Aunt and Nephew



I now relate that part of my life where from everything suddenly changed and my guardians thought that they should keep me up to date on physical matters, on girls,likes, dislikes, everything between man and woman.

I start from the day when my aunt Preetha and her husband ventured in to teach me on the various ways a man and women should be.

I had lost my parents at a very young age and was looked after my aunt Preetha and her husband Shankar. When I was little boy, Preetha or Shankar would strip me down and take me with them into the shower. I got cleaned and played in the water. As I got older we still showered together, saw each other naked, and left the bathroom door open most of the time. I had grown up seeing Preetha and Shankar naked without shame or discomfort, because it was the way we lived up there in a remote village,with acres of land for ourselves and nobody else around.

I was 5 and they were around 22 and 26 at that time when when I came into their life, and now after 14 long years I have just turned 19.


“Mohan, stand here in front of me, please.” said Preetha.

“Now kiss me.”

I had kissed Preetha a thousand times over the years, on the cheek, and a few times on the mouth. But this was different. She wanted me to kiss her like Shankar, her husband kissed her.

As I took her face in my hands,

“Don’t hurry. When your lips touch, be soft and gentle. You aren’t holding my face, you are caressing it. Let your hands be so gentle, when you need a breath back away just enough and the move your nose to the other side of my nose and kiss me again.”

After ten or twenty kisses Preetha said, “Enough!”

I dropped my hands and pulled back. Had I done something wrong? I got worried.

“Mohan, while we were kissing what were you thinking about?”

“Kissing you,?”

“Were you thinking about doing it right?”

“Yes. I want to be good at it.”

“This may be the toughest part of this lesson. You think about all that when you aren’t kissing. You think about everything you ever learn about kissing before you kiss me. When you kiss me you stop thinking and just kiss me.”

“Is kissing is like that meditation stuff the Buddhists do?” I asked.

“In a way, yes. If you can kiss me without thinking about techniques, you will kiss me as an expression of why you are 1080 porno kissing me. I will feel the authenticity of that, stronger than any technique.”

“Why am I kissing you?”

“Because it is a powerful way for people to tell each other that they love each other, that they care for each other and they want to share life with them.”

“May I kiss you again, please?” I asked.

The answer was an unspoken yes. I held Preetha’s face and looked into her eyes. I don’t think I had ever looked into her eyes as I did right then. Slowly we came together and I was aware of the warmth of her lips and the breath passing between us. I thought about how much I loved her. I disappeared.

I came back when the kiss ended. I cannot tell you anything about that kiss except her reaction to it. When the kiss ended she pulled back just a little, keeping her arms around me.

“Sweet heart, I have been kissed by your soul. Shankar, I am dripping. .”

“Preetha, what does that mean?”

“Mohan, when a woman is being kissed, as an expression of love her body reacts. It reacts by lubricating her vagina. That is her body’s way of getting ready for coitus.”

“Coitus is when a man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina.”

“Yes. When a man is ready he has an erection. When I am ready I lubricate.”

“Then I think our bodies are ready.”

They laughed. I laughed too but wasn’t quite sure what was funny.

Preetha told me that it was the lesson for the day. And that I should not it practice on any of the girls in town, yet, she said that I could practice with her anytime I wanted but until then I had at least four more lessons. I was not to kiss any of the girls that lived or visited our county. I promised.

Days went by and then came the day when I would get my second class, when she called me to her bed room asked me to sit besides her on her bed, pulled me towards her and lapped on my lips. Many kisses later Preetha reached down and wrapped her hand around my erection. Thousands of times she had held and touched and washed my penis since I was a baby. She had never held my erection like this.

“I’m going to teach you another way people kiss. Is that OK with you?”


The blankets flew back as Preetha tossed them to the floor of my room. She moved so that her head was near my erection. She moved closer still and touched her lips to the head of 2 k porno my boner. She kissed the head over and over and it felt incredible! Her lips opened and she sucked me in! The feeling was unbelievable! I felt the cum rise like when I masturbated but stronger. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and ended up holding her head as I filled her mouth with my load. Somehow she swallowed every drop.

She let me drop from her mouth and smiled at me. “Did you like that?”

Then she slowly removed her jumper, and looking into my eyes she slowly slid her boob cups down her hands, I sat transfixed on the sight of her boobs, as I had never seen her boob till then, just because of the seductive way in which she did remover her wear, then she pulled down her panties, even more slowly,

Then asked her most interesting question.

“You don’t have a penis. Can someone give you oral sex? As all your parts are inside.”

Preetha opened her legs and I noticed she was shaved. I’d never seen her without hair on her vulva. I’d seen drawings in books but I didn’t really know what I was looking at. Now a warm, wet vulva was right there inches from my face. She pointed out and named the parts. She had me touch and notice the different feels. She had me lick her outer lips and notice how they swelled from being stimulated. I licked some more and noticed she was getting wetter. I used my fingers to open her lips wide and I licked in between the lips, where it was slippery and wet. She tasted good, and I loved the smell. I had licked with a wide tongue and now I pointed it as best I could, looking for the features I had seen so I could feel them with my tongue. I did.

I paid attention to the reaction I got from each place I touched. Preetha loved having my tongue in her vagina. She loved when I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and she shook and screamed when I sucked on her clitoris. Juices flowed from her as sheshook and her breathing was ragged. Her hands held my head and pressed my face into her vulva.

“Oh Mohan, suck my pussy!”

“Pussy?” I wonder, why anyone would call it that way?.

I may have been wondering but I kept licking and sucking her pussy as I lapped up every drop of her juices. Finally, she pushed me away.

“Enough! You’ll kill a woman if you do that too long!”

“I found out you were right. I don’t know what to do now. Anjali wants me to kiss her more.”

“I 3 k porno can only teach you how to be a lover. You will have to decide about how to be responsible with what you learn. I can tell you about the possible consequences of your actions but you will need to choose what to do.”

As she talked to me she stroked me. I was hard and hoped she would suck me as she had done before. Preetha took her time and continued to talk.

“Did you use your tongue?”

“Not at first. I was gentle and soft like you taught me. I held them softly and without touching their breasts or their butts.”

“Show me.”

I kissed her in the same way as my first kisses with Anjali and Bindya. In the second kiss Preetha pushed her tongue through my lips and we were kissing with passion. I shifted on the bed and she was lying on my chest. I could feel skin to skin pressure against my hard penis.

“You must promise me you will not do this with the girls. If you do they could get pregnant. As much as you want to put your penis inside a girl’s vagina, don’t. If you want to do this come home and we can. I cannot get pregnant. When Raja was born the doctor damaged my uterus and I can no longer have babies.” (In fact she did not have any children now, as her own son, my cousin died in a few days after birth)

She shifted again and I felt my penis slide into her vagina. Nothing prepared me for the feeling. We were joined in a way I had never imagined! I knew my penis was designed to fit in a vagina, I just didn’t know it would feel like it did now. I lifted my hips and thrust up into Preetha. My head told me to go slowly, like good kissing. My body said hurry! I listened to both of my voices and thrust slowly and then fast and hard. Preetha thrust back with matching intensity. The sounds of our breathing were soon joined by the sounds of her wetness being stirred by my penis. I loved the sound the first instant I heard it and have been addicted to it ever since.

As we joined Preetha lifted herself up and sat astride my hips. Her breasts were bouncing slightly right in front of me. I grasped them with both hands and held them as we joined.I pinched her nipples and aureola. She closed her eyes and moaned. As her arousal increased her motion went from smooth and rhythmic to jerky and frantic.

Suddenly she stiffened and began to shake. I knew she was having an orgasm. I felt her vaginal muscles gripping my penis. I thrust a couple more times and came myself. The feeling was quite different from cumming in my hand or even in Preetha’s mouth. I liked cumming inside her pussy more. Much, more. I told her I liked cumming inside her.

Preetha snuggled with me the rest of the night.