Nicole Desired Ch. 07


Linda prepared dinner for her brother making sure to add the secret ingredient to it. She was pretty amazed at the changes it was causing in Tom. She had noticed that he had stopped wearing his tight shorts and tee shirts it was all about loose fitting clothing.

Yesterday she walked by his bedroom door and he was getting dressed. Linda liked what she saw as Tom had breasts that were at least a B cup and his hips flared very nicely giving him a cute ass. It was nowhere near as delicious as Nicole’s was but it was still nice. As she watched she noticed Tom did not hesitate as he grabbed one of the bra and panty sets she had left out for him. He calmly proceeded to fasten the bra around his chest pushing his breasts upward which helped to showcase his developing cleavage. Picking up the matching bikini panties he easily wiggled them up his legs and across his cute ass. Linda smiled as she realized that her brother was now well on his way into the world of feminization and submission. Just two more days and he would be under the strict supervision of Nicole and finally she would be able to devote her time to what was most important to her and that was Nicole.

She and Nicole had spent a delicious night together after they had left the party last Saturday night and Sunday they had enjoyed a quiet day in each other’s arms just talking. Of course Nicole insisted on serving Linda breakfast and she also made a picnic lunch for them to enjoy under the oak trees behind the estate. Then to finish the day off she prepared a wonderful dinner and topped it off with herself as dessert.

Linda missed Nicole dearly and planned to make up for lost time once Tom was in training. She understood Nicole would be busy with supervising the new servants but she would be more than happy to assist her so that she could spend time with the delightful girl. She decided that once dinner was over she would pay a visit next door and see how everyone was doing.

At dinner Tom as usual shoveled down his food then grabbed a drink from the refrigerator and headed off to the couch, where he would plop down and play video games to some ungodly hour of the morning. Linda did her best to ignore Tom’s actions as she knew that soon situations would be changing. Besides tonight she was going to pay a visit next door and was eager to see Nicole.

Linda headed upstairs took a shower then proceeded to dress spraying a light hint of perfume on her neck and wrists after she had toweled off. She had chosen a matching bra, panty, and garter set made of satin and lace similar to the set she had been wearing the first day she had enjoyed Nicole’s charms. She knew that if Nicole got a glimpse of them it would drive the sweet girl crazy with desire and she planned on making sure Nicole got a good view of them. Sliding a pair of black stockings up her legs she clipped them to her garters making sure that their seams were straight. She then slipped into a very sexy red silk dress that she had purchased when she had gone shopping with Helen. The dress did a wonderful job of accenting Linda’s womanly curves, which were sure to grab Nicole’s attention. Finishing everything off with a pair of four inch black pumps and a gold necklace she looked in the mirror and knew that tonight Nicole’s composure would be reduced to nothing in a matter of minutes once Linda arrived at the estate.

Linda tossed some tissues into her clutch and proceeded to head for Helen’s house. However, before she got to the door Tom saw her and in his rude manner began to question her.

“Where the hell are you going?”

“I am going out as Helen has invited me over and I accepted the invitation.”

“Oh boy, little miss stuck up has invited you to visit how nice. You have been getting pretty chummy with those bitches lately. Why the hell are you dressed like that if you are just going to see the neighbors and where the hell did you get that dress?”

He allowed her no time to answer before he began with another barrage of questions and insults.

“You have been wasting fucking money on damn clothes haven’t you? Look at you dressing as if you were all high and mighty, you look like a fucking whore. Well seeing as how you spent money on that fucking dress I think you need to give me some money so I can go out.”

“I am not giving you any money so you can get falling down drunk at the bar. I am in charge of the trust and I make the rules,” declared Linda.

“You fucking whore you had better give me some money or you will regret it. Do you hear me you fucking bitch!”

Tom lashed out at Linda with his hand connecting with her cheek.

Linda stumbled backwards and was about to explode but quickly remembered her goals and fought to get control of her emotions. She did everything she could to remain composed as she walked out of the door and headed towards Helen’s estate. As she was making her way to the estate everything began to wash over her at once like a giant wave. All the crap that Tom had been putting her through culminating Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort with the slap tonight finally overwhelmed her.

——- *** ——-

Crissy answered the door dressed in the same type of maid outfit that Nicole had been wearing the first day she had met the girl. Linda tried to pull herself together as Crissy escorted her to the living room where Helen and Carole were chatting and having tea. The new maid announced her as she was taught and retreated from the room. Helen turned to Linda and immediately saw that there was something terribly wrong.

“Oh my poor dear what is wrong, are you ok?”

Tears started running down Linda’s cheeks again as she began to tell Helen what took place and how she had just finally become overwhelmed with everything concerning Tom. She told Helen about him slapping her and about how she didn’t know if she could wait two more days as it seemed like a life time.

Helen looked at her and answered quickly.

“You won’t have to my dear I will take care of this bullshit right now.”

Helen picked up the tiny silver bell and rang it.

Approximately five minutes had passed before Crissy showed up in the sitting room. Looking into Helen’s eyes s Crissy knew she had just screwed up majorly and that there would be hell to pay for it.

“It’s about damn time you arrived. Now take your ass and go tell Nicole that I would like to see her.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Crissy was away in a flash headed to Nicole’s room.

Nicole was just finishing up changing her clothes as Helen had suggested that she take a nice evening stroll. She was excited about the idea and thought she would stroll to Linda’s house and say hello. She had not seen her since last weekend and she missed her. Nicole knew she might get in trouble for doing such a bold thing but she was more than willing to accept any punishment handed out to her as long as she got to see and speak with Linda.

Crissy knocked on the door notifying Nicole that her presence had been requested by her mother.

Nicole did not dawdle at all but rather she stood immediately and headed for the sitting room. As she approached the door she heard voices and what seemed like someone crying. She entered the door and was totally unprepared for what she saw. There was Linda the woman she loved with all her heart next to Helen. Tears stained her cheeks and her eyes were puffy and red. Forgetting everything Nicole rushed to Linda’s side, and wrapped her arms around her.

“Oh my dear love what has…”

At that point she realized that she had totally lost her composure, and was now completely out of character. Nicole straightened back up quickly and began to apologize.

Helen stopped her apology and with a smile on her face she addressed Nicole.

“No my dear don’t put that horrible stoic face of yours on I do so miss the sweet loving and happy girl you were when you started on your wonderful journey. I have missed that girl so much and only lately has she returned so don’t hide her away again. Besides this is one of your mistresses and it is only understandable that you would be so worried for her.”

Speaking to Linda with compassion she instructed Linda to go with Nicole who would escort her to the suite of rooms they shared. “You go freshen up with Nicole and if anyone can cheer you up I am sure she can. You will be spending the night so don’t worry anymore, we will handle everything and you will never need to worry about that rude boy again.”

Linda looked up into Nicole’s eyes and saw the tender compassion and love that always made her heart skip a beat.

“Please come with me Mistress Linda, I will soothe away all your troubles.”

Linda looked up and smiled at Nicole then kissed her lightly on the lips and motioned for her to lead the way.

Helen was right, if anyone could sooth Linda it was indeed Nicole. She watched as they disappeared through the door, noticing Linda’s hand slip down and lightly pat Nicole’s pretty ass. She smiled at the two and knew that everything would be just fine in no time.

Turning to Crissy Helen inquired if Wendy and her lover were still present.

“Yes ma’am they are, they notified Nicole that they would be here for the next two days and expected her staff to be available.”

“Well isn’t that so thoughtful of them to notify the staff about what they want. I am getting very tired of their crap and need to have a talk with Wendy. I need to make it clear that she has no more control over Nicole and this crap of thinking that the servants of this estate have nothing better to do than suck off her lover every time he gets a hard on is going to stop. Nicole will make sure they are taken care of without having to be told but she is no longer available for playtime unless specifically ordered to by Linda or myself. I would appreciate you explaining things to her Carole. Let her know that she is welcome to use Crissy as long as Denise is not home making use of her or Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort Nicole has her performing duties. She had her chance with Nicole and she chose to treat the sweet girl shabbily. She dismissed Nicole and chose that fool for her lover, spouse, and servant although that is a joke, so I won’t have her destroying my daughter’s spirit.”

Carole looked at Helen and understood exactly what she was saying. She knew Helen had a plan for Nicole’s future and she believed it involved Linda. At least she hoped it did for she had never met a sweeter woman or more caring friend than Linda.

“No problem Helen I will take care of it.”

“Crissy I want you to go ask Wendy and Craig If they would come down here I have something I want them to do for me.”

“Yes ma’am”

“And don’t take as long as you took to get here earlier or you will be sorry.”

Crissy rushed off to inform Wendy and Craig that Helen would like to see them.

“Ok Helen I see your eyes, what have you got hatching in that wonderful mind of yours.” Asked Carol

“Well I do believe that it is imperative that Tom be indoctrinated into his new life immediately and by that I mean tonight. Forget about the trap I am going to send Craig and Wendy to snatch the little bastard right now and drag his ass over here. Once he is here and secured I plan to let Linda enjoy watching him be broken. You see I am going to explain to Nicole what happened to Linda and I want to see how she acts over it. If I am correct Tom is going to wish he had never been born.”

“You have something planned for Linda and Nicole, don’t you?”

“Yes as a matter of fact I do, tonight I will learn what I need to know from Nicole and tomorrow I will learn what I must know about Linda. If things go well then I dare say there is a wedding in the future.”

“That would be fantastic as I have watched them every time they are together. Nicole dotes after her something terrible and Linda always treats Nicole with compassion, and love.”

“Then you have noticed it as well. They try to keep it hidden but there is no way they can. You can see how they light up whenever the other is around. I just have to be sure they would do anything for each other. But right now we have other pressing matters to attend to.”

At that moment Wendy and Craig entered the room. Wendy took a seat while Craig continued to stand as he understood his place when it came to Helen. Although she tolerated him and actually tried to like him, he was still a male slave who as far as she was concerned was very poorly trained.

“How have you two newlyweds been doing?” Helen asked.

“We have been well Aunt Helen and I would like to thank you for the wedding gifts they are wonderful and I will enjoy making use of them.”

“I am glad you liked them dear.”

“I have a task for you and Craig.”

Helen told Wendy what had happened and what she wanted them to do. She went over all the plans thoroughly with them then told them to go.

Wendy and Craig got everything together and headed off to Linda’s house while Helen and Carole called for Crissy and headed down stairs to the play room to prepare things for Tom’s arrival.

“Just so you understand Crissy, I have not forgotten about your slowness when you were called earlier. It is just that Nicole does not have the time right now to decide your punishment, so you shall have to wait until tomorrow.”

Crissy backed out of the room then vanished up the stairs.

“I do have to say she is coming along fairly well for only one week of training; however, she still has a lot of room for improvement.”

“Yes she is progressing well other than a few exceptions, which I am sure Nicole will rectify soon. Denise is going to be very happy with Crissy’s progress.”

——- *** ——-

Nicole gently wiped Linda’s face and was about to reapply her make up when Linda leaned forward and began kissing her. Wrapping her arms around her neck and pressing her lips to Nicole’s she parted them with her warm tongue. Putting up no resistance Nicole entwined her tongue with Linda’s, and then began to lose herself in a soft slow and passionate kiss.

Finishing the kiss Linda looked into Nicole’s face and saw nothing but love and concern. Smiling Linda winked at Nicole and kissed her once more softly upon the lips.

“It makes no matter what mood I am in, when I see your beautiful face you always make me smile and forget about everything else but you. I want to let you know that I have missed you a lot these past few days.”

“Mistress I am so glad that you are feeling better and I have missed you as well. When I saw you tonight your beauty lifted my soul to the clouds and as always you took my breath away and caused my heart to skip a beat.”

Linda smiled and stroked her hand through Nicole’s hair watching it fall right back in place as if it was trained to do so. It did not matter what happened, Nicole could walk through a hurricane and Kadıköy İranlı Escort still come out the other side looking gorgeous.

“I decided to come over tonight to tempt and tease you. I do so love it when you try so hard to maintain your composure in front of the women.”

She shifted on the chair allowing her dress to inch up exposing the tops of her stockings and the frilly lace garters attached to them.

Nicole caught sight of the garters and could not help but look down, viewing Linda’s creamy white thighs and how they were accented by the lace top of the stockings.

“Why my dear Nicole you do care,” Linda teased with a smile on her face.

“You know that I do Mistress, you are so very beautiful I can’t help myself as I am unable to take my eyes off of you. It is very brazen of me and maybe I need a spanking to remind me of my place.”

Linda began to feel her pussy getting very wet. She had played with this sweet dear and she knew that Nicole enjoyed whatever she chose to do to her. But to have this beauty care so deeply for her that she openly admitted by way of her request that she loved the delicious acts Linda performed on her for enjoyment. Well that just sent Linda’s over the edge and she could feel that her panties were now soaked.

“Why you naughty little girl, that is indeed very brazen of you. You know the drill over my lap so I can get a good swing.”

Nicole stood and quickly draped herself over Linda’s lap. Linda could not help but see the big smile on her face and the lust in her eyes as she laid herself down.

Linda lifted the hem of Nicole’s dress up exposing her beautiful panties and that perfect ass. She gently slid the panties down to Nicole’s knees and lightly began caressing her bottom.

“Sweetie you have such a lovely bottom that I find it near impossible to keep my hands off of it.”

Linda drew back her arm and then with force she brought the hand down across the delicate bottom. A lustful grin decorated her face as she heard a slight gasp escape Nicole’s lips.

“I know this is what you want and since you are such a good girl I am happy to give you this reward.”

Linda loved it, what more could she ask for. This beautiful vision was totally devoted to her. She continued swatting the tender ass enjoying the gasps and the whimpers coming from Nicole. Each swat turned the bottom a deeper shade of red and sent a jolt directly to Linda’s clit. It felt good to release all the tension that had been building up for the last week culminating with the confrontation with her damn brother.

Linda began to talk to Nicole, which was always a sign, that she was about to explode in orgasm.

“Oh yes it has been far too long since you have been spanked.”

As she began to cum she started to swat faster and harder causing Nicole to openly cry out with each swat. It was beautiful music to her ears as she basked in the orgasm flooding over her.

Linda regained her composure as the orgasm subsided, and simply began to caress Nicole’s beautiful crimson bottom. It was so delicious and sexy when it was such a pretty shade of red.

Nicole’s tears began to subside and she was truly glowing inside due to the loving attention Linda was paying to her. She felt all was well with the world once again and things were as they were meant to be.

“You may get up sweetie, and I want you to get me a pair of dry panties from the dresser dear.”

Nicole was ear to ear smiles when she heard those words and with grace slid off Linda’s lap pulled her panties back up and moved to the dresser to get a fresh pair of panties for her mistress. She had seen her garters so she knew the color, now it was a matter of material, she figured you can never go wrong with satin and lace. She chose a pair of string Bikini panties that she thought would look wonderful on Linda. Handing Linda the panties she waited to see if she was satisfied with them.

“Well you do pay attention with such a short glimpse you did a very good job at picking out the panties.”

Linda took the panties and started to remove her wet ones.

Nicole started to rise so she could remove herself from the room and give Linda some privacy.

“Where do you think you are going young lady?”

“I was just going to give you some privacy while you cleaned up and changed.”

“You silly girl get that pretty ass of yours back in here. I have been away from you for too long and I don’t plan to let you out of my sight for some time. Besides I think you are forgetting your duties.”

Linda lifted her dress then sitting on the edge of the chair spread her luscious legs apart exposing once more to Nicole the most beautiful pussy in the world.

“Or maybe you no longer want to take care of such duties.”

Before the words even finished leaving Linda’s lips Nicole was on her knees with her pretty face buried in Linda’s beautiful muff. She grabbed hold of her mistress’s ass and pulled her tight, while she flicked the tip of her tongue across the sensitive clit.

“Ohhhh god Nicole careful honey I just wanted you to…”

It was too late as Linda was lost in the throes of orgasm once again and this time they seemed as if they would never stop as the beautiful woman between her thighs seemed to be a woman possessed.