Cop , A Master? Ch. 01


“I never had no one, I could count on, and I’ve been let down so many times. I was tired of hurting, so tired of searching until you walked into my life, it was a feeling, I’d never known, for the first time, I didn’t feel alone…” Singing along with the music, the top windows down on the SUV, music blaring enjoying the beautiful California scenery. Not a care in the world, excited to finally be with Chris. Knowing he was going to take me places I’d never been before.

“I still tremble when we touch, love the look in your eyes when we make love” Singing as loud as I could to old Timmy. Never saw the cop on the side of the road. Drove about 3 more miles before he even turned his lights on.

“Pull into the next drive and pull up forty feet,” Came over the bullhorn. Well fuck I did it now. Chris is going to kill me getting pulled over before I even get to his house.

“Hello officer how are you today?” You grin seeing how I didn’t even look out the window to see who had pulled me over. You knew I had never heard your voice over anything but the hands free device so you thought you’d have a little fun with me. ” Do you know how fast you were going young lady?”

You notice my hands grip the steering wheel tight enough to turn my knuckles white. ” Umm not exactly Sir, I don’t think I was speeding…I was just really excited to finally be here…” I trail off as I hear you start to laugh. I look out the window a huge smile crossing my face. “Oh my God it’s you!” I scramble out of the car and jump into your arms. “Oh my God I’m so glad to see you, I’ve been so excited since Pendik Sınırsız Escort I crossed into California…I can’t believe it’s finally happened…” You stop my excited chatter by leaning me against the car and kissing me.

My legs wrapped tightly around your waist, my arms around your neck. I pull your head closer to deepen the kiss. You feel my hips start to gyrate into you. Your hands on my hips stop my movement. Taking my lip gently between your lips you bite it. “Stop little girl, or I’m going to fuck you right here.”

Moving my hips in a circle I grin at you, “and the problem with that would be…”I feel your hands slide down my thighs, moving my skirt up around my waist. You rip my thong off of my body and wad it up. Moving your lips across my face and down my neck you reach up and slide my thong into my mouth. Stopping any words from crossing my lips. I whimper feeling you take control of the moment. Sliding your hands up both sides of my shirt and ripping it open, exposing my lacy white Victoria Secrets bra to your view. You pull away and look at me, long brown hair surrounding my face and shoulders, blue eyes looking smoky and half closed in desire. The pink shirt sets of the paleness of my skin and you growl low in your throat. You reach down and feel how smooth my pussy is from being shaven.

” You are in so much trouble little girl.” Sliding my legs off from your waist you turn me over, pressing me into the SUV. Bringing my arms behind my back and handcuffing them walking me back towards your patrol car. Pushing me down until my body Pendik Suriyeli Escort is pressed into the hood. You cut the shirt from my body and cut the straps to my bra so I’m completely naked from the waist up. Nipples hardening from excitement you press me back down to the car. Carefully sliding my legs wide apart you reach down and slowly start to inspect my body. “Do you have anything on you I should know about? Anything that can stick me?” I shake my head no. “Good girl.” Unzipping my skirt and sliding it down my legs. Revealing the lacy white garters holding up my stockings to your view. Leaving my high heels on.

“I’m going to take you and make you mine. Your mouth.” Biting my neck gently. “Your pussy” Grinding your hips into my hot cunt. “Your ass” Crack! Slapping it hard enough to make me whimper into my thong. “It’s all going to belong to me little girl.” Running your hands up and down my legs, firm white ass and up my back. My body shivering in anticipation of what you planned for it. Whimpering around my make shift gag.

Feeling you kneel down behind me and place your face next to my pussy. Your hot breath felt against my skin causing me to shift in place. Crack! “Don’t move slut.” Forcing myself to stand still, feeling your lips and tongue slide against my hot cunt. Moving your lips around my clit and taking it between your teeth. Biting it gently, my pussy gushing. You grin feeling my hips press back into you. Wanting more and more. Licking up and down the length of my pussy lips, then slowly sliding your tongue inside of me fucking me in and Pendik İranlı Escort out. You can feel the orgasm building up inside of me.

Suddenly you weren’t there. I cry out around the gag. I can hear the smile in your voice. “Oh my little slut wants to cum bad doesn’t she?” Running your hands down my ass you smack it again and again until it’s a light pink color. “Oh I can think of plenty of things to do to you little girl. Plenty of ways to make you cum. But you won’t until I’m ready to let you.” You walk away and reach into your patrol car. Walking back up to me you slide a vibe between my legs. Turning it on high, you undo my handcuffs and pull me to a standing position. Walking me back to the SUV, reaching down and slide it in and out a couple of times, hearing me groan. Pushing it in deep you tell me to get in the drivers seat. Using two sets of cuffs you lock my hands to the wheel of the car.

Leaning down close to my, “now slut, you will continue up to the house. You will wait in the car with the vibe going until I get off in an hour. You are NOT going to be allowed to cum. And cuffed you won’t be able to play or relieve the pressure on your g-spot. And that’s what it’s hitting isn’t?”

Whimpering softly. Nodding my head yes. You reach for my cell phone. And place my hands free device in my ear, changing it to automatic answer. You play around with the controls so that the only number allowed to get through on it is yours. “I’ll be calling you to check on you little slut. I hope you can behave while I’m gone.” Shutting the door you motion for me to put it in gear and drive up the long drive way.

My body trembling in anticipation and in need I drive up to the house and put the SUV in park. Fighting for control of my body to hard to notice your car following me up the long drive and pulling around the back of the house out of sight.

To be continued?