I am a Natural? Ch. 01


Regi, 21, was sitting in the corner of his room browsing nonsensible through portals on the internet. It was another regular day at Warwick. Slow start to a vacation where he had come over to his grandparents’ house for 2 weeks. There was absolutely nothing to do on a cold winter morning where everything was foggy, and people were clad in multiple layers of grey clothes. When suddenly he spotted Jason, standing on this steel ladder in a thin vest hammering few nails into the fence. His strong body lines stood apart and he looked like a movie hero smoking cigar by the side of his mouth. Regi, was awe struck and felt completely weird.

Regi waved and asked if he needed any help. Jason gladly accepted and asked me to come down. I quickly reached his lawn from my backdoor and introduced myself. His name was Jason, something I knew earlier but pretended not to and he showed me the work that was remaining. While I got myself busy with the back fence he started working on the right fence. It is then that it suddenly down poured and before I could climb back from the fence and make it house I was drenching wet. All the while, I guess Jason understood that I had had a massive crush on him and from my butter fingers he realized I was more girlish than any boy he would have met. He patted me on my arse and said that we could first get into easier clothes after a hot shower and then continue. He kindly showed me to his bedroom asked me to get into the master shower. While I was in, he asked me to hand over the soiled clothes so that he could dry them up and told me he will hand over new set of clothes. When I got into the shower, I felt so sexy that I was naked in Jason’s bedroom private shower and was about to get so close to him. I also knew that he had seen me checking him out many times. I was naked, and I realized there was no towel, so I opened the door a bit and asked Jason to get me towel. After a while, something strange happened and Jason handed over a silk cloth and asked me to to clean up with it.

The feel of silk got me all excited. The presence of Jason out in the room and the silk had got me very sensitive. I could feel the sexual tension build in my body and nervousness got me all red.

“Hey lad, are you done? I have left some clothes for you in the room – help yourself and come down for a tea. OK?”

“Yes sir, of course I will be there. and thank you!”

“Ah! sweets, don’t thank me yet!” chuckled Jason and left the room. I could hear his footsteps down the stairway and decided to quickly come out and change into the clothes.

I was aghast when I saw that Jason had left curly lacy soft pink panties and a feminine bathrobe for me to change into. There was also a soft girlie slip on carpet shoes with bunny on top for his foot.

“Sir, sorry but I … find. something different here on the bed, could you kindly give me my jeans and t-shirt please!” I said, quiet nervously.

“Lad, this is what you’ve got! else you could walk naked to your granny. lol! Let me know if you need any help to wear them and don’t let my tea get cold so be quick!”

I was perplexed. My whole world had turned upside down! Yes, I had wished this in my heart but was certainly not ready for it. I sheepishly walked towards it and slipped into the panty. The feeling was overwhelming, and I felt my penis, which normally could grow to 6″ curl to being non-existent.

I was so confused; how could I be all sexually charged and have my penis suddenly go so soft! I slipped on the bathrobe, wore the carpet shoes and opened the door. I slowly descended the steps and reached the kitchen and overheard Jason.

“Hey Dave, thank you but I should complement your lad is such a good boy! He will be late as he is helping me fix the attic flooring today. He might sleep in here if it gets too late! We don’t want him wandering between wolves at midnight, huh!” there was a pause and then, “great! take care mate and good night!” He kept the phone and without turning continued, ” sit lad, and I’ll get you some tea … it’s a long evening and some tea will help!”

I sat and felt the tension rising. The panty was feeling like heaven and there was so much tinkling sensation in my nipples. It was all happening, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Jason’s well chiseled body.

“So how does the panty feel?” and he leaned forward whispering with such lovely eyes!

“They are fine, but I prefer … to get into my clothes sir”.

“No, you don’t, you want to be a girl … for a day … maybe just a day … but it will be today … and I will not let you be anything else … do you understand?”

“Yes … I mean … no … please”

Jason came around and caught me by my shoulders … and started massaging … slowly and gently … and then … asked me to relax.

“Lad, it is going to be fine and I will not do anything you do not want me to do! But, let it flow!” He switched a button on the remote and soft saxophone started filling the room with sexy notes.

I mardin escort closed his eyes and decided to be … in the moment. It will all be just fine, I thought when Jason started moving closer.

His abdomen was right across Regi’s face and Regi could smell the strong odor from his cock… He slowly opened his eyes and saw this massive bulge in front of the pajamas.

Jason pushed forward and let his cock touch on face. I could feel the hardness and the warmth of his cock on my cheeks. While he stroked my hair, he let his cock rest on my cheeks. Seeing that I was not resisting, he tightened his grip on my hair and pushed my head more on his cock. By now I had smelled too much of this cock to give any more fight. he moved in front and his cock was right on my mouth.

“Open your mouth, cunt. Go ahead and bite my meat! I want you to know that it is pure iron. C’mon, do it!”. I obediently opened my mouth and tried taking the width of this massive cock from the fabric. It had to be full wide-open mouth for me to have it in my mouth. I rolled my eyes up to see Jason and gave him a small bite.

Jason closed his eyes and gave a small gush of air out … aaah … “Your mouth is nice, lad”.

I was in a very different world. I wanted to go on … and … also … run away … but I felt myself wetting the panties. Like a small slut, here I was, sitting in someone’s panties with a massive cock in my mouth and my small penis trying to remain sane in this torrent of sex.

“Lad, did you like that … tell me did you like it … you bitch!” and … I nodded … quiet affirmatively. What else was I to do … my body would not lie.

He pulled my out and said, “good, now for going any forward, we need to add some more spice … you agree … huh?”

I looked blank as my mouth was open … gaping and yearning for the cock … or maybe … aghast on what was happening. He moved to the platform and brought tea. He sat down and looked at me intently.

“My hard cock also likes you lad, but … maybe … my cock likes you more because you are soiling those lovely panties … aren’t you!” I looked back shying and blushing … and speechless. ” Sir … I am … not knowing what is happening … I mean … I am …!”, and he cut me. “It’s OK lad. I know you are loving to be in that panties. But, why don’t we make you a perfect bitch … right?”

I didn’t know where to look, but … I kept looking at him. “OK lad, so here is what we will do. I want you to go back to the bedroom, choose a nice bra and a nightie that you like. There are nail paints and facial make up in the drawer. Most important is the choice of your scarf … and listen up … I want you to choose the scarf very carefully because … from today … you will wear it all time. Do you understand? Now, go and get ready and call me when you are ready for me! OK?”

I listened to all that and sat like a statue. When Jason kissed the air with his pink lips and winked, I startled and leaned back, “now make it fast, lad!” In some sense of possession, I got up and moved to the bedroom. On the way up, I know I had no way of leaving tonight till Jason had had his way with me. Like a fool, I had followed him so far and here I was taken hostage with not even my cell phone with me. Yes, I could open the window and yell, Jason is trying to rape me … but how would I explain me sitting and soiling panties in his house!

I locked the bedroom door behind me and removed the bathrobe. I was shocked to see how much I had wet the panties and I was aching to relieve myself. But I guess, that was for some other day. Right now, I had to be sure that I do not upset Jason else he would kill me and … my mind went blank. To avoid him any more discomfort I looked for a matching bra. There was a host of these lovely bras and my mind just delighted. What was happening to me, why did these things turn me on like this! I picked a lacy pink bra and a matching lingerie. I put it on and then went ahead and wore some perfume. I looked myself in the mirror and saw a completely different me. But I loved it, I loved the feeling of being a woman! I loved the feeling of being Jason’s woman … at least for now. I was still nervous to tell him this and very afraid of what will follow. But the thought of that big cock pressing in my mouth … kept turning itself in front of my eyes. I had never been so excited in my life. I stopped, took a deep breath and settled down on the dressing table. I pulled out the blood red nail paint and started applying it to my finger nails … and then to my toes. I then pulled out a matching lipstick and smacked in on my lips. I brushed some color on my cheeks and then there I was. Jason’s bitch! I stood up and nervously walked to open the door.

I descended the steps and slowly called out, “Sir, … I am here”

“Lad, go right back to the bedroom and make the bed ready … I’ll be right there. OK?”

“OK … “… OK? van escort Was I fucking OK with this?? But it was too late now. I felt myself stumble on my feet as I hastily reached the bedroom. I removed the comforter and dim the lights. I felt my heartbeat rise as I kept doing this. Like his woman making his bed ready where he will fuck me the way he wants. Just this morning, I was swearing my life is mundane and here it was … head over heels. I was at the verge of crying and was breaking down.

I was not prepared for this and I had to confront Jason. Tell him, I am not his bitch and he cannot have me like he wants. I tried gaining strength and decided to have this straight on his face. No matter what. Just then, Jason shouted from below, “Bitch, the bed better be nicely done, I do not like it other way … you understand!”

Just then I immediately reverted, “Yes sir, its ready for you … please come!” There goes all my courage.

“Nice, now I want you on your all four with your pussy sticking out to the room entrance. You will not see me till I do not ask you to turn. you understand!”

I hopped on the bed and got on my all four. I stuck my bum up in the air. I knew I was exposed and cool air on my bum with that lingerie turned me on completely. At that moment I knew I had totally given in. It was only way forward from here and I had decided to enjoy it rather than feel being victimized. I heard Jason behind me and I was careful not to turn around.

“Hmm. good. So why are you dressed like this, bitch?”

“Sir, I like the pink panties and the bra. I hope you approve of it and it will please you. I have made all my effort so that I can be a good bitch for you today, sir.”

“So is it true of what I see, your panties are so soaking wet!”

“Yes, it is… I … mmm … was thinking about … how you … make me look and feel pretty … mm … it turns me on.”

“Is that all, did my cock in your mouth not do anything?”

“No sir, actually, I liked to have your cock … in my mouth. It felt very good and kept me … feeling sexy.”

“Hmm. good. Are you ready for me, bitch?”

“Mm … Yes … sir”

“Grind your pussy for me a bit and tell me who owns it.”

I moved my ass from side to side trying to be as sexy as I can and then slowly said … “it is yours master”.

“So, you want me to touch you and give you my cock?”

“Yes, I want your … cock sir”.

“And what will you do for it? Why should I give you my cock now?”

“Because, I will be a good bitch and do what I can to keep you happy.”

“You mean it doll?”

“Give me this evening and I will show you I mean it. I will do all I can to keep you happy.”

“Good, so I want you to close your eyes and turn around … be sure not to open and slowly show me what bra you have for me?”

I turned taking care that I am not opening my eyes and slowly slid open my lingerie that much to show I have a lacy bra inside. I kept moving so that it remains sexy and make Jason happy.

Click! Click! I heard.

I opened my eyes in horror to see that he was video shooting me all this time! And now he had just taken some snaps with me showing what bra I am wearing. I was in a shock.

He stopped recording and kept it on the table and turned to me. He was in the same clothes he had worn earlier. I gathered courage to ask. “Are you going to blackmail me?”

“No darling, this remains in my collection and will never harm you.”

I was relieved, and then suddenly he continued … “till one day suddenly you decide not to give me your pussy and turn me out. I will then ensure this goes to Dave and your pop and anyone else you have batted an eyelid with … understand?”

I was frozen. I knew I was dead. Jason owned me and could do what he wished for.

He smiled and said … “now relax lad. I can assure you that you will never want to leave my cock once you get used to it. Now let’s get started” and then he paused.

I did not get the cue and then he signaled me to come and sit next to him

He was standing, and I was sitting with his cock being right in front of me. I looked at him and gave a helpless face. He took a finger and put it in my mouth. “Darling, lick it nice and suck it as if this is my cock”.

I started to suck his finger slowly and started rolling my tongue around it. when … he started to loosen his pajamas with the other hand. I paused.

“Don’t stop darling … keep going … you do not have to get distracted” I continued, and he continued. In a moment he had this monster 8″ long and 2″ round cock spring up. He kept moving his finger inside my mouth and slowly started moving his cock near my face. His cock was not touching my lips and nose when stopped.

“Breathe me in darling. From now on, this smell will rule you. You will live for this smell. My cock is all that you should be thinking about. And so, I did. I smelled it full and ankara escort … it was a great turn on.

Jason removed his finger and then lifted my face. “Your lips look smacking beautiful. Now who will kiss it first? My lips or my cock … you decide.”

My fate was sealed and only way I could now make it better from here was to really become a bitch. A bitch only cares about fucking and so should I.

I did not bother to answer but immediately moved my mouth to his cock. The taste of his precum got me all mixed up. It is here that I realized who I really was. I was not pretending anymore, I was what I had been all the time. A BITCH. And when I found my alpha male, I came out unleashed. I slowly ravished the taste and Jason was in no hurry. He had, what he believed, a lifetime to get everything from me. So, he waited for me to move. I gradually moved a little forward trying to take a little more of this cock inside and slid my lips ahead till I knew I had the crown with me. I stopped and sucked and rolled the tongue here. My hands rested on his firm waist and his on my head. He slowly slid one hand and the back of my neck and tightened the hair at the top of my head with the other. I knew what was on his mind. He was going to show me his regal length by forcing all of it inside me.

I precariously braced for the assault. I widened my mouth as much I could and kept moving forward. Here is how a bitch assures the male that she reads his mind and tends to it. He loosened the grip instantly in a barter to rather enjoy the hot lips on him. When I had reached half of his length I knew that my mouth would give me no more room. Jason knew it all the time. He pushed my head from behind with his other hand. I immediately tightened my lips around his cock and started moving forward and backward to massage his half-length with all that I had. He let me do that for a bit and then moved a bit back. I did not know what that for was … till his other hand reached out for my panty and caught my nuts. I was stunned. It was a small catch not the one that would hurt … but he had me by my balls.

Jason whispered, “Bitch, you better find a way to get my full cock in else I know what these balls feel like being crushed… no pressure … take your time.”

II had the master who would not have it any other way. I wanted to tell him that this fir the first time that I had ever let any cock in my mouth. How was I to become an expert in a minute of my assault. And, then it struck me. Jason wanted to find out if I was a natural. If I am a bitch as natural I will have all it takes to make it happen. It was for me to believe and bind that I am truly a natural … A BITCH for real and no pretense.

I moved my hand to hold his cock and slowly pulled it till it hit the back of my neck. I had now done maybe 5 inches of his shaft. I had another 3 to go … and Jason was nowhere close to finishing. So, I mustered all my courage and looked in the mirror nearby. I saw I looked real damn pretty in the lingerie sucking and being fucked by a bull. I could not blow this away, this is what I was.

So, I pulled his cock in next stroke and pushed my mouth forward to let him enter my throat. I gagged, and tears flushed my eyes, but he had entered and for the first time I heard my Jason say … “aaah bitch you are awesome!”

I knew I cannot let him get out of my throat and there was another 2 inches remaining to take. So, I left his cock and pushed him from his ass to me while kept my mouth still. Jason moved at least an inch forward and that is all the cue this Greek God needed. He was a natural. He held my head from side and pushed an inch further till he was fully inside.

“Gaawwdddd … your pussy is so fuckin tight doll!!” He shrieked and now started fucking with moving his last 2 inches in and out of my throat. He was careful not to get out of the throat and at the same time fast enough so that he could finish.

After, what it felt like, ages of fucking me… he pulled back is cock in my mouth and said … “Doll I am Cumming and I want you to keep all this in mouth and not gulp it … ”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh .. Here I cum … Biitttcchhhhh!” and gushes of cum landed in my mouth! it quickly filled my mouth and some of it started dripping from side.

When he was finished, he pulled out my scarf … and asked me to remove some of cum from mouth and put it on the scarf. I did that and then he took few snaps with my mouth open and filled with his cum.

“C’mon lad, now drink all of that in … every drop … you’ve earned it!” And so, I did.

“This scarf is not being washed. I want it to have some of me cum every time we have sex, you understand. And, all the time, I want you wearing it around you … I should never catch you without it else, you know what I can do!”

But how could I, wear this girl scarf all the time! This jolted me.

He said he wanted a swig of whiskey and asked me to lie down till he is back.

I obediently lied down still regaining from the assault I had been through. While I lied down everything passed my eyes, as if the day rewind one more time, but … what remained as the most notable moment was when Jason had given all his cum in my mouth and made me his bitch … And … I was … his!