Betty at the Window


(Note: This story takes place a few months after “Betty Takes the Stage,” although it’s not necessary to read it before this one. -CO)?


After my embarrassing nude debut onstage, I ended up dating Tyler for a few months. We eventually broke up when summer vacation came, and I didn’t mind too much, since it was getting boring.

But also I had gotten a crush on a guy named Ryan during the spring semester. He was a super cute guy in one of my classes, and the few times we saw each other at parties we flirted and chatted, but he never got my number so nothing ever happened. Then summer came and everyone went back home for the vacation, so I stopped thinking about him.

When fall semester started, I moved into a new dorm hall with some of my friends. My room wasn’t very big, but it featured a big window that almost went from the ceiling down to my knees. It faced another dorm hall, so the view wasn’t great, and definitely not as great as the windows that faced the quad.

But it got good light, so I didn’t think anything more about it until a couple of weeks into the semester, late one night when I was getting ready for bed. I had shut off my lights when I glanced out my window and saw that the window directly across from me still had its lights on. Standing in front of the window was Ryan, and he was staring right into my window!

Now that my lights were off, he couldn’t see me, but it was obvious that he had been staring at me while the lights were on. I gasped to myself as I realized that I could see him very clearly and so he had seen me just as clear! My mind raced as I tried to remember if he had seen me in a compromising position. Was I facing the window when I was changing into my pajamas? Had I been doing that for the past few weeks? Had Ryan been watching me every night in my underwear . . . or worse?

Part of me was shocked and angry, but then I noticed that Ryan himself was only wearing a t-shirt and his boxers shorts. As I watched him, he kept staring at my window for a few seconds, then he reached behind his head and pulled his shirt off.

For a second I thought maybe I shouldn’t be watching this, but when I saw him shirtless all my thoughts flew away. He looked so good! I didn’t know he was the kind of guy who works out, but he had muscles everywhere, and with his boxers riding low on his hips I could see almost everything.

It wasn’t until he turned his lights off that I realized I had been staring at him for almost a few minutes. He left the lights on so long it made me wonder, did he see me looking? Did he know I was staring, and he wanted to pay me back for seeing me?

I started feeling aroused at the thought of it. I’m normally very shy, but the thought of Ryan and I letting each other see our bodies was kind of thrilling.

The next day, I ran into Ryan between classes, but he just said hi and asked how my summer was. We chatted a bit but he didn’t give any indication that he had seen me or that he had let me see him. It made me wonder, was I imagining the whole thing?

That night after I got home I waited until a bit later than I usually do to take a shower. Around eleven, I went to my dresser and laid out a sexy pair of purple bra and panties on my bed. Usually I just wear cotton pajamas to bed, but this time…what, exactly? I didn’t know.

As I walked past my window to my closet , I glanced out of it and saw that Ryan’s light was on. He was sitting down, reading a book while facing the window, but the second he saw me walk by I saw him look up. I grabbed my towel and walked by the window again, to let him know I was going to the shower.

I took a quick shower, and after I got out I pulled my towel tight across my body, so Ryan could get a good idea of my figure. I walked back to my bedroom and stopped at the door.

What was I really going to do? I wondered. I was naked underneath the towel, but I couldn’t let Ryan just see me naked. At the same time, the idea of him seeing me undressed sent a thrill through me.

I took a deep breath and calmly walked to the window. I stopped and looked outside, directly at Ryan’s window. His light was off, but I could dimly see that he was still sitting in the chair, looking right at me. I pretended to fiddle with the blinds to make sure that he was there, while I felt him stare at my towel-clad body. Then I walked over to my bed, out of sight.

I pulled off my towel and tossed it on the bed, and I slipped on the panties. I was about to put on my bra when I suddenly stopped. What if I didn’t?

Before I could think myself out of it, I dropped by bra and turned around, and casually malatya escort walked across the window. My face turned bright red as I passed it, and then I ran to the light switch and shut it off.

I couldn’t believe I had just let Ryan get a glimpse of me topless! It was a quick look, and just at my side, but still, he had seen the whole side of my breast!

I hurried back over to the window. It was still dark, but after a few seconds the light clicked on. Ryan was standing there, wearing just his t-shirt and boxers. He stayed at the window for a few minutes, just looking ahead. Was he trying to make sure I was watching?

Then he pulled his t-shirt off like he did the night before. Again I got to see his muscled torso. He did some stretches, and it occurred to me that maybe he was just using his window as a mirror? Did he know I was watching, then? Before I could figure it out, he suddenly pulled down his boxer shorts and stepped out of them.

I gasped. Ryan was totally naked! His torso sloped down to a really nice, thick cock that was hanging there, half-hard. There was no doubt now that he knew I was watching! He was letting me see him naked!

He stayed at the window for a couple minutes, and then shut the light off. He did it so casually, it seemed like he was daring me. If he could stand there naked, why couldn’t I?

The next day I ran into Ryan again and this time he was much more flirty and chatty. He invited me to a house party his friends were throwing the next night. Again, he didn’t even hint at what had happened last night, but I could tell the tension between us had risen.

That night I had a late meeting and didn’t get back to my dorm until eleven again. I walked in without turning on my light and threw my backpack on the ground and passed the window when I stopped to look. There was Ryan, totally naked again! I wasn’t sure if he had thought I was watching him earlier or if he had just stripped down anyway.

I stared at him again, almost embarrassed at how I was almost drooling like I was in grade school. He was doing some stretches again, which made his hefty dick bounce nicely and heavily. A hundred thoughts ran through my mind, about going over to his dorm right now and just sucking him off, or fucking his brains out.

After a few minutes, he looked straight at me and gave a small smile, and then shut off the lights. I panicked for a quick second. I was in total darkness, could he still see me that easily? Was he telling me it was my turn?

I waited a couple of minutes to draw up my courage, and then I walked to the light switch and turned it on. I walked back to the window and stared into Ryan’s dark room. I thought I could maybe see Ryan, but it was too dark, and my room was too bright to see. Without looking away, I grabbed my top and pulled it off my head. I was wearing a normal blue bra, nothing really sexy, but it did make my boobs look good, so I felt okay with him seeing me in it. Then I grabbed my jeans and pulled then down and stepped out of them.

Now I was just in my bra and panties, while a guy who wasn’t my boyfriend was staring at me. If I stopped right now, he wouldn’t have seen anything more than what I showed him last night. I could still back out!

With all the mental willpower I had, I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra. I held it there for a few seconds while I urged myself to do it. Think how hot you’ll look! He’ll like it! You already saw him naked, don’t you want him to have that same thrill? I took a deep breath and let the bra drop off my shoulders.

Oh my god, I had done it! I was topless! Ryan was looking at my naked boobs! The light was bright enough that there was no doubt he could see everything about them, how they sloped, their round shape, the puffiness of my nipples. I was almost dizzy with lust and fright.

Before I could change my mind, I grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down, too. I was totally naked! Ryan could see everything! My stomach, the curve of my torso, my bush, everything!

I spent a few seconds collecting myself. Then, as I got comfortable, I started doing some stretches of my own, just to tease him a bit. I let my boobs bounce a little bit as I stretched, just to let Ryan see them jiggle in all their glory.

It only took a few minutes before all the fear and anxiety started rushing back, and I raced over to the light switch and shut it off. I rushed back to bed and furiously started masturbating. A part of me was so turned on but I still so embarrassed at what I had done!

But The REAL embarrassing malatya escort bayan part was still to come. The next day I had to decide if I should go to Ryan’s house party. Now that the thrill was gone, I was much more embarrassed about what I had done the night before. But thinking about maybe hooking up with Ryan finally convinced me to go. I put on a sexy dark green bra and panties and a nice tanktop and jeans, and headed over around nine.

The house was very crowded when I got there. I grabbed a hard drink and walked around until I saw Ryan. He walked up to me with a big grin and thanked me for coming, then said, “You look really great.”

“So do you!” I blushed and said.

Then he smiled mischievously and said, “Although I liked what you wore last night even better.”

My face turned deep red. No doubt that he was watching now! I giggled softly. “Same to you,” I stammered back. I was so nervous! But I was really glad he liked seeing me naked. Girls are still insecure about that stuff, no matter how often we hear it, I guess. He laughed and said he had to go check on his friends, but that he’d come find me later. I said, “definitely!” a little too eagerly, and he disappeared into the crowd.

I found some friends at the part and spent the rest of the night hanging out and getting tipsy. The party was really large, and at one point I even ran into Bobby, the awkward nerd that had managed to see me naked several times. I was still angry at him for that, even though he still had a crush on me. He tried to talk to me a couple of times, but I was a little curt with him, so he got the idea and went elsewhere.

It was only when the last of my friends were leaving that I realized that I had been at the party for several hours, and that all the liquor had made me pretty drunk. The party had thinned out a bunch and I stumbled around the rooms trying to find someone to talk to.

I walked into a large bedroom and saw Ryan with a bunch of guys hanging around laughing and chatting while some music was playing from the radio. He saw me and waved me over, so I stumbled over as casually as I could and sat down on the floor among the group.

The conversation was all over the place and I mostly kept quiet. I began to notice that there was one other girl in the group, who I recognized as Sarah, from one of the really slutty sororities. She was flirting really heavily with Ryan.

The bitch! I was a little too drunk to flirt very hard back, so I just made an occasional comment and spent the rest of the time stewing in anger. Didn’t she realize that I had dibs on him? I had let him see me naked, for crying out loud!

The conversation soon began to turn to sex, and since there were so many guys in the group, it turned to what guys like about girls. It was the usual kind of conversation, until one of the guys said, “Oh man, tits are the best thing. If a girl has great tits, then there’s nothing more I need.”

A couple of guys said they liked butts better, but most of the guys agreed enthusiastically, saying stuff like “definitely!” and “no doubt!”

Suddenly Sarah shouted, “I have GREAT boobs!” That immediately got the guys’ attention, of course.

“Everyone I’ve shown them to says they’re the best they’ve seen,” she said, smiling and looking at Ryan. I was so angry. I bet she’d shown them to a LOT of guys, too!

“Let us see!” one of the guys said.

“Yeah, show us!” they all started saying. “Let us judge!” “We have to be sure!” Sarah pretended to be all shy, saying, “Oh, no, come on,” but I could tell she was adoring all the attention. Except for Ryan, who I noticed didn’t egg her on.

Finally, she said, “Okay, but you have to promise not to tell anybody!” All the guys cheered, and without any more prodding Sarah grabbed the hem of her shirt and started pulling it off. All the guys got quiet, wondering if she was actually going to flash them. But then she surprised all of us and just stood up and pulled her whole shirt off, and she wasn’t even wearing a bra! Everyone burst into applause and cheers at seeing her boobs. Except me, of course. They looked good, I had to admit, although I thought mine were better. Hers were smaller but more perky and upward facing. Ryan was definitely looking at them and grinning widely.

I was a mixture of disgusted and jealous at Sarah. I knew that if I showed everyone my boobs, they would be much better liked than hers. That was my state of thinking as I angrily looked at her while she stood there, preening and grinning at all of the attention.

So when one of escort malatya the guys said, “Hey, Betty, how about you?” I hesitated a bit too much before I said, “Oh, no way.” The guys saw that I might be persuaded and started egging me on, saying, “Come on!” Sarah even joined in, to my surprise, saying, “I bet you have great boobs, Betty!”

Then one of the guys said, “She definitely does, I still have that magazine she posed for!” That was the one I had unwittingly ended up topless in. I had only shown my butt and the side of my boob, but the guy acted like it was the greatest thing he had ever seen.

The guys started egging me on even more. And I was already drunk and insecure, and was noticing how Ryan was staring at Sarah’s tits, so in my haze I stood up. I wasn’t sure why I was standing up, but the guys all assumed it was to take my shirt off and they started cheering.

It was probably all the cheering that finally convinced me to do it, even though I would usually never be motivated by that kind of attention. But I reached down and pulled my top over my head, dropping it to the floor and exposing my green bra. The guys cheered even harder, and at first I thought I could just get away with leaving it at that.

“See?” I slurred.

“No, more! More!” the guys started saying, and I sighed to myself. I reached back and unsnapped my bra and pulled it off my boobs.

The cheers were so huge I was almost worried that the cops would be called. It was only when I heard them that I realized that I was standing there topless in front of a whole group of guys I didn’t know. All these guys who had just seen me around campus or for the first time tonight, I was just some cute girl they knew, and now they were seeing my naked breasts and nipples.

I blushed deep red as I looked around, hoping that at least I wouldn’t see someone I knew. And who should my eyes fall on but Bobby, who I didn’t even realize was in the room. Once again he was getting to my bare breasts. I almost started to tear up from the humiliation so I quickly looked away to Sarah. She was cheering me along with the guys, which was still surprising. I thought she was just an attention whore trying to sleep with Ryan, but maybe she just liked getting naked and was having fun with it?

As if to answer my question, Sarah suddenly started unbuttoning her jeans. “Let’s show them more!” she said to me, but loudly enough that everyone heard it. Before anyone could react, she pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles.

I couldn’t believe it! Sarah was totally naked! In a room full of guys, with me as the only other girl! All the guys were by now cheering and clapping so loud that I was disoriented. This was all happening so fast that I was struggling to comprehend what was going on. Sarah winked at me and started dancing, totally naked, to the clapping and the background music.

It seemed to natural and normal that I started unconsciously unbuttoning my own jeans. Before I knew what I had done, I had shrugged my panties down my legs and was stepping out of them, too.

So there I was, shy and reserved Betty, totally naked in a room full of guys. Everyone now knew exactly was I looked like naked, the size of my boobs, the color of my bush, everything. Including a guy who had a crush on me and a guy who I had a crush on.

I pushed the thought out of my head and started starting dancing along with Sarah. For the next hour, the two of us danced and hung around the guys, without a stitch of clothing on. I started getting okay with it after awhile, and soon I didn’t even mind that Bobby was spending the whole time staring at me in the corner like a creep. All the guys treated the situation very gentlemanly, with everyone complimenting me and cheering us and no one touching inappropriately. Well, a couple of guys “accidentally” brushed their hands along my boobs and butt now and then, but it wasn’t anything I shouldn’t have expected, I guess.

I especially made sure Ryan was looking at me, and when he was I made sure to jiggle my boobs a bit harder and to suck in my tummy more. He paid the most attention to me and danced with me the most!

Finally at one point I saw Ryan whisper, “follow me” to me and sneak out of the room. I followed him out the door and down the hall. It was only then that I remembered I was totally naked walking around a house with a bunch of strangers, but luckily by that point it was mostly empty. A couple of guys were still hanging around, but they were too drunk to recognize that they were seeing Betty from around campus casually walking down the hallway totally nude.

Ryan and I snuck into a dark room. I won’t go into the details of what happened, because I’m a good girl, but let’s just say that I got a LOT more naked time with him that night! It was as hot as I had hoped it would be, and it was even worth having a whole bunch of strangers seeing me naked. Still, when I look back on it, it’s so embarrassing!