Holly and Lilly


Naked is nothing new at our apartment. My twin sister and I have a tendency towards skin, and since neither of has anything the other hasn’t seen a thousand times, we’ve never thought much of it since moving into our first college apartment last fall. It was a great little loft in a converted factory. Tiny, but well lit with a HUGE polarized window looking out at the city. My bed was on the main level and Holly’s was up on the split level.

Things got weird when we bought a new couch. The delivery guys were bringing the couch up in sections, when Lilly made a startled noise

“Shit!” she said. “Holly, come over here!”

I wandered over. “What’s up?”

Lilly was staring at my bed. It jutted out exactly where the next section of the couch was going to go. “We screwed up. I guess I measured wrong.”

I scratched my head. “Well, do you want to send it back? I really like it, but it’s not going to fit anywhere else.”

“No way!” exclaimed Lilly. “It’s an awesome couch.” It really was, too. Beige, soft, and fuzzy, and just totally awesome. There was even one of those little corner pieces that stick out without a back, whatever those are called.

“So,” I asked, “what do you recommend?”

Lilly paused to think. She and I are fraternal twins. In the parlance of my biology professor, “heterozygous.” Lilly’s a little taller than I am, with brown hair braided down to the middle of her back, green eyes, and a slightly curvier body. I keep my blond hair short, my eyes are blue, and I’m the more athletic one. Our bodies are pretty similar, otherwise: we’ve always “borrowed” each other’s clothes from time to time. Our faces, however, despite our differences in coloration are as close to identical as you can get without actually being identical twins. We both have fine boned faces with a pretty little ski jump nose, a mouth that’s just the slightest bit too wide, and fine arched eyebrows. I’ve overheard people say it’s creepy how much we look alike, but whatever. That’s their problem, not ours.

Lilly was staring at my bed, concentration furrowing her forehead. “There’s nothing for it,” she said, “the bed has to go.”

“Whaaaa-at?” I cried, in dismay. “That’s MY bed. It’s a nice bed, too. Many fine memories have been made in that bed!”

“We’ll get you a new one, I promise!” She came over to me and gripped my upper arm, her eyes pleading. “One just small enough to allow both the couch and the bed to fit. Don’t you want the couch?”

I did want the couch; that was the problem. I still wasn’t convinced. Lilly dragged me out and we ended up going shopping for beds. I eventually picked out a loft bed/desk combo. I was all ready to take it home when the salesman informed me that the model I wanted was out of stock till next week. I turned to Lilly, frustration tinging my voice “Where the hell am I supposed to sleep until then?!”

5 hours later, we stood at the foot of her full-sized bed, looking at the unmade sheets and covers. “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

“C’mon, Holly, it’s just for a week,” Lilly said. “Besides, we used to do it all the time.”

“Yeah, when we were six,” I grumbled, “It’s different.” I grudgingly pulled back the covers and yelped. There, sitting on the white sheets, was a big, pink, and obviously used vibrator. Lilly turned bright red, snatched it up, and stuffed it into her dresser drawer. I knew she played with toys. It’s kind of hard NOT to know when you can hear the buzzing. Every night. For a semester. She usually managed to keep her moans down, but the buzzing drove me crazy sometimes. Not to mention turned me on, a bit. I’d never been brave enough to borrow one of her toys. Or buy my own, for that matter.

Lilly turned back to me, her face red with embarrassment. “You did NOT see that.”

“See what?” I asked innocently. Lilly glared at me, unsure if I was playing along or making fun of her. I wasn’t really sure either.

After that, preparations for bed went smoothly. We did our nightly rituals, and I ended up in bed first, reading a book. Lilly came over and climbed in. It was late, so we turned off the light.

I fell asleep pretty quickly, but at some point, late at night, I woke up to a familiar noise coming from right next to me. I could not BELIEVE her. This kind of thing was exactly why I hadn’t wanted to do this yalova escort in the first place. I was about to open my mouth to say something when Lilly moaned lightly and whispered, “Oh, yes, Holly, fuck me.”

I froze. Had I misheard her? I listened closely, but all I could hear behind me was labored breathing, that irritating buzzing, and the slight wet noise of it sliding in and out of her pussy. Her breathing became harder all of a sudden, I felt the bed shift as she stiffened, and she let out a little whispery moan. I’d been too far away in my own bed all those other times to hear these details, but they kind of turned me on. Her whispering my name was strange, though, and very confusing.

The next night, I couldn’t sleep, but I pretended to fall asleep right away. 30 minutes or so went by, and the bed shifted as Lilly got off the bed and padded over to her dresser. I was turned towards her tonight, so I could see her through half-slitted eyes rummaging through her dresser drawer, picking up, examining, and rejecting a half-dozen vibrating dildos, each more exotic than the last. Finally she picked up the simple pink vibe I’d seen the previous day, smiled at it in the half-light from the city, and wandered back into bed. She didn’t crawl back under the covers, and I watched, rapt, as she lifted her hips to pull down her shorts. I’d seen her naked plenty of times: this was nothing new. What was new was the way she began to tease herself with her hands.

She ran her hands down over her mound, running her fingers through the little brown racetrack of pubic hair she left unshaved above her pussy. She rubbed her thighs together, and I saw her glance over at me and bite her lip. Her other hand lifted, and reached towards me, hesitated, then retracted.

She closed her eyes again, and breathed a deep sigh. The hand that had approached me went to the toy. She moved it down between her legs, running the head of it across her lips, back up her abdomen and back up again. She switched back to feeling herself with her hands. I watched, transfixed, still pretending to be asleep, and began to feel wet myself.

She moved the vibrator–still not yet on–down between her pussy lips, rocking it back and forth. She stretched and moved against it, rubbing herself a little more firmly, as she turned to look at me through heavy lidded eyes.

Her mouth was slightly parted, and her breath was starting to come a little shorter. She ground her hips up against the length of the shaft and let out a little moan as she ran her eyes up and down my blanket-shrouded body. That’s when I started to hear the small, wet noises coming from between her legs as she rocked the vibrator against the length of her pussy. She drew both legs up, sighed quietly, and turned on the vibrator. It pulsed: a slow steady vibe, and instantly she started writhing with more intensity, moving her legs back and forth, up and down. Her belly muscles tautened and relaxed as she moved against the vibrator, and I could see her nipples poking through the fabric of her tank top. She gripped the headboard with one hand and turned the speed of the vibration up a notch.

I quietly slid a hand down between my own legs, and started rubbing my wet pussy as unobtrusively as possible. She reached her unoccupied hand over to me suddenly, and she writhed with the vibrator, and stroked my exposed shoulder, just for a moment. She started making little noises. She changed the position of the vibrator, and suddenly it was sliding into her. The speed picked up again, and her hips lifted up off the bed, her back bending, her hips thrusting.

I pushed a finger into myself and watched as she cried softly to herself as her excitement rose. Finally, she slid the switch into the last, steady vibration setting and started moving harder against it as she fucked herself. Her breath came faster and suddenly she was crying out as quietly as she could, trying to keep from being too loud. Her body tensed, and she held the vibrator close against her, and she came. I could tell she came: her entire body was quivering like a taut clothesline. She let out a final gasp, turned off the vibe, and collapsed onto the bed.

She just lay there for a moment, breathing heavily, smiling, occasionally looking over at me appraisingly.

She edirne escort pulled on her shorts, put the vibe under her pillow, and crawled back under the covers. I could feel the heat of her body just inches from my own.

She fell asleep, and I lay there in bed: horny, confused, and unsatisfied.

The third night, everything happened as before. She masturbated, this time with something that looked like a purple alien’s cock, I watched through my eyelashes, squeezing my thighs together as I fought the urge to play with myself. When she was done–naked, sweaty, and breathing heavily–she turned towards me and looked at me for a moment. I thought I’d been discovered, so I closed my eyes tightly, waiting for the yelling to start.

Except then I felt her touch on my cheek. Her fingertips brushed gently against my cheekbone, then traced the contour of my lip. She caressed my jawline, and then her fingertips grazed down my throat. My heart was thumping as she ran her finger over my shoulder. She paused for a moment, and withdrew. I wanted to cry out for more, but I still didn’t dare show I was awake. And then I felt her hand gently cup my left breast through my tank. Lilly had started breathing heavily again, as she massaged my breast, then traced her fingers down to the other one, circling my hardening nipple through the fabric. I heard her move and suddenly her breath was hot against my cheek. She moved in, slowly, hesitantly, and I felt her lips brush my jaw, my cheekbone, and then my lips. She paused, then kissed me more firmly.

I don’t know what came over me, but I kissed back. Her mouth tasted sweet for just a moment, but then she jerked away. My eyes snapped open, and I saw her looking at me with fear.

“I’m sorry, don’t hate me!” she cried.

I paused, before answering, making sure my voice was under control. “Well, what were you doing that for anyway?”

Lilly looked miserable and embarrassed. “You’re going to think I’m a freak.”

“Not any more than I already do.” I smiled hesitantly. “You’re my sister.”

Lilly buried her face in her pillow. “That’s why I’m a freak,” she said in a muffled voice. “I was groping and kissing my sister.”

“Yes, and I’m not flipping out. What I want to know is how long you’ve felt this way, and why you didn’t tell me.”

“I don’t know. I was just curious at first, and then it became a recurring fantasy…and then you were here in the bed…”

I smirked a little. “And did I ever get a show.”

Lilly looked up, her face flushing bright red. “You saw me?”


Her eyes narrowed. “You were watching me!?”

I coughed nervously. “Well, it was kind of hard to sleep through it.”

Lilly glanced over at the pillow.

“Uh-huh.” I said in reply. “Overdid it with the vibrator.”

Lilly looked at the pillow, looked at me, looked back at the pillow…and burst out laughing. I joined in, and pretty soon we were holding each other as we tried to stop giggling. Lilly was smiling and looking away, and suddenly, I felt an impulse, and gave into it.

I kissed her.

She was surprised for a second, but didn’t need encouragement. She grabbed me tight and kissed me back with a surprising hunger. My hands began to trace lines on her naked back as one of her legs insinuated itself between mine. When we came up for air she opened her mouth to say something, but I kissed her again before she could. I didn’t want to overanalyze this, and I moved my hips so my pussy came into contact with her bare knee through my panties. I’d been frustrated for two nights; wrong or right, I wanted—needed–something right now.

Her hands slipped under my tank, and I felt her hands on my ribcage, tracing the lines of my back. My hand moved lower down hers to the base of her spine—the area where the ass meets the back—and started sketching little lines with my nails. She shuddered, broke our kiss, and gasped for breath. I rolled over on top of her, and she looked up at me with surprise and wonder. I raised my arms over my head in invitation, and Lilly reached up to pull my shirt off. My breasts were exposed, and I leaned down to offer them to Lilly.

She treated them like some kind of treasure; caressing them with her hands while gently kissing my nipples. I smiled erzurum escort openmouthed while keeping my eyes closed. It was excruciatingly wonderful and exciting. My wetness began to soak through my panties as my hips moved involuntarily and ground my clit against her knee. Her hands reached down and caressed the curves of my ass, gently at first, then harder as her breathing became labored. I felt incredibly sexy and daringly wicked—not to mention perverted—and I was as surprised as she by what I did next.

My legs were straddling one of her smooth thighs, and the other was sprawled to one side. Between them, her wetness was incredibly apparent; a string of her moisture stretched from her inner lip to the inside curve at the top of her thigh. My mouth watered, and my fingers twitched. I braced myself on one hand, shuddering from the exquisite sensations coming from my breasts and nipples, and touched her stomach gently.

Lilly stopped suddenly, and looked down. There was a hopeful, hungry look in her eye, and I smiled back at her. Her eyes became half-lidded in lust as I traced my hand down her stomach, pausing occasionally to make curlicues, until I was tracing the line from her hip bones down to her lovely pussy. I hadn’t touched it yet, even though she was starting to move her hips towards my gentle fingers at every pass. Finally, I touched her slick lips; they parted beneath my fingers as I slid them up the wet furrow. She groaned with satisfaction and pleasure, then grabbed my ass hard. I smiled; I’d just touched her lovely clit, which had poked its head out to play. She bit her lip and raised one hand to pound gently on my shoulder with a clenched fist as I lingered there, gently circling until…

Lilly fell back away from me, her mouth and eyes open in a wave of pleasure. Her hips twitched beneath me, and her breath came in gasps. “Oh, god, oh god, yes, yeeees,” she breathed. She clenched harder for just a second, relaxed meltingly into the bed, and closed her eyes with an expression of profound satisfaction. She breathed out in relief, then opened her green eyes and looked at me with such love I almost gasped. She smiled coyly at me, and pulled me down to rest my head on her chest. “I love you so much. Thank you for that…it’s so much better than…”

“Than doing it yourself?” I completed her sentence with a laugh and clutched her tight. My shirt was bunched up above my breasts, which were pressed against Lilly’s ribcage. Her leg was still between mine, and I felt her move against my mound. I looked up at her, and she was looking back with a wicked grin.

“Your turn,” she said, and reached down to lift my tank up and over my willing arms, held outstretched in assistance. I rolled over on my back, and she leaned on one arm as she gently caressed the length of my body with idle fingers. She leaned down, and kissed me with moist, fervent kisses, her eyes wide open as they looked into mine. I felt her hand on my hip, but instead of reaching down my panties, she pushed them down; I raised my hips obligingly.

Now completely nude, I stretched out, arching my back to give her a good view. She pulled back, licked her lips, and leaned forward again to kiss my neck. I shuddered, and gripped her hair tightly, then smiled as she started moving down…my breasts received a brief touch of attention, then my ribcage, my stomach—which quivered and tightened when she licked my bellybutton—and finally down so far her face was between my legs. I could feel her hot breath against my lips, and I raised my pussy in offering. Her tongue, when it touched my clit, was like electricity. I gripped the sheets as she lapped at it with tiny licks. A finger began to caress my opening, and my legs spread wider as she slipped it in to the first knuckle. She moved it in and out in a steady motion in time with her licking, which grew in speed. I couldn’t believe how good it felt; I’d had oral before, but this was…unreal. I could feel my orgasm building, and I started to babble—I’m not sure what—and then it crested and I was lost.

Lilly and I held each other for a long time, not saying anything. I could tell Lilly was worried; worried that things would be weird, or that I’d be angry, or something. “Lilly…” I said, hesitantly, and paused when she flinched. I petted her face soothingly.

“Yes, Holly?”

“Did…you really mismeasure the couch?”

Lilly didn’t meet my eyes. “Maybe…”

I kissed her. “Well, I’m glad anyway. I love you.”

She sighed against me. “Oh, I love you too Holly. Good night.” We fell asleep clutching each other, comforted by the touch and the sound of the other’s breathing.