Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 01


All characters in this story are at least 18 years or older.

4 college jocks find themselves trapped in a weird but arousing escape room. They need to find a way out using intimate manners. They do not know however, that 2 of their classmates have set up this perverted game.

Enjoy 😉

With a soft humming, Jake woke up, his head beating like crazy. Jake groaned softly while he felt the strength return to his muscles. He opened his eyes slowly and a bright light came into his vision, blinding him. When Jake’s vision returned he tried to move, but he panicked when he realized that he was tied on something.

Jake’s eyes widened, taking in the surroundings, but he had no time to focus on that. Jake moved his arms furiously, but they were tied behind his back on something cool and smooth. Jake looked back and saw that his arms were tied behind a long and thick steel bar.

Jake wanted to scream, but a muffled sound came out of his mouth, it took him a few seconds to realize a rubber ball was stuck into his mouth. He tried to push it out with his tongue, but that was not possible due to the leather straps around his mouth that held it in place. Jake looked around and took his time to observe his surroundings this time. He was in a small room, around 4 by 5 meters, illuminated by a single, bright lamp in the middle of the ceiling.

The room was empty, apart from a few heating pipes near the wall, and the large steel bar where Jake was tied on. The room was made of stone bricks and there seemed to be only one exit, a steel door on Jake’s right. This seemed like a basement of some sort. Jake looked in front of him and he gasped when he saw his buddy Andy, he was also tied to a steel bar that was walking horizontally across the room, from one wall to another. Unlike Jake, Andy had no ball gag in his mouth but was blindfolded.

“ANDY!” Jake screamed, but the sounds were muffled by his ballgag. “ANDY!!” a shuffled scream sounded again, this time getting a groan out of Andy’s mouth. Jake his eyes went down on Andy’s body, he blushed slightly when he noticed his friend was completely naked, but it didn’t look like he was injured, fortunately.

This made Jake realize something, he looked down at his own body and gasped on his gag when he saw his clothes had been removed as well. But, something else caught his attention, he had a raging hard boner between his legs. Jake had not the slightest clue how he got an erection, but what worried him, was that he couldn’t get it soft, no matter how hard he tried. Also, Andy his cock stood hard as a rock in between his legs.

Andy awoke with a loud groan and moved slightly, but gasped loudly when he realized he couldn’t move. “Wha…What the fuck is going on!?” he screamed, trying to move his hands, but likewise, they were tied behind a steel bar.

“Andy” Jake tried to say, but again his voice was muffled.

“Who is there? Who are you!?” Andy screamed, surprised by the other person in the room. He waved his head around, trying to get a glimpse from the person in between his blindfold. “Answer me!” Andy shouted when still no answer came.

Jake tried his best to form words, but they all came out as muffles. Andy was stressed out, but after listening closely to the sounds he calmed down. “Jake? Is…is that you man?” he asked when he recognized something Beşiktaş Escort in the sounds of the voice.

Jake made a muffled ‘yes’ sound, this seemed to calm Andy a bit down, knowing that his friend was with him. But after a few seconds, the realization of captivity came to Andy. He pulled desperately on his bounds and breathed faster, “Where are we? What the fuck is going on!?” he screamed, desperately trying to break free.

Jake remained calm, at least he had his eyesight and used it to observe the room for any clues. He looked down and saw a small red box right in front of him. The red box was around 15 inches by 10 inches and stood on 4 steel legs, just in front of Jake. There were 8 holes in the box, 4 on top, 4 below, each of them had a number on top of them, 1 to 8. Jake looked at Andy, also he had a similar red box, standing in front of him.

Not completely understanding what the meaning of this was, Jake resumed inspecting the room. There was nothing else to see that could give Jake any clues, but then he saw a security camera hanging on the wall, aimed at the two of them. Someone was watching them.

The sudden sound of Andy’s voice startled Jake. “Jake, are you okay man? Are you hurt?” his buddy asked.

“No, I am fine.” Jake muffled on his ball gag.

“Is there something in your mouth? Are you gagged?” Andy asked, trying to get an understanding of the situation, despite his lack of vision.

“Yes,” Jake replied muffled.

“They are awake.” Mike said, looking at the screen of the security camera. Tristan came closer, looking at the 2 bound man on camera. Andy was trying to keep his cool, while Jake was observing the situation.

“Sooner than I thought.” Tristan said with a wide grin on his face. Mike turned his face to Tristan and gave him a loving kiss on the mouth.

“How are Valentine and Cody doing?” Mike asked, breaking the kiss with Tristan, “I really want to begin our little game.” he whispered on Tristan’s lips.

Tristan smirked, “Also awake.” he said as he showed Mike another screen of another camera. “They are figuring out where they are and what to do.”

“Did you remember how we got here?” Cody asked Valentine who was 12 feet away from him, “I don’t remember having any alcohol or doing stupid shit.” he said.

Cody and Valentine were locked in a large dark room, around 5 by 10 meters in size. There was a large steel cage in the middle of the room, 2 by 2 by 2 meters, with thick iron bars. There was a table in the cage were Valentine was tied upon, in spread eagle. Outside the cage stood Cody, his hands were tied on a chain that was attached to a heating pipe. Both of the men were naked and also had a raging hard erection that they couldn’t get rid of. Neither Cody nor Valentine were blindfolded and gagged, so they could talk to each other and look around the room.

The room was dark and moist, but not cold or anything, the temperature was quite pleasant. The room was lightened up in a greenish glow and there seemed to be an exit, just right from were Cody stood. From Cody’s view, there were two low steel tables on the right and left of the cage, some small cylinder-shaped objects stood on the left table. Also, the floor seemed to be covered in something slippery, it looked and smelled like soft soap.

“Dude, I know what this Beşiktaş Escort Bayan is!” Valentine shouted frightened form the cage. “You know those ‘Saw’ movies, right? What if this is something like that?! We are going to get tortured and killed!” Valentine screamed.

“Valentine, relax!” Cody shouted back. “That is a bit far fetched don’t you think? Besides, I don’t see anything here that could be…lethal.” Cody said, trying to think rationally. “And if someone wanted to kill us, why do we both have a fucking hard one!?” he asked, looking at his erected dick while swinging it back and forth.

Valentine seemed to be calmed down, he looked left and right, trying to find a clue. “Then how do you explain those security cameras?” he asked, “Someone is watching us!”

Cody looked around the room, and his eyes widened when he saw a camera in the corner on his left and one on his right. This made him a bit anxious.

“Cody and Valentine have seen the cameras.” Tristan said to Mike who pushed a few buttons on a control panel.

Mike took 2 microphones, shared one last kiss with Tristan before giving him one microphone. And pushed the button to activate his microphone. “Time to make our announcement,” he smirked, “You do Cody and Valentine, I’ll do Jake and Andy.”

“Welcome, Jake and Andy.” a distorted voice sounded in the room where Jake and Andy were locked in.

Jake’s eyes widened and Andy gasped, “What the fuck.” he whispered.

“We are certain that you have a lot of questions about your current situation, let me tell you this: Everything will become clear in time, but let me clear some things out.

First: The reason you are not wearing clothes, is because you won’t need any for the duration of your stay.”

“What the… we are naked!?” Andy screamed and started pulling on his restrains again.

“Second, I am sure you have noticed your erection and that it doesn’t seem to go away. This is because you had some viagra pills and other… aphrodisiac drugs inserted before you woke up.”

Jake looked at his painfully hard boner and blushed, “The fuck…” Andy whispered, trying to pay attention and make sense out of this.

“Now, you are in an escape room and you need to find a way out. But you must be quick! It is a game you see, and you are competing against two others, who are locked in another room.

There is one rule, in particular, we will enforce on both you and the other players. To win this game you must earn a certain number of points, and there is a penalty when one of you is cumming. Release your load prematurely and you may lose!

The reason why we put you in this specific room is because of your last match against the Red Tigers, which ended in a draw.”

Jake’s eyes widened and he looked shocked to Andy. “Wh…What do they mean with all of this?” Andy asked, his voice shaking a little.

Andy and Jake were the quarterbacks of their college football team, ‘The Blue Buffalos’. 2 days ago they played a match against another college football team named ‘The Red Tigers’. It was not a good match at all, for both sides, many mistakes were made and the playing was just sloppy, it ended in a draw.

“During that match, your team lacked two things: strategy and communication. This room is designed to put that to the test.

In Escort Beşiktaş front of you, there is a box with 8 holes in it. There is a button in each hole, if you push the right ones, you will be released from your current position.”

Andy had no idea what was going on because of his blindfold, but Jake kept his focus on the box.

“Now, you don’t need your arms for this task, you only have to use your lower body.” the voice said. Jake raised an eyebrow, a bit uncertain what that meant, but it became obvious to him soon enough, this was the reason he needed to have a boner.

“Jake, I give you a hint, the combination of your locks is written somewhere in front of you. And who knows, Andy’s hot, ripped body may hold a clue as well. Good luck boys!” The voice said, followed by the sound of a microphone turned off.

In the other room, Cody and Valentine were listening to the other message.

“While your opponents have their own challenge, you are in this room for a good reason.” A distorted voice spoke in the other room. Cody and Valentine were all ears.

“In the last match against The Blue Buffalos that I mentioned, your team lacked two critical things: speed and persistence, this room will test both of these traits.”

Cody and Valentine were the quarterbacks of their college football team ‘The Red Tigers’. They had a terrible match against another team named ‘The Blue Buffalos’ 2 days ago, it ended in a draw.

At that moment, a buzzing sound was to be heard. Valentine gasped when he saw a transparent cylinder-like object on a long pipe lowering from the ceiling, aiming for his body. Valentine tried to break free, but he was tied very securely to the table with electronic locks. The cylinder lowered itself, aimed at Valentine’s crotch area, and slid over the boys raging hard cock.

Valentine’s panicking sounds became pleasurable moans when the cylinder wrapped itself around his cock. It was warm, soft and moist from the inside and was just a perfect fit. “Aaaahhh, fuck!” Valentine let the hot moan escape from his mouth as he watched at his cock trapped in this strange, but amazing device.

“Now, you remember what will happen if you cum, right? You will receive a penalty or even lose the game.” the voice continued.

“When we start, the device around Valentine’s cock will start working its sweet, velvety magic, and it will not stop until he cums, unless Cody is able to turn it off.”

Valentine breathed heavily, looking at his trapped cock, uncertain if he should be terrified or fucking aroused. Cody looked a bit confused, ‘How am I supposed to stop this?’ he thought.

“Cody, you will be released from the chain to do your part. On the left side of the cage is a table with three cylinder-shaped lightweights. These weights need to be placed on a scale on the table on the right side of the cage.

When you have placed all three of them there, the device around Valentine’s meat will stop. I would say you have about… three minutes before Valentine will shoot his load. But be careful not to drop anything or slip, I think you have noticed the soft soap on the floor.

Speed is required from Cody, persistence from Valentine, best of luck gentlemen!” the voice said, ending the message.

Both Mike and Tristan ended their message at the same time, they looked at each other, smiled and kissed. Both of them walked to a big comfy sofa, cuddled together, and turned on a big, flatscreen TV, that showed both of the rooms. “Now let’s see if the boys play our games just as well as they play football.” Tristan smirked as he wrapped Mike in his arms.

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