Rachel’s Filthy Knickers Pt. 02


This is the second part of what hopefully will be a long-running series centered around my fiancé’s sexy younger sister, Rachel. Thank you for all your amazing comments on the first installment which saw me have my way with Rachel’s dirty, used panties. The fast-paced story ended with me shooting my cum into her worn pantyhose only to hear someone making their way up the stairs in what I thought was an empty house (all true so far by the way!). Advanced warning: this chapter will involve a whole lot more panty play, scat references, piss/peeing, shoe/foot fetish. Please do not read if you don’t like the sound of that.


Who’s there?

Who the fuck was in the house? It was 4am on the dot. Steph was taking her parents to the airport and would be gone for at least another hour. Rachel went to a party with her boyfriend and was staying at his. I was panicking. In my sheer ecstasy moments earlier, I had missed the front door go and now whoever it was nearly at the top of the stairs and would likely catch me, not only surrounded by Rachel’s dirty underwear, but wearing them too! Fuck. Shit.

As I began to scramble around, desperately trying to clean up while simultaneously trying to remove the silk thong I was wearing, the bedroom door swung open…


There stood a startled Rachel, dressed in a tight black bodycon dress, clinging to her tiny body, which finished just above the knee with perfectly positioned cut-outs to show off her tits, teamed with strappy, open high heels. Okay, so you probably saw this coming right? And I admit it’s played out a bit like a cheap porno thus far, but this genuinely happened. Caught by my fiancé’s sister getting off over her worn underwear.

“Rachel? I… I… I thought you were staying at Ben’s?” – that’s what came out of my mouth. It’s all I could muster. It later transpired that she had gone back to Ben’s, her boyfriend’s, but they’d had an argument and so she came home.

“What are you doing?” Rachel replied, confused. “What are you doing with my underwear? Why the fuck are you up at 4am wearing my thong?!”

Perfectly good questions given the circumstance, I thought. .

Without waiting for a reply, she went on, “Never mind explaining this to me. How you gonna explain this one to Steph? Caught getting off over my worn underwear – that’s gonna down well, isn’t it?!”

I could tell she was mildly drunk from her night out, but certainly not enough to forget this ever happened – I wish! I played-out a pathetic response in my head before she went on again. Speaking calmly but firmly in her husky Essex-accent, “Does that turn you on then, sniffing my dirty knickers? Wearing my little thongs? How long ‘ave you been doing this?”

She emerged further from the shadowy doorway, edging her way over to me. Still looking confused, yet seemingly over her initial state of shock. Rachel towered over me in her sky-high heels, looking down on me surrounded by her underwear and a pair of cum soaked tights.

“This is the first time Rach, honest. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry” I blurted out pathetically.

I jumped up and sat on the edge of the bed while trying to hide my dick and pulling on a pair of shorts. Rachel meanwhile had bent down, easier said than done in her super-tight dress, and picked up the white g-string I had been sniffing.

“… It’s fine. Don’t worry about it” she said dismissively after a long and uncomfortable pause.

What? Well I wasn’t fucking expecting that.

She continued, “It’s kinda hot that you get so excited over my dirty lingerie”

Now this really eskişehir escort was turning into a scene from a dodgy porno. Why the fuck would she say that? Why wasn’t she going mad?

“Steph’s boyfriend of 10 years secretly fancies me” Rachel purred, inspecting her own dirty g-string.

Ohh. Okay. I kind of understood now – too an extent anyway. You see Rachel and Steph rarely got on well. They were different people. Steph is a class act; sweet, unassuming, professional, pretty. Whereas Rachel was a bitch. A hot, sexy bitch who cared only for herself and her family when it suited her. The fact they had to share a bedroom didn’t help – they lived in each other’s pocket’s. Fighting, arguing. Add to this that their mum had told me that Rachel had long been jealous of Steph and I’s relationship – Rachel’s understanding response to finding me with her underwear became a little clearer.

The good bit

“Yeah. I mean… I guess I do fancy you” I admitted to Rachel. “I’ve always found you sexy. And the underwear thing – it’s just the only way I could fulfil my little fantasy without hurting anyone. I love Steph. I don’t want to hurt her”.

“So you don’t wanna find out what these panties taste like then?” Rachel hissed back slowly and seductively, while hitching up her dress to reveal a sexy white g-string (much like the one I had been sniffing and licking earlier).

I was instantly turned on. My cock growing hard, and starting to show in my shorts. Before I could muster a reply, Rachel gradually pulled the g-string she was wearing up her tight cunt – revealing the sexiest of camel-toes. She pulled at it from the top a little more and looked up at me smugly, with the white material now disappearing between her pussy lips.

“Well?” she moaned as she tugged further at the sexy piece of material.

My head was fucked. I was confused, worried, surprised etc etc. but above all – I was fucking horny for her. I had fantasised about this moment many times before and now here I am – watching my girlfriend’s younger sister tease me with her knickers.

“I want you so bad Rach”

With that she lurched forward, her dress still hitched around her waste, and kissed me passionately. Our tongues searched every bit of each other’s mouth’s – she kissed me as though she’d been waiting for this moment for the past 10 years as well as me.

Pushing me back, she grabbed the dirty coral thong off the floor, put it in her mouth and resumed kissing me. We tongued each other through the creamy, stained material. Forcing the smelly thong into one another’s mouth.

Rachel then pulled away, the thong dropping onto my chest, “Does that turn you on you sick fuck?” She said taking a new aggressive tone. “The taste of my dry cunt juice makes you horny?”

As I nodded, she reverted to the white g-string and draped it across my face. “Let me watch you sniff it” I want to watch you worship my filthy underwear”

I didn’t need a second invitation. Keeping my eyes fixated on Rachel, who was now standing between my legs, I sniffed all over the worn g-string.

Rubbing two fingers along the g-string wedged up her cunt, she began goading me further.

“Now let me see you lick those shit stains. Suck on my shitty knickers you fucker”

I began feverishly tasting the dirty brown smears while Rachel had now pulled her underwear from her cunt and had begun finger-fucking herself through her panty. “That’s it Steve, lick my ass stains” she encouraged. “D’ya like the taste of my shit do ya? I bet you’d like to lick my filthy shithole wouldn’t ya? Would you gaziantep escort like to stick your tongue up my tight ass and clean it for me?”

Rachel was turning herself on as much as me with her dirty talk, it seemed. Her panties were now visibly wet where she was plunging the material into her sopping wet cunt.

Pushing me onto my back, she straddled my face in her sexy dress – her tits just peaking out. “Lick me my out through my knickers” she said excitedly while pulling my head up by my hair towards her cunt.

I licked slowly at the wet material, tasting the delicious juices of her 22 year old pussy. I darted my tongue in and out of the g-string, pushing it into her dripping wet slit. I could feel her little clit standing on end through her knickers as my licking turned into sucking. Her cunt was so tiny I could take her whole mound in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah” she panted in appreciation while grinding her pussy into my face. “I’m gonna cum Steve. I’m gonna cum in my little panties” And with that her tiny, tight cunt began to gush; flooding through her already wet g-string and into my mouth.

At this point, neither of us had even touched my cock but I felt like I was ready to cum in my shorts. As though she sensed this, Rachel reached back and pulled out my hard dick to give it the attention it so badly needed. I was in heaven. My fiancée’s little sister was stroking my cock while I sucked on her pussy through her cummy little knickers.

I thought that may have been the end of this dream-like scenario. Perhaps she would wank me until I came (it wouldn’t have taken long) and we’d have an awkward clean-up before a joint “what the fuck did we just do” type-moment. I was wrong. Rachel wasn’t finished there. Maybe she wanted to ‘punish’ me for my initial knicker-sniffing actions, maybe she wanted to punish Steph, or maybe she was just generally enjoying our depraved time together? Whatever it was, Rachel was ready for more.

“Lay on the floor” she ordered as she climbed off of me.

As I lay down on the wooden flooring, now completely naked, Rachel had slipped her dress off of her shoulders to reveal her pert, sexy tits. Wow. I had watched them develop over the years and now I was getting a full view of the finished product – spectacular! She once again towered above me in her sexy high heels, with her dress now bunched up and clinging on around her midriff. What an incredible body she had, I thought to myself. So tight, tiny and skinny with the most incredible bum and boobs.

“You like my heels and feet, don’t ya?” Rachel exclaimed assertively. And I did. I really did. The heels I had cum into earlier must’ve been a giveaway. That and the fact she had caught me on several occasions before just staring at her feet.

She placed her left heel, which was almost like a high-heeled sandal, on my cock; pressing it down onto my stomach, Oh fuck I was turned on. Like I said in the first chapter, I was never a foot fetish guy until I met Rachel. She has amazing feet. Slim, with long skinny toes and always perfectly pedicured with bright red nail polis.

While grabbing at her own tits, Rachel began to pump my rock-hard dick with her shoe. “Do you like that Stevey? D’ya like the feel of my sexy heels stamping all over your cock?”

“Oh fuck yeah Rach. Rub your heels all over my dick. Stand on my cock” I responded enthusiastically.

This went on for a few minutes or so. I laid back. My eyes rolling into my head. The feel of the sole of her heel rubbing my dick hard against my own stomach was incredible. I’d seen shoe/heel-jobs giresun escort in porn before, but always wondered how the fuck they felt any good! Now I knew. It was incredible. A little strange but sexy as hell. I wanted to cum right there. I wanted to cum while my girlfriend’s sister trampled my hard dick in her high heels. Alas, Rachel again had other ideas.

She dropped to the floor and unfastened her heels – keeping eye contact with me the whole time. After feeding my cock into one of the heels, my throbbing bellend trapped underneath the toe strap, she began me wanking into her sexy shoes.

“Is this turning you on you weirdo?” Rachel laughed as she pumped my seriously hard cock with the black, strappy shoe she had been wearing moments earlier. “Does that feel good, being masturbated by your fiance’s sister’s worn high heel? Would’ya like to shoot ya cum in them? You dirty bastard”.

Rachel was right. It was weird, but it was also incredibly kinky and felt amazing. However, as good as it felt, I was longing to feel her sexy bare feet clasped around my dick – and she duly obliged.

Tossing the heels to one side, Rachel planted her right foot on my cock and positioned her left foot just pushing against my balls. Fuck fuck fuck. This is what I had longed for for year – the feel of Rachel’s long skinny feet pressed against my dick.

Now taking less domineering and almost sarcastic tone, Rachel gushed “How does that feel baby? You like my pretty feet don’t ya? Do they feel good on your cock?”

“Oh my god yes” I moaned back. “Slide your feet all over me Rach. Fuck my cock with your feet”

With that she positioned my dick in between her feet and began to fuck it hard. Using her hands to leverage her skinny legs, she stroked my cock harder and harder between her bare feet.

“I’m gonna cum” I said in ecstasy after an 30 seconds of the most incredible footjob.

Rachel’s response? “No you’re not”

She removed her feet from around my dick and quickly got up. She dropped her dress to the floor and was now just hovering above me wearing nothing but her tiny white, cum-soiled g-string.

“Are you ready to be my toilet?” Rachel remarked nonchalantly as though it was a normal request.

Fuck. I thought to myself. She is one kinky bitch. One minute I’m solo wanking over her underwear and next she wants to use me as a toilet? I was apprehensive but also fucking turned on.

“I need to piss and you’re gonna drink it through my knickers” she continued. I nodded my approval – completely in awe of her as she positioned her cunt just above my mouth. I could smell her sweet, sticky pussy, stained on her knickers.

“Are you ready Stevey? Are you ready to taste my fucking piss?” – With that she began pissing herself. Fuck it was sexy. A slowly developing wet patch emerged in the crotch of her white panties and then the piss began to rain through – soaking my face and dribbling into my mouth. She moaned sexily as I brought my mouth closer to her pissing tight cunt to catch all the golden nectar she had to offer, swallowing it all.

“That’s it, take my piss down your throat you fucking toilet” Rachel encouraged. “I’m pissing myself for you baby. Suck the piss out of my soiled knickers” – by this point she had just about finished using me as a toilet and I was quite literally sucking on her cunt through her filthy, wringing wet g-string.

Rachel stood up, and slowly and sexily removed her piss stained knickers before forcing them in my mouth. My dick was rock hard and ready to explode, but Rachel wasn’t in a helping mood. She simply gathered her clothes, leant forward and spat on my cock before walking out the bedroom and retreating downstairs. Wow. But, i wasn’t finished there. Using her spit as lube; I eagerly and pathetically sucked on her piss-soiled panties, wanking my dick until I came all over myself. What a night.