Julie’s Tale Pt. 03


The dog is barking downstairs, guess they are on the driveway returning.

I am helpless and vulnerable, held down by four chains, one from each of my limbs, stretched out in an X shape. The waist clincher, girdling my midriff, holds me tight, forcing my breasts out. Being held tightly around the waist seems to give more power to orgasms. The remote control, to the butterfly tickler strapped to me, is dead in my hand. It nearly got me off a few times whilst I have been captive; don’t know why I have not dropped it yet.

I cannot see anything, eyes benighted by a blackout mask. Still I turn to face the door when it opens, no movement or sound. I imagine their eyes washing over me. The perspiration of effort, in trying to get off from the tickler, sheens my skin. As I tense against the tethers, I can feel one of them sit on the bed beside me. He takes the control from my right hand, tries the remote but nothing happens. Sliding a hand into my panties he unfastens the tickler from me. Instinctively my hips rises, wanting so much to have them relieve the pre-orgasmic tension. I’m soaking, they brush against my wetness as it is removed and drop it to the floor; bouncing my ass on the bed in frustration.

I hear the bed to the left of me squeak and assume someone has just sat on it. My breathing is deep and slow, my senses heightened. The feeling of hot breath across my exposed breasts causes me to arch my back thrusting my chest forward, nipples so hard they ache to be touched. In anticipation I draw my lower lip in and bite down on it. Sensing rough work worn hands, before they touch my delicate pliable breasts, I moan expectantly. The coolness of their touch as they caress the nearest breast to them sends a shiver through me. Their fingers circle my areolas, I squeal in delight as both of my hard rosy buds are rolled and pulled. I strain and relax against the chains rhythmically. I want this so much, I have played it out so many times in fantasy and now it’s really happening.

The one to the right of me stops and gets off the bed. The other still seated leans over me; the fabric of his shirt coarse against my breast, his left hand plays and massages my left tit. His right holds the other, his lips close around my nipple. Sucking and biting gently at first, he increases the intensity until it hurts. I don’t mind a little bit of pain every now and again but this level causes me to yelp briefly, he eases off a little till my moaning of delight resumes. He moves his mouth to the left nipple and skillfully continues. After a while he stops and moves from the bed. To my pleasure the other takes over from where the ardent one had finished, his warm naked torso presses down

against my right breast. He is gentle; tongue flicking, swirling, around my left nipple. He is more of a tease.

It’s not very long till lefty returns to the bed and resumes his fervent stimulation. I find the teasing gentleness from one-side contrasting with the hard urgency of the other, delicious, I murmur in enjoyment. They turn slightly, slowly till I feel their backs press into my armpits; this allows them to explore the rest of me, all the while teasing my nipples with their mouths. Their hands run down the brocaded fabric of the boned waist clincher, past the waistband of my panties, and on to my legs which quiver as they move. Down the outside of my spread open legs, across and then up the inside of my thighs. Their thumbs skirt skin-side of my panties. So electric, my ass rises slightly at each pass. Lefty is the first to hook the waistband of my panties with his thumb on the way down, just an inch then he let’s go, a further inch on the next pass. Righty has stopped playing with my breast and has move down a little. Lefties hand stops moving on my leg, görükle escort bayan his head lifts away from my breast, I guess he watches what the other is doing.

The front of my panties is pulled away from my pubic mound, and fingers are forced through the thin gossamer of fabric. I hear and feel the first tear, I squeal in delight as the second rip shreds them down to the gusset. Two more firm pulls and all that is left of the fabric that was protecting my most intimate parts is the waistband and the tatters still joined to the back seams. The ripper slowly draws his finger along my moist, delicate folds; I try to force my hips upward, to meet his touch. Trying to get the caress of his finger deeper inside of me.

They both return to my nipples hungrily and hands rubbing my legs in alternate strokes, one of them outside of my thigh the other on the inner. Now at each upward stroke, they let their middle fingers draw slowly and deeper into me. Each time a jolt gets my legs shaking more and more, I buck a little harder at each touch. Moaning loudly, my bottom drives down hard on the bed then raises. I strain against the chains holding me tight, my pussy tingles. The sweet release that has been building since I was chained over an hour ago, and has been hovering is overtaking me. Guttural noises escape from deep in my throat. A sudden flood of ecstasy surpasses my sensibly, my head flails side to side in euphoria.

The stroking stops, as my orgasm progresses. As it subsides there is only one on the bed; between my legs. I’ve no idea which one it is, I kind of got lost in the throes of climax. His hands are on the top of my thighs, thumbs pressing hard and kneading my inner thighs. My swollen lips are being squeezed together, and then parted slightly as the circular massaging continues, the heady scent of my sex in the air. A finger is inserted into me, then two, his thumb pressing down on my clitoris. Wiggling them, he finds my g-spot and strokes it. After a short time he starts to thrust them in and out, my hips lifting to meet him. I guess the other is watching, enjoying the show. For a brief moment I picture what he is witness to, and groan even louder in pleasure.

The bed moves, sinking deeper between my legs, as the one finger fucking me stops and adjusts his position. His hairy legs push against my inner thighs, his left hand touches my side as he supports himself, and he lowers his hips. His free hand moves the tip of his engorged cock inside my outer labia folds; I feel the warmth of it through the polyurethane that sheaves him. Then he is deep inside of me in one thrust, my juices helping him home. He keeps still as his groin pushes hard down on me. His right hand moves and squeezes my right breast, tweaking hard at the nipple. I turn my head exposing my neck as he starts to fuck me with long slow strokes. He lowers his mouth to my exposed neck and I feel his teeth rasp against it. He speeds his thrusting, driving hard in, my hips rise to meet each of his deep thrusts. It feels so good, I clench tightly under him, as pleasure builds inside of me. A second orgasm starts building inside of me in waves. The muscles of my pussy contracts in time with his strokes, involuntary groans escape me. His hips gyrate, stirring up and igniting me with pleasure. I turn trying to kiss him; he pulls away from my neck releasing my breast. His hand moves to my chin and turns my head back to bite down harder on my neck, I start coming so hard. Vocalizing encouragement to him, he continues riding me hard to my delight. He slows down and pulls out of me, biting each of nipples in turn, he clambers off.

The disappointment I feel as he leaves is only short lived as his companion replaces him. He does not enter me straight altıparmak eskort away. His head dips; tongue probes and laps up the orgasmic liquor that drenches me. Reaching up, he plays and tweaks my hard nipples, his lips close on my clitoris which must have been standing out like a police man on point duty. He sucks on it hard; I buck wildly banging his nose against my pubic bone. The shock of this reaction stops his exquisite stimulation. He moves his body higher upon me, his hips press down against mine. I stretch around him as he enters me; reaching between us he flicks and rubs around my clitoris with his fingers. His hips rise and fall. It’s not long till I’m writhing in delirium, climaxing at his touch. He too slows and stops not long after the feeling subsides and alights.

My breathing is heavy, feeling great, but knowing that each of them stopped before their release that it had not ended. I feel the clasps at my anklets released; I pull my feet in towards me, flexing my knees. Then each grips one of my wrists and unfastens the clip with their free hand; they pull me forward till I am at the foot of the bed. Refastening the bracelets but leaving my legs free. I support myself on the end bed rail, my hands about three feet apart and my ass up in the air. I smile in anticipation of this change.

Something brushes my nose, then lips, pushing at my mouth. Acceptingly, my lips part as one slides his cock in then draws out fully. I close my teeth when he his clear, catching the teat of the condom with incisors, grinding on the polyurethane. It splits and snaps back. Smiling and moving my head forward I engulf his now naked member. He groans appreciatively and steadies my head with his hands. I suck hard on his cock; he starts to face fuck me.

Behind me, I feel a hand in the small of my back, as the other steadies himself. A stinging slap across my ass with his free hand makes me gag on the cock in my mouth. I feel the heat starts to build as my ass cheeks redden; he stops and grips my hips. His cock rests in the crease of my ass; slowly he lets it slide down. The crown touches my asshole, I pull forward slightly. One hard stinging slap, and he lets his cock drop a little further till it is parting my labia, I push back at him tentatively. He grips both my hips and pushes himself deep while pulling me backwards. He rides me hard his balls slap with urgency; I can feel a forth orgasm building. He slows and slaps me hard again and pulls out. I mutter obscenities in frustration, damn so close. Why stop. As they switch positions, something slaps my cheek from the feel of it the one that has just been in my pussy has unsheathed himself. He hits my cheek again several times with his rigid cock till I take him readily into my mouth. My teeth draw hard against him, his moans are satisfyingly loud.

The heat I feel is instantaneous, the one that had just been in my mouth pushes his cock at my pussy. I pause for a second knowing from the feeling he has not put a condom on, the desire to be filled up, and have the feeling of a hot load of spunk shot deep inside of me takes over. Pushing back in acceptance, it’s not long till he is deep in me.

The forth orgasm starts soon after. Just before it overtakes me, I feel the cock in my mouth start twitching; I suck greedily wanting to taste the warm saltiness of his cum in my mouth. He pulls my head forward grunting loudly as his cock explodes, twitch after twitch he comes in my mouth, I don’t want to waste a drop of it. I pull away as I come, the last of his splashes on my face. The other is close behind me as I tense my pelvic floor gripping him. The warm first spurt, then the next stroke I feel his seed release deep inside; it feels like such a lot, he nilüfer escort has me pulled tight against him till he finishes pumping. They stay where they are, one getting limper as I lick and kiss his cock; the other lets himself go a little flaccid before he pulls out, his spunk oozing out of me, trailing down my leg.

They leave the room without releasing me. Sinking down on the bed, I smile contented. I guess fifteen minutes have passed, till one of them is ready again; he was not fully erect at first, but I soon coaxed him into full hardness after a bit of oral persuasion. He is not gentle as he fucks me bareback from behind, his hands rain slaps down on my ass. I come twice soaking him before he pulls my head back by my hair as he shudders, coming deep inside me. After he has pulled out of me he makes me, clean him of our mixed juices.

The other is ready as soon as I have finished cleaning his friend. He tries to get a rhythm going but I am so wet and full of his friends cum and slippery, he pulls out. In frustration he raises his cock a little and lets it rest on my sphincter, I’m lost in the situation and nod. I hold still as he pushes a little, my stomach tenses and relaxes, letting his crown ease in a little. He pulls his cock out and his index finger swirls in my soaking pussy briefly, he rubs some of the slipperiness around my anus and a little inside. His cock gets a fresh coating from my pussy before he slowly eases himself into my ass. He waits as I bare down, relaxing before pushing a little deeper. I moaned a little louder at each push, till his balls are resting on my swollen pussy. Leaning over me, his forearms press into my waist holding me tightly, slowly with short little stokes, he slide in and out of my ass. The pace increases, and the bounce of his balls soon becomes a pattering sound. The quivering that starts in the muscles of my legs is so intense. I’m so vocal; urging him onward, an anal sex induced orgasm always leaves me feeling like jelly, not to mention the way that I contracted around him. He did not last very longer. Holding very tightly to my waist groaning, I can feel his balls go tighter and relax resting on my lips, at each spurt. Easing from me slowly, he sits on his haunches. It flashes in my mind that he can see his load as it comes out, thick, sticky, white slowly flowing down my perineum. I wonder if he is smiling at its passage as much as I am.

The bracelets on my wrists are unclasped and I am allowed to turn on my back before being fastened again. Guessing from the noises being made in the room, it was easy to surmise that they had finished with me and were dressing. The door is closed a few minutes later, and I’m left with a salty after taste, a swollen pussy, and an involuntary spasm in my anus. The broad grin that spreads across my face is one of satisfaction.

I must have dozed off for a little, as the clips to my wrists being undone gave me a start. My eyes close as the blindfold is removed, opening them slowly I get use to the light, I sit up. Looking around me the bed is all crumpled; my hair all mussed a dry crust of sperm across my cheek. Glancing from myself to Richards’s reflection, he looks back at me.

“Someone looks like they had a good time.” He approaches me and lifts my chin turning my head side to side. “I think you need a shower, there are fresh towels out.”

Nodding in thanks, I stand up and remove the clincher, I scratch at my sides absently.

“I don’t suppose you will ever say who was with you, and I guess you told them not to say anything either”

He looks me in the eyes wryly arching a brow.

“How do you know I had anything to do with it, I may have been an observer.”

He smiled and motioned me to the shower.

I had not planned on a fluid exchange but fuck it felt so good to have warm spunk inside of me. OK, maybe I had wanted to taste some, but not inside me, and definitely not in my ass. Now I was left wondering if any of it had been Richard, had he just passively enjoyed watching me with two men who were anonymous to me.