Emily’s Journey Pt. 04


Emily sat naked on her bed, eyes darting back and forth between the two naked men in front of her. Aaron and Jake both sported hard ons for her, both looked so hot.

“I don’t know,” Emily admitted, “On the one hand I’ve had you already, Aaron, and you were so good, so maybe I should just let you go again? But on the other, Jake, you’re so sweet, and I so badly want to fuck you too. Hmmm.”

“What about me?” Ryan’s voice asked from her right, and she turned to look at him, his enormous member suspended in front of her face.

“I shouldn’t do that to Alexa, she’s your girlfriend. But, I want to know what that thing feels like. God, I wish you’d leave me alone.”

“No you don’t,” Ryan replied, smirking.

“No, I don’t,” Emily admitted.

Tap Tap Tap came a distant sound.

“Hey, don’t forget me!” The lovely hot guy’s voice came from her right. He was naked too, Emily lingered on his beautiful smile for a moment, before her eyes darted down to his beautiful cock.

“Uggh, you were incredible too… but I don’t even know your name! I should really find that out before I let you fuck me again.”

“It’ll be hotter if you don’t!” The hot guy pointed out.

“That’s true.” Emily admitted.

Tap Tap Tap came that sound again.

“Leave the men, Babe!” Emily looked behind her, and there was Sienna and Constance. They were both naked too, Constance was on her knees, pleasuring Sienna, with her back to Emily. Sienna’s incredible body was on display, as she moaned at Constance’s attention.

“Come join us,” Sienna clarified, “You don’t need dick to satisfy you!”

“But I like dick!” Emily protested, “And I promised the guys they could fuck me.”

Constance looked back at her with a grin, “Your loss babe,”

“Can I see you naked at least?” Emily pleaded with Constance.

“Sorry hun, maybe next time,” Constance said, grinning.

Emily turned away from them, frustrated. “Ok guys, I guess since they’ve already been in there, either Aaron or Hot guy can fuck my pussy.”

Tap Tap Tap

“We can share it!” Hot Guy volunteered.

“Yeah, you’ll like that more,” Aaron said.

“Fine,” Emily conceded.

Jake put up his hand, “If they get your pussy, can I have your ass?”

“Ok, that sounds fair.”

“What about your mouth?” ask Ryan.

Emily shrugged, “I guess you can use that,”

Emily turned over and straddled both Aaron and the hot guy, lowering herself slowly onto their dicks. She felt Jake’s tip pressing on her asshole. Oh god, she loved getting all this attention.

She turned her face to the side to meet Ryan’s monster coming towards her open mouth. He slid it inside. It started to grow, getting thicker, taking up her whole throat. It’s too big, she realised. Emily couldn’t breathe. She needed to get him out. She…..

Emily bolted upright in bed, waking with a start and gasping for air. She relaxed as she realised she was in fact not choking on that enormous cock.

She thought back to the dream she was having. The details were vague, but she remembered she was having group sex with some guys. She couldn’t remember who was there, or how many exactly. She suddenly realised how turned on she was from it. She reached a finger down and found her bedsheet by her crotch was soaked.

She started rubbing her clit, while her mind wandered, imagining being at the mercy of a pack of horny guys, getting every hole filled in. She closed her eyes and rubbed hard, aching for release.

Without thinking she unlocked her phone and opened the video Ryan had sent her last night. There it was, his gigantic member, glistening, covered in lube, sliding into the tiny opening of Alexa’s ass. As she watched, she imagined it was her own ass being stretched out.


Fuck! Thought Emily as she looked at her window, where the noise was coming from. She stopped touching herself and checked her bedside clock – it was 4.30 am. She’d only be getting home around now if she hadn’t been kicked out of the club.

She got up, flicked on the light and pulled on a robe, walked to the curtain and pulled it aside to peer out. In the darkness outside her room, she could just about make out the face of a man standing outside, looking in at her.

“Oh thank god,” came a voice in a thick Scottish accent, “Look, I know, I shouldn’t be on your fire escape at this hour of the morning. There’s a perfectly good explanation, I promise, but for now I’ll be forever in your debt if you just let me in!”

Emily silently nodded, opened the curtain fully, unlatched her window and stepped back and watched as a naked man clambered through into her room.

She looked at his face first. He was handsome, with neatly trimmed hair, dazzling, brilliant blue eyes and a wide, warm smile framed by a strong jawline. He was about 5’10” and skinny, in good shape with well defined abs and wiry muscles. Her eyes, however, were drawn downwards to the decently thick erection protruding from neatly trimmed public hair at his şişli escort crotch.

“Thanks for the compliment darling,” the stranger said. Emily looked back up, and realised she had been staring open mouthed at his member for longer than is polite.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I, uh, I wasn’t expecting company.”

“That’s ok darling, my name is Kieran.” He held his hand out for Emily to shake.

“Emily,” she replied as she shook it, before breaking out in a fit of giggles, “I’m sorry, this is just… bizarre.”

“I know! I owe you an explanation. You see, I was out clubbing right, and I met this gorgeous bird. She brought me back to her place, which happens to be the room upstairs from this one. Anyway, we were shagging, as you can no doubt see from my state of undress and current tumescence, when her boyfriend came over unexpectedly! So I had to leg it out the window, sharpish. And that’s how I ended up naked in full blown Unicorn mode in your room!”

“Oh wow, that sounds like quite a night,” Emily responded as she pictured in her head the contortions they’d be doing if she had brought Kieran home instead.

“Anyway, Emily, thank you so much for letting me inside your room, you have literally saved my life. If you could just do me one more tiny favour and lend me a robe or a dress or something to cover myself up with, so I don’t get arrested, I’ll make my way home while it’s dark and I promise I will return it to you, and make your kindness up to you at the first opportunity.”

Emily bit her lip and thought about it for a moment, before she made the decision to reach down and undo the belt of her robe. She pulled it open and let it off her shoulders, exposing her own naked body. Her juicy 42-E breasts, flared hips, bald pussy all on display.

Kieran’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. His mouth hung open in shock. Emily bunched up the robe and threw it at him. It hit him in the chest and fell in a pile to the floor.

“Fuckin’ hell Emily, I didn’t mean your robe! You don’t have to do that love.”

Emily shrugged before she climbed onto her bed and lay back, spreading her legs to present herself to him, “You can leave if you like, but it looks like you’re dangerously close to blue balls there,” She reached down and began to touch herself, “I can’t let you go out like that. You should, oh god, use my pussy to relieve it before it gets too painful.”

“Well, if you insist,” responded Kieran, looking absolutely delighted, “Do you have a condom?”

“They’re, MMMM, in the bedside locker, but you can use me raw if you like.” Emily said as she closed her eyes.

“Fuck it,” Kieran made up his mind and climbed onto the bed, kneeling between her legs. Emily soon felt Kieran easily slide inside her and start to gently thrust his hips as he fucked her.

“OHMYGOD!” Emily cried, still not used to the sensation of a real cock. She closed her eyes, determined to savour every inch of this guy’s member sliding in and out of her.

Her E cup breasts were shaking violently back and forth with each thrust. Emily felt a hand cup her right breast, and then Kieran paused his motion. Next she felt his lips wrap around her nipple and suck on it, then his tongue lick it.

She opened her eyes at that, breathing “Oh fuck, that feels good.”

“Your tits are bloody brilliant darling,” Kieran confided, before he leaned in to kiss her. They kissed passionately as he started to thrust once more.

He broke the kiss and moved back away from Emily, holding his body at almost a 90 degree angle to hers. He took Emily’s right leg and placed it against his shoulder.

The new position let Kieran get much deeper all of a sudden and Emily could feel the difference. “Fuck Kieran, that feels amazing,” she told him, “Deeper, fuck me harder.”

Kieran grinned and started fucking with slower, longer, deeper thrusts. He reached his left hand down and started to rub her clit in time with the motion.

“FUCK!” Emily cried as she came hard, her whole body tensing up once again, her eyes shutting tight.

When she opened her eyes again, Kieran was grinning down proudly at her. “I’m getting close here Emily, where do you want me to finish?”

“On me, cover me,” Emily whispered between heavy breaths. Kieran got back to work, thrusting, fucking her hard again.

Emily just lay there, taking it, loving it. She soon felt empty as Kieran withdrew his cock and pointed it at her. Long white cum ropes exploded from the tip. The first couple hit her big, round. E cup tits, the next few forming a trail down the full length of her stomach until he was spent.

Kieran collapsed on the bed next to Emily, panting hard. “Fucking hell, I wasn’t expecting that! What prompted that response?”

Emily giggled and shrugged, “I’d just woke me up from a naughty dream, I was in the mood. Um, weird question, my phone is on the locker behind you, can you take a picture of me like this?”

“I certainly can,” Kieran responded enthusiastically. He climbed escort bayan off the bed, grabbed Emily’s phone and held it in front of him. Emily rolled onto her side and struck a pose, sticking her breasts towards him, “Leave out my face and try to get cum visible?”

“Not a bother!” he responded as he unlocked the phone. “Fuck me, the size of that cock!”

Emily put her hand over her mouth as she realised the video Ryan had sent on was on screen.

“Jesus, is this the kind of porn you’re into? I suddenly feel inadequate!”

Hand on her forehead, Emily meekly explained, “No, that’s a video from a…..from a friend.”

“You’re fucking this guy?” Kieran asked, incredulous.


“He wants to fuck you though?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You want to fuck him?”

“No….. maybe? I don’t know.”

“Who’s the girl? His dick looks bigger than she is.”

“That’s my friend, Alexa.”

“Ah, that explains it. She doesn’t know he sent you this, does she?”


“Well, if you want my advice, if you’re curious about what that weapon feels like, I say go for it. He’s a wanker anyway, if he doesn’t shag you he’ll shag some other bird. Your friend will get over it. If you don’t, you might spend the rest of your life wondering what if? Right, say cheese”

Emily resumed her pose and Kieran snapped a few shots. “What are these for anyway?”

“I like to post them online,” Emily said as she took the phone and looked through the pictures, “Scarlett69 on reddit if you want to see.”

“Well, lucky me, I fell into the lap of a sexy slut.”

Emily grinned, feeling weirdly satisfied at being called a slut by him, “Believe it or not, I was a virgin 24 hours ago.”

Kieran looked gobsmacked, “Was that your first time? Was I your first just now?”

“No,” Emily shrugged, “You were my third. I had a busy day,”

“Fucking hell, three in one day the day of your first time? Let me guess? You grew up with overbearing parents in some rural town where everyone does whatever the priest tells them, and you’re in Uni for the first time and free to experiment?”

“Yeah, you pretty much nailed it.”

“Well, if you want my advice, just be careful ok? Anyway, I’ll follow you when I get home, see what other naughty shit you get up to.” Kieran responded with a twinkle in his eye, before he looked at the robe on the ground, “Um, I can actually take that robe, can I?”

“Of Course,” Emily put the phone away and pulled out a pen and paper and wrote down her number for Kieran, and popped it into the pocket of the robe as he pulled it on. Emily grabbed a towel and wiped the cum off her body, then walked Kieran to the door, kissed him on the cheek, and watched him disappear down the corridor.

Emily closed the door, turned around and froze as she saw Constance poking her head out of her room and looking at her, with a slight grin on her face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be a creep, it’s just…. Can we talk?”

“Yes, of course! Uh, I should probably put some clothes on.”

Constance smirked, “You don’t have to.”

Emily was still aroused from her encounter, she was comfortable being naked and she liked the way her lesbian roommate was eye fucking her, so she shrugged and followed Constance into her room.

Constance’s room was pretty much a clone of Emily’s There were clothes strewn here and there on the floor, Constance was clearly not as tidy as Emily, but Emily had seen significantly worse.

Constance looked beautiful. She still had her makeup on from the club. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a simple cami and pyjama pants, which in a way almost suited her better than the dress she had been wearing earlier.

They sat facing each other on the bed, and Constance smiled as she decided on what to say, “who was the guy? Did you bring him home from the club?”

“No, you’re not going to believe this, he was hooking up with a girl in the apartment upstairs, and her boyfriend came home, so he escaped down the fire escape. I let him in and lent him a robe to wear so he can get home.”

“So you didn’t fuck him?”

“Oh, no, I did fuck him.”

“So your body count is up to two now? After Mr. Lecture theatre?”

“Um, no three.”

“Who’s the third?”

“Aaron… I brought him home from the club”

Constance laughed, “Oh fucking hell Emily, you are loving life, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Emily admitted grinning, “I thought for years I’d love sex, and it turns out I do. I drooled over so many dicks on the internet, only to realise they look even nicer in real life. I’ve had so many people compliment pictures of my naked body, only to realise it’s so much better letting them see it in person. I’m pretty happy right now.”

Constance pulled her into a hug, “I’m so happy for you Em! And I’ll look at your naked body for you anytime!”

Both girls laughed at that.

“So,” Constance looked more serious all of a sudden, “I called Hermionie when I got home and told her beşiktaş escort how I kissed you. She was furious, she broke up with me.”

“Oh babes, I’m so sorry! It’s so late at night though, she might come around in the morning?”

“No, I’m relieved to be honest. I kind of latched onto her because she was my first girlfriend. She was my first kiss with a girl, first time having sex. The first time she made me cum, I thought I was in love with her! But then I met Sienna and you, and how you both didn’t give a fuck and did what you wanted. I want to be like that. I want to have fun and fuck a different girl every week!”

“If you’re sure honey?”

“I am. Plus, I don’t know if you noticed, but Hermionie can be a bit of a moany bitch.”

Emily looked down and giggled, “I might have, yeah.”

“Well, she’s gone now. She’s in the past. So if you have any sexy, slutty friends who are into girls, please give them my number.”

Emily bit her lip, then reached a hand over and put it on Constance’s thigh, “I think I’m into girls. I’ve never been with a girl, but I like lesbian porn, and when you kissed me in the game yesterday, it was incredible, and it was even better in the club.”

Constance smiled and looked down with uncertainty, before catching Emily’s eyes, “I didn’t know. I kind of hoped.”

Emily leaned over and kissed her. Constance kissed her hard back. Emily reached down and gripped the hem of Constance’s top and pulled it up over her head, baring Constance’s tiny, perky tits.

Emily broke off kissing for a second to admire them, before leaning down to wrap her lips around a nipple. She sucked and licked as she liked her’s to be treated, while the sight of a naked breast in front of her turned out to be a new, arousing experience.

“Oh Emily,” Constance moaned. Emily could feel the pressure on the back of her head as Constance pulled her against her body. Next, she felt Constance place a hand on her stomach. The leading fingers snaked down, grazing her clit, before turn up and sliding easily inside her pussy. Constance’s thumb started to rub her clit back and forth, while she fucked Emily with two fingers.

“Oh my god!” Emily Moaned as she released the nipple and collapsed back on the bed, writing in pleasure.

Constance moved to hold her body over Emily’s, and smirked at the sight of Emily writhing beneath her. She leaned down and took Emily’s nipple in her mouth, and started to bob her head, aggressively sucking on it.

Emily was paralysed with pleasure. This was so much better than the few times Men had touched her like that. She recovered enough of her wits to act and slipped her hands inside Constance’s pyjama pants, pulling them down to her thighs. She slid her hand over a neat triangle of pubic hair and copied what constance was doing to her, sliding her middle and index finger in and out of Constance’s wet cunt, while her thumb rubbed the clit.

Constance closed her released Emily’s nipple as she moaned in sudden stimulation. She couldn’t hold herself up any more and fell on top of Emily, their bodies touching each other, Constance’s tiny tits rubbing against Emily’s massive pair.

Constance kissed Emily again. They made out as they digitally fucked each other. Emily was loving this incredible new experience, it felt so different to being with a man. She started to feel an orgasm build up. She broke off the kiss briefly to whisper, “I’m close.”

“Me too,” replied Constance before kissing her hard again.

A moment later Emily felt a wave of euphoria wash over her as she came. At the same time Constance tensed up as she screamed, “YES, YES, OH GOD YES!”

Constance collapsed onto bed next to Emily while both girls breathed hard. “Wow,” Emily said smiling, “That was incredible.”

Constance smiled at her, “Yeah, wow, you are good at that.”

Emily looked at the fingers she had used on Constance and saw they were coated in shiny fluid. Constance saw it and looked embarrassed, “Sorry, Hermionie always hated that. I squirt a lot.”

Emily popped both fingers in her mouth and slowly slid them in and out, licking them clean, “Yum. I think it’s pretty hot,” Emily responded, leaving Constance looking genuinely relieved.

Constance threw her pyjama pants off her on the ground and the two girls cuddled naked together.

“Thanks for showing me I am into girls after all.” Emily told Constance.

“Thanks for making me cum!” Constance responded.

“Thanks for making me cum!” Emily shot back.

“So, is sex with a woman better than sex with a man?”

“Different,” Emily confirmed. “I think I’d need to try a lot more of both before I make a judgement.”

“I have a feeling you will.” Constance teased.

“Are you calling me a slut?”

“Yes!” Constance replied enthusiastically.

“Well,” Emily didn’t know what to say so she just kissed Constance. They started making out again and Emily felt Constance’s fingers touch her clit, which caused a jolt of pain.

“Ow!” Emily yelped as she pulled Constance’s hand away from her, “I’m sorry, I’m feeling kind of tender. I guess I’ve fucked four people in under 24 hours at this point? Plus I masturbated too. I guess I’m done for tonight.”

“That’s ok,” replied Constance smiling.

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