The New Kid Next Door Pt. 01


I had bought my house years ago, twenty two years ago to be exact, the neighbors were great, people who had lived here as long and some longer than I had. The house across from me had gone up for sale the owners good friends of mine had decided to move to a warmer climate, get away from the snow and winters. Their house did not sit on the market long, it was well priced they had multiple offers in the first viewing.

The couple who bought it were in their late thirties, they had two kids a boy of about eighteen and a girl of about sixteen. Two very polite kids very well mannered both good looking kids, I met the whole family when they moved in, they were people I would become close friends with.

A couple months went by I was out cutting the lawn when their son came by to ask if he could borrow some milk, his parents were going to bring some home but he wanted cereal now.

“Ryan just go in the house and grab the jug in the fridge, just bring it back when your done is all I need milk for coffee in the morning.” I told him.

“Thanks Mr M. your the best guy ever.” Ryan said walking to my front door.

I wanted to get this grass finished before it got to hot out, after lunch the heat would be unbearable. Ryan showed me the jug and waved as he headed to his house. I got the lawn done then put it all away I got the trimming done, weeds picked the yard looked great. All I knew is I needed a shower, I walked in the house, ripped off my shirt threw it in the hamper as I dropped my shorts and turned the water jets on. The cool water felt so good on my skin, I quickly washed my hair, then soaped down.

I was so dammed horny lately, my cock semi erect, this was not going to go away without me stroking one out. I grabbed my cock in my hand, cupping my balls in the other, I gently stroked my now rock hard cock till I was so close, I needed to cum, three more strokes and I was there. I shot ropes of cum all over the glass wall in the shower. I stood back against the wall till I got my breath back.

I took the personal shower and rinsed the cum down the drain, I shut it all off then stepped out of the shower, I started to towel myself off, I heard footsteps down the hallway just outside my bedroom door.

“Hello? is someone there?” I asked .

No reply I could hear the person walking away from the bathroom door, when he got to the kitchen door he replied.

“Hey Mr M just returning your milk jug so you have milk for coffee.” Ryan yelled to me.

“Thanks Ryan.” I replied to him.

When I walked into my bedroom I could see footprints in the hardwoods, damp feet had just walked into my bedroom, right to my bathroom door.

“Had Ryan watched me stroke on out?” I asked myself.

I shook my head he could never do that, could he?

I did not run into Ryan for a week, he and I rarely met up, he was usually out with his friends, or at home playing video games, I never saw the boy with a girl or a girlfriend, curious. I was leaving about to get in my car and Ryan said Hi to me, the boy was so red faced. Now he had me convinced he had watched me jerk off in my bathroom. I would test him later today I planned to cut the lawn again, then a shower shortly afterwards lets see if the boy would try to watch me as I showered once again.

I saw Ryan watching me as I cut my lawn, he would pull the curtains back, a noticeable movement in the fabric. Once done I put the lawnmower away, got he trimming done then the weeding, it was hot so I removed my shirt, I liked to work out so I had a good body for a man my age. I noticed the curtain held open the boy was really checking me out now.

I got it all put away then headed into the house, I did the same as I did last time, dropping my shorts on the bedroom floor. I turned on the shower jets and got in, something about the cool water made my cock rock hard. I heard a noise it had to be the front door, the boy was in my house again. I would give him a show to remember.

I heard him come into the bedroom, then his shadow crossed the bathroom door, I was a little nervous a bit shy, but still wanted to show the boy my cock. I got cleaned up then started to stroke my cock, dam I was horny, I brought myself close a few times, I could clearly tell he was watching, he was not even trying to hide himself.

Ryan had his cock out his sweats pulled below his balls, so he had perfect access to his cock, the boy stroked his cock, I could see the shadow of him stroking his tool. It took no time and he shot his load all over my bedroom floor, he ripped his tee shirt off to wipe up the cum he had deposited there. I took my time letting the boy enjoy himself. I shut off the shower heads and could hear him as he exited the house trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

I heard the front door click as the door closed shut, just as Ryan came out of my house his Dad caught him red handed, the boy tried to sneak away but his Dad was in his path to his house.

“Son what were you doing in Mr Matthews house, and why is your shirt damp.?” Terry asked the bursa escort boy.

“Ah Nothing Dad I just came to borrow a screwdriver to fix my video game console.” Ryan replied quickly.

I came out of the bedroom I could hear the conversation Ryan and Terry were having on my front porch, I went and grabbed a specialty screwdriver I owned went to the door and held it out for Ryan to take.

“Is this what you were looking for Ryan? I could not remember where I had put it but I finally found it.” I said to him grinning.

The boy had cum all over the back of his tee shirt, I had a hard time not to laugh at him.

“Thanks Mr M. I should be able to fix it now, again thank you for looking for it.” Ryan responded his face bright red.

“Anytime Ryan just come by.” I said smiling.

The boy walked away, trying to hide the cum stains from his Dad, I kept Terry engaged in conversation so he would not notice the boys shirt.

“Good boy you have there Terry, he will make you proud for sure.” I said to him.

“Thanks Tom appreciate that, he really is a good kid, not into drugs or drinking, never gets into trouble. I can’t complain about him he is a god kid.” Terry said smiling.

“I got to get dinner on Terry thanks for the chat, have a great day.” I said to him.

“Thanks Tom don’t let Ryan become a nuisance borrowing from you okay.” Terry said to me.

“No worries Terry he can borrow anything he wants to, he always brings it back.” I said smiling.

Terry left I shut the door, I went back into the bedroom I could see the cum still on my bedroom floor Ryan had deposited on my floor, I had to smile, the boy had balls that was for sure. I cleaned up the floor then made my way to the backyard I could relax for a few hours before I had to even think of making dinner.



Ryan came back to bring me the screwdriver, his Dad insisting he bring it back immediately. The boy was so red faced, it was comical to watch him squirm as he handed me the screwdriver.

“Here is your screwdriver Mr M. thanks a lot for earlier.” Ryan said red faced.

“No worries Ryan you’re welcome, I see you have a clean dry shirt on now.” I said holding back laughter.

“Yes sir I I don’t know umm not sure how to explain.” Ryan said trying to explain himself.

“It’s okay Ryan I cleaned up the rest of it after your Dad left, next time I will leave a rag for you to use.” I said to him kidding.

“Sorry Mr M. I better get going. Thanks for the screwdriver and the rest.” Ryan said blushing.

Ryan avoided me as much as he could, but I always felt like I was being watched when I was out in the yard cooking on the barbecue, or just relaxing in shorts, I did suntan in a speedo one day. I had it pulled just above my cock my pubes trimmed short, my cock semi erect the whole time I was out there. Yeah I was cock teasing the boy, I know if I had a neighbor like me years ago when I was a teen I would have had something to stroke off too instead of my Mom’s fashion magazines, or the Sear’s catalogue.

Grass day came once more, I always made sure Ryan was home on grass cutting day, I always picked a Saturday. I got on a pair of very revealing work shorts and a wife beater shirt, runners and nothing else. It promised to be a scorcher later today so I had to get this done, not even half way thru I had to take off the shirt, not that it covered much but it was far to hot out, and I could work on my tan at the same time.

Ryan was at his window, the curtains pulled back enough that he could see me, but not obvious for anyone to see he was spying on me. Terry pulled into his driveway, I waved at him, Ryan’s curtain slowly closed.

“Hey Tom nice hot day isn’t it?” Terry said to me.

I quickly shut the mower off and walked to the middle of the street to meet Terry half way.

“Yeah Terry sure is I want to get this done before it gets unbearable.” I told him wiping the sweat from my brow.

“Okay Tom I will let you get to it then, I am thinking Ryan should get ours done as well.” Terry said to me

“Yes Terry before it actually is to hot to be outside, I plan to lay in the pool for the afternoon.” I said laughing.

“Great idea Tom, we need to install a pool in our back yard soon.” Terry said walking away.

“You and the family are welcome to use mine anytime Terry.” I said to him.

“Be careful Tom I may take you up on that one.” Terry said laughing.

“Lets do a barbecue pool party one night, burgers dogs the works.” I suggested.

“You sir have a deal, and I may see you later Tom in that pool of yours.” Terry said.

“Please do Terry bring the wife and kids all are welcome.” I said to him.

“Thanks again Tom.” Terry said.

Ryan was soon out cutting their lawn, he gave me a few looks, I still had to trim and weed a few beds, I grabbed a glass of lemonade from malatya escort the house.

“Ryan want a lemonade?” I yelled across the street.

“Sure Mr M. that would be great.” Ryan yelled back.

He shut his mower off and headed to my house, I met him at the front door, handed him a huge glass, taking a seat on the front porch.

“Beautiful day isn’t it Ryan?” I asked him smiling.

“Yes Sir, I better get back to it or I may never finish.” Ryan said gulping down his lemonade.

“I told your Dad you’re all welcome to come and use the pool if you want.” I said to him as he walked away.

“Thanks Mr M. appreciate that, it really is a hot one today.” He replied getting back to his lawn cutting.

I took my time I got the trimming done, then the weeding, I had a few beds that I had neglected so it took more time than usual. Ryan was still going at it the boy was a machine, he would have this done in no time. I put my tools away taking time to straighten out the shed somewhat, it needed a sweep, and some stuff hung back up. After it was clean I locked it up and headed to the house, wiping my face as the sweat was pouring off of me. I walked in the house the cool air felt so amazing, I walked into my bedroom and peeled off my shorts they were stuck to me as they were soaking wet with sweat.

I turned the shower on nice cool water to bring my temperature down a bit, I got in the water felt so good, the rain shower head was incredible it engulfed me in water, I stood there the water pouring over me. I did not hear the front door open, or that someone was in my bedroom, I did hear the shower door click open.

“Ryan what are you doing? Why are you naked? What are you, you can’t come in here with me.” I told him so surprised.

“Tom please I need this, no one will know but us two, I want to be close to you, to touch you.” Ryan said me.

His hands roamed my hairy chest, from my nipples to his right hand settling on my enlarging cock.

“Such a beautiful cock Tom it’s so big, and thick. Please Tom let me hold it let me touch you.” Ryan said looking in my eyes.

I was totally speechless, what could I say to the boy, stop, no don’t, dam it felt so good to have my cock touched by someone other than myself for a change. I shut the rain shower head off Ryan gently stroked it, getting on his knees to get a closer look, the boy was mesmerized by my cock. Ryan leaned in and licked the tip, once he did it once he went in for another, the boy liked the taste of it. He slowly took my cock into his pretty little mouth, I felt guilty but it felt so dammed good at the same time. He was eighteen after all, I was safe I could not be charged with anything.

Ryan sucked me till I was right on the edge, my cock swelled, my balls rolled and lifted, he was about to get his reward. My cock exploded, I flooded the boys mouth throat, lips and chin with my seed, Ryan quickly lapped it all up, swallowing every drop. Ryan slowly got to his feet, still holding my cock in his hand, I proceeded to get on my knees and took his cock in my hand, he had a beautiful cock, uncut, rock hard, dripping precum like a geyser.

I took his cock into my mouth in one swallow, his cock in my throat, I swallowed his cock and rolled ,my tongue below the shaft, I grabbed a handful of balls and slid my finger to his virgin hole. The stimulation more than he could take, his body rocked as he ejaculated, his cock sprayed my throat I had never been sprayed by so much cum in a very long time. Ryan’s orgasm slowly subsided, his knees were weak, his body shook, I held him up as I stood in front of him.

We both stood there looking into each others eyes, we were about to kiss when there was a loud knock on the front door.

“Tom are you home its Terry we came over to use the pool if that’s okay with you?” Terry yelled.

Thank goodness Ryan had locked the front door behind him.

“Be right there Terry just getting out of the shower.” I yelled to him.

“Put your shorts back on and get in that dammed pool right now do you hear me?” I ordered Ryan.

“Yes Sir.” Ryan said tripping as he tried to get his shorts on.


I toweled off put on some shorts and headed to the front door, good thing I kept the back yard gate padlocked at all times or they may have caught Ryan coming out of the house dripping wet. Ryan quickly dove in as I let Terry in the front door. He had brought his daughter Megan with him, pretty girl always so nice.

“Come on in out of that heat, its a hot one today isn’t it? Where is the Misses?” I asked them as they came in.

“Sure is Tom, Shirley is not much into pools or beaches, have you seen Ryan he left the mower in the back yard.” Terry asked me.

“Yeah he came in before I got in the shower saying he needed to get into the pool before he passed out.” I lied to Terry.

“Go ahead and head out back I have to grab some lemonade for us to drink.” I told them.

Ryan was having a great time in the pool, Terry questioned çanakkale escort him as to why he left the mower in the back yard.

“Dad its so hot, best we leave the mower cool down before I put it in the shed isn’t it?” Ryan asked his Dad.

I came out with a tray of lemonade, all three were in the pool, Ryan and Terry doing laps, Megan sitting on the side her legs in the water.

“Lemonade anyone? Megan would you like one?” I asked handing her a glass.

“Thank you so much Mr Matthews.” Megan replied.

“Ryan, Terry when you guys want a glass just come and grab one.” I said as I took a seat in one of my chaise loungers.

“Tom this is great, we need a pool in our backyard for sure now.” Terry said from the edge of the pool.

Ryan jumped out of the pool walking up to grab a glass.

“Thanks T I mean Mr M. sorry.” Ryan said turning red faced.

I could see the boys cock was semi erect once again, oh to be eighteen and always horny, I still just could not believe he had gotten in the shower with me and sucked my cock. The boy had balls that is for sure, at his age I would have never even thought of doing something like he had done. Jerk off in your neighbors bedroom as he showered, then get in the shower with him grab his cock, then proceed to suck it.

Terry and I sat and chatted while the two got in the pool, I liked the whole family, always so polite, easy to talk to. Ryan kept shooting looks my way, the boy was still so horny you could see it in his eyes he wanted more, the boy craved cock, my cock. I would have to chat with him and keep my front door locked from now on.

Megan left after about an hour, she had friends to meet up with, Terry about a half hour later. Terry told Ryan not to make a nuisance of himself, he should not over use the welcome I had extended to him and his family.

“He is fine Terry I will let him know when its time for him to go, I have to go in and make dinner soon so he can stay out here while I do that.” I told them both.

“Thanks Mr M your the best.” Ryan said to me.

“Ryan lawnmower don’t forget again please, I think its best you come home now.” Terry instructed him.

I did not say anything, I preferred the boy go at this point.

“Yes Ryan maybe it is time for you to go home as well, come by tomorrow for a swim.” I said to him.

“Yes sir, thanks for letting us use the pool today Mr M. appreciate it.” Ryan said a look of disappointment in his eyes.

I was sure the boy wanted to have sex again with me, I would have to slow this boy down he was getting a little carried away with all of this.

I walked them to the door, then locked it as I turned to walk away, I would have to do this more often now so the boy could not slip into my house unannounced. I got dinner started then I could relax by the pool as the evening started to cool down a bit. After I went to the backyard to relax in a lounge chair, the heat felt good I read the paper, then took a dip in the pool, naked of course no one here to see me the front door locked the back gate padlocked.

I dozed off for about a half hour, the heat really did make me tired, I got up dove in then came out to use the washroom. I was sure I heard a noise while in the washroom, but I knew the front door was locked, the sun was going down so it was not so hot as it was earlier. I decided to take one more naked dip in the pool. I walked out diving into the deep end, when I came up Ryan was standing poolside, naked, cock rock hard.

“Ryan what are you doing here? You can’t just come in to my home! How did you get in anyways?” I asked the boy.

“Sorry Tom I needed to see you, I used your key you have hidden in the front planter.” Ryan said as he dove under.

He came up in front of me, quickly leaning in for a kiss, I pulled back, my hand pushing him away.

“Ryan we can’t do this, you’re to young for me, your parents would be so mad at me if they found out their son was sleeping with the neighbor across the street who is much older than he is.” I told him.

Ryan was hurt I could tell, he slowly made his way to me, his hand on my chest.

“Please Tom I don’t care how old you are, I want to be with you, I want to be in your bed with you, I have never felt like this for anyone before.” Ryan said his arms around my neck pulling me to him.

Dam I was so tempted to kiss the boy, I wanted to know how good a kisser he really was, I looked in his eyes, the boy was so infatuated with me, the look of lust and love both mixed together.

Ryan held my head and pulled my lips to his, I could not fight it I wanted to kiss the boy, my cock was rock hard, his cock stiff as a board. Ryan was not a very good kisser, I got out of the pool the boy hot on my trail. He again was right in front of me, his arms around my neck.

“Kiss me Tom, the way a man kisses a man. Please Tom I need to know.” Ryan pleaded with me.

Without a word I pulled him to me, my hand on the back of his head, my fingers laced thru his hair, I pulled him to me holding him inches from my lips. My tongue wet my lips as I went in to embrace the boy. I gently kissed him, my lips barely touching his, with my other hand I pulled his body into mine, our cocks grinding each other, my tongue invaded the boys mouth, he pushed his in my mouth I gently sucked his tongue massaging his tongue with my own.