How I Met My Shemale


I’d like to tell a story of something that happened shortly after I moved into the city after leaving my farm life and country home when I was in my early twenties. I was okay looking and very sexual but I had no experience at all. I grew up in a small religious community and just never connected with the few available girls in the area. I found life in the city while going to university very lonely although I was suddenly exposed to the sight of many sexy women.

Fall gave way to winter and I began riding the city bus regularly. That’s where I first met her. She was in a word perfect. She boarded the cold, crowded bus. Our eyes met briefly and she made her way over to me. I shifted in my seat and she slid into the tight space beside me. She stared straight ahead, as if to be unaware of our thighs being pressed so closely together. I was sharing my body heat with her and I loved every second of it.

Sadly, the ride was soon over for her and she got up and started on her way off the bus. I couldn’t believe how sexy her derrière looked. Her jeans were tight and thin and encased her round female form beautifully. I couldn’t help admiring her bottom and muscular thighs, taught and flexing under the thin faded denim as she walked away. I closed my eyes and inhaled her sweet scent that lingered all around me.

When I opened my eyes, an older lady was staring down at me, her mouth open in a shocked expression. She was blushing and switching her glances between my face and my lap. In all the excitement I wasn’t aware of the silvery streams of precome that were rushing out of my throbbing erection as it was causing a considerable bulge in my pants.

A shining orb of my secretion was swinging at the end of a clear strand that had forced its way out and was now in plain view. I was so embarrassed, my face turned a shade of crimson as I covered the glistening mess in my lap. Hot tears of humiliation stung my eyes and I left the bus at the next stop. After I got to the campus, I went straight to the washroom and relieved my highly sexually charged condition. It was the first time I had ever done that in a public place.

From that time on she starred in every wet dream of mine. Often I would dream of her pulling my hair, grinding her hard clitoris and swollen vaginal lips against my mouth. She’d be wearing her lacy black panties and nylon stockings, complete with garter straps. Every time I would prod her hooded clit with my tongue she would squeeze her creamy thighs together around my head, her lacy stocking tops clamping harshly against my ears. As the pressure built, I would feel my impending orgasm begin and I would wake up, shaking and left with a raging hard erection to contend with.

Our bus riding encounters continued all that winter and we got to know each other well. We had a lot in common and shared an undeniable chemistry between us. I craved her musky perfumed fragrance and she became all I could think about. She was fascinating to me, as she was so very sophisticated and dignified yet possessed such a voluptuous body that filled my mind and body with the most vulgar of desires.

Finally the day came where she suggested we should go to a luxury spa hotel together over the Xmas holiday. I was a bit shocked at how matter of factly she stated this as we always seemed to skirt the usual romantic topics couples share. She sensed my discomfort and leaned in close. I then experienced my first kiss. I’ll never forget the sensation of her hot wet lips sucking hungrily against mine. After doing this, she leaned back with a look of triumph and satisfaction on her izmir escort face. Her’s was most beautiful face I could imagine, with her sexy green eyes dancing as she looked at me.

Then she surprised me again. Her long fingers unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her breasts together. All I could do is gaze at her impossibly smooth breast flesh with wonder. Her cleavage was framed by the lace tops of her bra and made my mouth water. My penis jumped in response to her nylon covered thighs closing hotly around my knee. Our relationship had definitely reached the place I wanted the most and I couldn’t have been happier.

We booked the room and we drove to the hotel. It took a couple hours to get there. As we conversed together she unashamedly caressed my hard on under my jeans and brought me to the brink of climaxing several times. She gathered my precome on her fingertips and spread it accross her lips, then kissed me fully on the lips. Her tongue penetrated forcefully into my mouth, driving my sweet, salty sex nectar deeply into my mouth.

It was hard to concentrate on driving but I stayed on course somehow. Strangely she wouldn’t let me stroke her sexual area between her firm, curvy thighs. She just laughed and said, ” How cute that you think you get to do that to me.”

We got to our room later that day. She massaged my back and nibbled at my ears as I sat on the edge of the bed. She was very good at this and I could feel her hard nipples grazing against my back.

She then got down on her knees in front on me and demanded I show her my cock.

I did so while blushing profusely, turning my head to one side in embarrassment. I glanced at her as her eyes widened and shone. My embarrassment lessened when Isaw that her gaze was fixed on the sight of my throbbing, slightly upward curving sex organ. Her finger tips played up and down the length of it as I quivered with lust. Then she silently mouthed the words, “Oh fuck, you’re so hard for me.”

I felt that I had come too far to stop now but I was overcome by guilt. I had always planned to wait until I was married to share this with someone. She said, “Just relax, I’ll take care of you.”

And she did. She drew my hard dribbling glans into her hot mouth, savoring the taste of it all. My velvety virgin cock head disappeared into her red mouth as she pumped my turgid shaft with her pretty hands. I gripped the bedspread and gave into this new pleasure and resolved to make it last. This was difficult. She, once again, surprised me by pausing to coat her fingers with a slick saliva and precome mixture.

She started biting playfully at my cock while working one and then two of her slippery fingers into my anus with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other. I arched my back in pleasure and raw lust as she twisted and shuttled her fingers into my opening, ass fucking me with considerable force.

I couldn’t hold off much longer. She smiled up at me and went back to sucking me. I looked her in the eyes once more and she winked at me! That, for some reason, pushed me over the edge.

Just as the first of my scalding hot semen began spurting from my erection, she pulled her mouth off of me loudly, breaking the insistent suction she’d been applying. She caught most my juice between her firm tits as it arced towards her and splashed audibly against her skin. My hips lurched and bucked as every bit of my come erupted against her body. Thick, gleaming, rope-like blasts of my sperm pooled gradually between her pressed together breasts. My cock continued to convulse antalya escort as I watched her roll her stiff nipples with her fingers. She watched, head lowered and mesmerized, at the whiteness of the come on her chest.

Suddenly she looked up at me. She jumped onto my lap and ordered me to lick it all up. I resisted but she pushed me onto my back and smothered me with her big hot breasts. I submitted and soon had a mouthful of my own sperm. It ran down my throat with it’s exotic flavor and texture. I kept licking and sucking at her cleavage and engorged nipples. My face and lips mouth were now shiny and coated with come from off of her breasts. Finally, after she decided she was clean again, we kissed passionately.

After awhile,she had me place my cock into her cleavage. I loved the feel of her hot tits around my cock and I soon came again, but this time she let me finish into her open mouth. I rolled over onto my side and fell into a deep sleep as she spooned me and held my spent sex organ.

The next day we went swimming and had supper, never discussing the events of the night before. I had no idea such a mild ademure girl could have such a forceful nature when aroused and was given to such perversion. As we returned to our room that night I was very nervous, wondering what she had planned next. She said, “I suppose you want another expert cocksucking like last night. ” I just nodded shyly. Then her eyes flashed with contempt.

” Why would I?” she uttered. “You never thought to get me off, you just went to sleep.”

I said, “Oh… right…sorry…” She pushed me roughly and I landed on the bed. She grabbed my wrists and tied them to the bedpost behind my back. She undid my belt and pulled my pants and shorts off in one smooth motion.

She whispered into my ear, “I think it’s time you learned what it’s like to suck a man’s cock.” I watched her as she walked away and I heard her opening her suitcase in the next room. When she came back she was wearing a black studded corset, garter belt and black stockings along with chrome spiked high heels.

Then I saw it. She was wearing a lifelike strapon penis over her black latex panties. It was almost identical to my own. She made it sway from side to side as she approached me, smiling all the while. She strutted up to me where I was sitting and stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

She shouted, “Well what are you waiting for? Suck me, my little cock slut!”

I stared straight ahead and said while shaking my head, “No way am I going to do that.”

“Okay, that’s what I thought you’d say.” The next thing I knew, she left and came back, carrying a pair of silk stockings and a vibrating egg sex toy along with a box of condoms. She busied herself positioning the egg against the underside of my cock head and slipping a condom over it, rolling the latex sheath right down to the base of my pulsating sex organ.

Her hard phallus was jutting out right in front of my face as she switched the vibrating egg to life. Her cock slapped across my face. She said, “Now suck me, suck me like you mean it! When I’m done, you’re going to know exactly what it’s like to have someone fuck you in your mouth, you slut!”

Her hard on now had a condom over it and it tasted like I suspected it would as she rubbed her cock roughly against my mouth. I winced as she ordered, “Do it, do it now and that’s an order!”

The vibrator was humming against my sensitive cock head and I was losing control. I closed my eyes and let her shaft enter my mouth, closing kayseri escort my lips around it they way she had done to mine the night before.

She threw her head back and laughed, “Oh you like it! You’ve wanted this your whole life. I bet you try to blow yourself, you cock lover!”

She watched me suck her off with fascination and scorn. Her hips thrusted as she forced me to deep throat her hard penis. She stared lustfully into my eyes. Her chest heaved and her big heavy tits juddered every time her cock plunged into my gulping mouth.

Then she stopped. She pulled her saliva dripping dong out of my mouth. As she bent to shut off the vibrator that had brought me nearly to orgasm, I noticed her legs were shaking. Without a word she proceeded to blindfold me with black nylon stockings in a very businesslike manner. Looking very serious, she said quietly, “Now you’re going to finish what you started.”

I couldn’t figure out why she had stopped and why she was suddenly sounding so shy and nervous and why I now needed a blindfold. I also couldn’t believe how much I wanted her big strap on erection back in my mouth even though my jaws ached and my lips were sore. I struggled against the bindings around my wrists and wondered how much longer she planned to mount my face and fuck it.

I was trying to trap my stiff cock between my legs so as to reach climax when I she slapped me hard across the face. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing? How dare you try to get yourself off before me?”

She lowered her head close to my ear and said hoarsely, “Make love to my dick like you were doing so well. Open your mouth and let me finish fucking it!”

Again the mushroom headed tip of her strap on slipped into my willing mouth. Mercifully, she started the vibrator again and it was now prodding me towards sexual satisfaction. As it hummed, I let her thrust her cock into my mouth. I swallowed it’s length and my nose crushed into her moist pubic hair. Wait, this meant no more panties were on.

As I swirled my tongue around her cock and flicked it across the opening of her realistic cock head, I felt distinct throbbing and felt the heat of flesh from within her condom. I began wondering with dread if she had snuck a man into the room.

She began moaning and shaking and I felt her fingertips at my lips, pulling franticly at the condom and sliding it off of her penis. Her hands now clasped behind my head tightly and her hips bucked hard and fast, humping my face like she was possessed.

With one final plunge she shoved her cock deeply into my mouth and held me fast, locking my face flush to her sweaty torso. While I sucked hard on the throbbing tool, now completely inside my mouth, I could feel her belly tense against my forehead and she began to tremble violently.

“Aahhgoddd!” she cried out as the first of the multiple thick spurts of her hot viscous sex fluid pulsed against the back of my startled throat. She rotated her pelvis and ground into me hard as I struggled to swallow in time with her ejaculations. There was just too much and I began to gag on the end of her squirting member.

“Swallow it man-whore! Drink me! Oh fuck, oh fuck you’re good!” My own climax happened and I came hard into the condom. She slipped her organ slowly and deliberately from my mouth and removed the blindfold. I was now staring in shock at her and her very real flesh and blood penis. It was fully functional, still oozing come and capable of everything mine was. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or the fact that she had just unloaded herself into me and I had swallowed it with such abandon.

She looked down at me and laughed while stroking her semi hard member in time with her words. She said, “Just wait until I get this thing hard again. I think you know what I want and I don’t plan on being the least bit gentle.”