Lucky Alan Ch. 02


“Oh my god, Alan! You’ve got the biggest, most amazing cock I’ve ever seen!” Cassie exclaimed. “How can a skinny geek like you be so equipped?”

Alan’s face became flushed as he stood naked from the waist down with his huge, hard cock thrust in Cassie’s face. She had never sucked on a penis before and never had had any desire to, but the strong, masculine scent of Alan’s giant organ made her mouth water. The mushroom head was big and flushed deep pink, and his huge, plump balls hung low and full. He was completely hairless, something Cassie had never seen before, which only served to make his massive member look even bigger. She was the first girl to ever see his dick, outside of his mom when he was little.

“Holy shit!” Cassie said, as her eyes gorged themselves on his enormous, throbbing tool and fat balls. “There should be no reason a guy like you couldn’t score with any girl he desires with a huge cock like this.”

Alan grinned and hoped that statement included Cassie herself, as he had been anticipating this moment ever since sex first entered his brain. He sat down on the pullout bed in his bedroom and leaned back on his elbows, as Cassie took his hardening cock with both hands and started to firmly pump it up and down. His cock began to swell, and without thinking, Cassie plunged her wide-open mouth onto it, sucking and slurping on the thick, round head. Alan almost came on the spot. He moaned and whimpered as he felt her tongue join in on the action, licking and slithering along his veined, throbbing shaft.

Cassie’s hands continued to pump at the base of Alan’s swollen cock, and occasionally she dropped a hand down to fondle his heavy, cum-filled balls as they swelled up to the size of cue balls. She feverishly sucked as much of his enormous cock as she could possibly fit in her mouth. Aside from the actual feeling of her wet, warm mouth stroking his meat, Alan was falling in love with the sounds of her slurping.

“Oh Alan,” Cassie murmured, her eyes in a trance at his long, fat, dripping-wet tool. “It’s just so fucking big! It’s the biggest, sexiest cock I’ve ever seen or could ever imagine!”

“That’s great, but how about letting me fuck those big tits of yours?” Alan requested.

Cassie didn’t hesitate in taking off her shirt and huge brassiere to set free the most beautiful pair of tits Alan had ever seen and had the pleasure of feeling. She flopped her huge boobs down on his thighs and pressed them around his hot, throbbing cock. Never in his wildest fantasies had Alan pictured himself titty-fucking a hot college girl with breasts the size of honeydew melons. Being that this was his first time fucking a pair of huge titties, Alan started to remember how the porn pros did it so he could follow their pattern. In a steady pace, he thrust his enormous slippery cock between the cozy, soft warmth of her boobs, savoring the feeling of his dick being surrounded by a sea of soft tit-flesh. He gradually increased his pace of titty-fucking her, to the point where the head of his cock popped out from between her deep cleavage on each upthrust. Cassie was more than eager to take the fat, dark pink head into her mouth, each and every time it popped up. Her big breasts shook and bounced with each of Alan’s thrusts, and her cleavage was soon saturated in pre-cum and saliva.

All of the attention was becoming unbearable for Alan. His cock was on the verge of exploding. He bucked his hips up a couple more times, sliding up between Bycasino her huge boobs and plunging the bloated head of his cock between her lips.

“I’m cumming!” he exclaimed, as he felt his cock and balls seize, then suddenly seem to burst with excruciating and agonizing pleasure when he finally let loose in Cassie’s mouth. Shot after shot of his hot, sticky cum filled her mouth and blast the back of her throat. Cassie did everything she could to swallow as much of his hot load as possible, but large amounts of thick, white jism was streaming out of her mouth and down her chin, neck, her upper chest, and finally onto her glorious double-d twin mountains. This was, without a doubt, the biggest load Alan had ever shot, and in return, the biggest load Cassie had ever received.

After Alan’s orgasm subsided, Cassie released his cock from between her massive, sticky tits and licked his cock clean of any cum residue. Alan felt completely used up, as he couldn’t believe how fantastic his first blow-job and tit-fucking had felt, and he couldn’t wait to try it again. Cassie continued to marvel at the size of his cock that, even in its flaccid state, hung long and low between his scrawny, short legs.

“Well Alan, it’s been a blast, literally, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to have such a large penis stretch out my little vagina. I hope you understand?” said Cassie. And with those parting words, Cassie threw back on her enormous bra and tight t-shirt and left Alan alone and exhausted on his pullout bed…

It was 12:45am and Alan found himself still wide awake, his huge cock throbbing hard beneath his sheets. He had Cassie to thank for that. Imagining himself fucking the hot, big-breasted college girl kept him awake and horny as fuck. She was the first girl he had ever done sexual things with, and it bummed him out that she didn’t want to go all the way with him because she was afraid of his enormous penis. So, even after he jerked off for the third time and filled another tube sock with his spunk, he still couldn’t get back to sleep. Alan tried reading a comic book but couldn’t concentrate. He tried watching TV but couldn’t stomach for what passed as late-night entertainment. He got on Call of Duty but the servers were down. Since he had recently gotten his driver’s license, Alan decided to take his mom’s car for a late-night spin. He threw on a jacket over his Avatar: The Last Airbender pajamas and drove around town for a bit.

As he drove around, Alan’s eye was caught by a large fluorescent billboard advertising a 24/7 convenience store. He decided that perhaps some nighttime medicine would help him fall asleep, as he only had less than six hours left before getting up for school, so he drove to the address on the sign and parked in front of the store. When he walked through the sliding automatic doors, Alan immediately saw three young girls as they snickered and whispered amongst each other in front the alcohol cooler. He became aware of one of the girls, a blond with a chubby face, observing him as he made his way over to the medicine aisle. Alan was standing there, going over the different choices of sleeping meds, when the three girls approached him. Each of them held a different carton of alcohol. All three girls looked to be between 18 and 20, and Alan slightly recognized the chubby-faced blond.

“Hey. You’re Alan, right?” spoke the blond.

“Yeah,” Alan replied back, but unfortunately, he didn’t know her name.

“I’m Bycasino giriş Tiffany. I was in your Calculus class last year. I was a senior and I needed to pass it to finally graduate. Although you mainly kept to yourself, you’re super smart.”

“Oh yeah, um, thanks,” he bashfully replied.

“Oh, where are my manners!” said Tiffany, looking to the two girls with her. “These are my friends, Bessie and Selma.”

The two waved to Alan, and he nodded his head towards them. Bessie was definitely the cutest of the three. She was average height, with long coffee-brown hair, big brown eyes, and a Mediterranean skin complexion. She was quite curvy for her thin frame, including an unmistaken pair of large breasts concealed beneath her jacket. Selma was of Greek and Irish heritage with olive skin, and at 5’7″, the tallest of the three girls. She was attractive, but not one of those girls that guys would fall over for like Bessie. Possessing a big nose, hazel eyes, and oversized lips, Selma wore her dyed, candy apple-red hair in a cropped bob haircut with straight bangs that reached down to her thin eyebrows. She also had a robust figure, featuring massive breasts that were unable to be hidden beneath her hooded sweatshirt. Big blue-eyed Tiffany was the shortest and least attractive, but she wasn’t stonewall ugly. She kept her medium-length dirty blond hair tied in a ponytail and wore big braces that covered up a few chipped and crooked teeth. Although her chubby figure had no defining shape, she still possessed a pair of big, fat tits that she smuggled beneath her sweatshirt. Selma, however, was definitely the top-heaviest of the three.

“Is there something I can do for you ladies?” Alan asked nervously.

The girls looked at each other in unison.

“We don’t have any money,” Bessie confessed.

“Yeah, so we were wondering if you could buy us these drinks?” Selma asked.

“And in return…one of us will give you a blow job,” Tiffany stunningly revealed.

Alan almost came right there. He couldn’t believe what the girls were offering in exchange for him buying them some liquor. He looked down at his crotch and saw a bulge quickly forming.

“Oh my,” gasped Bessie as she became aware of Alan’s growing boner. “I take it that’s a yes?”

The girls handed Alan the liquor, and in a flash, he was at the checkout station with his massive cock filling up in his PJ bottoms. The convenience store clerk wasn’t sure about selling alcohol to Alan, since he didn’t even look 15, let alone 21, but he changed his mind when he noticed the three girls standing behind Alan and giving him naughty smiles.

“Have a good night, kid,” the store clerk said with a wink and a grin from ear to ear.

Alan escorted the three girls to a minivan belonging to Tiffany’s father that was parked along the side of the store.

“Look at the size of that thing,” Selma whispered to her friends as her eyes burned a hole through Alan’s crotch.

“So Alan, which one of us would you like to do the honors of relieving that monster in your PJs?” Bessie asked as he turned to look at the three girls with him.

The decision was a bit more difficult than Alan had realized. He would love to spunk Tiffany’s chubby face and fill her mouth up with something other than her braces. On the other hand, Bessie was an extremely hot girl, and it’s not every day a girl of that caliber offers to suck your dick. Then there was Selma and her giant tits. Bycasino güncel giriş Alan hoped he would be able to get a tit-fuck out of her as well. In fact, he wouldn’t mind titty-fucking any of the girls.

“Listen girls, that thing looks like a three-woman job. So why don’t we all suck a load out of his balls? I’m sure he has plenty,” suggested Tiffany. “I would had never imagined the shy, nerdy smart kid from my Calculus class having such a fat cock. So what do you say, Alan? Mind if we all get a taste?”

Alan shook his head vigorously. “Not at all.” He smiled with glee as he followed Tiffany, Bessie, and Selma into the back of the unlocked minivan. The girls took off their shoes to get more comfortable as Alan dropped his pajama bottoms and Star Wars boxers.

“Oooh, hot damn! He’s fucking huge!” exclaimed Selma.

“And beautiful,” Bessie added.

Tiffany was up first since it was her father’s minivan. She grasped Alan’s massive tool with both of her chubby little hands, inhaled, and started sucking. Alan leaned back on his elbows with his eyes closed and moaned deeply as Tiffany’s mouth slid smoothly up and down his cock. He felt the metal of her braces glide over the raw, naked flesh of his huge cock as she slurped and sucked. Bessie and Selma looked on with wide eyes as their close friend sucked on the biggest cock they had ever seen. Bessie had had only two boyfriends, while Selma had been around the block a few times, and none of the guys they had slept with came close to Alan’s size.

“Her little mouth is gobbling up that big cock,” observed Bessie. “I can’t wait to get a taste.”

Tiffany increased her speed, sucking with maximum earnest. She cupped and fondled Alan’s big, hairless balls while her delicate pink tongue feverishly licked the bulbous head of his throbbing cock. The tip of her tongue played with the slit of Alan’s swelling dickhead and got a sample of his salty spunk.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” moaned Alan.

Tiffany licked every inch of his big, veiny shaft, glistening it with her saliva. She lodged his fat meat back between her soft lips and began gobbling him forward and backwards in classic bobbing style, taking him deeper and deeper down her throat. She drooled profusely, drenching Alan’s thick member with so much saliva that long strands dripped onto her hooded grey sweatshirt. Alan felt himself on the verge of blowing his first load of the night. His body started jerking and his moans became longer and deeper.

After a couple more minutes of slobbering and sucking Alan’s cock, Tiffany pulled off and began stroking the enormous lubed-up tool with both hands.

“Oh Alan! Shoot that big load in my mouth. Please! Let me taste your warm cum,” Tiffany pleaded, as she swiftly jerked his massive man meat with the fat, swollen head aimed at her mouth. Alan didn’t disappoint, as rope after thick, creamy rope of his white jism spiraled out of control, spooling all over Tiffany’s chubby face and dirty-blond hair. Tiffany leaned forward and closed her mouth over his dickhead to swallow the rest of his shooting load. She squeezed Alan’s fat balls to make sure he squirted every drop of sperm he had stored.

Once Tiffany was sure she had sucked every last drop of Alan’s semen from his big, hairless balls, she released his fat cock from her mouth, looked back at her two friends, and smiled. Alan’s gooey spunk was all over face and her big metal braces, and it oozed out from both sides of her mouth.

“Bravo Tiffany, bravo,” cheered Selma.

“Yeah, girl. Hope you saved some for us,” Bessie said.

Alan looked back at the other two girls, his face revealing his complete satisfaction. “Well, I think you’re about to find out…”