My Toy Boy Delight


Special thanks to my editor Shawnene who contributed her excellent editing skills to this story.


My 40th birthday is upon the horizon and the change in my sexual appetite is exciting. I have been working out at the local gym and running through the local parklands on weekends. My body is looking good and I am feeling really hot! My fantasies have become extremely wild and I have an incredible desire to release my inner vixen. I am a sexually confident woman and have discovered the enthralling world of sex chat rooms, MSN and web cams.

I have developed quite a sexual longing for the twenty- something males, and to my delight I have had quite a few erotic offers from hunky young men yearning for an older woman who knows exactly what she wants from a sexual encounter.

One of these young men is a handsome Canadian who recently moved to Australia, and coincidently lives nearby my home. His name is Lucas and we had been teasing each other via MSN and web cam for the past few weeks. On several occasions I watched him wank as I wrote about what I wanted to do with him if we were naked and alone together. I had played with myself as he wrote back explaining how he would wickedly give me many hours of unbridled pleasure.

Feeling incredibly horny, I suggested that we have dinner at a boutique hotel in the city. I knew it had a fabulous restaurant as well as stylish accommodations. He was enthralled at my offer and we made a date for a Friday night rendezvous. I rang the hotel, booked a table for dinner as well as a suite for the weekend. I was determined to have an exotically luscious weekend.

Dashing from work early on Friday I went directly to the hotel. I had packed an exhilarating array of sexual paraphernalia. I wanted to create an erotically bewitching environment for Lucas and me to explore our debauched fantasies.

The hotel suite is exquisite, cool crisp modern lines combine well with luxurious textures, a huge spa and a private court yard. Yes, this is a brilliant canvas for the sexual possibilities that were scurrying through my brain.

Excitedly, I fill the mini bar fridge with tantalizing nibbles, great champagne, a few beers and mixers, and popped the vodka in the freezer. I plugged my ipod into its speaker box, choose the R&B playlist, and placed big Roman candles around the room. I light incense, put massage oil by the bed and a velvet bag of sex toys in the top drawer of the bedside table.

Running a bath, I slowly undress in front of the full length mirror, swaying elegantly to the soulful rhythms drifting from my iPod. I imagine Lucas standing behind me rubbing his cock against my ripe arse, fingering my clit; I close my eyes, the better to delve into my rampant fantasy world. I begin to rub myself faster as I visualized Lucas fucking me from behind. With my other hand I reach up to tease and caress my breasts out of my bra.

It felt incredible to imagine that in just a few hours I could be standing right here fulfilling my current fantasy. My sexual desires rise rapidly and I allow my fingers to probe my pussy whilst my thumb vigorously rubbed my swelling clitoris. As my pleasure mounts, I lean back against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall and succumb to the brilliance of my first orgasm of the night.

Feeling light headed and very dirty, I push the button to begin the spa jets and climb into a gloriously hot spa tub and float in sheer bliss. As I lay back in a dreamy state I let my body float in the weightlessness of the water, enjoying the moment.

As the hours pass I wash, wax, shave and pluck. I struggle to arrange my ample breasts seductively in the gorgeous red and black corset I’ve chosen to wear. Achieving success I glance at the clock – time has flown by and I am due to meet Lucas downstairs in fifteen minutes. I casually finish dressing, style my hair, and apply subtle though alluring make up; I place boxes of matches near the candles, put the massage oil in the microwave ready to be heated up and I leave the iPod on shuffle and make my way to the restaurant.

I arrive about half an hour late, hoping he would already be sitting at the table waiting for my arrival. When I meet the Maitre d’ at the front desk, he informs me that my guest is waiting at the table by the window.

Lucas was facing the door; knowing that I looked stunning in my gorgeous little black dress, I pull back my shoulders, tuck in my tummy, raise my chin slightly and saunter into the elegant restaurant.

Lucas noticed me immediately and his gaze penetrated through my calm exterior. He is devilishly handsome and I nearly giggle as I realize we would be fucking each other before the new dawn. Lucas stands as I approach the table and greets me with a huge smile, a soft and tender kiss on my lips and a warm hello. I sit comfortably and we talk and flirt whilst selecting our meal. We order, and open the wine he has organised. I glance up and notic my date admiring my face and eyes.

“Your eyes sparkle and dance in the soft çanakkale escort light,” he whispers tendely.

I enjoy watching his gaze roam carelessly down my throat and rest steadily upon my blossoming cleavage which was seductively revealing a glimpse of my breasts. I knew just enough flesh was being revealed to entice and awaken his primitive desires. I am delighted that my choice of outfit is stimulating my toy boy’s imagination.

I feel reckless and horny. With a wry smile I let my blood red high heel slip from my foot and slowly and softly begin to caress his shin with my toes. The first course is served as my toes continue to caress and climb higher reaching his inner thigh by the time we finish our appetizers.

Eager to have Lucas upstairs in the hotel room I begin to wonder if we’d make it through the main meal let alone dessert. As our main meals are served my toes reach his swelling cock. I find it gloriously amusing to watch my toy-boy’s face as he tries to eat and chat with me.

I place the sole of my naked foot directly upon his firming cock and slowly and rhythmically caress it through the fabric of his trousers. As I nibble at my Caesar salad, I notice he has stopped eating and is sitting back in his chair, wine in hand, grinning excitedly. Casually I ask him if he’s enjoying his meal, his head rolls forward in a kind of a nod.

“Would you like it if we settled the bill?” I asked.

“Yes, now please – that would be great.” Lucas replies.

Slowly I finish my wine as my foot ensures my young lover is very ready to entertain me upstairs. It’s such a rush watching a hot young man melting before my eyes, knowing that he is willing and able to fuck me hard and often over the next few hours.

After a few embarrassing moments of adjustment with his jacket, I sign for the bill and arm in arm we leave the restaurant. Giggling, like horny teenagers ready to ‘make out’ on mum’s sofa, I lead Lucas to the hotel garden.

Once outside I stop to breathe deeply and regain some mystique and control, but instead I am caught off guard by my young stud as he stops, turns to me and kisses me deeply and passionately, his hand caressing my back and moving wildly over my arse.

My gorgeous black dress is rather sheer and the slight chill in the air has stiffened my nipples, creating hard points that are straining through the stunning black and red corset I was barely wearing. Pushing free from my lustful ravisher I stroll around the lit gardens of the hotel courtyard.

Sulking, Lucas follows me; walking a few paces ahead of Lucas I deliberately drop my purse. Bending down to pick it up I knew that my dress was short enough to ensure that Lucas was getting a totally excellent view of my long legs encased in sheer black silk stockings, which are attached to delectable and sexy suspenders. That, and my red and black corset were all I wore under my little black dress.

From behind I heard Lucas moan, “Wow!”

Pleased with his reaction I lead him over to the precipice of the hotel entrance. I climb up the first step, turn around and face Lucas. With me standing on the step our eyes were almost at the same level.

“I have a suite booked for the weekend… would you like to come up and share a dessert with me?” I ask coyly.

His eyes were alight with mischief and a broad grin reached across his face.

“That would be great,” was all he uttered.

We enter the hotel and walk casually to the lifts. A few others were waiting as well, as we stepp to the back of the lift Lucas places his hand on my arse and seductively feels its shapely contours. I feel all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd.

His tender motion sends sparks rupturing through my body. I feel so damn horny and am ready to take him passionately in the lift in front of everyone if we don’t arrive at our floor very, very soon.

Finally it was our turn to alight from the lift. The landing was quiet and softly lit and once in the corridor, I grab his hand and nearly drag him down the hall to the awaiting room. In the softly lit hall I realise that I have to feel his lips right now. Firmly I stop and nudge us both into the shadows along the wall.

Simultaneously our lips met, we lock in a sensual embrace; sexual tension that has been building for the past few hours suddenly erupts from the depth of my being. My tongue explores his mouth with ravenous delight.

Going with the intensity of our erotic energies, Lucas scoops me up and holds me in his arms; my long legs wrap effortlessly around his abdomen. We both are keenly aware that people could walk past us at any time, which only adds to the heat of the moment. Lucas nips and kisses my neck as I hold onto him, enjoying the thrill of the moment. He carries me a bit further into the shadows of the corner and holds me firmly against the wall.

The pleasure I receive from his passionate kisses is incredible. I am wet from the way he teases me with erotic bites to my neck and shoulders. We are lost in a world of sensual delights. I groan as Lucas rubs his fingers deftly along my wet clitoris.

From out of the corner of my eye I notice a movement coming toward us. I allow his fingers to go deeper into me and whisper to him that someone is coming. The excitement of being caught is an extreme turn on and we continue to kiss with a lustful passion. I have to bite my lip hard to stop the low guttural moan from escaping.

Behind us another couple are coming up the stairs of the hotel. They are kissing and laughing as they reach the landing. We are only two metres away from where they are frolicking.

They are going into the room just up from ours. They fumble for their room key; it falls and the woman bends forward to pick the key from the floor. As she does this, the man with her stands behind her and rubs himself against her ripe little butt. He leans over her and places his big hands around her and silently fondles her delicate breasts. As the woman opens the door her fellow undoes his pants to reveal a massive hard on. They step through the threshold of their room and close the door.

Watching this couple is real turn on. I feel glorious as Lucas’s fingers plunge deeper and faster into my throbbing pussy. My toy boy nips, sucks and bites my swollen nipples through my sheer black dress. His fingers feel so good inside me and his thumb has awakened my swollen clitoris. As he finger fucks me faster, I reach the height of my orgasm and finally release a lovely sexy moan. Lucas slowly releases his grip, kissing my trembling lips seductively and I uncurl my legs from around him bringing me gently back to earth.

I look up at my amorous young stud and I know that I must get him back to my room as soon as possible. I have been anticipating this evening for a few days now and am excited that I have acquired quite a few erotic and sensual surprises and had prepared the room for my new younger lover.

As we make our way down the hallway, I feet his eyes burning into my back. Smiling to myself, I knew I looked great — I have always admired the way this particular dress accentuates my curvaceous figure.

As we reache the door to the room I pull the key from my hand bag and reach in to open the door; as I do, he slowly slides a finger up my inner thigh and lightly skims his fingers over the outline of my arse, causing a tremble to rush through my body.

Stepping into the room the soft tunes from my iPod float melodically above our heads. I confidently walk to the candles, strike a match and light each one. Dimming the main light I then turn and face Lucas; our eyes connect and we step toward each other. Our bodies seem to melt into one; our mutual desire is totally obvious.

Feeling passion stir deeply from within me I scratch my fingers over his chest, moving them over his neck and then up to the back of his head. My control slips; I roughly grab the back of his hair and pull him in closer. Our eyes meet briefly before we succumb to the heat of the moment and embrace intensely and fervently.

As we do, his hand explores my stomach moving diligently toward my tits. He cups my breasts, with his other hand he erotically manoeuvres my dress so that the straps fall down off my shoulders and rest gracefully against my upper arms.

Groaning wildly, I growl, “Let’s get on the bed.”

He deftly carries me toward the bed, leans over and drops me onto my back onto the mattress. Enjoying the thrill of this lustful adventure, Lucas grabs hold of my feet and pulls my legs toward him. As I slide, my dress trails along the contour of my thighs, high enough to expose the tops of my silkiest stockings restrained by my black lace suspender belt. Stroking my legs Lucas steadily massages and kisses my inner thigh.

My legs spread wide and I lean into the suede sheets and prepare myself for further sexual gratification. I sense that my womanly scent and the oils I am wearing are having an intoxicating effect upon my horny young lover.

Smiling, Lucas glides my dress upwards, my wetness gleaming in the subtle lighting, I shiver with heightened anticipation. Lucas licks and nibbles my thighs, my outer lips and eventually my swollen clit.

He begins to suck my hooded clit ever so tenderly whilst sliding his fingers into my slick pussy, causing me to purr with contentment. My pleasure bubbles within as I writhe against his fingers. I arch my back thrusting myself at him. My encouragement ensures he buries his tongue deeper into me.

“Do you taste that good all over?” He moans.

“Keep eating and, you may be pleasantly surprised,” I reply.

I am feeling very sexy and very horny as I crush my crotch into his face.

As Lucas delicately removes his tongue from my pussy he begins to softly lick my arse. The sensation is spectacular – it creates waves of pulsating energy that rush through my body; I squirm and thrust my arse into his face. He takes my hint and tenderly slides his finger into my lavish butt. His rhythm builds and he licks and sucks my clit while his fingers fuck my arse and pussy simultaneously. Oh it feels so good to have my arse and pussy finger fucked at the same time.

I writh against his fingers to find myself succumbing to this incredible sensation. My pussy convulses and I let go to the waves of ecstasy that rush through me. My juices cascade from his mouth and chin.

My plump shaven pussy is wet and filled with his sexy mouth and fingers, I thrash about as he repeatedly finger fucked me with most of his hand and intensified the power of his fuck. The flutter of my first orgasm barely has time to recede as I become engulfed in the hot flames of my second. I feel so alive with energy and exhilaration!

Lucas pulls me to my feet and we stand in front of the full length mirror. He stands behind me, our bodies buzzing with lust. The black and red corset I am wearing reveals my succulent breasts. I turn and face him; leisurely I unbutton his hemp shirt. His chest is buff and sturdy, just as I’d hoped he would be. As his shirt slips to the floor I seductively bite, lick and nip at his chest. His fingers roam along the small of my back.

My fingers rove seductively down his body and I skilfully undo his belt and pants. Lucas steps easily from his trousers and is wearing the cutest deep purple boxer shorts. They hug his delicious body firmly and wrap tightly around his bulging cock. My fingers dance provocatively across his throbbing dick, stroking, we kiss lustfully as we explore each other with curious hands.

The candlelight flickers and shadows dance across our luscious bodies. Lucas fondles my nipples and rubs my pussy; I lean back and push my butt into his cock. The pulsating dick feels so thick and hard against my arse.

Turning, I kneel before Lucas and forcefully rip his boxers down his legs, hungrily taking his big cock into my mouth. I lick the knob of his manhood, tickling the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock head whilst stroking his shaft. My hand softly wanks the lower part of his penis as I lick down both sides and then all around his dick. With each wank I take a little more of him greedily into my mouth, until I develop a slow deep rhythm.

Lucas moves his hips in sync with my sucking, thrusting his raging hard on deeper into my mouth. My fingers tantalize his balls, pulling and stroking them as I suck his cock. Taking a cock this pronounced is exciting and I open my mouth and throat wider to take his full length.

I let Lucas pump my mouth hard and fast, his pre cum drizzles from my lips as I lick and suck. My fingers rub the rim of his bum crack as I give amazing head. I wank and suck him harder, faster; I feel I’m about to choke as I take his entire beast deftly down my throat. I taste his pre cum as it drips from my mouth as he fucks me desperately.

With practiced skill I pull his cock from my mouth, kneel up higher and wank him in between my bountiful tits. His cum flows freely and spurts its thick creamy juice over my tits, lips and face. I glance at the mirror and watch Lucas revel in his post orgasmic moment. It looks so hot, his wet cock still rubbing against my tits, semen dripping from my mouth, trickling down my breasts. I stand and lead my dazed young man back to the bed.

Lucas lies back against the soft lush pillows, has a sip of water. I go to the kitchenette and warm the oil in the microwave; I proceed to make us vodka lime and sodas with a few blocks of ice thrown in for good measure. With drinks and hot oil in hand I stroll over to the bed where Lucas has recovered from his wicked blowjob and is watching me with his dark green eyes.

“That was the most mind-blowing head job I have ever had.”

“Thanks, it was a breath-taking experience for me as well,” I reply. “I made you a vodka, you look as though you need a strong drink.”

Passing Lucas his vodka I sip mine and place it and the hot oil on the bedside table. I took an ice block from my drink and trail it down his torso, cooling and revitalising his semi hard cock.

“You have a great cock, I would really like to ride you hard and fuck you senseless now.” I comment.

“Oh really,” he replied, “and how would you go about doing that?”

“I’m happy to demonstrate,” I reply wryly.

I swiftly climb onto him, straddle his awakening cock and rubbed my moist clit and snatch along his smooth shaft. His tool is thick and responsive. Leaning forward I pinch one of his nipples, pulling and twisting it with each tug. My cunt rubbed against his hardening cock. Reaching beneath me I grab his steely shaft and massage it against my clit, his dick is hard and ripe and I am ready to fuck.

I rise and tease the tip of his cock with the opening of my cunt, letting him enter just a bit, I manoeuvre his cock in and out of my snatch until I am about to ignite with unrestrained desire. I slide my wet lips up and down; he raised his hips as he thrust his now throbbing tool into my dark cavern. I love the feel of his hard veiny cock as it enters my juicy pussy and pumps me with a deliberate and purposeful stroke.