Another Night Out Ch. 01


I had always felt a strong pull to him, since the day my mum brought him home. His name rolled off my tongue so smooth. Ezekiel Gauge, all though, he always tells me just to call him Zeek. On occasion I will listen to him, but not as much as he would like.

His small frame and messy black brown hair and rectangular glasses, made him seem like an odd man. When his walked threw my front door the first night I met him, He was quite tipsy. He told me not to smoke and tried to hug me, even though my mum had warn him I hate being touched. I remember biting my bottom lip as I tried not to laugh at his awkward movements. After a few short month of Zeek dating my mum they got engaged, then married a week later at the court house. They fought many nights, mostly because of their age different. My mum was 42 and he was only 26. My mum had a taste for staying in, but loved the night life.

He would offend go out without my mum, and he would come home on the piss, with a dead phone. That only caused problems between them. After a weeks of his behavior, step father would take me as his back up in a way. He would let me drink even though I was only 18, we would take shots together and split cigarette. He make sure that when men hit on me I wouldn’t do anything with them.


Hearing my door creak open without a knock or an ‘I’m coming in.’ It could only be one person . Zeek, My guess was correct like always.

I looked from my phone, “Yeah, what is it Ezekiel?” I asked with no really concern.

He sat dawn at the end of my bed and fell on to his back “Well, my buddy just called Casibom and invited me over to a party, so you wanna come?” He questioned as he rolled on to his side trying to see what I was doing on my phone.

I flipped to my back and sat up crossing my legs, So he couldn’t see my phone. “What time does it start?”

“You got till 9:30 to get ready.” He stated as he stood up from my pink ruffle comforter.

I nodded as I got up leaving my phone on the bed, “Yeah, I’ll go.” I told him as I made way in to my closet.

I didn’t pay much attention to him as I left the area. Looking up at the clothes hanging on the rails, My black and green corset caught my eye. I was quite cold out, but I assumed we wouldn’t be outside much. Moving each hanger a picked a few more articles, which consisted of black short than were rather reveling, a white fishnet top with thigh high to match, and a pair of black pumps. Half way though dressing myself I realized I would need help with lacing up the back of the corset. I peeped my head out of the door and called out for Zeek.

“Zeek, come here I need your help.” I said loud enough for him to hear in the other room.

He came over to the door of my closet “What do you help with?” He asked as he tighten his tie.

I moved the corset around to secure my D cup breasts that were only cover by thin fishnet. “Do you think you could lace the back of this?” I asked in a innocent voice.

He motioned me out of the closet to show him what I was taking about. His eye traced my body as I emerged from behind the door, “Yeah, turn around.” He Casibom Giriş told me while his hands took a hold of my waist.

I jumped it the sudden contact, moving his hands a cross to my stomach, he walked backward and sat the edge of my bed. Zeek pulled me in between his leg, until I could feel his soft member threw his pants on my round butt. I bit my lip some what getting off on it. His hands fumbled around, trying to place the ribbon threw the metal rings. Finally he made his way to the end of the corset and tie the ribbon into a bow.

“Thank you, Ezekiel.” I smiled, starting to walk away.

“Wait, Ruby.” He order calmly pulling me back him. “Sit down, in my lap.” I could hear the smiled in his voice as I followed his directions. “I have to make sure it’s on right.” Zeek said as his hands moved up my sides.

I moved my arm away from my body as he felt my stomach. As my step father brushed against the underside of my breast, I closed my eyes tight trying nit to focus on it. “Are you almost done?” I asked in a bored voice

His hand abruptly stopped as he pushed me off his lap. “Yeah, hurry and finish getting ready.”

I didn’t say anything else to him, too afraid to look at him. I headed quickly I to my bathroom and locked the door behind myself. I brushed out my long onyx waist length hair. Then powered my face lightly as I applied my black eye liner all I could think about was my Stepfather’s hands touch my waist and breasts. My breathing became heavy as I felt myself grow wet and my clit swell. Squeezing my thigh to as I tried to think about other things. Casibom Güncel Giriş I sank to my knees trying to stop the feelings, but my hands had a mind of their own pulling up my skirt and tugging the lace thong up between my moist lips, towards my clit. As the pushed against the bundle of nerve, I let out a quiet moan. My hips rocked back and forth making my pussy wetter and my moan louder. It wasn’t good enough anymore and I pushed down the thong. I slid my finger around my inner lips teasing myself before sliding one finger in. I pushed into my hot core feeling around for a second, before I found the spot. Pressing and rubbing my G-spot for second , until my walls clamped down around my finger tightly. My legs shook as my juices ran down my hand, and my moans became lighter. I stood slowly trying to get my bearing, as washing my hands, I stepped out of my panties. After I clean up I went to my dresser and out on a pair of mesh ruffled panties, and headed downstairs with my pumps in hand.

“Are you ready?” He asked putting on some cologne. He didn’t really need it, his natural scent was enough. He always smelt like spice and musk, I loved the way he smelt. It one was of the reason I let him hug me.

“Yep!” I called in a chirpy tone while a slipped on my 4 inches pumps. Walking over next to him I hadn’t fully recovered from the orgasm earlier. My weight shifted away from him to the right, put my hands out in front of me to break my fall which never came. Feeling arm grip my waist and move to the left.

He pulled me into his chest, “Maybe you should change your shoes.” He said scare, I might hurt my self latter during the night. As righted my feet, my Step father still had a hold of me. He let go quickly, and picked up his keys. “Let’s go.” He ordered almost monotony. I nodded my head and followed him out to the car.