Escaping the Friend Zone


“You’re such a good friend to me, Vic!” she said as we hugged.

Was there ever a more disappointing phrase to hear from someone you hoped you had a shot with? I dropped Carina off at her dorm’s entrance after our night out. Did I deceive myself or did she hug me harder than on previous occasions? I felt her breasts crushing against my chest, causing a subtle stirring below. But all too soon she released me, turned around and went to her room. I had accompanied her to her formal House function in our final year of university. And for tonight it seems I would be accompanying myself to my own room and release some of the built up pressure in my jocks. Nothing new.

To be quite honest, I was a good friend to Carina. We had met in our first year of varsity as our Student Houses were paired. We were all confused freshmen during that time. The male Houses were responsible for building parade floats and the female Houses were responsible for decorating banners and such. It was during this period that we met and first started becoming friends. Carina is the typical girl-next-door. Her dark brown hair contrasted beautifully with her blue eyes. Did I mention I was a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes? And of course like all young men at that age are able, I quickly gauged her breasts as a full C-cup with a body to match. Not athletically slim but beautifully curvy where it matters. I, on the other hand, was built like a prop forward rugby player: stocky, broad shouldered and not conventionally handsome. At least I didn’t think so. A typical Afrikaans farmer’s boy.

During that time we were both involved in long-distance relationships from our respective home towns. Mine lasted slightly longer than hers and of course that led her to start playing the field as it were. And as the years went by, boyfriends and girlfriends came and gone… And my various subtle advances to Carina were politely deflected. So I resigned myself to the fact that our friendship would probably not blossom into anything more, even though a pang of jealousy would occasionally rise whenever I saw her with anyone else.

After we graduated, each of us decided to continue with our post-graduate degrees. This was partly due to the fact that I couldn’t find a job in time and that she wasn’t quite ready to bid the life of a student good bye. We eventually enrolled for the same course. This obviously meant that we were doing a lot of studying together. I was still living on campus but Carina moved to a flat off campus. At this point I felt comfortable with our friendship. I started to realize that there was more than one girl out there and actually started to catch a few campus girls flirting with me. I am usually totally oblivious of the fact when I am being flirted with. But it seems that being unconventionally handsome were quite a few girls’ cup of tea. It was towards the end of the year that I started to notice a change in Carina’s attitude towards me.

A group of us decided to go out drinking and dancing at a popular Joburg hangout. I was driving Carina’s car as she declared roundly, “Tonight I’m getting blind drunk! These last few exams were hectic and I need to let my hair down.”

I picked her up at her flat and so the night began. She was wearing a shorter skirt than she would normally wear. I didn’t pay this too much thought. I did however sneak a few peaks of her smooth legs as the skirt hitched up while she was in the passenger seat. She may even have caught me creeping. But we just continued chatting about how relieved we were that the final exams were over.

A cheap version of Absinthe was recently introduced to the Joburg party scene. To the delight and subsequent regret of many revelers… Everyone was chasing the green fairy. We danced and drank late into the night and early morning. Carina frequently sidled up close to me. Her excuse seemed to be that the place was packed but I did notice that after each Absinthe, our bodies got closer and closer while the grinding got harder and harder. She seemed to enjoy feeling of my hardening knob as it poked into her hips. I noticed that Carina was wearing a thin red g-string that stuck out the top of her black skirt. Whether this was by accident or for my benefit I wasn’t sure. As the night wore on, Carina received a lot of attention from other varsity guys. Since my place in the friend zone was secure, I didn’t think too much of it. I just knew that she was getting hammered very quickly. Unfortunately for those guys it seemed that Carina was not taking the Absinthe too well towards the end of the night so I decided to collect her and taker her back home. Like any good friend would do.

On the way home Carina was in no condition to preserve her modesty. Her skirt had ridden so high up her thighs that I could see the red triangle the g string cut on her mound as she slouched in the passenger seat. In the dim light I thought I could make out that she at least had a bikini wax going on. The thin fabric pulling taught over her pussy had slightly shifted to reveal part of a smooth lip. Concentrating killing county izle on the road was incredibly difficult, I can tell you.

When we arrived at her flat I was too tired to drive the extra distance to get to my dorm. Carina was lucid enough to give me permission to stay over. I helped her out and guided her to her door. We struggled to get the door unlocked but finally we were home safely. I made myself comfortable on the couch. She started undressing in the lounge by first pulling her buttoned blouse over her head, getting stuck for a moment.

“Close your eyes if you don’t wanna see a strip show”, Carina slurred. Her skirt followed her blouse as I sat wide-eyed.

“Could tonight be the night?” I wondered. But just as the skirt hit the floor, Carina made a beeline for the bathroom. I heard the green fairy making an encore appearance behind the closed door. I think it was safe to say that tonight would definitely NOT be the night.

“Carina? Are you okay? Can I get you anything?”


I opened the door and got an eyeful of Carina’s gorgeous ass that was split by the thin string of red fabric as she was hunched over the basin. She was not in a good way. I helped her get cleaned up and in her pj’s and put her to bed. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and two aspirins to sit next to her bed. When I set it down she opened her eyes slightly.

“Thanks Vic. You’re such a good friend. What would I do without you?”

“Yeah sure, don’t mention it. If you need anything just call me okay?” I curtly offered.

Carina then promptly passed out and I wasn’t called for. Thanks for nothing you fucking green fairy….

Some weeks later the same group of friends got invited to a farm outside of Joburg by one of our other friends. The plan was to drink, barbeque and watch movies the whole weekend. We each were given a list of items to bring. Of course, alcoholic items made up the vast majority of the list. We were going to be miles away from any neighbors and we wouldn’t need to drive anywhere. So we made sure we had enough of everything.

Carina and I were going in the same car to save fuel costs. We could fit our share in her little hatchback. Today she was wearing cute shorts that showed off her shapely legs and a tight t-shirt. The air-con was on full blast on this hot summer’s day. The cold air caused her nipples to poke through her t-shirt in sharp points. I wondered what those nipples looked and tasted like… I needed to concentrate on the road again so we made some small talk. All the while trying to ignore what happened, or didn’t happen, a couple of weeks before.

“So how’s the job hunting going, Vic?”

“Its going slowly. I’ve went for a few interviews but nothing seems to be coming my way yet. But my cousin who immigrated to the USA sent me an email last week.”

“Oh really?” she said with a tone of apprehension in her voice. I didn’t think much of it yet.

“Yeah. He’s got an earth moving equipment operation going on that side. He’s doing really well for himself. He told me that if I didn’t come right with a job for next year, that he had one for me.”

“Are you really considering it?” she asked me with wide eyes.

“Well I suppose so. I mean I haven’t had any success from job hunting. And I don’t have much tying me down here. So why not?”

“When are you going?” she asked.

“I’ve sent in my documentation to the US embassy so I’m just waiting to be called up for my interview with them. If everything goes well, I should be out of here in two months’ time.”

“Wow, that’s quick. I’m so happy for you!” Her tone of voice seemed to indicate the opposite. I gave her a puzzled look but she was staring out of the window. Could it be she was upset that I was leaving? The rest of the ride we spent in silence.

As soon as we arrived and parked the car, Carina seemed her old self again.

“Vic, reach back there and get us both a beer. Let’s start the weekend! We’ve got to celebrate!”

I was relieved to tell you the truth. I wasn’t relishing spending one of my few remaining weekends with angry friends. I cracked open two pilsners and handed one to Carina.

“Cheers!” we saluted as we clinked our bottles together. Now, as was tradition in our group, the first beer was to be downed. Somehow Carina always beat me.

“Its all about relaxing the throat muscles, Vic!”

“Well you WOULD know all about that you slut”, I joked.

“Practice makes perfect”, she winked back at me as she sauntered away, leaving me to unpack. Was it just my imagination or was she swaying her hips a little more than usual as she walked away? I just didn’t know with this one anymore….

What followed was a Friday and Saturday of cooking meat on the fire, lots of shooters and cocktails, swimming in the farm’s dam and watching movies from our childhood. The Little Mermaid is an amazing work of art when you are drunk. We had to take a shot every time Sebastian the crab complained kıyma izle about something. We were all broken by the end. We also played a mild round of truth or dare. I ended having to kiss one my friend’s girlfriends. Carina laughed at that but it didn’t seem genuine. One of the other girls had to tell us which fingers she used to masturbate and I was later dared to suck on those fingers. Carina looked me in the eye as I completed my dare. That was about the raunchiest it got in public. The guys who brought girlfriends, or could find a willing girl, all disappeared for various lengths during the day and evening. But Carina was never too far away.

As the evening got colder we started moving inside again. We all made our beds in the large living room in front of the TV as we watched Ghostbusters. Carina climbed into my sleeping bag next to me and laid her head on my chest as I held her. Being more than tipsy I started stroking her exposed lower back. She shivered slightly as I trailed my fingertips over her soft skin. She suddenly lifter her head and kissed me full on the lips. I was stunned at first but then returned the kiss, slipping my tongue over her lips. I turned slightly and she lay down on her back giving me access to her breasts that I immediately started cupping over her t-shirt. I heard her gasp softly as I grazed a finger over a sensitive nipple.

All around me I heard similar furtive noises from dark corners… it seems that we had some privacy in the midst of all our friends. I slipped my hand under her t-shirt, feeling her smooth stomach contract as I slowly moved my hand higher and higher until I felt her bra strap between her breasts. All the while our tongues slipped over each other as our kisses started to gain more and more intensity.

She surprised me by grabbing my stiffening cock over my shorts. It was my turn to gasp. Her groping fingers were thoroughly exploring my bulge. I slipped my hand under her bra and cupped a breast, rubbing a thumb over an erect nipple. Carina arched her back while she undid the clasp from behind, giving me unrestricted access. I lifted her t-shirt over both breasts. Luckily it was dark but we didn’t have an audience as everyone seemed busy with their own demonstrations of lust. I broke the kiss and took one nipple in my mouth as I tweaked the other one with my hand. Carina reacted by shoving her hand into my shorts, trying to bypass my underwear. I think she was pleased with the giant wet spot of pre-cum that started to spread on my jocks.

I unbuttoned her shorts and slid the zipper down… I could feel her waiting pussy was very wet as well, judging by how soaked her black cotton g-string was. I pushed it down a little, cupping her entire mound. She didn’t have a Brazilian… she was complete nude of hair. Her juices slathering my hand, allowing me to slick her entire pussy. I bit her nipple gently as my finger found her clit at the same time. She bit back a groan and pulled my head hard against her breast. She finally got my underwear out of the way and started pumping my fully erect cock with her hand.

She pushed me onto my back and put my hand under her pussy. She guided my middle finger into her as she started to ride my hand. At the same time she grabbed my cock, tugging furiously on it. I arched my wrist in such a way that I could reach her g-spot with my fingers as I massaged her clit with my palm. Our noises started to get louder but we were still quieter than the rest of the gathering. The excitement built in Carina’s hips as she bucked harder and harder, almost crushing my hand with her pussy while she throttled my cock.

“If you keep playing that hard with me I’m going to cum very soon”, I whisper in her ear.

“Go for it… I’m almost there too…” she replied huskily.

She clenched her legs around my arm and I could feel her pussy quivering as she slowed down her bucking but pushed my finger even deeper into her. Her warm juices covered my entire hand as she came on my palm, biting me in the neck in an effort to stifle her moans of ecstasy. The look she had on her face is what sent me over the edge. At that exact moment I came by shooting a long rope of cum into the air. It slapped down onto my stomach, her back and our blankets. I shot more streams of thick cum over us until my orgasm subsided.

She rolled off my hand, panting. Lying back, she smiled at me.

“I probably shouldn’t have done that”, she said through a naughty smile.

“It was as much my as your fault”, I replied. “But I don’t regret it. I’ve been trying to get closer to you for a long time. What’s changed?”

“I’m not exactly sure. I just know that when you licked Tanya’s pussy rubbing fingers, I wanted some of that too. I’m glad you don’t regret it. I enjoyed it too.”

“Well the night isn’t over yet… Come with me”, I said as I got up and helped Carina to stand up. I pulled her by the hand to an empty bedroom in the farmhouse. I let her sit down on the bed as I stripped her t-shirt and bra from her body. koala man izle Her gorgeous boobs were now completely free. Her pointed nipples were rosy red and aroused at my previous touch. I took off my shirt and pulled down my shorts. My cock was starting to stir again at the sight of her sitting shyly on the bed. I knelt between her legs and pulled her shorts up and over her thighs, tossing them on the floor. The only clothing left on her body was her black cotton g-string that had crept between her pussy lips.

I took one of her feet and kissed her ankle, planting tiny kisses on the skin as moved to her calf, and then her thigh. My lips pressed more firmly the lower I slid, finally resting my mouth against her warm hole over her underwear. This I then slipped it from under her ass and over her legs. At last, being completely naked, I knelt over her pussy again while holding on to her knees. I admired the site of her spread pussy lips, glistening. She blushed a little as she saw the look on my face. Seeing her reddening cheeks made my cock jerk.

I dove straight down and started licking her pussy lips. Nibbling on each a little bit as I swirled my tongue around her sopping wet hole. Both my hands grabbed a breast and pinched a nipple as my tongue started to dart into her gaping pussy. I was trying to get my tongue as deep into her as I could so I can taste her full essence. Nothing in this world has ever tasted that good.

I put my mouth over her swollen pink clit, sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head and arched her hips. There was now no escape. I slipped a hand between her legs and inserted a finger into that slick pussy while I massaged her clit with my tongue.

“Two fingers, Vic, please….” She gasped.

I obliged and curled my fingers to get to her g-spot. I was much more effective this time because as soon as I touched it, Carina’s bucking became more violent.

“Yes please! Don’t stop! Right there…”, she moaned.

I was pumping my fingers into her as hard as I could. Suddenly her legs stiffened and she grabbed a pillow to put over her face. She started shuddering as her juices came pouring out over my hand. Her muffled cries were still loud as she came as hard as any girl I’ve ever seen. Her juices squirted out in short bursts but it soaked my chest and neck. She pushed my hand away and rolled onto her side, hugging the pillow tightly as she slowly came back down to earth…

“Wow, Vic… if I knew you could do that to me… I would’ve grabbed you a long time ago…”, she said breathlessly.

“Well if I knew you could squirt, I would’ve tried much harder too!”

“That’s only the third time ever I came that hard… But I could only ever make myself quirt. Nobody else has ever had that effect on me”

“Well I’m glad to be of service!” I chuckled looking mighty pleased with myself.

“But now it’s your turn….”, she growled as she pushed me onto my back. She took my half stiffened cock deep into her mouth and I was immediately mesmerized. She bobbed her head up and down over the whole length of my growing cock. She took it out of her mouth and started to peer critically at it.

“I couldn’t see how big you are in the dark.”

“Well at most I’m probably just 6 inches. Hardly a pornstar sized dick”, I defended.

“But nice and thick…” she said as she took me into her warm slippery mouth again. She could easily take my whole length into her mouth and throat. I’ve never had a deep throat experience before and I was amazed that she could do it so effortlessly. No wonder she could chug a beer like that…

“There! I think that’s hard enough”, she suddenly announced as she straddled over me and lowered herself onto my newly stiffened cock. There was a slight resistance when the head parted those lovely lips but then our combined juices let me slip up into her right to the hilt. Her eyes immediately rolled back as she placed her feet under my arms. I grabbed her hands to stabilize her as she started bouncing slightly on my cock. Feeling her muscles massage my length and gently tugging at my cock was incredible. She leaned back slightly giving me an unobstructed view of her fully aroused clit and pussy lips locked around my thick shaft. With each rising motion her tits jiggled beautifully. I was getting even harder when I felt her pussy clench me tightly. Her eyes shot open and a wordless cry escaped from her mouth as she came again but with a little less intensity.

I let her slide down and lie on her back. I knelt between her legs again and slipped my stiff member into her. She was still coming down form her previous as I lifted her legs over my shoulders. I started riding her deep stick, our bodies making slapping noises as I slammed into her. My balls were smacking her ass with every thrust.

“Yes baby… fuck me hard…. Just like that…”, she panted as her eyes locked with mine. I saw the lusty need there again. I redoubled my efforts as I lifted her ass slightly of the bed and plunged into her as mightily as I could. I was splitting her pussy wide open with my rigid, arching rod. Her pussy lips almost felt as if they were sucking my cock when I retreated and hungrily accepted the fullness it offered when I plunged deep into her again. She was playing with her engorged clit as my thrusts gathered intensity.

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