New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 02


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

It all happened so fast, and motivated mainly by instinctive drives. The older men of my family had told me about it many times, but it always left me confused. They reassured me that it was one of those things that didn’t make a lot of sense until it happened.

I was still in awe though. Four nights ago I’d picked up a stranger at a bar under the overwhelming urge to own him and transform him. I’d fucked him over and over that night, at least half a dozen times. Since then I’d followed the advice I’d heard the older men of my family give me many times: I’d kept him in a dark room, in a nest of blankets, keeping him warm with my body. They’d told me not to do anything with him sexually, but I found instinctively that I only wanted to comfort him. I’d fed him rare meat- lots of it, his appetite was incredible. On time-honoured instructions, I gave him heavy cream mixed with my cum, which he guzzled like a drowning man. My cock was getting sore from jacking off enough to keep him hydrated.

The dark, for some reason, was important. He was very sensitive to daylight during the change, so heavy blankets went up over my bedroom windows as curtains, and he spent most of his time sleeping, buried under a heap of more blankets. I had no idea what he looked like now, though I explored his body with my hands. He made a pleasant sort of purring sounds when I did this. The way he reacted to my presence reassured me that he had imprinted on me and knew that I was his father.

Being wrapped up together in that nest was so satisfying that I joined him in sleeping away most of those days.

On the fifth day, I rolled out of bed, making sure that he was well-tucked in, and went to the kitchen to make a coffee for myself and a nice big thick steak for him.

It was while the steak was sizzling that I heard a sort of thump from the bedroom upstairs. I quickly put the frying pan off the heat, turned off the stove, and rushed upstairs.

Inside, as my night-adapted eyes adjusted to the dark, I could barely make out the pile of blankets beside the bed. He’d rolled off, I assumed.

He wasn’t in the pile though. I could see the shape of him crouching in the corner. He was now wide awake, and frightened. He moved more like a captured animal than a human being. Over the last few days, he had transformed from a man to a beast, and was suddenly overwhelmed by animal instincts.

He would never remember his life before this. As far as he knew this was the beginning. It mirrored exactly what I had gone through sixty-eight years earlier, and I remembered it well and knew what to do.

I got down on my hands and knees and began slowly crawling towards him. He was unsure how to take this. I was careful not to seem threatening, but also not submissive. He had to know who was boss.

At one point he scrambled a bit, further into the corner, and in the process moved the blankets that were blocking the light. A shaft of light came in and illuminated him partly, and I got my first good look at my new son.

He was much smaller than the man I’d taken home from the bar. He’d been a forty-year old muscled bear with a round belly, but now he was lean and lanky like an otter. Out of beyliikdüzü escort fear, he’d reverted partially to a wolf-like form. His body was furry, his face partly pointed into a muzzle, his ears into triangles perked and pointed toward me. Under all of that, I could still see that he was incredibly handsome. I felt a flash of pride.

I was next to him now, and intentionally looming over him. I could smell the fear on him as he whimpered and tried to draw away. I knew how to bring him back, though.

In one rough move, I wrapped my left hand around the back of his head and shoved his face into my right armpit. I knew I had to move fast; like any cornered animal he could bite hard. He struggled against me, but after a few inhalations of my scent he began to breathe deep. Then, suddenly, he melted into me. I could feel his body pressed against me, his skin now furry like a man’s instead of a wolf. I held him like that for a while, and it was comforting to both of us. He knew me; he knew the scent that he’d imprinted on over the last few days.

Finally he withdrew his face from under my arm and looked up at me. He looked human now. Like any new member of our family, he looked like a blend of myself and the man he’d been before. He had my long face and nose, but had kept his strong jaw and beautiful brown eyes. He had the skin of the newly-reborn. Like most men of our family, he’d been reborn looking around 18 or 20.

The imprinting went both ways. I felt overwhelming paternal affections for this man. I looked down at him and felt my eyes tearing up.

“Dad?” he said, recognizing me now.

“Yes, son,” I replied, smiling. He smiled back.

I leaned in and kissed him; he responded eagerly. We stayed like that for a while, holding him in my arms while we explored each other’s lips and tongues, a father and son getting properly acquainted for the first time.

He looked around the room. “Where are we?”

“We’re home. You’re safe, this is where you live.”

“I don’t remember anything.”

“That’s okay, that’s normal. You’re brand new, starting fresh.”

“What’s my name?”

I’d given a lot of thought to it over the last few days. Many fathers of our clan gave their sons names that were popular for the time, to fit in. But there were also a few names that were very, very old and cherished in our family. I’d never met my great-great-grandfather, but his name had stuck with me since I was young.

“Your name is Leo.”

I showed him around the house, which was now his house. He stopped in the bathroom, where four days and five nights of drinking only heavy cream and my cum caught up with him. He practically ran to the toilet when he saw it, and started pissing with the door open with no embarrassment or shame. I decided to walk right in and watch; he turned to smile at me. It was an interesting moment between us; tender and kinky at the same time.

His cock looked more like mine now, and I was happy to see that he still had thickly haired thighs and ass.

Even though his transformation was over, he still devoured the steak greedily. His body was obviously still catching up. I showed him how to intentionally revert part of your body back to animal, enough to sharpen his bodrum escort teeth and make eating meat easier. I served him the steak with fork and steak knife, but he still ate it with bare hands and wolf teeth. Watching him eat like that made my cock harden a bit, though I knew I would have to retrain him in some human niceties.

After he finished his steak, he sat there ponderously while I finished my coffee with some toast. He looked up at me.


“Yes, son?”

“Did you make me?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Oh.” He thought about that for a while. “Why?”

“It’s something the men of our family do. We have an urge we get, to make a son, and when we do our lives are changed and we become happier.”

He nodded, seeming to understand at least partly.

“Dad, when you kissed me… I really liked that.”

“I liked that too, son.”

“I’d like to do that again.”

“I’d like to do it again, too. Do you want to do that now?”

He nodded and smiled.

I led him to the couch, where we sat down next to each other, still naked. There was an awkwardness and a newness to things that felt exciting and fun. Looking back to my own first days, I knew what would be coming next: I would be initiating my own son into the ways that the men of our family do things.

I put my arm around him, and he looked up at my with those bright brown eyes.

“Touch is very important,” I told him, caressing the birds-nest of a beard on his cheek. “Don’t be afraid of my body. Don’t be afraid to touch me.”

“Okay, Dad.” He put his hand on my knee and gently explored my leg.

“Yeah, that’s it. That feels good.” I rubbed his shoulder, which still had a tuft of fur.

He moved up my body, now running his fingers through my thick chest hair with a look of awe.

“You like that, son?”

“Yeah. You’re so hairy.”

“You’ll get hairier as you get older too. And you’re pretty hairy to start with.” I played with his chest hair too, and I was amused at how his chest was dwarfed by my big hands. The size difference between us was interesting, and it increased those paternal feelings. It was similar to playing with my nephews, but with this new intensity and significance.

He caught me off-guard by playing with my nipple; I let out a little gasp and a moan. He seemed very proud of himself for finding this particular button.

I leaned in and locked lips with him again, more passionately this time. His response was both submissive and active; he opened to let me explore the inside of his mouth with my tongue. I got a sense of what it would be like to explore his mouth with other parts of my body.

“You get me very horny, son.”

“I’m glad, daddy. What do we do next?”

“It’s important for you to learn about submission to your father. We’ll get into that more later. For now, how about you get on your knees in front of me?”

He did so quickly, and I spread my legs for him to come in close.

“What do I do next?”

“What’s your instinct? Remember, don’t be afraid to touch my body.”

He nodded, and caressed my legs. His eyes were transfixed on my cock, which was about half-hard now. I wondered what his next move would be.

He leaned in, buried his bolu escort nose in my pubic hair, and took a deep whiff. There was that urge from imprinting again. Sons never got enough of their father’s scent; even now, my own father’s smell drove me wild.

Next he was cupping and playing with my balls with one hand, and gently stroking my cock with the other. He was looking up at me for approval, and I nodded.

“I want to taste it,” he said uncertainly.

“Then go ahead. Follow your guts, they’re leading you in the right direction.”

He took an uncertain lick of the side of my cock, and was surprised when I let out a soft sigh. He tried again, licking up and down the shaft of my cock, getting it harder and harder.

“Am I doing good, Dad?”

“You sure are, son. What would you like to try next?”

He seemed thoughtful for a moment, then took a lick of the head. When I responded well, he tried playing with it with his tongue, which was driving me wild. Then, I saw the light bulb go off in his head, and he opened his mouth and slipped the head inside. That an even better moan from me, and a look of self-satisfaction from him.

He did well for his first time- he managed to get more than halfway down the shaft of my cock. He was figuring things out like a naturally born cocksucker. I gave him his next clue by taking one of his hands and suckling on his fingers; suddenly he understood and began applying suction to my cock. It felt fantastic; the best part was that it was my own flesh and blood going down on me, the young man who’d been made by the very cock he was now learning to pleasure.

The rhythm seemed to come to him naturally; before long he was bobbing up and down on my cock with gusto. Like any good cocksucker, the very act of pleasing another man was pleasing to him too.

“You’re doing great, son,” I said breathlessly. “Now start going a little bit faster. You’re going to find out what all of this leading to.”

He obeyed perfectly. He was really getting into this now, sucking away at dad’s dick like a pro. His hands had wandered back up to my chest and were tweaking my nipples again, which was soon going to put me over the top.

“Okay son, whatever you do, don’t stop until I say, understood?”


“It’s going to happen soon. You’re going to make me cum for the first time, son. I’m really proud of you.”

It was the most amazing feeling; different than any orgasm I’d had with any of my family before. I shot hard; he surely felt it and tasted it, but obediently he just kept on pumping his face up and down on me. I let out a moan that bordered on a growl and threw my head back. Finally I finished, and put my hands on the back of his head to stop him.

“Good,” I gasped, “that’s… enough.”

He looked up at me quizzically, savouring the taste of my load on his tongue. There was a look of familiarity. Suddenly I understood why it was important to feed him so much of my cum while he was changing; now he would forever crave it. And I understood why my brothers and I couldn’t get enough of our father’s cum, too.

I patted my knee. “Come on up here, sit on my lap. Facing me.”

He did so, straddling my legs with his. I grasped his head in my hands and pulled him down for a kiss, and we tenderly shared the remains of my load between us.

“I’m proud of you, son. You did a good job.”

“Thanks, dad.” He leaned over and laid on me, his head on my shoulder. He looked up at me with those brown eyes again. “I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, son.”