Ellie’s Bad Day


Ellie looked aghast as she realized she had been caught “Well Ellie, I really ought to call the police now, shouldn’t I?”“Oh, no, please don’t,” she said, “I’ll pay it back, I promise I will.”“Well, I don’t think you can Ellie,” I replied, “You haven’t got two pennies to rub together, I know you’re skint, that’s why you did this.” Ellie hung her head in shame as my cock twitched a little. Here she was, I’d been fantasizing for months about fucking this little hottie and this just might be my lucky day – and completely unplanned!It was just sheer luck that I had caught her on cam going through my old mum’s purse this morning; I had only installed it yesterday after wondering why mum just lately had so little money in her purse, she was house ridden and could only get out and spend money when she was with me or a carer. I’d suspected one of the carers to be the tealeaf but didn’t imagine it would turn out to be Ellie.“If you call the police I’ll lose my job, I’ll never get another one. Please, I swear I’ll never do it again; please, I only did it because my kids need it.” She looked at me “You know I’m not a nasty person, it was only a few quid and your mum doesn’t need it. You know she always tries to offer me money and I’ve never taken it before. It’s just now, the school dinner bill is due,” she looked at me pleadingly.“A few quid?” I was incredulous, “It’s been more like about a hundred in the past few months!”“That wasn’t me! Honest! This is the first time, I swear it on my kid’s life!”I had to admit I half believed her, she had always seemed honest and it’s true my old mum had tried to give her money before which she had reported bursa escort but not taken. “Well Ellie, I’ve just caught you on the camera, so what are you saying? That it’s been someone else up to now?”“I swear it wasn’t me! Really! Try one of the others. Please you must believe me, why would I tell you about your mum trying to give me money, if I was nicking it all the time?”She had a point I admitted to myself. But I wasn’t letting her go that easily, my cock had other ideas. “Well Ellie, I’ve just found you and I’ve got proof that you were doing it just earlier. So why shouldn’t I go to the police?” Her head hung again and her eyes welled with tears as she shook her head but said nothing. I have to admit I almost let her off the hook then, my heart felt for her. I’d always liked her, so did my mum, and she had always treated mum as a carer should. In fact, she was one of the best of a rubbish company that supplied care in the home for elderly people.I’d spent quite a few hours chatting with her and enjoying her company when I visited mum and she was there as well. She knew she was pretty, only twenty-three with a couple of kids, but looking at her you wouldn’t dream that she had had kids. She still looked in her teens and as one of my old mates would have said, was as ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’. Probably I wouldn’t have fancied her if she was like the others, but she was always up for a chat, never holding anything back: chatting about going out clubbing and leaving her kids with her partner, about being chatted up and her partner being jealous.After a few chats, I found myself looking at her pale skin where she left bursa escort bayan her top unbuttoned a little because it was always so hot in mum’s flat. Never able to see more than that but I did my best to look at her ass and legs when she wore tight jeans and get a glimpse of her covered, but pert, I imagined, tits under her working top. Sometimes she wore boots and they seemed to accentuate her tight ass. She had a tongue piercing and I started to wonder what that would feel like on my cock, rubbing over it inside her mouth. Perhaps she was just a bit too friendly for her own good because as a sixty-four-year-old black man I really shouldn’t have had the thoughts that I had for her.Anyway, here we were, alone apart from my extremely deaf old mum in her bedroom, Ellie looking distraught and pleading, me looking sympathetically and thinking that maybe now I could fuck this lovely little white girl. With no comeback, because before it would have been rape, now it’s just a trade-off—if it works.“You know how this works Ellie, you’re a looker and if you be nice to me we could forget all about this”.Ellie looked away but I could see how her mind was working, “Just this once Ellie, you are really very pretty and I promise we’ll just forget all about it,” I was trying hard to persuade her and I could see she was seriously considering it.“Just once,” she said. I nodded and smiled what I hoped was a sincere smile.WOW! She started to take off her clothes. My heart was thudding as she first took off her worktop. It unbuttoned down the front and although she wasn’t trying to make it look sexy it was anyway. She pulled up her escort bursa sweatshirt over her head and shoulders revealing a white lacy bra and I had a better view of her tits than I had ever had. Her skin was so incredibly pale was my first thought as I leered at her unexposed tits, my old cock hard as a nail. I had been worried about my libido for a while. At sixty-four the old cock was, well, old. Not as hard and not for as long as it once was, but today was a sexually charged day for me and my cock felt like iron as I gripped it beneath my trousers.I prided myself on having what is commonly referred to on porn sites as a BBC. It was pretty thick, although I’ve never compared it to anyone’s, including white men’s cocks, but I’ve been told it’s pretty big. Ellie has a small mouth and her lips were not thick, I imagined her mouth stretched wide with my cock in it, rubbing on that stud on her tongue. She had another stud just under her bottom lip, I wondered if that would scratch my cock as it went in and out.She wouldn’t make eye contact with me as she then unhooked her bra and her tits fell forward. Mmm even after two kids they were still pert and firm. And bigger than I expected them to be, she was such a small girl. My cock would be so good between them, such a contrast between black and white.She quickly pulled down her jeans and panties together bending down with one hand on the wall to support her as she lifted one foot then another pulling her clothes and trainers off. That bit certainly wasn’t sexy and she was obviously getting the ordeal over as quickly as possible. But I didn’t care, she stood before me, naked and looking at the floor. I was fascinated by her whiteness, there were no tan lines, she obviously never went into the sun, and her ass was so cute and round, I was hoping to get my old joey inside that today as well, if she could take it.

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