Photographing Emma

I have been an amateur photographer for some time specialising in landscape photography but more recently I have been practicing portrait photography, more for the fun of it than trying to make a living out of it. Anyway, I’m in my early 50’s and a friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to take some pictures of her daughter Emma for her new dance studio. Now Emma is in her early to mid-20’s, 5′ 11, long blonde hair and piercing blue/green eyes and had been dancing since she was a child to competition standard winning awards at national level and now was going to pass on that to the next generation of dancers. I explained I’m not a professional but if she wanted, sure, I would do them for her, a date and time was agreed.

Shoot day 1

I arrived at the dance studio at 10 am and was greeted by Emma and her old dance partner and set up for the first part of the shoot which would be with him in various poses and some actual dance shots, these had to be done in the first hour as that’s all the time he had free. We broke it up into three sessions as Emma needed to change dresses in between so that the photographs wouldn’t look all the same. While she was changing, I would move lights around and set exposures using her dance partner Andrew.

On her third and final dress change she shouted for him to help her as she was struggling with a zip. They both quickly came back and we just about managed to get the shots she wanted before he had to leave. Emma went back to change yet again but within minutes she was shouting for me to go help her, the zip that she’d had problems getting zipped up was now refusing to come down. After a little struggle, the zip came loose and I lowered it down to its end just above her bum. Holding the dress in place Emma looked over her shoulder, smiled and said thank you with a look that said it was time for me to leave.

She came back out in jeans and a t shirt all relaxed and we looked through the mornings photos. She was pleased with what had been done, we had another session later that day with some of her students whose parents, for those that needed parental consent and had signed the model releases and the older ones who had signed them for themselves. I already had them for Andrew and Emma herself as all though the photographs were for her business I wanted to be able to include some of them in my own portfolio.

There were a few hours before those were to be taken, I put the batteries for the lighting on charge, packed the cameras in to their case and suggested to Emma we go down the street and get some lunch before I set up for the afternoon shoot. As we chatted away about what photographs she wanted taken that afternoon I said to her, “I missed the best photo of the day earlier.”

“How come?” she replied.

“I didn’t have my camera with me at the time.” I said laughing.

“What you laughing about?

“Never mind.”

“Come on tell me.”

“It was that look over your shoulder as you hung on to the dress telling me to leave.” I eventually told her as I burst into laughter again.

“Well I wasn’t going to let you see me in just my knickers now.”

“Thought you were wearing a thong to be honest.”

“And just why did you think that?”

“I couldn’t see any lines.”

“Well I am.”

“Good for you.” I said still trying not laugh to loudly as to draw attention.

I took a drink of my tea and tucked into the rest of my sandwich as Emma did with her coffee and I thought that was the end of it. We finished lunch, paid the bill and went back to the dance studio. While she pottered around I set up an area for portraits, checked the lighting for the main floor as unlike the pictures I took with her and Andrew I would be doing more action shots as the class was actually running.

Emma had disappeared at some point, I didn’t know where she had gone but I wasn’t concerned, the outer doors were locked and we weren’t expecting anyone for at least an hour.

“Emma.” I called out when everything was set up.

No reply, “Emma, can you do me a favour?” I called out again.

“Yes.” Said a voice from behind me.

I turned to see her in the dress she had struggled to get out of earlier. I smiled/laughed and directed her to where I had set up for portraits and checked the lighting.

“Now give me that look.”

Try as she did it wasn’t there. I had an idea that was sure to get that look back and said to her, “Just lower the dress a little so I can see the top of your knickers.” There was the look and the photograph taken.

After I took it, I burst into laughter, I couldn’t help myself. I took the card from my camera and loaded the photos into my laptop so we could see them better than we would have on the back of the camera, when she saw the last two after I told her to lower the dress, she saw that look and why it made the photo.

“I see what you meant now.”

“It’s good isn’t it?”

“Far better than me just looking back at you.”

“Ok we’ve got that one, I’ll holy family izle let you go get changed.”

“What you don’t want the one of me showing the top of my knickers?”

I laughed, “Sure, let’s try it.”

She got back into position and with her back to me lowered the dress, so it exposed the top inch of her knickers at the back. I told her to look directly at the lens of the camera, which she did and took a couple more photos before uploading them ready for her to take a look. The smile on her face told me she liked them. “Right then, you done?” I said.

“Yes, unless you have any other ideas?”

“I have but you may not like them so feel free to say no.”

“Ok, let’s hear them.”

I told her of a couple of photos I thought would look good. The first one with her back to me and the dress round her feet but still in her heels. One with her in the same pose but with her looking back straight into the lens. The next idea was to have her posing as if she was walking away with the dress over her shoulder still with her heels on and the last with the dress over the shoulder but carrying the heels in her hand walking away.

She thought for a while and I was certainly thinking she wasn’t going to go for it when she smiled and said, “Ok let’s go for it, though we’ll have to be quick we only have about 45 minutes before I will have to open up..”

“Ok go stand where you were for the last shot and just let the dress fall.”

She did as I said, I told her I was going to walk behind her to get a light reading and move the dress a little so her shoes would be showing better. She turned her head to watch me and I did my best not to position myself were I would be able to see her naked breasts. I took four shots, two with her looking back at the camera and two with her looking straight ahead of her. We quickly took the others.

I had one more idea for a silhouette but that would mean me placing a light directly in front of her. I told her and then handed her my jacked to cover up, set the light, did a test shot and then asked her to give me the jacket. I took three quick shots slightly different angles and told her we were done. She quickly left and got changed. I took out the memory card from the camera, labelled it and put it away in the camera case and put a new one in the camera. I cleared the screen on my laptop ready for the portraits and set the photo list on the table ready to record whose photographs were which.

The next few hours were spent taking all the photographs that she’d asked me to take, by the time that was done and the dancers gone it was 8pm and I started to pack everything away ready to get off home, editing could wait till tomorrow, though I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist looking at the ones of Emma as soon as I got home and up loaded them.

“You ready to go then Emma?”

“Yeah, I’m all packed up, when are you going to edit them?”

“Probably do the portraits in the morning, they won’t need much adjustment so won’t take that long, chances are I will just have to edit one and then apply the same edit to the rest. The action shots will take the time, probably start them in the afternoon and then finish them the day after. The others can be done after that.”

“What others?”

“You know what others; I want to take my time with those to get them just right.”

“Oh, you mean the ones of me we took this afternoon?”


“I’d like to watch you do those if I can.”

“What are you doing Friday morning?”

“I’m free till 3pm on Friday.”

“Ok come round to mine on Friday, will text you my address. Say ten in the morning.”

I was right about the amount of time it would take me to get through the none Emma photographs, they were all done and dusted on time, the portrait drafts had been emailed to all the parents with prices for the full resolution digital files and prints if required. The action shots from the night were ready for Emma to go through when she arrived on Friday and her own photographs were ready to be worked on too.

I must admit, I was really happy with them out of the camera and I knew that when I finished them, they would be even better. The silhouette ones were probably the best of them but nothing was going to be better than the one with the look I had got asking her to show the top of her knickers or the one with her walking away with her dress over her shoulder and her shoes in her hand. Though that one looked great in colour, my mind, even when I took it, said it would look better still in black and white.

Emma arrived right on 10 am, I hid the strip of photographs in my editing software so she would only see them one at a time, I wanted to edit them in order, I didn’t want her seeing them all at once, that way the story of the shoot would unfold one photograph at a time. I had set up two monitors put a second seat at the side of mine and having brought her through opened up the first of the photographs.

There were two versions of that photograph hotel portofino izle I had in mind, the full length original and the other concentrating on her face. An hour later and both were done and it was time for a break. While we had our coffee and tea she wanted to talk about the others, she wanted to see the rest of them especially the last two with her in just her knickers, dress over her shoulders, shoes in her hand. I still wanted to do them in order, but I relented and we spent the next hour with her watching me edit it. Again I made two versions, one in colour one in black and white, I was right about the black and white with her looking back it was fantastic.

We spent the next few hours working on some of the others and talking. The last one I worked on while she was there was the first one after her dress landed on the floor and her looking back at me. That look on her face was almost as good as the very first one but there was a difference, this time there was mischief in her eyes. Soon enough it was time for her to go and I hadn’t completed the editing. I told her I would call it a day myself and do some more work the day after and if she wanted, she could come and see the finished photos on the Monday.

She arrived at my place early evening on Monday, we looked through all the photographs leaving the ones of her till last. She was pleased with the ones for her studio she picked out the ones that she wanted large prints of and the rest were for the website. I had already printed out the portraits for the parents who wanted prints and emailed the digital uploads to the parents who only wanted those. Then it was time to look through the ones of her.

I turned on the large monitor and put the first one up, the head and shoulders crop of the first picture, I was blown away with the result the moment I’d finished it and had already ordered a large print of that one along with the silhouette for my office. Her face told me that she too liked the first one, but her favourite was the one of her with the dress round her feet looking directly back at the camera.

“I’ll put copies of these on a stick for you.” I said as I handed her it. “Whatever you do don’t let your mum see them.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, I really like them, think she will too.”

“Ok.” I said hesitantly, I for one wouldn’t have thought her mum would be best pleased with either of us.

She just laughed.

“If you ever feel like doing some more, I’ve had some ideas that would make some great shots.”

“Oh yes, you want to see more of me in my knickers, do you?”

“And without, without actually showing anything of course.”

“Tell me more.”

“Ok, but first I’m going to get a beer, do you want anything?”

“Wine if you have it.”

“Red or white?”


I got my beer and her wine, and we started to discuss the ideas I had had for a further photoshoot.

Shoot day 2

Emma arrived at ten, bag in hand and I led her straight into the photography room. Thankfully we had the entire day and evening to get these done as lighting was going to be more problematic than it was in the large room at the dance studio. I made her a coffee and had a tea myself and then talked through how I thought it should go, got a run order together and then roughly set up the lights for the first set of photographs.

Set 1

The first set were to be lingerie, different colours different styles different poses. Most were to be done in the photography room, some in my living room which meant moving the lights but couldn’t be helped as I couldn’t get the couch into the photography room if I tried, though I had managed to get a bed in there. I had set up a screen in the photography room for her to change behind and she grabbed her bag and stripped out of her clothes quickly and back into the room in next to no time.

I had seen her in her knickers from behind, but it was nothing compared to seeing her front on in them. The first set were a pair of deep red lacy boy shorts and matching bra, we went through the poses against the white background and on the bed. Next were black high leg, then black and red hipster knickers, white thong, white bikini, bright red shorts, black lacy shorts and finally white briefs. After two and a half hours of shooting it was time for a break. I passed her a dressing gown and she followed me out into the open living and kitchen area where I made us something to eat and drink.

“So Emma, you enjoying yourself then?”

“Yes, I saw you were too.”

“Oh, and how did you see that?”

“It was hard not to see that bulge in your pants.” She said laughing.

There was no doubt that during the shoot that bulge had been there constantly needing re-adjustment every now and then as a result of the choices of underwear.

“You shouldn’t be so damn sexy in your knickers.” I replied laughing.

“I think you should do the next part in your boxers, just to make us even.”

“Do you now.” I said laughing.

“Fairs, house of hammer izle fair.”

“Ok, boxers and a t shirt it is then.”

Refreshed and ready to go, I brought the lights out to the living area and set them ready for the couch shots. I kept the lighting as simple as possible so not to have to change it for each pose and did a test run with her back in the original dark red set. Happy with the lighting I took a blank shot to indicate the start and went through the first set. That set complete she went back to the photo room and changed and came back. I waited for her to get into position to start but she just sat there.

“You ok Emma?”

“Yes, you?”

“Yes, I’m fine, just waiting for you.”

“And I’m just waiting for you.”

“What do you mean.”

“Thought the deal was you’d be in your boxers for this set.”

“Oh, you want me to keep to that do you?”


“Ok.” I said, putting the camera down undoing my jeans and pulling them down and off.

“Happy now?”

“Yes, and I think he’s happier now that he’s not stuck in jeans.” She laughed.

“Now get into position, we’ve still got plenty of shots to do.”

She got into position and we rattled off the next group and she disappeared to get changed only this time she came back with her bag, I gave her a quizzical look to which she simply said, ” I can’t be bothered going back and forth getting changed, I’ll just do it here.”


“Well you’re going to see me naked for the next group I might as well get used to it now.”

We again got the set taken and without a care in the world she stripped out of the bra and knickers right there. I had already guessed she shaved but the sight did make my cock twitch in my shorts. Come on folks, what 50+ year old mans cock wouldn’t at the sight of a 24-year-old standing naked in front of him.

As she put the next set on, she looked directly at my cock and as she pulled up the knickers she looked me straight in the eye with a look on her face that said, I knew that would have that effect. She did the same every change and every change had my cock twitching and leaking. After the couch shots were completed, I made my excuses and retreated to my bedroom and changed my shorts before returning to the photography room where I found Emma butt naked faced down on the bed. I was more than tempted to give that butt a slap but as I moved into the room, she opened her eyes, saw I’d changed my shorts, looked me in the face and said,

“See you changed, whys that?”

“You know damn well why, bet if I checked your knickers, I’d find something similar.” I said picking up a pair of them that she hadn’t put back in the bag, feeling the gusset.

Her cheeks flushed slightly but the fire in her eyes said it all. Another great shot that I had missed and wouldn’t be able to get again, but as I expected there was a dampness to her knickers, and she knew it. They weren’t as wet as my shorts had been but then again, she had been changing them between shoots I hadn’t.

“Now go put those white ones on that we discussed and get on with it.”

She shot me a look, got up from the bed with her back towards me bent over to pick them up and slowly put them on. Each move was deliberate, designed to get my semi hard cock to full mast and it worked like a charm. She put on the white shirt and we got those done, then black knickers white shirt, black thong and white shirt.

At each change she made sure that I watched as she changed and to annoy her more, I set of the flash without taking the shot. Each change also allowed me to see that her pussy was getting wetter as her lips glistened in the light from the flash.

The photographs with the shirt were complete and she came over to have a look at them.

“Where are the ones you took while I changed?”

“I didn’t take any while you changed, we agreed not to take anything like that.” I replied.

“But the flash went off.”

“I can trigger the flash without taking a photo.”

She looked more disappointed than relieved.

“I know we said no photos like that, but can we do just a few?”

“It’s up to you.”

“Just a few.”

“Ok put the black ones on, they’ll look better.”

She put on a pair of black lacy knickers took position again with her back to me, hooked her thumbs in the sides and slowly pushed them down, on the last few she looked back directly into the lens with what I could only describe as lust in those blue green eyes.

She came over to look at the results, biting her lower lip as the camera had recorded the whole thing, the last shot of each being those black knickers round her feet on a white background they looked great.

“Shame you didn’t bring black or red heels with you.” I said to her as we scrolled through them.

“Next time I will.” She replied, never taking her eyes off the back of the camera.

“So, there’s going to be a next time is there?”

“I’m up for it if you are.”

“Oh, I’m up for it.”

“So I see.” She replied looking down at my tented shorts and laughing.

“These will look better on the monitor, but we’ll do that later when we’ve finished. Two more sets to do and that will be it for today. I take it you’re not going to be uncomfortable being naked for the next hour or so?”

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