Escaping my Life Ch. 01

To all,

The following is a revamp of a screen play I was in the process of writing. After my desires and hopes of standing on a stage for the movie I helped write/create, I have washed it out of my system.

I decided to take this manuscript into a story line.

I have no idea how many chapters it will be. This is an adventure in writing and so it shall be what it shall be.

And yes, the first chapter is the set up and very, very much based on the Media Moguls we have in our midst right now.

This is not based on sex, there will be inferences, but this is not geared to sex as any part of the plot. I am fleshing out the story I presented in the screen play and hope you enjoy it.

This is a story of human power struggles, greed and Karma.


Chapter 1

The banging of a gavel hammers through the room.

Senator Hector Sloan sets down the gavel looks at his notes and then raises his eyes to the assembled crowd and especially the multitude of network cameras.

“The Committees on the Judiciary and Commerce, Science and Transportation will come to order. We welcome everyone to today’s hearing on ‘My Life‘s social media privacy, the use and abuse of Data,” Senator Sloan paused for effect in front of the camera.

‘Alleged asshole, alleged abuse, you fucking asshole,’ thought Charles from the table facing the committees Chairperson, sitting so pompous in front of the cameras.

“Although not unprecedented, this is a unique hearing. The issues we will consider range from data privacy and security to Consumer Protection and the Federal Trade Commission enforcement. We will be touching on the jurisdictions of these two committees.’ Stated Chairperson Sloan.

“We have over 40 members between these two Senatorial committees, and it is significant here for a hearing in the United States Senate. We will begin with opening statements from the Chairpersons and ranking members based on seniority. We will then hear from Mr. Hensley of MyLife and his opening statement.”

Charles sat back and listened to all the ‘esteemed and ranking members’ of such and such committee give their formal, staff created speeches. All the speeches were geared for the 10 second sound bite that will appear on their favorite old school media outlet. All twisted and word spun to be generic so as not to offend anyone but to buttress their ‘give’em hell’ trope.

It was finally his time to lay out a trap he hoped would better his position in the hearing.

“Chairman Sloan, Chairman Butte and esteemed and ranking members of the Committees, we face a number of important issues around privacy, safety and democracy. You will rightfully have some hard questions for me to answer. But in the spirit of democracy, I hope to have some hard questions in return.” Charles paused for effect allowing the sound bite to be added to the stream of the media.

Charles turned his head and looked into the eyes of Chairman Sloan. “It has been a long time Senator since we sat in a room together. Things have changed…but in an odd way, stayed the same in those long intervening years.”

Charles paused briefly, more to keep his anger in check and then continued, “In the vein of democracy and free speech Senator Sloan, I wish to disagree with one word, or lack thereof in your opening statement. I would add the word ‘alleged’ in front of the phrase ‘abuse of data.”

Charles paused again, to let the sound bites pile up.

“That is why we are here isn’t it? To discuss what is abusive and what is freely given?”

And the game was on.


Several years in the past…

Chuck entered the quad and smiled at the bedlam. It was the beginning of the semester, and all the freshmen were on display, both with their awkwardness and their mommy-just-bought me clothes

He wound his way up the exterior staircase brushing by some sultrily dressed newbies that he knew would be bent over and taken before the night was out, by someone.

He burst into the dorm common space not paying attention to who was there. He did slowdown to kiss his fingers and put them firmly on the bottom of Ms. September 2001 on the SI swimsuit calendar…just for luck.

“Hey roomy, Welcome back Bro. Hope you had a good summer break. We have orders flooding in for fake Id’s. What’s the going price this semester?” asked Brian as Chuck swept by.

“That business is shut down and gone. Too little profit on investment and too high a risk,” answered Chuck.

Brian gasped and Chuck heard it from across the room.

“Return on investment, Bubba, ROI,” continued Chuck.

“No fucking way! We have been running this scam since junior year in HS.” He paused briefly thinking of all that would be lost, “I was looking forward to that cash for beer and pussy. Why?” whined Brian

“Asked and answered…too much risk. The Administration has already put out the word that they are trying to find the ‘perpetrators’ of last year’s wave of fakes. If we get popped Porno this year, they will go after us for last year.” Chuck responded looking in the fridge and deciding what beer to choose.

“Not worth it bro.” he finished as an afterthought.

Chuck paused in the middle of the living room and tipped back the long neck, “I have other ideas in the works. No short-term cash, but the potential for real bucks. You can go give it a try with the ID’s. Not like you cannot do the easy ones. Just leave me out of the drama if it comes unhooked.”

Chuck heard whining from other side of the room as he took a second long pull, “You knew it was coming to an end, so quit whining and being a pussy.”

“What did you do this summer to turn you into your dad? What is all this ROI…this ROI bullshit?” responded Brian very miffed at his loss of liquid income.

“Exactly, I learned something about my dad. He is not as stupid as I once thought. I got my ass drug to my dad’s investment firm to fix all the computers his employees fuck’d up.” Chuck paused briefly.

“But I found something…Know what? All those rich assholes are as screwed up socially as we little college kids. Helped a whole bunch of the stupid rich guys with their online dating. Man, those guys are deep in cash but stupid when it comes to on-line presence. Thought of an idea to bring it all together. Spent a lot of Dad’s company’s hours building a platform and now it’s time to bring it to life and sell it to the college crowd.”

“Is it going to bring me fame, fortune, and pussy?” smiled Brian

“That is your problem brother. I am just trying to build an empire,” replied Chuck.

“Well before you build your empire and buy your mansion, can we go look at all the welcoming sorority babes. Let’s go hunting and see what we can catch,” enthused Brian asked.

“Swear that’s all you ever have on your mind. Ok, ok, let go out and meet all the pretty young things that have come to our fair college to gain knowledge and look to the future.” Chuck smiled, after all he was a college male and the thought of the one on the stairs in the form fitting sundress…

“Lead on Watson,” commented Charles.

“It would be my pleasure Holmes,” replied Brian.


Chuck walked up to his cubicle in the basement. All IT people seemed to be segregated to the basement. He kissed his fingers and placed them directly on the rump of Ms. June 2002.

He had played with his platform the previous year and even did a simple stupid version for a couple of fraternity brothers that wanted to use it for contacting, organizing, and flirting with sorority girls. The brothers threw some cash his way since they were from the ‘other side of the tracks’ and he used the simplified form as a ‘proof of concept prototype.’

He was now creating another prototype for the assholes on the 4th floor. This platform was meant to ‘connect’ past and present graduates from their law school.

The university-frat boys, and the 4th floor assholes were really all about one thing…pussy hunting.

The second prototype did come with some advice from one of the married attorneys. Force people to sign their lives away to join. Common business practice, but a new concept on social media. It was a sure way to stay out of the blast zone if the site was used by ugly folks.

It was brilliant in Chucks eyes, and he pulled and modified one from another fledging social site, ‘Tweet’ or something similarly named.

He then shut down the server for the Frat boys until all participants signed away their rights.

Chuck was so focused on the dues that they were collected to utilize the platform, that he did not fully comprehend all the implications of what he had within his grasp.


During one of the many forays to repair and reformat the computers the rich brokers screwed up, Chuck was privy to an interesting dialog.

“There has to be some way to get more information on this babe. She has tits out to here,” the broker using his hands and arms as a display. “And an ass to die for, but she is dumb as a rock, and I can’t get her to put more info out to see what she is into.” Asshole One stated to Asshole Two across the cubicle wall.

Then Asshole 1 turned to Chuck and asked a simple question.

“Can’t you get the computer to tell me more about her? I keep hearing, that all of our shit is now out in the Web. Why can’t my computer force it out of her computer?”

Chuck thought of a response, but finally shrugged his shoulders and stated, “It really doesn’t work that way.”

“But it should,” Asshole One whined.

‘Yes, maybe it should,’ thought Chuck.


Both roommates, back for Fall semester, were lounging in their common space. Well Brian was lounging, Chuck was hard on doing something on the laptop he had brought back from his dad’s company,

“Chuck, how much will the advertisers pay to be on MYLIFE?” asked Brain.

“That’s ‘Charles’ from now on. No longer Chuck.” Charles stated in a voice that Altyazılı Porno had an edge to it.

“Since when? We have been bros since sophomore year in HS. Why the big change?” asked Brian.

“Because I am now CEO of my own LLC, bitch. And because the name ‘Chuck’ reminds me of someone that should be a janitor at my corporation, not CEO,” stated Charles.

“I am not kidding by the way.” Charles paused and there was a definite drop in octaves to his voice.

“It’s Charles and do not even joke about it. One of the female Partners in my dad’s firm recommended it, just before she dropped her panties. I had to take her drunk ass home from a function. But she ended up being so right about so many things. Oh, her husband is that asshole, mouthy senator you were ragging on last night.” Charles smiled about other things he had shared with her.

“She was an amazing piece of ass and taught me a lot over the past summer,” commented Charles with a smile that wrapped around his face.

He spun looking at Brian, “Its Charles from now on…got it?”

Brian just nodded his head.

“Now, to answer the original question,” and Charles paused to sum up his answer.

“Not as much as you think, but there has to be money in all of the information we have in our hands. Just look at all the information dumped in our laps by all the Sorority bitches and Fraternity fags.” He gave a slight pause before continuing as his eyes drifted over the extended high-rez monitor ‘borrowed’ from his Dad’s firm.

“We have, birthdates, where they shop, how they shop, how much their parents are worth, who they are fucking, how much they are fucking, phone numbers, email accounts… Fuck, this is worth a fortune to someone, we just need to find the right someone.”

“Dude, seriously, you cannot share that stuff. It’s got to be illegal. And no matter what… it’s just wrong,” commented Brian.

“Who are you? Weren’t you going use that information to score with the blonde with the big tits? Or was it the redhead?” commented Charles.

Brian just sort of blushed and shrugs.

“Yea thought so. Don’t be so self-righteous around me when I know all of your skeletons Brian.”

“The bitches signed the “contract” we inserted as part of the start-up and log on process. The best thing I ever did. I just listened to that old fuck friend of my dad’s,” Charles started to chuckle that turned into a slightly demonic laugh.

“They signed their life away, to me. I own them.” commented Charles as his ego grew three times and his heart shrunk by half.

“OK, let’s go find my blonde with big tits,” stated Brian crawling off the couch.

“No, I am out. Had enough of the bullshit. All they are, is a drama problem. I got shit to do on the platform. When that goes my way… I’ll buy all of them. The sorority types are all just here for their MRS. degrees anyway. I’ll have my pick soon enough,” Charles states as he launches his dead soldier 6 feet into the trash can with a perfect swish.

“You sure? Because I am out of here if you going to be a pussy and sit here jerking off to porn” scolded Brian.

“First, go away and yea, got my fill of stuck-up bitches last summer working for my dad. One day, they will be on their knees begging to suck my cock and drink my champagne,” commented Charles as he wandered from the kitchen towards his room.


A week later.

“Fuck dude, you owe me that code! Now dude, not later” commented Charles as Brian entered their student abode.

‘Well, HELLO the fuck to you too…You do remember its Finals next week, right?” Brian paused to get his bearings,

“I have a paper due Friday and my Calculus final on Monday?” Brian continued to whine.

“I do not give a rat’s ass about your problems, you made a commitment, keep it. You took my money to ply your ways on the blond again. I paid up front and expect the service you promised,” Charles demanded.

“What is your big fucking PROBLEM, Chuck?” Brian stated goading Charles.

“My Dad called, I have a chance to present my new platform to some big wigs, investor types, guys my dad knows,” Charles commented never taking his eyes from the lap top screen and not taking the bait Brain laid out.

Charles swiveled his head and looked at the calendar to see the date of his meeting. Ms. September 2002 is bent over in her miniscule two piece smiling at him. He would really like to pat that ass, in real time, or go to one knee and kiss those golden cheeks. All was a brief flash in is mind and then back to the screen.

Charles had a flash reminder of the law partner he had taken home drunk and banged. Her senator husband was one of the investors that had an interest in his concept. But the vision of his wife bent over in the bedroom, her two-thousand-dollar dress pulled up over her ass and her panties stretched to breaking at her spread knees interrupted any thoughts of the asshole senator.

“Your Platform?‘, I thought it was ours?” stated Brain.

Charles stopped typing Brazzers and looked up from the screen. Brian could tell there was something else in the eyes that looked at him.

“That’s bullshit and you know it, Who’s idea? Who does all the work? If I make this work, you’ll get paid what you’re worth and get some stock options…you will have your beer and pussy money. Now get me that code you were assigned…now!” demanded Charles.

“Another thing I learned from dad over the summer. ‘Business is business’ and not to intermingle personal bullshit with the end game,” Charles paused, “in my case, world domination.”

Charles swiveled his head to look at Brian who had moved to the galley kitchen, “I…mean…now,” he stated slower with a much lower tone of voice.

Brian grumbled, “Yea, yea, you will have it.”


Brian and Charles stood at the guardrail at the balcony that overlooked the large cafeteria and open space for the student housing complex.

“You are seriously bailing on school at the start of your senior year?” asked Brian.

“Yup, the angel investors set me up, plus money my dad is throwing in, got the platform up and running. Had those old fools eating out of my hand all summer. One of those assholes, was a guy running for his second term in the Senate.” Charles just smiled having more erotic flashbacks.

“You remember, I banged his wife twice when I took her drunk ass home from a company function. Partner or not, she was a great fuck. Too bad her husband is such a douche bag.” Charles paused looking over the soon to be drunk rambunctious crowd.

“What a slime ball! He wanted way too much control, absolute asshole. Just got done turning him down for the third time. Dumb ass threatened me. Not a bright move to be so open about it. But I have all the money I need for the server farm space and time.”

Charles looked at Brain and could see complete confusion.

“But dude, it’s your senior year and you are already so far ahead, you will breeze through to your degree. I admit your throwing and paying for this goodbye party was a brilliant move, but just giving up on your degree…”

“Brian, you helped with the changes all summer, what the fuck did you think I was playing at?” responded Charles knowing his friend just did not see the larger picture.

“Just a bold move Bro. What if this falls apart? You got no degree.” Brian commented.

“Fuck the degree! Life’s changing around us, and I plan on owning it. Here is the cash I promised for the code work over the summer.” Charles comments as he hands over five crisp one-hundred-dollar bills.

Brian suddenly realized that Charles is no longer seeing and talking to him, but someone over his shoulder. He turned his head and watched as Charles slid past him. Charles slowly walked over to Bethany, the hottest woman on campus. Head cheerleader, homecoming queen, all tits, ass and smiles with dimples.

Brian saw how she greeted him with the hair toss, touching Charles’s arm and shifting her hips closer.

Brian felt a serious pang of jealously, so he decided to follow and interject himself in the twosome.

His intrusion into the twosome was not appreciated by either of the parties. Bethany immediately went to her plastic smile and Charles just looked perturbed.

“Hey.” Brian commented loudly as they were now in a party echo chamber.

“Thanks for getting me the cash so quickly before you are out of here.”

“Not a problem dude. When you graduate, look me up, a job will be waiting. Unless this little sexy bitch can learn to code.” Charles stated smiling at Bethany and patting her on the ass.

“What? I thought we were partners. What the Fuck dude? Are you just cutting me loose?” whined Brain feeling a bit too much alcohol.

“Fuck the partner bullshit. We are “Business Associates,” giggling to himself while patting Bethany on the ass.

“Always remember,” Charles stiffing up and responding more loudly that he should have. “Business is business,” and paused briefly while looking Brian straight in the eyes.

“My idea, my design and soon my money. Like I said, “IF” you graduate come by and you have a job.” Charles stated and then started to laugh.

“Fuck you asshole! I hope Karma kicks your ass and I hope I am there to see it,” Brian commented as he stormed downstairs and out of the party.

“Sober up dude, the offer stands,” Charles yelled after his departing friend.

Brain spun within the first-floor crowd and responded silently. He flips the double ‘Bird salute.’

Charles just laughed as he walked up to the guardrail at the balcony and stared down at the students. He can feel Bethany’s hand groping his ass as he is groping hers.

He whistles and gets everyone’s attention.

“Drink up bitches, because tomorrow I own you all,” Charles commented to overflowing crown below.

Everyone toasts him or flips him off, laughing and clapping at what sounds like an absurd comment.


Charles stalked into the corporate office at 6am, his normal time. He started looking for several of the associate coders but all he finds were two what he considered ‘low grade’ associates. The rest of the cubicles were a disgusting mash of old coffee cups, overflowing trashcans and used food containers from the cafeteria.

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