They met when their children announced their engagement. The wives were forty-three and their husbands forty-four. They were handsome men and beautiful women and all four were soon each other’s best friends.

Ruth and Jim were the parents of the groom. Linda and Joe were the parents of the bride. Both had a good friend that was a whiz at planning weddings and allowed her free rein. It soon became obvious to both women that their relationship with the wedding planner included sex.

Ruth and Linda made no effort to resist the urge and two weeks before the wedding when they met in the planners hot tub they plunged into a threesome before any wedding business was begun. Another threesome was begun after the business was concluded but that soon turned into a couple when the planner got busy on the phone.

Ruth and Linda were very surprised by how much they wanted each other and by how much the other pleased them sexually. That was the beginning of their affair. Getting together often was not a problem; they had a wedding to plan. After the wedding their frequent visits raised no eyebrows since they were now in laws.

Jim and Joe were fans of the nearby city’s baseball team and Jim had season tickets to every weekend game. They were happy when Ruth suggested he take Joe to the games and she would stay home and gossip with Linda.

Jim had a hotel room near the stadium for each Saturday night game. He had not been able to get the room changed to a double bed but the king size bed gave each plenty of room on those Saturday nights. The women spent those Saturday nights with no space between them and little sleep. The men had no trouble sleeping after a few beers.

Suddenly the men began to worry about their wives. It crossed their minds that they may be going out and picking up men each Saturday night. The next Saturday game was an afternoon game. They did not mention that and left that morning as usual. As soon as the game was over they drove back home.

As expected Linda’s car was in their driveway. Not expected was that Ruth’s car was too. They snuck around to the back of the yard and saw them by the swimming pool. Both were naked. They were sharing a lounger and as they talked the men saw their wives hands caressing their own pussy.

Stunned they backed away and left the house.

“We need to come back later when it’s dark. We still don’t know much. Lets go to Rockport and get something to eat then come back,” Jim said.

They returned at nine that evening and again snuck around the back and saw them through the main bedroom window. Linda was adjusting a strap on dildo as Ruthie masturbated in bed. They watched in a trance as Linda sunk the dildo into Ruth’s pussy and began a slow fuck. They could hear her moans.

They pulled themselves away and returned to the car. They were near their hotel before either said a word.

“I need something to drink,” Joe said.

As they sat at the bar in the hotel Jim said, “Well we were right. Our wives are having an affair.”

“Yeah, hottest thing I have ever seen,” Joe said.

Jim chuckled then said, “Yeah, it was.”

As soon as each seemed to approve of their affair their mood lightened and when they went to bed they felt like they were now sharing another bond. As usual both got in bed wearing only boxer shorts. Not as usual they talked about their wives fucking. They soon had erections.

“I’ll go to the bathroom and jack-off in there,” Joe said.

“Nonsense, we can jack off in bed. We will be under the covers anyway.”

They soon began to masturbate and each felt the other pause and take their underwear off. They knew exactly when the other shot their wad and understood they had done so into their boxers. After dropping their underwear on the floor they said good night and tried to sleep.

Sleep however was impossible; every time they closed their eyes all they could see was the dildo slide into a pussy. Twenty minutes later each had another erection, one minute later Joe got up and went to the bathroom and returned with two face towels. He handed one to Jim then got back in bed.

Jim had stared at Joe’s erection throughout and since Joe did not cover himself as he began to play with his cock Jim was somehow glad. He uncovered himself and began to caress his own cock. They watched each other masturbate and saw each other cum. Both ignored the urge to do more.

The following morning they were close to each other when they awoke. Each managed not to caress the other and took turns in the shower, dressed, packed, and went to the ballpark. It was a quick game played in just over two hours. Normally they got home at about six but they got back before five. They went into Jim’s yard again and saw their wives on the bed in mid kiss as the caressed each other’s breast. They filmed the scene with their call phones then retreated to the car.

Jim called Ruth and told her Casibom they were ten minutes away and asked her if Linda was there. They wanted to take them to the seafood restaurant. Ruth said they would meet them there in twenty minutes.

They had a fine dinner and both men saw the bond between their wives without a problem. Both were happy to see it. Both were more than ready to fuck their wives.

That night Ruth and Linda were very much impressed with the ardor and performance of their husbands. “I missed you,” the men explained.

There no weekend games at home for the next two weeks but the men remained very horny for the wives. They double dated each Friday and Saturday night and had fun. Ruth and Linda were teachers and still had four weeks of summer off. They got together during the time their husbands were at work but not always for sex. They visited with other teachers and shopped.

One Wednesday lunch period the men went to spy on them and found Jim’s pool filled with naked women. Many were kissing so the guys filmed them with the good camera Jim now kept it in his car. Often they saw what they had hoped to see, their wives making love. Each kept the videos in a secure folder in their iMacs and Joe had made a copy for them to take with them to the next game trip.

The next trip was upon them and Joe suggested to Linda that he would feel better about her safety if she just brought clothes over and just stayed with Ruth until they got back. He already knew she did that but he wanted her to know he was OK with it. They agreed to meet at the Italian restaurant when they got back.

After the Saturday night game they stayed at the bar across from the park just long enough for a beer then hurried to the hotel. Each got a towel from the bathroom and after inserting the DVD into the player got in bed naked.

The first scene was of the first night they saw them fuck. The men were caressing their cocks by then. There were scenes of the women fingering each other, eating each other and fucking each other with a the strap-on. The second strap-on scene brought their first cum.

Neither bothered to clean up and continued caressing their cocks, which hardened again at the scene of the naked group by Jim’s pool.

“Look, look at the far side of the pool, there is a woman with her face buried in the pussy of the woman standing next to her.”

“I see that. Can you tell who that is?”

“The woman standing, the tall blonde, I did not see her face. Could be any of the half dozen we know. The one eating pussy is a small redhead and that could be any to the hundred of those. You need to install cameras back there.”

“Damn good idea. Replay the whole thing again.”

Their second cum came during the first strap-on fuck they had filmed, which they replayed twice.

Exhausted they cleaned up and went to sleep.

Their bodies were in contact back to back when they awoke. Their respective asses liked the kiss so neither moved away while they decided where they were going to go for breakfast after they packed the car. Eventually they got up and Joe went into the shower while Jim took a piss and shaved. They switched places and their bodies made contact as Joe exited the shower as Jim went in.

It had been the first time they had been in the bathroom together. Each had most of an erection. Neither talked about it.

They called their wives when they were twenty minutes away and again had a torrid fuck session with them that night.

The opportunity to install cameras presented itself the following Tuesday, the wives and others were going into the city to shop at a teacher supply store. Roger met the technician and told him he wanted four cameras, two on trees in the yard, one at the front of the house and one in the covered porch. The cameras had motion sensors and would record anything that moved. One of the tree cameras covered the entire pool area; the other was somewhat pointed at the backyard gate but also included a view into the main bedroom window. The fourth camera was aimed at the front of the house and could see the windows and the front door.

The installer promised that no one could come in without being recorded. Jim thanked him and after he was shown how to bring in the pictures up into his computer he went back to work.

The teachers were in his backyard three times before school returned and the following Saturday night while he and Joe were in the city. By then they had two DVD’s full of good stuff.

That Saturday night they bypassed the bar after the game and returned to their room. Jim had recorded each camera separately. Joe had not seen any of the new stuff and Jim had only seen small patches as he had burned the DVD’s. Both had surprises coming.

The first camera angle showed the bedroom window, the bed, and the make-up desk behind it. The first surprise was how little sex their wives indulged in. Casibom Giriş They were often naked together in the bedroom but most of the time they were working on their nails or their hair or just talking.

They did see Linda unwrap a present that contained a double dildo and both immediately tried it. They could not find a good position and never managed to work it to their satisfaction and gave up after fifteen minutes. However, the attempt had made both women very horny and they had dove for the others pussy. The men saw each have at least two orgasms. Ruth and Linda cuddled and napped after that.

They also saw Linda fuck Ruth with the strap-on dildo again that had its effect on the men and both erupted before the scene ended. As they recovered their breath they wondered why Ruth had not fucked Linda with it.

They saw their women side by side masturbating with vibrators. They saw each woman insert a vibrator in the others ass as their other hand reached around and fingerfucked her.

The men were very interested in that scene and their cocks began to re-awaken. The camera in the covered patio only had caresses and kisses between their wives but showed brief scenes of sex among the invited women. The men knew all of them.

Their hearts skipped when they saw a man walk past. They relaxed when their wives and Joe’s daughter followed each wearing a bikini.

“When was this?”

“Last Wednesday, they were here for about two hours. You were up the coast in a meeting and apparently your wife decided not to tell you because you would be upset you missed them.”

“Did she know they were coming?”

“Not until they knocked on the door. They must have scrambled to get their suits on, notice they are wearing the other’s top. They came by my office for five minutes on their way to their new life.”

The last part of the porch video had Ruth and Linda making love on a lounger in the late afternoon. The session lasted nearly an hour.

“That was beautiful,” Jim said.

“Yes it was,” Joe said.

The erection they had lost when they saw their children was back by the end of the DVD. They turned off the TV and began a slow masturbation.

Their legs were in contact and Joe eventually put his leg over Jim’s. Neither made a comment and watched the other masturbate. Jim was right handed, Joe was left-handed. Their free hands were next to each other. Jim put his on Joe’s thigh. Joe put his on Jim’s thigh but a bit closer to his balls. Each erupted quickly and each moaned when the others cum landed on their hand and thigh. They cleaned up then got under the covers ass to ass.

They shared the bathroom again the next morning. That time their cocks had full erections and as the squeezed past each other their cocks came in contact twice. They moaned the first time it happened. They delayed their passage the second time keeping their cocks in contact a little longer.

Neither paid much attention to the game that afternoon and both ravaged their wives that night. Their wives really appreciated it.

There were three weekend games left in the season, one the following weekend and then the last two weekends of the season. The following Saturday night they began to watch the video of the pool camera. They were side-by-side, legs entangled, hands touching the other’s crotch. The naked women on the screen were only an occasional distraction; the men were looking at the other’s cock.

As Joe readjusted his position his hand briefly pressed on Jim’s cock. He heard Jim moan. Several minutes later Jim readjusted his position and when his hand reached Joe’s cock he found the cock was unprotected. He gripped it. Jim began to masturbate Joe. Joe masturbated Jim.

Both erupted quickly but did not release the others cock. They watched the video. They saw Linda fuck Audrey with the strap-on. They saw Helen fuck Ruth with the strap-on. Five women eventually wore the strap-on and nearly all of the dozen women were fucked with it.

Before the DVD ended Jim and Joe were masturbating each other frantically and their cum exploded over the others chest. They silently watched as the lesbian orgy waned and everyone left. Neither had released the other’s cock.

Several minutes later Joe straddled Jim’s thighs and placed his semi-erect cock to Jim’s. He put both cocks in his hand and began to slowly masturbate them together. Jim moaned and began to caress Joe’s chest. Both enjoyed what they were doing but both were middle age men, their cocks were dead.

Joe gave up and slid off Jim and cuddled to his side. Both were asleep in seconds.

They again shared the bathroom but that morning they also shared the shower. Their erect cocks were in contact with the other’s body throughout.

Joe’s cock spent some time in Jim’s ass crease. Jim seemed to enjoy that and stayed still until Joe reached around him and took his cock in hand. As he Casibom Güncel Giriş was slowly being masturbated Jim felt Joe’s cock inch further into his ass. He moaned when he felt the head slip inside. He moaned when he realized Joe’s cock was completely embedded in him. He moaned when he felt Joe’s cum fill him up. He groaned when the cock slowly left his ass.

Joe knelt on the shower floor and turned Jim to him. He kissed and licked Jim’s cock then began to suck it. Jim didn’t last long and Joe soon found himself with a mouthful of cum. He swallowed most of it then stood and shared the remainder with Jim as they kissed.

They finished the shower, packed and went to the afternoon game. They seldom spoke until they were at a Puerto Rican restaurant with their wives.

“”You guys look like zombies, did you get in late last night?” Linda asked.

“No, we were in fact in before seven. The elevator had a lot of people waiting so we took the stairs. At the landing to our floor there were three guys, the one in the middle had a cock in his ass and a cock in his mouth.”

“What did you do?” Ruth asked.

“We watched. The guy that was doing the fucking got through and went to his knees and sucked the dick of the guy he had fucked. The guy that was given the blowjob asked if we wanted one. We should have said yes.”

There was silence at the table until Linda said, “You should have said yes. An experience is an experience. But don’t worry, you will get a blowjob tonight.”

Jim looked at Ruth and she said,” Yeah, what she said,” and kissed him.

The dinner went into a much happier tone and as they drove to their respected homes.

Sex between the spouses became much more adventuresome. The following week each wife sucked off her husband and had been fucked in the ass. All four felt like they were on a second, naughtier honeymoon. The following weekend they had fucked their wives in the swimming pool in sight of the other. An hour later they fucked again on the patio loungers.

They had stayed nude together the next day and after another fuck by the pool the men asked the women to show their love for each other to them. They smiled and kissed their husbands and began to eat pussy.

After they had taken each other to orgasms they joined their husbands and sucked their dicks until they were hard than straddled them. As the cocks began to penetrate then Ruth said, “We had been hoping we could get to this point in our relationships. We also want to fuck you in the ass.”

The men made no comment other than really get into the fuck. Their wives knew they would get their wish, hopefully in the presence of the other.

It happened the following Friday as Ruth fucked Jim in the ass as Linda fucked Joe in the ass on the same bed. They went into the pool and played without any reservations about whose body they were in contact with. Ruth squeezed Joe’s cock often and Linda squeezes Jim’s cock often. The men kissed each other’s wives tits often. Each knew they would swap. They did not know there was a condition.

Linda said, “We want to see you two fuck and suck each other.”

“Did you tell her?” Jim asked Joe.

“Yes, did you tell her?”


Jim kissed Joe on the lips then sank to his knees and gave him a blowjob. Ruth went inside and brought out a condom then sank down to Jim and slipped it over his cock. Linda applied Lubricant to Joe’s ass. The women aahed when they saw cum ooze around Jim’s lips.

Joe then lay face down on a lounger and Jim fucked him. The women oohed when they saw the cum filled condom slide out of Joe’s ass.

The women fingerfucked each other furiously as their men watched. Exhausted the four settled in the patio to eat pizza and drink sangria.

Jim and Joe helped clean up and made a pitcher of mojitos before returning to the patio. Their cocks were well on the way to recovery.

Their wives noticed. They directed the men to loungers and slid their husband’s cock into them. After a few stroke the women kissed and changed partners. They were now fucking each other’s spouse, they had swapped.

All four very much enjoyed the fuck but amazingly it did not happen again for many weeks. After swapping three times the rest of that year they only swapped twice the year after then not at all until Joe and Jim turned fifty years old. It was heir birthday present. Then it did not happen again. They were grandparents by then.

The affair between the men cooled over the next few years. The trips to the city for baseball games was enough. Jim became the bottom and Joe the cocksucker. Their wives would a times fuck their ass with a strap-on. They were very comfortable with that. Sometimes they brought a young man to their hotel room to share. Sometimes Joe would allow the young man to fuck his ass.

The affair between the wives continued for the remainder of their lives so did the lesbian interludes with friends. The sex between spouses remained passionate and public to the other. The four shared the same bed often. The men were happy their wives had each other when they were spent.

The four were happy with their lives.