My Angry Tenants Ch. 03


After Ron and Gary had been living downstairs and fucking the snot out of me at every occasion for several months, they came to me one day to ask a favor. Apparently, they had run into difficulties with their parole officer and wanted me to meet with him and try to smooth things over. The alternative was, they both go back to prison and I get no more cock, so it wasn’t hard to agree.

The day of the meeting, I accompanied them and we waited to be called into the parole officer’s office. They were both nervous and for the first time I realized how frightened they were of going back to jail.

The parole officer, Mr. Johnson, came out and told us he wanted to see Gary first for a few minutes alone, then took him back to his office. He said he’d call us over the loud speaker when he was ready for the two of us. Probably in his early 50’s, Johnson was a good looking jacket and tie type guy with a full beard and I wondered what he’d look like out of his office clothes. I knew he had caught me checking out his fully packed crotch.

Ron was pacing back and forth and he said, “This is the first time I’ve wanted to stay outside. You’ve made me want to keep up our arrangement for as long as possible.” I was really touched, seeing a softer side of my usually brutal fuck machine whose only goal in life seemed to be filling my holes with his cock as often as possible.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you out,” I said.

Mr. Johnson called us just then and told us to come to his office. We entered and he was sitting pulled up tight behind a huge desk that was littered with papers.

“Lock the door so we can be undisturbed.” he said. Gary was nowhere to be seen and I took that as a bad sign.

“I want you to understand that my first interest is keeping Gary and Ron out of jail.” Mr. Johnson said.

“That’s my goal, too,” I said. “Since Ron and Gary have been living in my building, I’ve become quite attached to both boys. In fact, they’ve both demonstrated skills that I don’t think I could do without.” I noticed that Mr. Johnson was staring at Ron’s crotch and when I glanced down, Ron’s dick was hard and snaking down his jeans leg.

“I think really we’re all on the same page here,” Mr. Johnson said, leaning back in his seat and pushing his chair back from the desk. Ron was running his fingertips over his now fully hard cock and when I looked back at Mr. Johnson, I became aware of some kind of movement just at the desk level in front of him. I stood up to see what it was and realized that I was looking at the back of Gary’s head! He turned around and smiled a big shit eating grin at me and Mr. Johnson pushed his chair çankırı escort all the way back from the desk. His pants were down around his ankles and poking up from his crotch was a fat seven inch cock with huge balls in a loose hairy sack that hung over the edge of his chair.

“Gary’s been a bad boy,” he said. “He tested positive for pot on his last drug test and he’s showing me how grateful he is that I’ll overlook it.” Gary, on his hands and knees, buried his face in Mr. Johnson’s hairy crotch and I could see him suck one of those big balls into his mouth, which made Johnson’s johnson twitch and swell a little more.

“Ron has been bad, too. He’s missed two of our meetings. I need to be convinced that he’s taking responsibility for staying out of trouble.”

“Mr. Johnson,” I said, “Maybe if we ALL try, we can show you how busy these boys have been staying out of trouble.”

I reached over and stroked Ron’s big hard-on, then stood up and walked around to the other side of the desk. Gary’s head was bobbing up and down on Johnson’s dick and Mr. Johnson unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open so that just his tie hung over his wide chest. He was covered in thick hair from the collar bone down, with wide pecs that had big pointy nipples above a flat stomach.

I unbuttoned my work pants and let them drop to the floor, my hard cock springing free, and kicked them into the corner so that I was just wearing my shirt and work boots. I leaned my butt against the edge of the littered desk, then lay back on it and drew up my legs and spread them, so that Mr. Johnson had a close up unobstructed view of my puckered fuck hole and the R and G tattooed beside it.

“Ron is very good with plumbing,” I said. “Ron, why don’t you come over here and demonstrate?”

Ron stood up and stripped off his clothes, then came around the desk with is big uncut dick bouncing in front of him with every step. He stood between my legs and rubbed his dick head up and down in the crack of my ass. Since becoming full time bitch for Gary and Ron, I’d started keeping my ass lubed and ready 24/7 because I never knew when either one of them would take a notion to pull my pants down and pump a hot load up my butt regardless of where we were. His cock had no problem sliding into my hole and I loved having Mr. Johnson watch my ass being penetrated.

“Ron has spent a lot of time pumping and drilling to improve the efficiency of my pipe at the building.” I said. “Ron, show for Mr. Johnson some of the skills you’ve developed.”

I gripped the edge of the desk and Ron started plowing my ass, his hard cock making slurping sounds as it pistoned in and out of my juicy hole. Mr. Johnson popped his rigid cock out of Gary’s mouth and rolled his chair forward so he could get a better look at my hole gobbling up all of Ron’s fat dick and I reached down and spread my ass open farther to give him a clearer view. He stroked Ron’s hairy ass cheeks and let his fingers drift over his hairy crack.

“Very impressive!” he said. “Ron, when you come to our meeting next week, I think I’d like a personal presentation of those very skills!”

“No problem, Mr. Johnson!” Ron replied. “Anything you say. I’ll make sure that I get plenty of practice in so that my skills are up to par so I can give you an in-depth demonstration.” He was slow fucking me now, so that Mr. Johnson could watch his dick slide in and out of my ass in slow motion. I noticed that Gary, still in the corner, had lost his clothes and was stroking his own hard-on while he watched us.

“As you can see,” I said, “Ron knows exactly which technique is best for any job.” Mr. Johnson stood up and removed the last shreds of clothing he was wearing, and then came around to the other side of the desk above my head. He climbed on top, on his knees.

“I think I need an example of Gary’s drilling abilities, now.” he said.

Ron slowly started backing his fat dick out of my pucker, making sure that Mr. Johnson watched as every inch slid into the open. When the big head popped free with my hungry ass lips tugging at his foreskin, Gary was already waiting. Mr. Johnson grabbed my ankles and pulled back at the same time that Gary started feeding his hard dong into my hole. Mr. Johnson moved forward and I thought he was going to poke his dripping cock down my throat, but instead he moved further so that his hairy ass crack was over my face.

“Mr. Johnson,” I said, “I think you expect me to kiss your ass to get my way!” and I slithered my tongue over his crack.

“Everybody loves an ass kisser.” he replied and reached around to pull his cheeks wide. I had a momentary glimpse of his dark pucker before my face was buried in his crack and I was licking his musky hole, his big hairy balls resting on my chin.

“Ron, since you’re not busy, maybe you can demonstrate how skillful you are at suctioning out a clog!” Johnson said, fingering his thick shaft.

I could hear Ron as he sucked in and slobbered over Johnson’s hard dick, even making little gagging sounds as he took the head all the way into the back of his throat but I was so engrossed in eating out that tight funky butt and the feeling of Gary’s hard cock zipping in and out of my hungry hole, I wasn’t even aware of time passing.

I had my tongue buried as far as I could get it up Johnson’s asshole when he said, “I really think I need to sample some of your sponsor’s generosity, boys!” and backed his ass off my face and got to his feet.

He came around the desk and as soon as Gary’s cock slid out of my hole it was replaced by Johnson’s fat seven inch meat. He sank his cock in slowly and finally I could feel his coarse pubes rubbing against my taint when he was in balls deep.

I clamped my asshole down hard around his shaft and milked his cock with my chute and Mr. Johnson said, “Damn, that’s an educated asshole! You boys must have been teaching this fucker some skills, too!”

Gary and Ron climbed up on the desk, on either side of my head and took turns feeding me their dicks while Mr. Johnson explored my hole. He’d alternate hammering his dick in and out hard and fast with slow strokes that made my toes curl. He was as good at fucking ass as either of my boys and I was bucking underneath him to get every inch of his hard prong in my guts. Gary and Ron were putting on a show for him while he fucked me, taking turns sliding their dicks into my mouth and fucking my face, sometimes both of them forcing their meat into my stuffed mouth at the same time.

Ron was busy forcing his cock as far as possible down my throat while Gary stroked his meat and watched, when I heard Gary say, “Oh shit, I’m cumming!” and I popped Ron’s cock out of my mouth and turned my head just in time for Gary to pump his hot jizz into my waiting mouth.

I swallowed his delicious juice and was cleaning up his cock head with my tongue when Ron said, “Me now!” and I turned back to him so he could slam his purple cock head down my throat and coat my tonsils with his cum.

I loved it when both of my boys came down my throat at the same time and I was savoring the combined flavors of their mixed sperm when Mr. Johnson, who’d been plowing my asshole and watching the show the whole time said, “Fuck , my turn!” and slammed his cock as deep as possible into my well fucked hole.

I could feel his cock swell inside me and then I could actually feel his cum load ride up the length of his cock and flood my guts. 1, 2, 3 big shots of juice fired from his fat cock head and he collapsed on top me. He rested on my body with his cock going soft in my ass and watched as I wrapped each of my hands around Ron and Gary’s cocks and guided them to my lips, where I milked the last few drops of cum out of them and licked it up.

“I’m sure that we won’t have any more problems with skipped meetings, ” Mr. Johnson said, “and I’ll look forward to both of you giving me weekly updates on this project. If I could find a sponsor like this for all of the guys I deal with, the prisons would soon be empty!”