my cock.

After riding my hand for a while, Sheryl reaches back and pulls my hand out of her pussy. I see her moving back as she turns her head and smiles at me with a mischievous grin on her face. I watch her pussy come up and over my face and she slowly lowers herself to my waiting mouth.

I can smell her wonderful wet fragrance as she lowers her pussy lips against my mouth and pushes my nose through her slit till it rubs against her clit. As she slowly slides back and forth riding my face, I flick my tongue out, touching her wherever I can as I feel the warm wet softness of my wife’s pussy slide around and down my cock. As the two women ride me, I can hear the unmistakable sound of them kissing each other in between their moaning breathes; and dogs barking in the distance.

Soon I can feel the two women shaking on top of me as their moaning breathes turn to raged panting, and I hear them scream out as ecstasy takes their bodies. I hold onto Sheryl’s legs keeping her lips pressed against my mouth as she clutches onto my wife and tries to pull away from my flicking tongue.

With the two women shaking on top of me, I feel my climax getting closer as they hold on to each other and orgasm on top if me. Raising my waist up, pushing my cock farther into my wife, giving her one last thrust while screaming into Sheryl’s pussy, I feel my cum flood Debbie and my cock start to go soft. All the time hearing the dogs barking outside getting closer.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Opening my eyes from being woken up from hearing the dog bark outside, I sit up in our bed, seeing my wife still sleeping peacefully beside me. Looking around, I realize Sheryl’s not here and it’s still the middle of the night. Smiling at myself, knowing my wife will love hearing about this dream in the morning, I lay back down next to her and lovingly wrap my arm around her, holding her close to me and slowly fall back to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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