Enslaved , Degraded Ch. 02


The sound of a click brought me back to earth from a deep sleep. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a sumptuous hotel suite. My eyes tracked about the room, taking it in. I was lying on my side in a luxurious bed. Behind me I could sense Julia breathing slowly and deeply, still asleep. Heavy curtains hung closed on one side of the room which was decorated with carved wooded furniture. I shifted my head slightly and saw a trolley with a coffee pot and breakfast things on it. Steam was gently rising from the pots, so I presumed it had just arrived. The click that had woken me must have been the door closing on the porter’s way out.

I felt disoriented, unable to remember anything but a vivid dream of humiliation, bondage, oral sex… Even thinking about it gave me a warm feeling in my groin. If I could have sexy dreams like that all the time… but still, why couldn’t I remember what had really happened since checking in? We had been promised a romantic getaway, we had checked in, there was a woman named Monique… What else?

Perhaps a cup of coffee would clear my head. With great effort, I pulled myself out of the bed and made my way toward the breakfast trolley. Two steps out of the bed I caught my reflection in a rather large wall mirror and stopped short with a gasp.

I could see in the mirror that I had a black leather collar around my neck. And that I was completely devoid of body hair from the neck down. I saw that a metal tag dangled from the collar. It read “Pussy Slave.” A warm charge shuddered through my body. How the hell had this happened? Had Julia done this? My cock, looking very exposed with no pubic hair, quickly swelled as I watched it from semi to fully erect. Everything seemed wrong and right at the same time. I should have felt worried but I was so excited.

Through the mirror I saw Julia stir and sit up, bewildered. She was wearing a collar as well. I turned to face her, not failing to notice her luscious tits, which were peeking out from the bedcovers.

“How did we get…?” she started to ask, trailing off as she peered around the room.

“I don’t know” I responded playfully, “I thought… I mean I had these really intense dreams… But now,” I pointed to my collar, “It’s like some of it really happened.”

As the realisation sank in on Julia her right hand moved involuntarily over her stiffening nipples, “Oh my god,” she breather, “that was so intense…” She trailed off, her eyes moving down to my naked penis and back up my body to the collar. “Oh my god.” she said again, probably unaware that her grip was tightening around her breast while her left hand, under the covers, was almost certainly touching her smoothly shaven pussy.

“I see you have a collar, too.” I said.

Her hand went up to her neck and touched the collar and the tag. “What does mine say?” she asked in a hushed voice. Her breathing was becoming shorter and heavy as the memories of the past day flooded back. Like me, she was getting very excited.

“It says, ‘Fuck Me.'” I told her as I moved toward her, “And I think I will. Right now.”

“Oh, yes,” she gasped, letting herself fall back on the bed, “Fucking fuck me right now.”

I started to move toward the bed, slowly, letting the anticipation grow but I was stopped short by a woman’s voice.

“Thomas. Do not even think about touching her.” I spun around to see Monique’s face on the now illuminated TV set. It felt like she was looking right at me and, in spite of myself, I covered my privates with my hand.

“Good morning, Julia and Thomas” She said, causing us to look at each other in surprise, “I’m afraid the dosage of the chemical you ingested yesterday tends to temporarily cloud short term memory. In case you don’t remember me, my name is Monique. You’re here on a holiday, arranged by your friends Pete and Michelle – more about them later. Right now you have an important decision to make. Thomas, would you wheel the tea cart over to the bed and get in, please?”

Silently, self-consciously, I did as I was told. As soon as I climbed back into my side of the bed, Monique continued, confirming that she could see into the room.

“This morning you are probably experiencing flashbacks as if of an intense sexual dream. This ‘dream’ may turn you on (and I suspect it does) or it may not. Either way you have a choice. Look around you. This is the equivalent of a five-star luxury hotel suite. You can enjoy it as such and return to your lives as if nothing happened but a strange, shared dream. Once your body hair grows back you’ll have trouble deciding if any of this was real or just your imagination. You may never even mention it to one another. Over time it will simply fade away, as dreams do.

“The alternative is more challenging. It will change your lifestyle irreversibly. If you choose this path, you will choose to continue down the path you merely glimpsed yesterday. You will cede control to us and your new owners and for the rest of the weekend (or more, who sex izle knows?) you will enter a sensual realm beyond your imaginings. Your sexual servitude will be enforced and there will be no turning back.

“The choice is yours. Here is what you must do. Thomas, pour a cup of coffee for each of you.”

I poured the coffee, black into two cups and passed one to Julia beside me.

“After you drink the coffee,” Monique continued, “you will feel drowsy and you will slip into a brief sleep. We will enter the room after that. If we find you have removed the collars from your necks, we will collect them and leave your luggage. You will wake and the place will be yours. Enjoy yourselves and leave when you wish. If we find that you have elected to leave your collars in place… Well…,” she chuckled, “if we find you like that we will collect you instead. Now, please, enjoy your coffee and make your decision.”

With a flash the image of Monique faded from the screen. I turned to face Julia and saw, to my horror that she was already bringing the coffee cup to her lips.

“Julia, wait. Shouldn’t we discuss this first?”

“Of course, honey. I was just having a sip.” She paused and look me in the eye. “What do you want, baby?”

I took a sip from the cup to match hers. “Well, I’m not sure. I mean it was pretty exciting…”

“It was, wasn’t it?” She took another sip. “It was like the hottest wild fantasy that I never imagined living out,”

“But maybe we should slow down a bit, honey.” I said, “I mean we don’t know where this is going. How it will change our lives…”

“But that’s why it’s so exciting. Anyway, it’s just for the weekend.” (or maybe more, I remembered Monique saying…) “We’re way out here. No one knows where we are, not our family or friends… except Pete and Michelle and they must have been through all this and they obviously survived. No one ever needs to find out about this except them. They gave us this present. They know how we need this. How I need this,” she paused and dropped her eyes, “Didn’t it make you excited to be dominated like that?”

“Yes, it did but…” I took another sip, and so did she.

“Did it turn you on when Mistress handled you so roughly and so… intimately?”

“Yes.” We both took another sip, breathing heavily.

“What about when you saw me tied up and being… licked by those boys. Did you like that?”

Yes.” I whispered.

“When you licked the… dildo… and my pussy and… my… ass… Was that good for you?”

“Oh, yes. God yes!”

Julia drained her cup and looked me. I finished my coffee and put our cups back on the cart.

I turned back to Julia. She was lying back in the bed, her eyes half closed. “Go to sleep, honey.” she murmured. What was happening to us was starting to really happen. It made me nervous.

“Wait, honey.” I said, “Stay with me. This is too fast. I need to think this through.”

I reached for the collar around my neck, trying to find the buckle to release it. I met Julia’s eyes briefly as they rolled back into her head and she passed out. My fingers closed around the buckle but I couldn’t move it… couldn’t move them… couldn’t move at all… fell onto the bed… into blackness.


Dark. Hot. Damp.

I tried to make sense of the world I couldn’t see. I was blindfolded, still naked, covered in sweat. My mouth, covered with tape. The air was hot, almost like a sauna. I was seated upright on some kind of wooden bench, my arms at my sides each tied fast to another person’s arm. My back against another. Seated back to back with… Julia? I could hear her, feel her breathing.

I couldn’t hear anything else except a low, throbbing hum through the floor. I tried, tentatively to move my feet and found them tied together by the same kind of cord that was holding our arms. I tried to move my arm and felt tension across my body. I began to realise that cord was everywhere. Not just wrapped around our arms and legs but across my chest and around my groin. It was even tautly looped around the base of my cock and balls, pulling them together in a strange bundle. Every slight move I tried to make resulted in a tightening everywhere, on both of us.

This was about to be demonstrated as I could sense Julia starting to awaken. Her breathing accelerated and I began to feel the intense constriction as she panicked and tried to move. I tried not to flinch as she wildly struggled against the bonds, inflicting pain upon both of us. In spite of being gagged, our moans of pain were so loud that my ears were filled with her agonised whimpers and mine. The rope squeezed tightly in about a hundred places on my body and hers. Gradually, she was able to get control of herself and stop twitching. Back to back, we slowed our breathing down together. It was so hot that I was now drenched in sweat, which was soaking into the cord.

That’s when I became aware of the laughing. Somewhere in the room people were laughing alt yazılı porno and clapping; at least two people -a man and a woman, but maybe more.

“That was simply excellent,” said a woman, Monique, from about ten feet away, “The way you two torture yourselves is so effective, you leave almost nothing for us professionals to do,” she chuckled again, “but I’m sure we’ll come up with something, sinister.” This elicited more laughter and scattered applause from the room of, it now seemed, perhaps half a dozen people.

As the noise died down, I could hear the clicking of footsteps in stiletto-heeled boots moving toward us. The room fell completely silent as the footsteps moved closer with a slow, casual, almost languid gait. I held my breath as I could feel Monique’s presence just inches away from my left side. She stood there in silence, as if contemplating what to do. Then the footsteps began again as she slowly circled us, coming to a stop on my right side.

“As you can see, masters and mistresses, Master Wolf has done an excellent job of trussing these two together in such a way that if either of them moves both of them will feel the constriction… and the resulting pain.” As she said this she tugged at the cord in several places, making me want to scream. “This is an excellent way to introduce your slaves to total obedience, since not even the slightest rebellion goes unpunished.”

For some reason, at this point Julia flinched, and the cord tightened around us. I can only assume Monique had hurt her in some way.

“Now we begin to learn about our slaves,” she continued, “What are their thresholds of pain? How much can they endure without flinching? On the one hand, the punishment for moving is constant. Knowable.”

Monique’s gloved finger gently traced a path from my neck down to my groin, taking hold of my growing cock.

“On the other hand, the stimulus offered can be quite…” She squeezed tightly and twisted, causing me to nearly implode in agony, “…unexpected.”

I lost it and writhed in the bonds, feeling the pain and its effects on Julia, too, both of us screaming through our covered mouths, unable to stop until Monique released me.

The group applauded again. I felt so ashamed, embarrassed at this semi-public humiliation.

“What a wimp,” Monique blandly commented before leaning over to breathe into my ear, “I’m going to make you my little bitch.”

She straightened again and addressed the others, “Of course, pure physical pain isn’t for everyone. There so many more interesting ways to make them suffer. Master Wolf, will you join me here please?”

Another set of footsteps approached and circled to stop near Monique.

“First of all, Wolf, my compliments on your rope work. It is clearly very effective.” There was scattered clapping. “Now, would you be kind enough to demonstrate the next steps, please.”

“Thank you, yes,” his voice was slightly hoarse, with a noticeable eastern European accent, “You want to take the action to the next level, you need to loosen the bonds somewhat.” I felt his hand on my chest, pulling the cord slightly away from my body.

“The easiest is to make one cut in this line,” I shivered at the sudden chill of a steel blade sliding between my skin and the cord. It must have been a five or six inch long knife. I held my breath. My discomfort was obvious and Wolf chuckled softly to himself, letting the blade linger in place before finally twisting it to cut the cord in one quick motion.

The bonds now felt looser and I started to relax and breath again. Wolf grabbed my chin in his hand and put the knife blade against my throat. He brought his face against mine, facing almost cheek to cheek in the same direction. “Did I tell you to fucking relax, you fucking worm?” he rasped in a low voice.

I stopped breathing again. This guy was terrifying. But somehow, amidst my awareness of his stubble against my cheek, his hot breath almost on my taped mouth, I felt a thrill in my gut. My cock straining against the cords around its base. I gave two meek grunts to answer his question.

“Monique, ” he said quietly, “I’m going to need his mouth open in time. I’m going to pull the tape.”

“That is fine, Wolf. As you wish.”

“Thank you.” He released me and straightened up, “Now, the bonds are looser. They have some movement. But only a few inches here or there. Watch.” In one quick jerk he pulled the tape off my mouth. I recoiled in pain, quickly finding the limits to my freedom as the cords constricted again, putting both Julia and myself into further pain. “You see? We have just enough slack to have some fun with our slaves.” He leaned his head back in toward me, his lips almost brushing mine. “Are you happy to have your mouth open, pussy slave?” he asked in a low voice. I could practically feel his lips moving as he said it. I now had enough freedom to pull my head away, but I didn’t dare.

Instead I breathed back my response, altyazılı sex izle “Yes Master Wolf.”

“That’s good, slave, because I’m going to put something in it.” I tried not to react as my pulse raced. “But first, ” he said slightly louder, “I need to fuck this wife of yours.”

Julia flinched involuntarily. Wolf chuckled and so did the audience. He left me and I heard him circling around to face her. “How about it, bitch? You ready?”

Julia moaned. I could feel her body tensing. I supposed she was blindfolded like me and couldn’t see exactly what was coming.

“Now look, people,” Wolf continued, “you see the way I have tied her so accessing her pussy will not be a problem. And now that they are slightly loosened, I have all the room for motion I need, while they both still feel the constriction. In a way, it is as though I am fucking them both at the same time.”

For the next minute or so, no one spoke and I couldn’t be sure exactly what was happening. Julia made a series of moaning sounds, each time higher than the last, and flinched from time to time. I tried to relax into those spasms to make it easier for both of us. It felt like it was hotter than ever in the room. And moist, I was now completely soaked in sweat and could feel it running down Julia’s back. I concluded we must be in some kind of large sauna that was also a sort of theatre.

Then it was clear that Wolf had entered her from the new sound she made and the way she leaned into me.

“That’s it slut. Take it all.” Wolf’s voice was closer to my ear now. He might as well have been speaking to me, “You never had a cock so big as mine, eh?”

He began rocking her, and me, slowly at first, almost teasingly. The deeper he pushed into her, the more the ropes gripped my flesh. My only release was when he withdrew and she relaxed. She had settled into a kind of whimpering, moaning sound that I’d never heard before. It rose in arcs, reaching crescendo as Wolf plunged his full depth into her.

“I think I will make her come, eh, slave,?” Wolf spoke to me, “Maybe more than you ever did, eh? Maybe you don’t know how to fuck her at all. Maybe I will show you something. Here,” He reached his hand around my face and put two of his fingers on my mouth, “You taste.” I opened my mouth and let his fingers in. I could taste her pussy juice all over them. He was still fucking her as he did this. “You like, slave?” He pulled his fingers out enough for me to speak.

“Yes, Master Wolf.”

“You thank me!”

“Thank you Master Wolf”

“You thank me louder.” He thrust harder into Julia.

“Thank you Master Wolf!” I practically shouted.

“Your mouth needs warming up. Monique?”

While Wolf kept up the pace, Monique addressed the room for the first time in so long, I had almost forgotten she was there. “A side show. You all saw this one lick his wife’s ass on the videotape. Is there anyone out there who’d like to see what else his tongue can do?” a pause, “Yes, you? Really? Well come on up here then, Mistress.”

Through the increased pressure of Wolf’s pounding and the moaning from Julia I heard more steps, a bit of giggling and shifting, and then I felt a woman’s bare leg slip between mine. She lifted her other leg upon the bench beside my waist in such a way that, when Wolf was thrust me forward, my mouth came very near where her pussy would be.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do, do I, Pussy-slave?” purred Monique, “Get to work.”

The woman standing over me took hold of my head with her hand, and the on Wolf’s next thrust, she pulled my face into her snatch. It was clean-shaven like Julia’s, and I thought to myself how odd it was to be encountering a shaven pussy again, for the second time ever, in such a short span of time.

Whoever this woman was, she was athletic. She began to sway back forth in time with the rest of us, so that my mouth never lost contact with her smooth labia. Feeling strangely disoriented, I pushed my tongue between her lips, tasting the familiar juices and teasing her clit. I was amazed that I could do this at all under the circumstances, but it seemed to be working as the grip on my head tightened.

The heat, the moisture. The motion, the constriction. The sensory deprivation, the sensory overload.

I was becoming light-headed, as though I would pass out soon.

Then it happened. Julia climaxed. A convulsive orgasm tightened like a vice on my body. A flood of juices poured into my mouth. I couldn’t breathe. Time seemed to stop. Everything felt like it was hanging in mid-air, about to collapse. And it did.

I might have blacked out for a couple of seconds. The next thing I remember, I was slumped into the cords breathing heavily in time with post-orgasmic Julia. There was no woman on top of me. Wolf was silent, or gone, and there was spirited clapping from the audience. Through the whole of that experience the cord had become quite loose, now just holding us together.

Something else had happened. My blindfold had been jarred ever so slightly upward and when I opened my eyes I could see -very little, but I could see. At the first the light, though dim, seemed so bright my eye took a moment to adjust. I could see shapes and some movement though.

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