My Lola


I’m the proprietor of a small gay bookstore and coffee shop in Dallas.

The truth however is that the coffee shop is really a front for a gay sex club. Patrons visit the coffee shop. Some customers become members of our VIP lounge. The VIP lounge is a back area with couches and occasional live music.

The VIP lounge is also the gateway to a hidden area of the storefront that houses three small theatres, and three private booths with glory holes. Once we become comfortable with a customer, they are offered an invitation to the VIP lounge. From there it can take up to a year to be offered an invitation to the back area.

Currently we only have about 200 customers who are allowed in the back area. They pay a $1,000 yearly membership fee and will pay for services rendered — anything from watching a live sex show, to enjoying our glory hole rooms. On occasion, we will receive a special request for a customer to participate in a show. Everything is negotiable.

To date, I hadn’t had much trouble with the authorities. I kept the book store and coffee shop books legit, I made sure the two front areas were kept spotless for health and human services, and I kept all my employees happy. I also had a couple of security people who kept out any undesirables.

About a month ago, a young man representing the city came to see me. It was still a few months away from my official visit from the health inspector, so I wasn’t sure why he wanted to see me.

Tim was about 29 years old. He had long brown, wavy hair he kept neatly in a ponytail. He had a very pretty face — so pretty in fact I figured he was gay. Tim was about 5’5″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds wet.

“Mr. Barros, you’re probably wondering why I’m here,” Tim said in my small office.

“Well, yes. I know we’re not due for inspection for a few months, and I know all my permits are in order,” I responded.

“I think you know very well why I’m here,” Tim said ominously.

“I can assure you I have no idea what you’re taking about,” I said.

“It’s come to my attention that you are running a sex club out of your storefront. I’m here to investigate this,” Tim said.

At this point I stood up — and Tim responded by standing up himself. At 6’3″ and 230 pounds, I knew that he was going to be intimidated even if he didn’t let on.

“I assure you that I’m running a legitimate business. You can have a look around as soon as I see some sort of documentation from your office,” I said.

Tim smiled and sat back down.

“Mr. Barros, please sit. Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear. You see I’ve heard talk on the street about what’s going on. I just want to visit the back area. I don’t feel like waiting for two years to be let in the back,” Tim said.

“Look Mr. Dodson, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If you want a book or coffee, then be my guest. That’s all I have to offer you at my establishment,” I responded.

“That’s too bad. You obviously know that I’m not a manly guy. Surly you can tell that I’m not exactly straight. All I want is to have a good time. It would be a shame if I had to report you to the cops,” Tim said with a sly smile on his face.

At this point I hatched up my own plan. There are security cameras in all areas of the sex club. I would let Tim go in, have some fun, and black mail him myself if the need arose.

“I still don’t know what you’re taking about,” I said on the off chance he was wired. “But come back on Saturday night and show the doorman this.”

I handed Tim a small token with a horseshoe on it. This was our way of distinguishing members. A white token, like the one I gave Tim, meant this was a special guest of mine.

Saturday came and I told my security team about the possible threat that we were going to be raided. At about 9 p.m. I got a call in my office from Brad. He was my main security person and mostly worked the door in the VIP lounge.

“John, I have a special guest for you here. She says her name is Lola,” he said.

I was thoroughly confused as I was only expecting Tim.

I headed out to the front of the VIP lounge and there with Brad was a striking young woman. She had curly brown hair and a very nice figure — small tits, but an amazing round ass.

As I approached Lola turned around. I realized immediately it was Tim.

I picked up my walkie talkie and gave a “stand down” order to the security team.

“Hello Lola, I’m glad you could make it,” I said as I leaned down to kiss Lola on the cheek. She looked gorgeous as she was wearing a black, almost see through blouse, with a black bra and a very tight, short leather skirt.

“Hello Mr. Barros. I’m so happy you were able to accommodate me,” Lola squealed.

“You didn’t give me much choice I said with just a hint of a smile.

My dick had started to stir already. I’m not what you would call gay or straight. I enjoy all kinds of sex, with all kinds of people you see. Lola looked like she would be fun to fuck.

“What is it that you want Kartal Fetiş Escort to do Lola?” I asked, as I patted her down. “I have to be safe.”

“I would love to suck cock. The more the better. I heard that you have glory holes here. Plus I heard that all members must be health screened on a regular basis. This seemed so much safer than just going to a bar or placing an ad somewhere,” she said.

“Ok, but you haven’t had a health screening,” I replied.

Lola smiled and pulled out a folder.

“You’ll see that I was just tested for everything a few days ago. I’m clear,” she said.

I looked at her paperwork, and led her to the door to the private rooms in the back.

“I’m going to put you in the first room. This is what we call the ‘big-dick’ room. You have to be packing at least eight inches to use this room. I hope you like meat. I would also wipe off that lip-stick. These guys want to get sucked off by dudes, not by pretty ladies like you,” I said.

Lola shot me a wicked smile.

“I assume you’ll be watching,” she said.

I smiled. “You seem to know all my secrets,” I replied.

With that I closed the door and went to my office. I brought up the security camera in booth one up. About five minutes later, one of my regulars came into the booth. I didn’t remember his name, but this gentleman was African-American and had about an 11-inch dick. It was uncut and thick.

Lola seemed almost surprised when the big black dick appeared from the glory hole from the other side of the thin wall. She quickly regained her composure and went to work.

She wrapped her small hand around the monster cock and gently pumped it, while taking the head into her mouth. I was only getting an aerial view from the booth’s ceiling cam, but I was wishing it was my dick she was sucking.

After a few minutes she had moistened the big dick enough to be able to work a solid six inches in her mouth, no small feat. I could see the dick’s owner on the other side as he began to clench his teeth and hold on to the wall for dear life. I knew he was coming.

Lola continued her torrid pace until the big black dick erupted in her mouth. I couldn’t hear anything, but I could clearly see jet after jet of cum shoot out of the cock and onto Lola’s face.

When the cock finally stopped shooting cum, Lola gently licked it clean. She gave it the head a little kiss before finally releasing it from her grip.

The guy in the booth, smiled, put his dick up and left.

Lola cleaned her self up. I saw her remove her top and bra after a few minutes. No doubt she didn’t want to get cum on her pretty blouse.

Lola blew three more guys. One guy she jerked off as he blew his load. His hot cum landing on her pretty neck and chest. The rest, she swallowed their big loads.

After about an hour in the booth, Lola started putting her top back on. I took this as her sign that she was done. I went back to the booth and gently rapped on the door.

She came out looking a bit worn, but smiling.

“Oh my god! That was fantastic! I haven’t had that much fun ever!” she squealed.

“So what does your boyfriend think of you doing something like this,” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ve only recently become comfortable with this,” Lola replied.

“Why don’t you use the bathroom in my office to clean up. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee up front. It’s actually very good you know,” I said.

Lola smiled and said yes.

As we sat drinking a hot cup of coffee, Lola explained that her mother passed away about 10 years ago, right before she started college. She continued to live with her stepfather however.

“He would come home drunk a lot. I only stayed because he was the only family I had,” she said.

After a while, her stepfather began to get physical with her.

“I was confused because he was the straightest guy you could ever imagine. But here he was rubbing up on me when he came home drunk,” Lola said.

Eventually he took her anal cherry, and made her dress up like her mother.

“He said I looked like my mom. He made me wear her things and put on her perfume. I had to keep a clean house and make his dinner too. He would come to bed at night, make me lay face down and fuck my ass this way. He never wanted to see my penis,” she continued. “I wanted to suck his dick so bad, but he didn’t want to see my face either.

My dick was rock hard at this point.

“That’s his loss because you are beautiful Lola,” I said.

Lola explained her stepfather had passed away a few years ago. It took her several years to find the courage to dress up again.

“It’s really a good fit. I was never really into girls anyway. I’m sorry I scared you about all this. I really just wanted to suck some cock and get fucked. To bad I didn’t get fucked,” she cooed.

“Well maybe we can take care of that,” I coyly replied. “Did you bring a car?”

“No I came in a cab. Would you mind giving me a ride home?”

With that I grabbed Kartal Gecelik Escort my keys, said good night to the staff, and escorted Lola to my car. I held her close to me under the pretense that it had gotten cool that night.

When we reached my car, I pulled Lola to me and firmly kissed her lips. She tasted of coffee and cum. We kissed deeply for a few minutes. Lola’s hand found it’s way to my crotch. The plain truth is that I have a big dick. It’s nine inches long but as thick as a beer can.

Lola moaned into my mouth as her hand found my cock.

“Let’s get you home and into bed,” I whispered in her ear.

We could barely keep our hands to ourselves the entire ride home. She almost mounted me at a red light. She smelled of jasmine as I passionately kissed her neck at one point.

Lola lived in a very nice townhouse near downtown. She quickly opened the door, turned off her alarm and rushed back into my arms.

“I haven’t been fucked in more than two years. I’m a little nervous,” Lola whispered as she kissed my ear.

“Don’t worry baby. I’m going to take it real slow with your ass tonight,” I said.

I scooped Lola into my arms and continued to kiss her deeply.

“My bedroom is the second door on the left up the stairs,” Lola instructed.

When I reached the door, she jumped down.

“Give me a minute!” She said excitedly.

I waited a few minutes outside the door, when she finally called to me.

“Ok, you can come in now!” she called.

I walked in and was surprised to find the girliest room I’d ever been in. It was all shades and hues of red, and Lola had lit numerous candles throughout. In fact there was no electric light in the room, but I could plainly see regardless.

Lola emerged from what I assumed was her bathroom. She had discarded the blouse and skirt. She was still wearing the black bra and a pair of small black briefs. She twirled around to show me her thick, round ass globes that were both peaking out from under the briefs.

As she turned around I noticed her hard little dick was clearly visible in her briefs.

She seductively walked towards me before pulling me towards her and kissing me deeply. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt as she started to kiss down my neck.

I felt her hands play with my chest hair as she kissed her way down to suckle first my left nipple and then my right. I helped her out by completely taking off my shirt while she sucked my man tits.

Lola eventually worked her way down my belly. Now I don’t have a huge gut, but like most men I do have a little bit of a potbelly. Lola didn’t seem to mind as she continued to kiss down below my bellybutton.

She eventually found her way down to my crotch. She hungrily kissed my hard cock through the fabric of my pants. Lola undid my belt and I undid my pants. She quickly pulled my pants down to my knees. She then buried her face into my crotch and sniffed at my cotton briefs.

Lola eventually wrapped her lips around my cotton-encased meat, gently biting it around the head. My dick responded by getting as hard as it does and working it’s way out of the left leg. Lola took this as an invitation to suck the head.

I’m not cut, but my cockhead was poking out of my briefs and part of my foreskin.

“I love pre-cum!” Lola said. “I’d only tasted my own until tonight.”

“You’ve never sucked cock?” I asked in disbelief.

“No. My stepfather wouldn’t let me, and I’ve been too scared to find anyone who might let me. That’s why tonight was so important to me,” Lola explained.

If she hadn’t ever given head, you could have fooled me. She wrapped her tongue under my cockhead and expertly worked it into her mouth. After several minutes of massaging my legs and sucking just my cockhead, Lola finally stopped.

She gave me a mischievous smile and finally pulled my briefs down.

“Oh my god! You have such a beautiful cock!” She said, almost breathless.

With that she started to stroke my meat with her small hands, one hand stroked, while the other fondled my nut sack. Eventually, when a big drop of pre-cum had pooled around my foreskin and had started to slowly drip off, she finally stuck her tongue out and started licking the head. From there she worked her way up and down my cock for several minutes, all the while pumping away.

She was rewarded for her trouble with a steady stream of pre-cum.

“Oh, it’s so sweet,” she said in a whisper.

Lola raised my cock almost above her head and began to feast on my balls.

“You’re balls are almost as big as golf balls!” she said as she sucked my left nut.

Lola took her time to really suck my nuts. There was a point her saliva had begun to pool under my balls and slide down to my ass crack. I loved it.

I like to keep my pubes nice and trim, so Lola’s wet tongue felt incredible on my balls. She continued to suck first one nut and then the other. This went on for several minutes, until she finally began to work her mouth beyond my nuts Kartal Genç Escort down to my ass crack. I spun around for her and moved a few feet forward to where I was leaning over the headboard of her bed.

Lola spread my ass cheeks and buried her tongue in between my ass. At the same time, her little hands continued to pump my cock.

Lola feasted on my ass for several minutes until I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

As if possessed, I quickly turned around, lifted Lola off the ground and threw her on her bed.

I pounced on her with my pants still at my ankles. I furiously kicked them off as I devoured her sweet mouth. It tasted of sweat and precum — I loved it!

I ran my hands all over her body, especially her thick legs and ass. In a moment of passion, I grabbed her bra and literally ripped it off her body. She nervously laughed. I kissed my way down her neck to her little titties. I sucked on one then the other. I was slightly confused by the fact that her tits while not large by any measure, were actually present.

I worked my way down her hard little stomach. Upon reaching my destination, I quickly spun her around. I gently nibbled on her sweet ass, eventually pulling her mini boxer briefs off her beautiful ass. I continued to glide my hungry tongue across her round ass.

Lola was moaning loudly as I eventually worked my way into her asshole. I hungrily licked the little puckered hole, playfully running my tongue, lips and even nose over it.

Trying to control myself, I worked my way up Lola’s body again and asked her if she had any lube. She pointed to a small gizmo on the nightstand.

“That keeps it heated to body temperature. I use it to masturbate,” she said.

I reached over and grabbed the container. I worked an ample amount into my hands and proceeded to work it into her tight little ass. Lola squirmed as I worked my ring finger into her tight asshole. I kissed and massaged her back with my lips and other hand, all the while trying to loosen up her shitter.

After several minutes I felt her asshole give way a little bit. At that point, I started to work in a second finger. I took the opportunity to turn Lola around so we could continue to kiss, while I loosened her up for me.

We lazily kissed as I continued to work my fingers into her ass. I took a peek at her sweet little cock too. It was probably about four inches long, but thick and hard. It stuck straight out of her body. Her dick was cut too.

“Please fuck me. Please fuck me like my daddy,” Lola pleaded.

“All in good time baby,” I replied.

I worked my way down Lola’s neck and stomach again, all the while pumping two fingers into her ass.

I eventually found my way to her hard cock. I didn’t waste anytime and engulfed the entire thing into my mouth, sucking it as hard as possible.

Lola’s cock and balls were shaved, and were as smooth as any cock I had ever sucked. Her cock was small enough that I was able to swallow it whole and still be able to work my tongue underneath her sack.

“Oh god! You’re going to make me cum if you do that!” she said.

I pulled off her cock and said “Cum for me baby. Cum for your daddy.”

Lola seemed to take a deep breath as I resumed my sucking. A few seconds later, my mouth was rewarded with a stream of hot, creamy cum. While I swallowed most of it, I kept some in my mouth as I worked my way up to kiss Lola. She hungrily lickd my mouth clean, savoring her own cum.

“I want you to get me ready to fuck you.. Please lube me up. Lube your daddy up. He wants to fuck his little girl’s ass,” I said.

Lola looked at me with lust in her eyes. She reached for the lube and worked it around my hard cock. I had Lola lay face down on her bed with her ass slightly in the air.

“Is this the way you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Yes. Please fuck my ass daddy,” she said.

“I placed my hard cock at the entrance of her small asshole and gently pushed. Almost immediately, her hot ass had sucked my cockhead into itself.

“Ahhhh,” she moaned. “That feels so good!”

I tenderly rubbed her ass and the back of her legs as I continued to work my dick into her ass. After several minutes I bottomed out and dropped my entire weight on her.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked.

She just nodded. “I want to be a nasty little slut for you daddy. I want you to cum deep inside me daddy.”

I knew that I would not be able to last long. I used the bed’s baseboard to brace myself with my feet as I started to really fuck Lola’s ass. I tried to keep most of my weight on her at the same time as I fucked her.

She eventually worked her head around. We licked each other’s tongues as we continued to fuck.

Almost without warning, I began to cum deep into her ass. My entire body clenched as I filled he ass with cum.

Lola just moaned as I came into her ass.

I slowed my motions and plopped my entire weight on top of her for several minutes.

I eventually pulled my soft cock out of her ass. I kissed my way down he back and planted kisses around her ass. Her asshole was leaking my cum. I formed a perfect seal on her asshole and sucked out as much of my cum as possible. I spun her around and forcibly opened her mouth, pouring my cum into her waiting mouth.