Freshman Spring Break


Two of my friends had talked me into going with them and another girl to Florida my first year at college for Spring Break even though my parents had both told me to just stay at school. I felt bad at first for going but soon we were on the road laughing and teasing each other.

One of them had a reservation at this cheap but clean hotel that was a few blocks from the beach. Almost as soon as we had all taken our bags inside we went out as a group to some of the shops at the extended strip mall across the street. We were in the second store when we spotted the large display of thongs on sale and one of my friends ended up deciding to get one since you could wear them on the beach there. One thing led to another and we were daring each other to follow her lead…and after all they were on sale. I remember blushing and going along because it did seem daring and it was spring break, and of course I didn’t want to be left out. I will never forget how it felt to put the small shiny purple one I’d picked out on and trying to act natural and confident in front of my friends. I wore a small pair of cotton shorts and a tank top to the beach and almost didn’t think I’d have the nerve to reveal it when we got there.

It was crowded and I noticed there were plenty of other girls wearing even smaller ones than mine so I finally pulled my shorts off and laid on my back on a towel. I admit I did feel a little daring and sexy when I rolled over to tan my back knowing most of my ass was showing.

Later around midday when the girl who’d talked me into coming’s phone started to ring I knew right away who she was talking to by how she reacted. She had been dating an older guy who was in the marines and he’d been away but had come down to Florida with some of his friends. They had just checked into their hotel when he called and she wanted to go over and see him right away. I was the only one she could talk into going with her but made sure to put my shorts on before we started walking.

I was tired and hot by the time we got there but the dirty little hotel they were in wasn’t even a block from the beach. Her boyfriend was there with 3 of his friends but one of them had left to see someone. One of them named Jake was close to 30 and married with 2 kids, the other was younger but was huge and was very obvious he worked out and lifted weights.

They were all flirting with us both and acting up, joking and complimenting she Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort and I at the same time. They ended up taking the television off of the long dresser in the room and using it as a beer pong table. She and I were horrible and were drinking mixed drinks, losing right away and obvious they were regulars at the game.

The more my friend drank the more she flirted with her boyfriend until it got to the point the other marines were asking him if he was going to ‘do her’ right there.

It wasn’t much longer before he left with her and went to the other room they had rented for privacy. I was nervous but already roaring drunk, which gave me more courage and way more confidence than normal.

I was in the middle of losing the next game against them both when all the alcohol I’d consumed really hit me. It got so hot in there I started sweating and had to step out the door for air. One of them turned up the air conditioner in the room while the other led me back in and said I should lay down for a minute.

I was laying there trying not to act like a stupid girl who’d drank too much and concentrate on getting the room to stop spinning when Jake got beside me. He had his hands on my shoulders asking if a massage would help and telling me to relax. I told him I was ok and jumped when the bigger one grabbed one of my feet and began to rub it as well.

Jake was telling me how pretty I was and feeling my toes being sucked, worrying about having walked on the beach and if my toes were even clean. Things were happening so fast and even though I was nervous both men’s hands on me massaging me like that felt nice.

Jake was rubbing my arms and the top part of my back while the hands on my foot soon moved higher. I could feel both my calves rubbed by his strong hands and then closing my eyes and putting my face in a pillow when he got to my thighs.

I remember hearing both of them talk about how hot I was, how in shape and firm my body was. I realized I was breathing heavier when hands moved up my inner thighs massaging my muscles so firm.

Jake was leaning closer to me with one hand stroking the back of my neck, his mouth slowly connecting with my shoulder…then my neck.

He called me baby and started to suck a spot on my neck when the other man moved his hand between my thighs.

I know I asked what he was doing, not even sure Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort which one I was asking and can’t even recall if either bothered to answer. I felt scared and anxious when I felt my shorts and thong pulled aside and the fingers rubbing my lips up and down, stopping at my clit. I was no virgin but had only been with boys my own age and only after we’d been dating long enough to know he was serious about me.

I knew this was so out of control and dirty but so new to me at the same time. I had so much liquor in me and both men had theirs hands on me, in me…it was all happening so fast and seemingly all at once.

I gasped when I felt him start to finger me and Jake saying we should just take my top off the same time he was unfastening it from behind. I was so shy about the size of my chest back then and just lay there on my stomach when I felt him pull both straps away from my back.

I felt like I could die right there when I heard the one fingering me tell Jake how wet I was getting, using 2 fingers instead of one. Jake was standing up beside the bed and I could feel those strong hands on both sides of my hips pulling me up to my knees.

The one behind me was cursing and telling both of us how hot this was, how glad he was he’d made the trip. It really dawned on me what was going on when I heard his belt clinking when he took his shorts down.

I felt frozen and dirty, thinking of the boy I was dating and what my parents would think if they could see me right up until I felt something hard poking my inner thighs. His erection was between my legs as he once again pulled my thong and shorts to the side. I could feel him against my vagina pressing forward and all of the sudden he was inside me. He cursed again and called me ‘Shelly’ when he slid all the way in and held it there, saying how tight my pussy was.

He was starting to slowly press in and out when I heard, then saw Jake pulling his own shorts not only down but completely off.

The man behind me started going faster and telling anyone who could hear how good my pussy was, asking me if I liked it. I turned towards Jake and will never forget him stroking what looked like the thickest cock I’d ever seen.

I heard “Suck it for me Michelle” and then it was in my face. I closed my eyes and he put the head between my lips when I opened my mouth.

He ended up Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort holding both sides of my head and gagging me, the man fucking me was going harder, slapping his body into mine from behind.

I tried to moan with Jake in my mouth and had to stop when I began to pant. I moved up on my hands and could hear the Marine behind me encouraging me to push back against him, to be a ‘dirty little slut’. I could feel my vagina quivering right before streaks of electric please radiated from my pussy sending the rest of my body into a full blown orgasm.

He was telling Jake he could feel me cumming and that he was going to ‘pop’. I was literally shaking and crying out YES when he finally pulled out and I could feel something hot and wet spurting against the skin on my back.

I was breathing so heavy and sweating, trying to come to grips with what had just happened as he pulled out of me and got off the bed.

Jake was right there, gently getting me to roll over onto my back and telling me how fucking sexy I was.

I was looking down at his dick and just knowing it would never fit inside me while he grabbed both my ankles and pulled my hips up enough to pull my shorts and thong bikini off at the same time.

He was muttering how bad he wanted to fuck me when he put both my legs up over his shoulders. I heard someone crying out and realized it was my voice when he pressed the head inside my wet cunt. It literally felt like he was touching the deepest part of my insides when he pushed all of that monster dick in.

He was staring down at my face asking how I wanted it and I was too shocked to say anything at first. Jake called me baby and I nodded when he asked if I just wanted to take it slow.

He had his body and huge belly pressed against me and was grinding in circles as he began to pull almost all the way out of me then slam back in. He had one hand pinching a nipple when he leaned in to kiss me, sliding his tongue in my mouth.

He started moving faster and asked me if I liked his big dick, then how long was I going to be in Florida.

He was slapping his body harder and harder, spreading my vagina open as he fucked me…talking dirtier the more he did it. I was crying out louder than I ever had when he made me cum, pulling the sheets loose as I came all over his dick.

He called me a ‘sexy little bitch’ and was asking me if I wanted it as I moaned like a whore under him. His face was so red and his sweat was dripping down on me as our bodies hit together so fast it sounded like clapping.

He leaned over and cursed again when I felt that dick jumping inside me and something so hot and wet spurting deep in me. He eventually stopped and laid on top of me gently kissing my neck while he caught his breath.