Girth Ch. 02


She moves away from me, tossing the hood to the floor, and goes to the door where we entered. The door closed but with a young woman standing before it. Blinking tears clear of my eyes, I recognize her; a past playmate she must have invited to watch me being readied, or demonstrated, for what may be in store for her.

She’s young, tiny and thin; a clerk we met on a shopping trip once before. Barely 18, favoring dark clothing to go with her jet black hair and contrasting with her ivory skin. She’s without the heavy-framed eyeglasses with her blue eyes twinkling as I meet her gaze. Today she’s in a black graphic tee, a german headbanger band displayed upon it, and a blood red skirt; short black boots extending above her ankles, leaving most of her legs exposed.

Spit is dripping out from around my gag and I feel it drip down my chin and onto my chest. But no matter how much saliva escapes, it cannot match that in which I am sitting; the combination now makes me feel even more exposed to her view. Recalling the hood being placed almost immediately upon our entering, it becomes apparent she was a spectator the entire time, and I blush profusely.

“Did I not tell you how much she would enjoy this? Look at that puddle beneath her! Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

The younger woman moves forward while the other goes over to some shelving along the wall. I look at her face for signs of her thoughts and the twinkling of her eyes grows brighter as she nears. Without a word, she runs a finger over me, over the fresh welts crisscrossing my breasts. I close my eyes for a moment, her touch both soothing and electrifying, and I bite once more on the ball.

“May I?”

I open my eyes at the sound of her soft light voice. She’s looking away from me, over her shoulder to my mistress who glances back before resuming a search for something amid the items on the shelf.

“Yes, you may. But be quick.”

The young woman looks to the side of the table and reaches, touching a button or switch that restarts the dildo in my ass.


My head rolls as it moves up and down, seemingly deeper in my smooth back passageway now that it is unaccompanied by the other in my cunt.

Yes, my cunt, I am reduced to this level, and loving it.

Her hands hold my head to stop its movement and she stares into my face. Fingers move into my hair at the back of my head and I feel a tug as the knot of the gag is undone. She pulls it gently free of my mouth, freeing more saliva before I can swallow, then giving me a minute to work some of the tension from my jaw.

Her hand still at the back of my head, she goes up on her toes and kisses me. I move my lips to try to return it but my response is stiff and out of sorts with my facial muscles twitching uncontrollably. She pulls back, touching my face.

“Its ok, just relax. Let me.”

Kissing me again, her lips incredibly soft after the hard ball, they move along my lips giving my upper and lower lip separate busses as she licks and kisses them. Her lips moving over my face, to my ear, where the tip of her pink tongue brings my earlobe into her mouth for a quick bite and suck.

“You looked so hot. Your body so much different than hers…”

I give a start, realizing she watched the other woman too; the one that was here before me. And I wonder now if she too has taken a turn in the swing and upon the table’s machinery-driven toys. My eyes must have clouded, exposing my istanbul travesti surprise and confusion, as she touches my face again and looks at me.

“No…no…I haven’t…yet.” “But I was here, yes, for the other.”

Fingers touch me, my breast, where the circle had been drawn earlier as if she too had to show me where a mark was left upon the other. I look up into her sweet face, only to find her pulled aside, her hand removed.

“That’s enough for now. If you want to touch my bitch, I have something else in mind.”

From behind, the black tee is lifted up over her head, exposing small breasts with silver rings piercing the long nipples. Hands come around, finding the rings, to tug and tease them; the girls face exhibiting enjoyment at this action.

“Stay right here.”

She steps from behind and flips a switch. A motor whirls and chain linkage tightens and clanks as the swing is lifted up, rising me back into the air until both toys are free. The switch flipped again and I swing gently above the table.

Moving again, she pushes the young woman to her knees before me, then taking hold of my knees, she pulls me forward and places my legs over the kneeling woman’s shoulders. She continues to pull me forward until my crotch is immediately before the woman’s waiting mouth.

“Reward my bitch now. Clean her cunt for me.”

At the first touch of her tongue, I’m gasping and twisting in my bounds. My clit overly sensitive still, each touch upon it is agony and heaven. Her instruction was to clean me and she’s careful to do just that. However, I’m in such a state of sexual excitement that the task is impossible. Looking up, I see her eyes upon us, her smile huge, knowing that she will never be able to keep up with my flow.

“Don’t forget her ass, let me see you do it.”

Her small hands go under my knees and push my legs up towards my chest. Her tongue moves down, rimming my still gaping asshole.

“Wait, let me see…”

And her face is pulled back, as she looks in at me. I can’t see but she must be pleased at the sight.

“Mmmmm, its that lovely? Now finish her!”

Her tongue returns, licking round and round. After several circles, the movement stops. I look down at the top of her head, just as her tongue pushes in. I wrap my legs about her head as the pink muscle wiggles inside my open asshole. My body tenses and I release again, but still the tongue, like the toys minutes ago, does not stop.

Hands take my face and direct my attention away from the hot girl giving me pleasure.

“She’s good isn’t she?”

I bite my lower lip and nod.

“Maybe I’ll let you play with her some more then….but not now, later.”

She’s pulled up from between my legs and her skirt unzipped and pushed down. No panties, no hair, sans an abbreviated pencil-thin landing strip, she stands naked before me for a moment, before led away, hand-in-hand by the other. Its then that I notice the harness and black cock adorning my mistress, who is now otherwise nude.

Twisting in the swing to follow their movements, my action serves to cause the swing to rotate to and fro, back and forth; defeating my objective of not losing sight of them. They go back to the right of me, where I now see a mattress on the floor. Each time the swing turns towards them, I catch a portion of the activity.

With a degree of gentleness, the young woman is directed to her knees and presented with the midnight phallus. With a glance at me, and before anadolu yakası travestileri the swing turns me back away, I see her hand wrap around it. Spinning back around, her eyes now closes, pink tongue circling the circumference of the head. I twist my head to try to maintain view and can just barely manage to watch her change from the use of her tongue to running her lips up and down the thick, black toy’s length.

Straining, tendons tight at the back of my neck, the swing’s movements almost still, I can just see them. Its at that moment, the hood again covers my face and blots out my vision.

Caught completely by surprise and unaware of the presence of anyone else, I let out a sharp gasp of shock. Jerking my head around as if that will allow me to see, I hear a soft chuckle as the hands smooth the hood back into position so that only my mouth has access to the sole opening in the fabric.

“Now we can’t have you spying now can we, Love?”

A touch upon my shoulder in drawn along my shoulder blade, the nail alone touching, not sharp or pressed firmly enough to mark but in my heightened state the sensation of its passing is etched on my skin. Pausing in the soft indentation above my sternum, the digit is laid flat, pointing north, and now the fingertip presses in that vulnerable cove. Funny, how you’re never aware of the places, some amazingly erogenous, others startlingly not, where a touch is magnified; and I’m discovering how easily this one quickly is not, the pressure quickly painful and held as if testing my pain threshold.


Another laugh, but the finger is withdrawn.

The relief at its removal short-lived as a searing pain erupts from both nipples, both captured and flattened between fingers.

“Oh, these are a bit sore aren’t they? And surrounded by such wonderful color and welts.”

My body moves forward, pulled steadily and firmly, pain radiating from my breasts throughout my body and flooding my senses. A throbbing ensues that seems to connect the cane’s red rivers to what now must be incredibly stretched points. Just when I can’t imagine enduring more, they’re twisted, drawing a cry of terror as well as torture from my lips. Upon utterance of my shout, I’m released and left once again softly swinging back and forth in the otherwise still air of the room.

The removal of her fingers did not end the pulsating in my breasts, instead their resumption of normal shape and size only seems to fuel the continued burning along my welts and reddened flesh. Made easier by the slackness of my jaw, I breathe heavily with deep, sobbing, intakes of air which are then blown out from my nose into the dense cloth of the hood. The material becoming sodden from the mingling of my tears with the moist air from my nostrils.

Several minutes pass without a word from my new tormentor, who now seems busy at the table to my right. Adjustments of some sort are being made there as I hear the start and stop of the motor, short bursts as the engine is clicked on and off. My breathing now back to normal, I try to listen for activity behind me but all is muffled and concealed in the darkness in which my face is enclosed.

My arm grasped, I’m swung back to the right and over the table. The creaking of the chain announcing my descent back upon the toys affixed there. Agonizingly, tantalizingly, slowly, I’m impaled once more; this time front and back at the same time, sunk down until istanbul travesti my bottom is resting upon the tabletop with the full measure of the dildos deep inside me.

Staked upon them, hands undo the bindings of the swing with the leather and canvas pulled free of my body. Its support gone, I fight to remain upright and end up leaning forward to do so. Otherwise, the dead weight of my arms, locked and immovable behind me, brings a sharp ache to my lower back. Hands grip my knees, forcing them wide, leaving me open and exposed once more.

In this posture, perhaps inviting it myself, I’m subject to several fluid and severe lashes of the cane across my ass. Squirming after them, I realize the table edge ends just past the appendage buried in my ass. The refreshed anguish of my ass, forces me up back upright as I find the ache in my lower back no match for that being delivered below.

Footsteps as she moves around me, her placement confirmed by the gripping of my chin followed by the fragrance of her words upon my lips.

“I just had to add a few of my own.”

With her words, recognition of the perfume that has been applied to her body. Obsession… So fitting, especially when mingled with the body’s own fragrances, bodies’…. I will always know that scent, it fills my mind and I can smell and taste it from memory on a moment’s notice. And she carries it now; not a surprise really as I know now she was here before me, but to find it on another always brings a certain pride and longing within me.

With these thoughts running through my head, I didn’t notice her movement; but I do notice when her hand finds my left breast. Oh do I notice! Its laid upon me with force and would have sent me swinging had I remained suspended. Instead, it knocks me backwards, driving the anal probe just that much deeper.

As I struggle to straighten back up, I’m struck again in the same spot. And the pain is instant and searing. The pain shooting, intensifying; I’m held with her hand on the top of my head, she’s behind me now, landing short, fast slaps on the same spot on my breast over and over.

Then, as suddenly as they started, they stop.

I’m trying to calm myself, pass through the pain emanating from my chest, when the table is wrenched around. The fat toys within me, makes me moan out. My body going limp after all I’ve endured.

A hand on my head again. The hand clenches and draws the hood off me once more.

Sobbing as I draw in air, blinking to clear my eyes, she moves and leans in close so we are face to face. Her blue eyes like ice, so cool after all this, and she’s grinning.

“Perhaps I should have gagged you. You did cry about so.”

Her hand touches my face. I’d call it a caress as her fingertips move lightly over my cheek, but I knew better; she was just testing, gauging. And the slap that followed was as expected. Much like those she had planted on my breast, short, fast, hard. My hair gripped this time to keep me still.

Her hand raised for another, she’s frozen by a sound from behind. She turns her head and I look over her shoulder. Rising up, in a standing 69, the young girl is upside down, her mouth moving up and down on the fake cock of my mistress. The sound that drew our attention being the wet sucking noise of her pussy being devoured.

I shudder at the sight and knowledge of how well she is being pleasured. The sight short-lived though, as my new playmate turns back to me, finishing her slap. My face burning now…along with several other parts of me…she leans forwards and kisses me on the lips.

Her hands take hold of me and with a fluidness that announces her strength, she lifts me off the table. Carrying me to the far wall, I’m stood up with a collar placed around my throat. The collar then attached to a strap nailed into the wall. And with that, she leaves me to watch…