First Date


We get back to your place after a nice coffee date, it was a great day. We laughed and talked like old friends and the other part of our conversations never came up. When you asked me back to your place, I was hesitant but I said yes anyways knowing that I didn’t want this night to end too quickly.

You let me walk in first, like a gentleman, and I am in complete awe of the beauty just the entryway of your home offers. You laugh as I look around the room and help me with my jacket so you can hang it up on the coat rack beside yours. You give me a few more moments to soak in my surroundings before coming over to me.

“Take your clothes off,” you whisper in my ear.

I turn to look at you, not completely sure if I heard you right. Your face has gone from the friendly face I had seen all night to a stern one of authority. I know better than to disobey you and yet still I am hesitant. The look you give me makes reminds me that I am the slave and it is my place to listen to you.

I slowly start taking my clothes off, I am still very shy and I want to prolong my modesty for as long as I can. “I will tear those clothes off of you if you don’t hurry up.” I know you would too so I quickly take off my shirt and pants, cursing myself for not wearing any panties this morning, and my bra follows shortly after. “Now bend over and pick up your mess and fold them neatly,” you scold me like a child.

I quickly bend over, not even thinking about what you have in mind. I soon find out, as the smack on my ass catches me off guard. It doesn’t hurt, just stings my ass and I know you could do it much harder. This is your way of reminding me of my place, and the power you have, it turns me on.

I make quick work of folding my clothes and standing back up, thanks to your encouraging spanks. You make me give you my clothes and you place them in a hidden wall safe behind a beautiful picture on the wall and lock it.

“A little more incentive for you to please me tonight.” Not that I needed it, but now it keeps me from chickening out. I giggle even though I am nervous as hell now, but you smile at me and jojobet suddenly my fears disappear. I can trust you, I know this. “How about you tie your hair up, Princess.” The nickname makes me smile, even though I know it’s more of a condescending nickname.

I bring my hands up to pull my hair into a nice high ponytail, making sure to get every loose strand of hair. Meanwhile, you take advantage of my raised arms to play with my nipples. You pinch and pull them, twist and flick them while I get my hair set up perfectly.

“Much better,” you smile as you look it over. “Wouldn’t you agree.” You make a show of tugging on the ponytail I made and demonstrate just how much more control it gives you.

“Yes Sir,” I mumble as my cheeks blush.

“What was that, I can’t hear you.” I know you did, you are just trying to humiliate me even more.

“Yes Sir,” I say louder and it echoes through the open entryway.

The smug smile on your face tells me you are enjoying my humiliation as you walk around my body eyeing every inch of it. “What should I do with you,” you whisper in my ear as you run your fingertips over my body. “I want to enjoy everything my slavegirl has to offer.” You tease me more with your fingers as you get dangerously close to my soaking wet pussy.

“My body is yours to do with as you please Sir.”

You laugh at such a statement coming from me, such a shy person, but you appreciate it even more that way. “Get down on your knees.”

I am overjoyed when you say this, I think finally I will be able to show you just how much I can please you. But, you are not done teasing me yet. You make me follow you around the house on my hands and knees as you lead the way to the living room. You sit down in your favourite spot and call me over to you. When I get between your legs you undo your pants and pull your cock out.

“Now show me what that dirty mouth of yours is good for. And, if you do a good job I will give you your bra back to go home in”

I am more than happy to start licking and sucking your cock and I am fully enjoying myself until you turn the jojobet Giriş television on and stop paying all attention to me. I start feeling like such a dirty slut, lower than low, not even worthy of your attention. This is the point. I keep doing my best though, sucking as much as I can, even choking myself on your cock every once in a while trying to get some sort of reaction, but you give me nothing. The only response I ever get is you reminding me that your balls need attention too.

After your program is done you hold my head down as far as you can and buck your hips up to drive your cock as deep down my throat as possible and cum in my mouth. “You better swallow that gift I just gave you.” And I do, happily.

“Thank you Sir,” I blush knowing I am completely submissive to you now.

“For your sake you better hope your other holes please me more than this one.” You stand up and put your pants back up. “Come,” you call to me as you lead the way up stairs to one of the bedroom.

This room is beautiful too. It has a huge four poster bed in the middle of the room with restraints handing from each post. The room is filled with dressers and cabinets and I can only imagine what is in them, but I hope I am about to find out. You are waiting for me by the bed and I get the hint, I quickly go lay down on my back.

I offer my wrists to you and you tie them up to the restraints on the posts and I stretch my legs out expecting you to tie my legs in a spread eagle way but you don’t. You take out ankle cuffs from the bedside table and tie them around my legs. I am curious about this but I know better than to ask. You pull my legs up and tie the cuffs to the same posts my arms are tied, leaving my virgin holes on display and exposed to you.

“Look how wet you are,” you say to humiliate me as you run your fingers up and down my slit. “I think this means I won’t need any lube when I fuck your ass.” I can feel my ass clench and I know you notice too.

You go to one of the dressers and I can’t see what you get but you come back fairly quickly with a few things in your hands. jojobet Güncel Giriş I feel something being exploring my slit and I assume it is your fingers, but I get a surprise when you push the buttplug deep into my ass and give it a little tap.

“I’m too nice to you sometimes.” You start using a blogger on my inner thighs, hitting my pussy and belly every so often just to keep me wondering where the next hit will be. “I’m giving your ass time to get used to being filled before I fuck you.”

“Thank you Sir.”

You flog me a little longer and when I start getting a red tint to my skin, you ask me if I am ready. I have been ready since we ordered our first cup of coffee. But of course nothing with you is ever easy. You make me beg you to fuck me, beg you to take my virginity and turn me into your little slut. While I’m begging, without warning you drive your cock into my tight pussy, making me scream. It hurts, but the pleasure outweighs the pain, and you are nice enough to move slowly, to let me get used to being filled.

It’s not long before my hips are bucking as much as they can and I feel my orgasm coming. You must feel this too because you are quick to tell me not to cum or I will be punish. You keep pounding my pussy, now as fast and hard as you can, all the while asking how my ass feels as you push the plug in.

After a few more minutes you look down at me, “Which of your holes should I cum into this time.”

I fall into this trap. “My pussy Sir, please.”

“Your ass it is.” You wink and pull out of me.

You pull the plug right out of my ass, but assure me that my ass won’t be lonely long. You take your time this time with my ass and slowly push your cock into my ass, inch by inch. Finally, after some pain and pleasure, your cock is deep in my ass. You slowly start fucking me and wait until I am moaning like a common whore to start picking up the pace. I am loving this fucking almost as much as the fucking you gave my pussy.

“Do you still want to cum,” you ask as you fuck my ass in full force. Of course I do. You let me cum, telling me how dirty I am, enjoying an anal fucking so much that I can orgasm off of it but I don’t care, it feels so good.

Once you have cum deep in my ass, you untie me and lay beside me in bed. “You did well princess,” you kiss my forehead as we cuddle and recover from our night.