Carrying Another Mans Seed


It starts in my bedroom. It’s a weekday morning and you have been there for 2 hours already. You have already cum in me twice.

Now you are sitting on the edge of the bed, and I’m on my knees between your legs and I’m using my mouth and tongue on your dick, your balls, your taint and your asshole.

For 20 minutes, I have been using my tongue and mouth to get your semi-hard cock hard enough to give you one more shot of getting whats left in your balls into my pussy. I can start to feel your frustration with my inability to get you fully hard again by how you have started to grab my head and the things you have started to say. You are also deeply frustrated that I am not carrying your baby yet.

We have been fucking for around 10 weeks at this stage. We have managed to meet in my apartment a couple of times, one night in a hotel and a surprising number of times in bathrooms and changing rooms. All together you have managed to cum in me over 30 times but it has not taken.

The situation has also become more intense as we have moved forward. Initially, we both were cumming so hard within minutes but given the sheer volume of sex in such a tight time and the danger and risk have really heightened what we are both willing to do.

Even this morning, instead of saying anything to me as I opened the door, you just grabbed me, forced me over the back of my couch and just thrust your cock inside me. I had learned at this stage not to bother with underwear as it will just be ripped from my body or your frustration when I have not been wearing a dress or skirt in those bathrooms. You cum quickly and gaziantep escort roughly in me from behind.

Your cock continues to pulse and you push deeper inside me to make sure you fill me as much as possible. You have wrapped my hair around your fist and still, haven’t let go.

Finally, you pull out and tell me to go get ready for the next round. To put on the white lingerie and white stockings and to prepare for what will not be an easy time for me.

Over the past number of weeks, the physicality of our relationship has really begun to intensify. It has taken you over a month but you have finally found and pushed past my limits and boundaries. The first time you successfully achieved this was our night in the W Hotel downtown where, through the combination of belt and riding whip, broke me down and I said our safe word.

You took real delight at that moment and quickly mounted and came inside me as I lay helpless on the bed. Your only concern that night was that my cries before you gagged me would cause someone to call the front desk, or the marks you left on my body would raise suspicions with my husband.

Today would be no different and after roughly removing the lingerie, leaving only the stockings, you tie me to the bed face down and ass in the air. Slowly at the start, you use the leather whip we bought weeks ago on my ass, pussy, and legs. You can still see some of your cum as it leaks from inside me.

At first, I just move my body from the whip but by the end when I break and can’t take anymore you are using your full strength on me.

This time there is no gag and you delight in my squeals and cries. This, of course, has made you rock hard and you quickly mount me from behind. My moans and my requests for you to put a baby in me, make you fuck me even harder. You tell me that you will make me ‘scream louder now than I will in 9 months when the baby cums’. You finish deep inside as your full weight lays on top of me.

It takes you a couple of minutes to recover and remove your now soft cock from my cum filled pussy. You look down at your handiwork and see your cum leak from my pussy and the welts you have left on my ass and legs. You think you might have gone too far this time as these marks will take time to heal.

This concern doesn’t last for too long and you tell me if my body would just carry your child you would not need to keep fucking me so much. That once my belly begins to swell and my breasts fill with milk that you probably won’t need to use the belt and whip to keep getting hard.

You spend some time catching up on work but won’t allow me to shower as you think you can give me one more load before you need to leave.

As you work on your phone you tell me to get between your legs and get you hard again.

Still not fully hard and starting to run out of time I tell you to do whatever you need to do to get there.

You pull me up by my hair and out of frustration slap me hard across the face, the sound of the slap and the shock on my face seem to excite you. Four more times you bring back your hand and the slaps ring out. This has had the desired effect on you and you throw me to the bed.

You hold my legs against your shoulders and enter me, shoving your now hard cock into my wet pussy … My stocking clad legs are being pushed further back as you try to fuck your cock into me even deeper .. You push the bottoms of my feet together and work to get my feet almost fully behind my head…

Bent almost full in half, you have full control of my body and I can feel you are getting close as you begin to move faster. You start to call me some really dirty names and suddenly you slap me more time across the face and tell me to say what you need to hear. I beg you to put your seed in me, to fuck a baby into my belly.

As you get close you wrap a hand around my throat and begin to squeeze as your orgasm builds. I feel you start to let go in me as you call me a dirty cunt and your baby factory. Your hand tightens on my throat as you shoot inside me and I become light headed and begin to see stars. You finally finish cumming inside me and release your hand from my throat.

Eventually, you pull your cock from my pussy and hold my legs up to make sure your cum stays inside.. You tell me you are not sure what else you can do in order to put a baby inside me but you have emptied everything you have into me.

You go and take a shower as you need to get back to your office… you come back into the room in a towel and you stare at my body and even though you have nothing left you still want to fuck me again.

You take out your phone and start to take some photos and videos, moving my body into the positions which show your cum inside me or the marks that you have left on my body.

You grab my chin and kiss me passionately and deeply as your hand gently caresses my stomach hoping that this time it finally has taken.